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Registered users of can set a “Priority” number between 1 and 100 for every peak list maintained on the site. This number is designed to show how interested you are in a certain list, and the degree to which you are “working on it”. A value of “1” represents the most priority, and “100” is for lists with the least priority. A sortable column for the Priority number is present on the master “List of Lists” table and on the Front Runners Lists, allowing you and other site users the ability to see the priorities of you and other climbers.

General Notes about List Priority:

  • To update a Priority number, first make sure you are logged in, and then navigate to a list page. A small box in the upper left corner of the page allows you to set, update, or clear a Priority number for that list. Select a value, and click on the “Update Priority” button. To clear a value, set the drop-down to the blank value at the top of the list.
  • The easiest way to get started setting Priorities is to navigate to your “List of Lists” page, where you should see the last column, labeled “Prio”. At first it will be all blank. Click on a list name, update the priority (see above), then click your browser’s Back Button, and then you can set the Priority for another list in the same fashion. You will have to use your browser to refresh the “List of Lists” page each time if you want to see the updated values each time. You can also sort the “List of Lists” by Priority (click on the “Prio” header) to see how your overall scheme is working out.
  • There are no rules when setting this number. You can give every list on the site a Priority of “1”, or “100”. You can use each number only once, or multiple times. It is up to you.
  • There are no rules about setting the Priority for lists you have completed, either. You may want to leave their value blank, or set them to “1” to highlight your completion, or set them to a value like “10” so that they show up near the top of your priorities, but not at the very top where you can put your immediate goals.
  • As a general rule, it is recommended that you place strong priority (low numbers) on lists you are seriously pursuing. This way, a site user can contact someone (using the anonymous web form) if they notice another peakbagger with the same goals. This can help facilitate exchange of information or help people find climbing partners.
  • The “List of Lists” page has over 400 lists on it, and it can be cumbersome to look through them all sometimes. You can use the Priority field as a simple personal sort key, so that the lists you most want to see are up high with a simple sort, even if you have no intention of climbing any peaks on your “high priority” lists.
  • Every list has a corresponding “Front Runners List” (FRL), and this has a Prio column reporting the priority each user has placed on that list. You can sort the FRL by this column to see who is truly serious about a certain list, as opposed to those who have climbed peaks on it by accident.
  • A set of “Quick Top 10” lists appears on every climber’s home page on, and one of them is your Top 10s lists by Priority. So a list in your top 10 will be very visible and prominent as soon as anyone navigates to your home page.

List Priority and the List Progress by Year page

If you have selected at least one priority value on a list, you can see a year-by-year chart of how many peaks you have climbed on your most important lists. The top 20 lists by priority are the ones used to populate this chart, with lowest numbers (for example, 1) representing first priority. If you are logged in to the site, you can click here to go to your List Progress by Year page.

There is also a link to the List Progress by Year page from a climber's home page.

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