Atlantic Coast CoHPs - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 73

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Zerphey, Charles73Complete!2022-03-18Nassau County High Point Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben6690.412015-01-08 bJasper County High Point Complete ListPoints
Schwartz, Michael6386.302009-05-30Georgetown County High Point Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob5980.822014-08-01Kill Devil Hill Complete ListPoints
Lobdell, Fred5473.972015-11-11 aBrunswick County High Point Complete ListPoints
Fishback, Steven5473.972022-10-09 hLiberty County High Point39Complete ListPoints
Dean, Denis5169.862022-10-02Pleasant Mountain - North Slope Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob4561.642016-04-14Forest Ridge Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Jim4561.642020-01-29New Hanover County High Point1Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Ken4358.902016-06-04Bald Hill Range Complete ListPoints
Miller, SueAnn4156.162019-05-12Ocean County High Point Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Jim4054.792017-07-03 dNottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wexler, Lanny3953.422022-07-29Hobe Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Darby, David3750.682020-06-14Whitten Hill Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Trapper3547.952005-12-22Forest Ridge Complete ListPoints
Laverdure, Jean André3547.952017-08-15 bSankaty Head Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave3547.952019-10-06 cSussex County High Point35Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne3446.582005-12-22Forest Ridge Complete ListPoints
Ellsworth, Dick3446.582016-04-14 cSaint Lucie County High Point Complete ListPoints
Cockrell, Scott†3243.842009-12-08Cape May County High Point Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Wayne3243.842019-03-25 cButlers Bluff Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Mick3142.472020-01-11Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Wandall, Ed3142.472022-11-30Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill3041.102004-05-18Worcester County High Point Complete ListPoints
Musser, William3041.102017-07-01 aHolt Hill14Complete ListPoints
Carlson, Josh3041.102019-06-22Sussex County High Point Complete ListPoints
Young, Cliff2939.732015-09-25Glynn County High Point Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam†2838.362012-05-28Clark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dunham, Dave2838.362012-11-29Volusia County High Point Complete ListPoints
Covill, Beckie2838.362015-05-21Whitten Hill Complete ListPoints
Feldman, Iona2838.362021-09-18 dJaynes Hill Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken2736.992010-09-12 dFrye Mountain Complete ListPoints
Clark, Chip2635.622009-10-13Palm Beach County High Point Complete ListPoints
Bickford, Andrew2635.622019-10-05 bSankaty Head Complete ListPoints
Townes, Will2635.622020-10-15Ocean County High Point Complete ListPoints
Karr, Andrew2635.622021-06-15Saint Lucie County High Point Complete ListPoints
Sutman, Frank2635.622022-10-11Pine Hill Complete ListPoints
Wallen, Roy2534.252010-06-03Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan2534.252014-12-14Crawford Hill Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Annette2534.252016-06-04Bald Hill Range Complete ListPoints
DeGrazia, Adam2534.252021-11-11 fJaynes Hill Complete ListPoints
Gilsdorf, Chris2432.882015-10-16Clark Mountain Complete ListPoints
MacQuarrie, Scott2432.882018-12-07Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
S, Dan2331.512012-12-31Marthas Vineyard High Point Complete ListPoints
Percy, Chris2331.512020-01-13Crawford Hill Complete ListPoints
Schneider, Micah2331.512021-03-21Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
St. Pierre, Mark2230.142022-10-05Clark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Alexandra2128.772009-07-31Fairfield County High Point Complete ListPoints
Barr, Peter2128.772021-10-22Clark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Oleta2027.402017-07-03 bNottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Huber, Dave2027.402019-09-15 cNorth Shore Towers Country Club Complete ListPoints
Kloster, Vince2027.402020-09-30Charleston County High Point Complete ListPoints
Schmid, Josh2027.402021-02-14Manomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Doyle, Jim2027.402021-07-27Manomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Howes, Marc1926.032016-02-27Gates Hill Complete ListPoints
Olson, David1926.032017-05-29 2Accomack County High Point Complete ListPoints
Tagliapietra, Ron1926.032018-08-11Great Blue Hill Complete ListPoints
Wiley, John1926.032019-01-22 cBellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Rapp, Mitch1926.032019-07-16Sankaty Head Complete ListPoints
Feldman, Aleksandra1926.032021-09-11Fairfield County High Point Complete ListPoints
Dayton, John1824.662019-05-23Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Newman, Laura1824.662022-05-14Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Heselbarth, RuthAnne1824.662022-06-21Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Post, Chris1824.662022-10-16 bPocasset Hill Complete ListPoints
Jacobs, Bill1723.292010-06-25Washington County High Point Complete ListPoints
Shamberger, Jason1723.292012-06-09Lignumvitae Key High Point Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Frank1723.292012-11-23Charleston County High Point Complete ListPoints
Hasch, Heather1723.292013-07-25Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Layton, Tom1723.292022-02-07 2Hobe Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Sexauer, Gustav1723.292022-06-25 aEbright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Aschbrenner, Ryan1723.292022-11-06 bPleasant Mountain - North Slope Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Braxton1621.922016-06-04Bald Hill Range Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Dan1621.922016-11-15Ocean County High Point Complete ListPoints
Wilner, Joel1621.922021-10-22 aNottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sal, Harvey1621.922022-10-24 hSaint Johns County High Point Complete ListPoints
Tinkham, Jake1520.552018-03-31 bClark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Carl, Ben1419.182012-06-12Fairfield County High Point Complete ListPoints
Goumas, Nick1419.182020-08-24Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rossman, Jason1419.182022-01-01Fairfield County High Point Complete ListPoints
Burns, Chris1419.182022-12-03Manomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Surgent, Scott1317.812013-02-07 cManomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward†1317.812013-07-18 16Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Horbal, Matt1317.812015-10-25Great Blue Hill Complete ListPoints
John, Thompson1317.812017-10-29Whitten Hill Complete ListPoints
Pharr, Henry1317.812021-11-14Colleton County High Point Complete ListPoints
Lumens, Chris1317.812022-03-26 dPleasant Mountain - North Slope Complete ListPoints
Mitchler, John1216.442006-09-12Sussex County High Point Complete ListPoints
Bockhahn, Brian1216.442008-03-01Brunswick County High Point Complete ListPoints
Connelly, Brennan1216.442009-01-18Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Wagner, Van1216.442016-06-10Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Allen, Jeanne1216.442017-05-13 cEbright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Mays, Mike1216.442017-06-26Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Sherlock, K1216.442017-09-30Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Leger, Aaron1216.442018-03-18 bGreat Blue Hill Complete ListPoints
Bielli, Jimmy1216.442020-08-26 bPleasant Mountain Complete ListPoints
Barboza, Lisa1216.442021-01-01 bPocasset Hill Complete ListPoints
Musser, Daniel1115.072012-08-11Accomack County High Point Complete ListPoints
Willis, Craig1115.072014-02-13Miami-Dade County High Point Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Seth1115.072016-07-24Crawford Hill Complete ListPoints
Vadeboncoeur, Matt1115.072017-07-29 aSunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Antonio, Roy1115.072017-09-14Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Feldman, Vadim1115.072021-09-11Fairfield County High Point Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan1115.072021-12-23 aBellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
ODonnell, Jon1115.072022-04-29 cSankaty Head Complete ListPoints
Barish, Paul1115.072022-06-22Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Kohn, Jerry1115.072022-09-02 fBattle Hill Complete ListPoints
Berard, Rebecca1013.702013-04-06Manomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Brown, Steve1013.702015-08-24Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Lardiere-Sherlock, Delilah1013.702017-08-19Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Montgomery, Darryl1013.702018-02-10Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Hedderman, Dylan1013.702021-09-03 dHolt Hill Complete ListPoints
Moore, John1013.702022-01-20 bEbright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Meyers, Jamie1013.702022-08-29 bGreat Blue Hill Complete ListPoints
Olivari, Anthony912.332015-04-04Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Wieman, Scott912.332015-11-21 bGreat Blue Hill Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick912.332019-01-03Palm Beach County High Point Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard912.332019-07-25Cunningham Mountain - Northwest Slope Complete ListPoints
Ching, Michael912.332019-11-30 bSunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Alex912.332021-11-10 fPocasset Hill Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg912.332022-01-25 cFairfield County High Point Complete ListPoints
Chinigo, Peter912.332022-05-11Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Beavers, Michael912.332022-07-16Holt Hill Complete ListPoints
Ortega, Anthony912.332022-07-28Gates Hill Complete ListPoints
Sporrer, Julie912.332022-09-02 fBattle Hill Complete ListPoints
Williamson, Kevin†810.962004-01-11Camden County High Point Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen810.962010-09-12 cFrye Mountain Complete ListPoints
Larson, Matt810.962011-03-12Hobe Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Whitney, Bob810.962011-08-27Manomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Lardiere, M (whichway)810.962011-10-24Frye Mountain Complete ListPoints
Josephson, Arthur810.962012-01-28Holt Hill Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Duane810.962012-05-29Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Waltz, Mike810.962013-08-13Pleasant Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brigham, Brian810.962014-08-26Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Oestreicher, Richard810.962015-05-05Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Caverly, Arthur810.962017-05-28 aCadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jha, Salil810.962017-08-26Marthas Vineyard High Point Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay810.962018-06-28 bHolt Hill Complete ListPoints
Corcoran, Spencer810.962019-01-23Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Reed, Jason810.962019-09-05Sussex County High Point Complete ListPoints
King, Coby810.962019-10-13 bBattle Hill Complete ListPoints
Kocher, Dale810.962020-03-01 hMiami-Dade County High Point Complete ListPoints
Johnston, Elijah810.962020-07-03Pleasant Mountain - North Slope Complete ListPoints
Hatzos, Andy810.962021-09-16 bFort Macon State Park High Point Complete ListPoints
Barr, Allison810.962021-10-22 aClark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Oswald, Lisa810.962022-02-25Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy810.962022-09-03Fort Macon State Park High Point Complete ListPoints
Mann, Jon810.96UnknownLiberty County High Point Complete ListPoints
Jones, Evan79.592000-10-28Fairfield County High Point Complete ListPoints
Schussler, Arne79.592010-02-21Clark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Ben79.592013-10-06Pleasant Mountain - North Slope Complete ListPoints
Durant, Scott79.592016-10-15Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Walsh, Steve79.592017-03-07Washington County High Point Complete ListPoints
Leavitt, Wilder79.592017-06-30Worcester County High Point Complete ListPoints
Irvine, Ryder79.592017-11-14 bManomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Mallory, Kirk79.592018-04-12Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Zhou, Victor79.592019-05-18Mount Megunticook Complete ListPoints
d'Angelo, Bobby79.592020-09-19Kill Devil Hill Complete ListPoints
Ahrendsen, Jared79.592020-12-13Pocasset Hill Complete ListPoints
Marschner, Zoë79.592021-05-07Manomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Veitas, Rokas79.592021-05-07Manomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Potkay, Jason79.592021-07-01Sankaty Head Complete ListPoints
Cusick, Michael79.592021-09-09Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Murphy, Ryan79.592021-09-17Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
shore, will79.592022-01-22Pender County High Point Complete ListPoints
Hillbilly, Hokie79.592022-02-20Cape May County High Point Complete ListPoints
Ehrlich, Ted79.592022-06-28Hobe Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Rush, Allen79.592022-11-06 dCumberland County High Point Complete ListPoints
Belanger, Marc79.592022-11-06 fPocasset Hill Complete ListPoints
Jones, Colin68.222000-10-28Fairfield County High Point Complete ListPoints
Bouchard, Aimee68.222008-02-24Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Bigelow, Andrew68.222010-11-26 bPleasant Mountain - North Slope Complete ListPoints
Loring, Jim68.222013-06-29Atlantic County High Point Complete ListPoints
Eagan, Jaime68.222014-04-15Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Walstra, Steve68.222015-10-16Mount Megunticook Complete ListPoints
Niner, Burke68.222016-05-09Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Anderer, PJ68.222017-05-06North Shore Towers Country Club Complete ListPoints
Bauman, Marion68.222017-07-17Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Smith, Jay68.222017-10-13Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Crabtree, Joseph68.222017-11-13Crawford Hill Complete ListPoints
Dow, Mike68.222018-09-08Pocasset Hill Complete ListPoints
Beck, Alan68.222019-01-27 bPine Hill Complete ListPoints
Fuerst, Jeremy†68.222021-04-19Kill Devil Hill Complete ListPoints
Giurgiulescu, Mihai68.222021-11-14Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Smith, Tiffany68.222021-11-14Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Michek, Amber68.222022-06-21Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Michek, Zackary68.222022-06-21Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Halvorson-Fried, Caleb68.222022-08-07Cunningham Mountain - Northwest Slope Complete ListPoints
Denlinger, Soren68.222022-09-24Pleasant Mountain Complete ListPoints
Whit, Alex68.222022-11-11Manomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Ru, Powen56.852000-04-02Kill Devil Hill Complete ListPoints
Colquhoun, Ian56.852006-07-15Clark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dillmore, Shannon56.852008-03-02 aPender County High Point Complete ListPoints
Courtney, Ryan56.852009-04-14 bTodt Hill Complete ListPoints
Lawler, Eric56.852009-08-01Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Lawler, Kristen56.852009-08-01Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Pattie56.852012-05-29Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Wood, Dusty56.852012-07-24Holt Hill Complete ListPoints
Michelson, Paul56.852012-08-28Jaynes Hill Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Terry56.852012-10-21 fFrye Mountain Complete ListPoints
Perry, Rich56.852013-03-27Indian River County High Point Complete ListPoints
Pomeroy, Tom56.852013-08-02Crawford Hill Complete ListPoints
Cheney, Megan56.852014-04-08Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Lakin, Beth56.852014-11-29 aGates Hill Complete ListPoints
Lambrecht, Carl56.852014-12-27Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Heil, Jes56.852015-10-11Mount Megunticook Complete ListPoints
McHugh, John56.852015-10-24Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Marshalewski, Bob56.852016-05-11Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
thompson, shane56.852016-06-11Pleasant Mountain - North Slope Complete ListPoints
Kirmse, Andrew56.852016-06-26Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Beck, Aly56.852016-07-26Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Beckmann, Aly56.852016-07-26Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Coleman, Josey56.852016-08-01Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Porter, David56.852016-08-21Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Morningstar, Mary56.852017-03-12Kent County High Point Complete ListPoints
Nuernberger, Josef56.852017-08-31 fEbright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Ringer, Will56.852018-03-21Brunswick County High Point Complete ListPoints
Gergen, Teresa56.852018-04-09Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Berk, Scott56.852018-06-08Pleasant Mountain - North Slope Complete ListPoints
Rudolph, Chris56.852018-07-02Frye Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kozik, Eli56.852018-08-12 eTodt Hill Complete ListPoints
Teruel, Mary56.852021-02-14Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Wooding, Nathaniel56.852021-03-24Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Monahan, Alex56.852021-03-26Miami-Dade County High Point Complete ListPoints
Waller, Will56.852021-05-26 aJasper County High Point Complete ListPoints
Longface, Keith56.852021-08-02Jaynes Hill Complete ListPoints
Marshall, Charles56.852021-09-25Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
White, Bill56.852021-12-15Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Burns, Scott56.852022-03-27Manomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Readinger, Eric56.852022-05-16Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Pegg, Arlen56.852022-05-27Sankaty Head Complete ListPoints
McCarty, Brian56.852022-07-29 bBrevard County High Point Complete ListPoints
Jones, Paul56.852022-08-24 dPocasset Hill Complete ListPoints
Secunde, John56.852022-11-12Battle Hill Complete ListPoints
Garner, John56.85UnknownCadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kimball, Ben45.482003Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ouellette, Norman45.482004Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Rick45.482007-06-30Mount Megunticook Complete ListPoints
Harper, Thomas45.482010-04-14Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Fortier, Jon45.482011-04-17Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Ross, Carlos45.482012-08-09 aMiami-Dade County High Point Complete ListPoints
Schak, Benjamin45.482013-03-30Todt Hill Complete ListPoints
Merlone, Joe45.482013-10-28Great Blue Hill Complete ListPoints
Painter, Chad45.482015-03-11Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Cranston, Scott45.482016-06-18Clark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Warren, Marvin45.482017-03-18Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Lawson, Jeffrey45.482017-04-16 bClark Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kamholz, Collin45.482017-09-04 dSunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Lindemann, Corey45.482018-07-18Kill Devil Hill Complete ListPoints
Michek, Marek45.482018-07-26Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Michek, Pavel45.482018-07-26Bellevue Hill Complete ListPoints
Bellows, Chris45.482018-08-26Mount Megunticook Complete ListPoints
Wolfhagen, Eli45.482018-11-24Jaynes Hill Complete ListPoints
Fredette, Denise45.482019-06-07Pleasant Mountain Complete ListPoints
Butler, Winnette45.482019-09-21Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Marinello, Jack45.482019-10-11Holt Hill Complete ListPoints
Kent, Trevor45.482020-03-12Miami-Dade County High Point Complete ListPoints
Allen, Zach45.482020-03-21Nottingham Mountain Complete ListPoints
Fisher, Garrett45.482020-07-09Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ewing, Justin45.482020-08-26Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Szabo, Elliot45.482020-09-06 bCamden County High Point Complete ListPoints
McCarthy, Caroline45.482020-12-26Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Chu, Eric45.482021-01-06 dMarthas Vineyard High Point Complete ListPoints
Saltsman, Greg45.482021-07-04Harbor Hill Complete ListPoints
Feinberg, Daniel45.482021-08-14Jaynes Hill Complete ListPoints
Pellet, Mike45.482021-08-21Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Giuliano, Dean45.482021-09-04Cape Henry Complete ListPoints
Baxstrom, Curt45.482021-09-13Manomet Hill Complete ListPoints
Kerr, Doug45.482022-05-09Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Spinrad, Sam45.482022-06-06Pleasant Mountain - North Slope Complete ListPoints
Puck, Hockey45.482022-06-19 aKill Devil Hill Complete ListPoints
Wood, Barrett45.482022-07-14Kill Devil Hill Complete ListPoints
Hansen, MB45.482022-08-01Cadillac Mountain Complete ListPoints
Akers, Mark45.482022-08-24Pleasant Mountain Complete ListPoints
G, Bryan45.482022-08-31Three Dunes Complete ListPoints
Wolf, Dwight45.482022-09-08Ebright Azimuth Complete ListPoints
Solar, Matt45.482022-10-01Holt Hill Complete ListPoints
O'Donnell, Andrew45.482022-10-24Jaynes Hill Complete ListPoints
Mallet, Matt45.482022-10-30Sunrise Hill Complete ListPoints
Morris, Miles45.48UnknownGreat Blue Hill Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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