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Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 158

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Davis, Nick13686.082022-08-07 zMount Saddleback Complete ListPoints
Wells, Ben13686.082022-11-25The Needles Complete ListPoints
Davis, Matt13283.542022-08-15Mount Gell Complete ListPoints
Orr, Tracey13182.912022-11-25The Needles Complete ListPoints
Young, Ben12780.382022-11-06The Chimera Complete ListPoints
Chamberlain, Lucas12579.112022-11-25The Needles Complete ListPoints
Schulz, Chris12277.222022-10-16Mount Bobs1Complete ListPoints
Parry, Jared11874.682022-06-16 zMount Field West Complete ListPoints
Kendrick, Simon11774.052022-04-23 aMount Read Complete ListPoints
McDonald, Jess10566.462022-10-20King Davids Peak Complete ListPoints
Edgerton, Scott9962.662022-11-06Mount Inglis3Complete ListPoints
Eaton, Johnnie8151.272022-12-04 eTwin Spires Complete ListPoints
Byrne, Cathy7446.842021-05-01Mount Tyndall Complete ListPoints
Lee, Brandon7446.84UnknownMount Orion Complete ListPoints
Leary, Damon7245.572022Mount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Richter, Sally-Anne6943.672022-11-06Federation Peak Complete ListPoints
Gates, Josiah6440.512022-11-13 zMount King William I Complete ListPoints
Fearn, Rob6138.612022-12-02 fMount Patrick Complete ListPoints
Kulhanek, Jamie6138.612022-12-04 bMount Emmett Complete ListPoints
Hills, Adrian5937.342022-11-24Mount Penny West Complete ListPoints
Coffey, Lynnda5836.712022-10-18Rodway Range1Complete ListPoints
Walker, Emily4931.012022-11-07 bMount Mueller Complete ListPoints
R, Bryn4830.382021-01-21Ben Nevis Complete ListPoints
Ziemkiewicz, Jesthony4830.382022-10-02Wild Dog Tier Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Steven4427.852022-12-03 cMount Penny West Complete ListPoints
Bevis, Natalie4226.582022-11-07Mount Field East Complete ListPoints
Tatnell, Richard3723.422022-11-26 cRats Castle Complete ListPoints
Bevis, Haydyn3622.782022-11-07Mount Field East Complete ListPoints
Gates, Ryan3522.152022-09-22Nevada Peak1Complete ListPoints
Jones, Cam3522.152022-12-02Clear Hill Complete ListPoints
Prince, Karen3421.522022-11-26Mount Oakleigh Complete ListPoints
Christie, Steve3220.252017-11-28Ragged Jack Complete ListPoints
Skirrow, Caleb3220.252021-02-04Rodway Range Complete ListPoints
Kingston, Louis3220.252022-10-19Mount King William I Complete ListPoints
Simons, Lesley3220.252022-10-20 dMount Field East Complete ListPoints
Lee, Sumi3119.622015-09-30Mount Barrow Complete ListPoints
Page, Jason3018.992022-09-04Recondite Knob Complete ListPoints
West, Reuben3018.992022-11-06Drys Bluff Southwest Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Ethan3018.992022-11-09Mount Sarah Jane1Complete ListPoints
Murcott, Alistair3018.992022-12-04 bMount King William I Complete ListPoints
Hull, Sophia2817.722022-07-03 bMount Pillinger Complete ListPoints
Child, Kym2817.722022-11-20Sandbanks Tier Complete ListPoints
Young, Michaela2717.092022-08-07Mount Wedge Complete ListPoints
Lindsey, shayne2616.462022Mount Mueller Complete ListPoints
Moon, Olaf2515.821976-12-02Precipitous Bluff Complete ListPoints
Thiessen, Jacob2515.822022-07-08Mount Penny West1Complete ListPoints
Viney, Damien2515.822022-12-02Mount Inglis Complete ListPoints
Morrow, Ben2415.192021-07-25Mount Albert Complete ListPoints
Tatnell, Richard2415.192022-05-22Parson and Clerk Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mulcahy, Sam2415.192022-10-06Mount Snowy North Complete ListPoints
Hawthorne, Lucy2314.562022-08Mount Pelion East Complete ListPoints
Craw, Johanna2213.922022-11-05 aQuamby Bluff Complete ListPoints
Rodway, Michael2113.292018-12-01Wild Dog Tier Complete ListPoints
Burr, Emily2012.662021-04-16Mount Saddleback Complete ListPoints
Werner, Ash2012.662022-05-16Abbotts Lookout Complete ListPoints
Ridgway, Shelley2012.662022-10-09Mount Albert Complete ListPoints
The Wonderdog, Biscuit1912.032021-07-18Quamby Bluff Complete ListPoints
Singal, Ramit1912.032022-02-23Mount Rogoona Complete ListPoints
N., Jude1811.392019-01-29 dBen Nevis Complete ListPoints
Fox, John1811.392021-01-08Trestle Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mazza, Razza1811.392022-07-24Nescient Peak Complete ListPoints
Casey, Ross1811.392022-08-07Mount Rufus Complete ListPoints
Tait, Harrison1811.392022-09-04Brewery Knob Complete ListPoints
Tregurtha, Callum1710.762022-11-06Mount Rogoona Complete ListPoints
Kelly, Brett1610.132021-02-17Mount Geikie Complete ListPoints
Ives, Stephen1610.132022-02-22Walled Mountain Complete ListPoints
Grimes, Sally1610.132022-02-26Mount Albert Complete ListPoints
Jakimow, Alexandra1610.132022-11-26 bMount Barrow Complete ListPoints
Dimsey, Luke1610.13UnknownThe Needles Complete ListPoints
Rutherford, Lachlan159.492021-11-17Marriotts Lookout Complete ListPoints
Fahry, Sally159.492022-02-11 oSaint Valentines Peak Complete ListPoints
Cronau, Kimberley159.492022-08-27Hartz Peak Complete ListPoints
Hamilton, Doogs159.49UnknownMount Jukes Complete ListPoints
West, Baden148.862020-11Mount Pelion East1Complete ListPoints
Thomson, Shane148.862021-01-24Black Bluff Range Complete ListPoints
Adams, Dan148.862021-12-14Sandbanks Tier Complete ListPoints
Grimes, Roger148.862022-03-24Ben Nevis Complete ListPoints
The Human, Rick138.232018-05-10 bNevada Peak Complete ListPoints
Knight, Rob138.232022-02-28 mKunanyi Complete ListPoints
Mag, Geo138.232022-04-12Federation Peak Complete ListPoints
Coulson, Will127.592021-12-24 lMount Victoria Complete ListPoints
Cream, Lisa127.592022-12-03The Needles Complete ListPoints
Sweaney, Rhys116.962002-05-13Mount Roland Complete ListPoints
Yemm, Conor116.962020-03-29 fKing Davids Peak Complete ListPoints
Johnstone, Megan116.962022-01-29 bMount Oakleigh Complete ListPoints
Moss, David116.962022-10-02Mount Murchison Complete ListPoints
Hayes, Lauren116.962022-12-02 kMount Roland Complete ListPoints
Hancock, Martyn106.332022-01-12Mount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Law, Helen106.332022-09-22Ironstone Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kumar, Vishal95.702022-04-17Ironstone Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jaffray, Harrison95.702022-09-12Mount Jerusalem Complete ListPoints
Grimes, Taylor95.702022-09-28Quamby Bluff Complete ListPoints
Zanetto, Nathan95.702022-11-26 iKunanyi Complete ListPoints
Kitto, Mark85.062022-03-27Mount King William I Complete ListPoints
Brockbank, Andy85.062022-05-22Mount Beecroft Complete ListPoints
Chadwick, Chris85.062022-05-22Mount Marian Complete ListPoints
Jahnz, Sophie85.062022-06-16 dMount Maurice Complete ListPoints

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