Ethels of the Peak District - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 95

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Dowd, Elwood P95Complete!2022-08-29 zOliver Hill Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham95Complete!2023-02-01Cheeks Hill - South Slope Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob95Complete!2023-03-04 cLost Lad Complete ListPoints
Caine, Alan9094.742022-06-25Eldon Hill Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin8791.582022 bRamshaw Rocks Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve7376.842023-03-19 dCombs Head Complete ListPoints
Lynam, Brent7073.682023-03-17High Edge Complete ListPoints
Bowron, Ronnie6770.532022-02-26Win Hill3Complete ListPoints
Wright, James5861.052023-03-21 bAleck Low Complete ListPoints
Gunner, Trevor5052.632022-03-19 zSir William Hill Complete ListPoints
Gunn, Alexander5052.632023-02-23 bCroker Hill1Complete ListPoints
Roper, Melissa4850.532023-03-19Stanton Moor Complete ListPoints
Martin, Barry4547.372022-09-11Hen Cloud25Complete ListPoints
Lee, Tom4143.162023-02-20 dWolfscote Hill Complete ListPoints
HUGHES, TONY4042.112023-03-24 cChinley Churn Complete ListPoints
Finch, Malcolm3233.682022-06-09Stanage Edge Complete ListPoints
Stone, James3132.632019-11-24 5Wolfscote Hill Complete ListPoints
F, Michelle3031.582022-08-28 cFoxlow Edge Complete ListPoints
Howden, Jaml3031.582022-11-27 aSponds Hill Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve2829.472021-07-25 bBolehill Complete ListPoints
Chadwick, Keith2829.472022-12-05 bHigh Neb Complete ListPoints
Wood, Col2728.422021-05-21The Cloud Complete ListPoints
W, Matt2728.422023-01-21 cMill Hill Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter2627.372022-10-25 eWetton Hill Complete ListPoints
Angell, Becky2627.372023-01-03 cMount Famine Complete ListPoints
Lonergan, Hilary2627.372023-02-18 bThe Roaches Complete ListPoints
Daykin, Rob2526.322022-09-30 zThe Cloud Complete ListPoints
C, Beth2526.322023-01-19Shutlingsloe Complete ListPoints
Jones, Andrew2425.262023-03-19Win Hill Complete ListPoints
Howells, David2324.212021-06-06 dHollins Hill Complete ListPoints
Deborah, Sharon2324.212023-02-18 mParkhouse Hill Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard2223.162022-04-12Stanedge Pole Complete ListPoints
Madgwick, Gareth2122.112017-10-11 cShining Tor Complete ListPoints
Newey, Claire2122.112022-07-03Harborough Rocks1Complete ListPoints
Kowalczyk, Alan2122.112022-08-31 bDurham Edge Complete ListPoints
James, Mim2122.112022-10-17 lThorpe Cloud Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob2021.052021-05-22Margery Hill Complete ListPoints
Stone, Molly2021.052022-03-20Wetton Hill Complete ListPoints
Smith, P1920.002019-11-19 hThorpe Cloud Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David1920.002021-04-05Eccles Pike14Complete ListPoints
Foulkes, Andrew1920.002022-06-09 cThe Roaches Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Andrew Fergus1818.952022-08-16 rHigher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Deane, James1818.952022-11-19Higger Tor Complete ListPoints
Trice, Romily1818.952022-11-27 bHen Cloud Complete ListPoints
Tanguy, Robyn1818.952022-11-27 cHigh Neb Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim1717.892019-08-07Cheeks Hill - South Slope Complete ListPoints
Bramall, Patrick1717.892021-09-08 iChinley Churn Complete ListPoints
Macuga, Lukasz1717.892021-09-11Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
James, Richard1717.892021-10-17The Cloud Complete ListPoints
Greenway, Faye1717.892022-05-05 bThe Roaches Complete ListPoints
Claghorn, Joseph1717.892022-09-17Thorpe Cloud Complete ListPoints
Baker, Jake1717.892022-11-27Parkhouse Hill1Complete ListPoints
Baker, Megan1717.892022-11-27Parkhouse Hill Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick1616.842018-09-02Oliver Hill Complete ListPoints
G, Pete1616.842019-09-06 bOliver Hill Complete ListPoints
Pressley, Wayne1616.842020-05-25 jLees Moor Complete ListPoints
Kenyon, Susan1616.842022-03-01Higger Tor Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Tony1616.842022-05-08 dFeatherbed Moss Complete ListPoints
Novak, George1616.842022-06-26Sir William Hill Complete ListPoints
Weston, Heather1616.842022-08-30 gBolehill Complete ListPoints
Coster, Andy1616.842022-10-10 gStanage Edge Complete ListPoints
Edwards, Nic1616.842023-01-21Shutlingsloe Complete ListPoints
Scholes, Andrew1616.842023-02-01 eLords Seat Complete ListPoints
Harrop, Johnny1616.842023-02-03Cats Tor Complete ListPoints
Gainsford, Nigel1515.792020-04-24Mill Hill Complete ListPoints
Harris, Ben1515.792020-10-25Black Hill Complete ListPoints
Parkin, George1515.792021-02-27Win Hill Complete ListPoints
Hayman, John1515.792022-06-19 dStanedge Pole Complete ListPoints
James, Chris1515.792023-01-07 dFoxlow Edge Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen1414.742016-10-15Lose Hill Complete ListPoints
Evans, Elis1414.742022-03-13Lost Lad Complete ListPoints
Tideswell, Steve1414.742022-04-10Higher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Tomkins, Andy1313.682019-10-12Lose Hill Complete ListPoints
Cutting, Amy1313.682019-10-20 aSir William Hill Complete ListPoints
Chapman, David1313.682020-09-21 bHen Cloud Complete ListPoints
Doxey, Ginny1313.682021-07-13 qBack Tor Complete ListPoints
Porter-Young, Corrie1313.682022-04-07 dBleaklow Head Complete ListPoints
Paul, Paul1313.682022-04-24 hBleaklow Head Complete ListPoints
S, Debbie1313.682022-11-19Crook Hill Complete ListPoints
Booth, Hope1313.682022-12-11Harland Edge Complete ListPoints
Jones, James1313.682022-12-11 rHigh Stones Complete ListPoints
Waterfall, Ian1313.682023-02-21 nThorpe Cloud Complete ListPoints
Dean, Anthony1313.682023-03-05Whetstone Ridge4Complete ListPoints
Stephenson, Tom1313.682023-03-15 bLost Lad Complete ListPoints
King, Steve1212.632020-12-08Back Tor Complete ListPoints
Fearnley, Chris1212.632021-04-01Shutlingsloe Complete ListPoints
Grassby, Jema1212.632021-05-30Higher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Hall, Joshua1212.632022-08-29 bLose Hill Complete ListPoints
B, Mat1212.632022-09-15 gBrown Knoll Complete ListPoints
Wix, Charlotte1212.632023-03-05 bLost Lad Complete ListPoints
Brayshaw, Darren1212.632023-03-12Grindslow Knoll Complete ListPoints
Messenger, Mike1212.632023-03-20 cRamshaw Rocks Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew1111.582018-01-31Thorpe Cloud Complete ListPoints
Packham, Andy1111.582019-06-22Higger Tor2Complete ListPoints
Bell, Nick1111.582021-05-09Win Hill Complete ListPoints
Hardman, Michael1111.582021-07-13 bCrook Hill Complete ListPoints
Stone, Twm1111.582021-08-29High Neb Complete ListPoints
Raper, Bronwyn1111.582021-09-03 lMam Tor Complete ListPoints
Green, Tom1111.582021-10-23Chrome Hill Complete ListPoints
Sudol, Marcin1111.582022-04-27Stanage Edge Complete ListPoints
Cooper, Rae1111.582022-10-13 bLost Lad Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick1111.582022-10-31 cLantern Pike Complete ListPoints
Freeman, Christine1111.582022-12-31Chinley Churn2Complete ListPoints
Addison, Laura1111.582023-01-05Higher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Cameron, Egg1111.582023-02-05Shining Tor Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael1111.58UnknownThe Roaches Complete ListPoints
Radomski, Joseph1111.58UnknownThe Roaches Complete ListPoints
Honey, Gary1010.532016-12-31Bolehill Complete ListPoints
Chan, Nevins1010.532021-04-12Lose Hill Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Jenny1010.532021-06-06High Wheeldon Complete ListPoints
Nicholson, Adam1010.532021-08-18Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Gaz1010.532021-08-27 bBleaklow Head Complete ListPoints
Lindley, David1010.532022-05-17 oKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Milne, Steven1010.532022-07-21 dStanage Edge Complete ListPoints
K, H1010.532022-08-21 dStanedge Pole Complete ListPoints
Parton, David1010.532022-10-01Musden Low Complete ListPoints
Watmough, Steven1010.532022-10-15 rKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Usman, Pepe1010.532022-10-26 cAlport Moor Complete ListPoints
O'Reilly, ELIZABETH1010.532022-11-11Higger Tor Complete ListPoints
Patten, Jo1010.532022-11-19 bParkhouse Hill Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Jim1010.532023-01-29Stanedge Pole Complete ListPoints
C, Toby1010.532023-03-04Black Hill Complete ListPoints
arnold, paul1010.53UnknownChrome Hill Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark99.472019-04-20 bThe Cloud Complete ListPoints
Abbotts, Shane99.472019-08-05 aBack Tor Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Kris99.472020-01-02Shutlingsloe Complete ListPoints
Evans, Mike99.472020-03-24 aThe Roaches Complete ListPoints
Parsons, Anna99.472020-12-15Lords Seat Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Mark99.472020-12-30The Cloud Complete ListPoints
Perry, Lee99.472021-06-03 lLose Hill Complete ListPoints
R, Jennifer99.472022-05-05High Neb Complete ListPoints
K, Loz99.472022-05-12 aThorpe Cloud Complete ListPoints
Myers, Adam99.472022-06-19Black Chew Head Complete ListPoints
Pickering, Helen99.472022-08-29The Roaches Complete ListPoints
Lawlor, Anthony99.472022-09-13 aMam Tor Complete ListPoints
Garrett, Rosie99.472022-10-29 pStanedge Pole Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Liam99.472022-11-24 dParkhouse Hill Complete ListPoints
Weeks, Angela99.472023-01-23 aSouth Head Complete ListPoints
kendrick, john99.472023-03-09Alport Moor Complete ListPoints
Hague, Chloe99.472023-03-20 bCats Tor Complete ListPoints
Hawkins, Dan99.47UnknownCrook Hill Complete ListPoints
Smith, Mark88.422010-11Higher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
preece, mark88.422013-12-15The Roaches Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee88.422016-03-20High Stones Complete ListPoints
Porter, Phill88.422018-11-30Chrome Hill Complete ListPoints
Moran, Gemma88.422020-01-25Higher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Urmston, Colin88.422020-11-12Stanage Edge Complete ListPoints
Bailey, Dan88.422021-06-21 uStanage Edge Complete ListPoints
Martin, Michelle88.422021-07-13 bCrook Hill Complete ListPoints
Prior, Carrie- ann88.422021-10-08Higher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Bob88.422022-04-15High Neb Complete ListPoints
*, C88.422022-06-15 cHarborough Rocks Complete ListPoints
Tremain, Becky88.422022-07-07Win Hill Complete ListPoints
Bromiley, Julia88.422022-07-30 wMargery Hill Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Adam88.422022-11-03 aBrown Knoll Complete ListPoints
McQuilkin, Kerrina88.422023-01-14Hen Cloud Complete ListPoints
Springer, George88.422023-01-25 dLose Hill Complete ListPoints
Griffin, Ian88.422023-01-28Higher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Hirst, Alex88.422023-02-22 oMill Hill Complete ListPoints
Gallagher, Cicely88.422023-03-07 hParkhouse Hill Complete ListPoints
Whyte, Ken†77.372002-02-17Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Keith77.372008-07-18Black Hill Complete ListPoints
Warren, James77.372010-04-17Cheeks Hill - South Slope Complete ListPoints
Law, Douglas77.372011-03-08High Stones Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Joe77.372013-08-06Stanage Edge Complete ListPoints
Daussan, Mat77.372015-08-16Win Hill Complete ListPoints
Mackenzie, Lexi77.372017Mam Tor Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee77.372017-05-04Gun Complete ListPoints
Gower, Richard77.372017-09-25Cheeks Hill - South Slope Complete ListPoints
Brace, Mark77.372017-09-25 bBlack Hill Complete ListPoints
Curran, Sarah77.372018-04-23 iShutlingsloe Complete ListPoints
Stone, Ceri77.372018-12-30 dMam Tor Complete ListPoints
Hill, Ian77.372019Gun Complete ListPoints
Arrowsmith, Paul77.372019-02-17 gWin Hill Complete ListPoints
Howells, Sophie Grace77.372020-01-19Win Hill Complete ListPoints
Ali, Joel77.372020-01-20 cHigger Tor Complete ListPoints
Cook, Hayley77.372020-05-27 bKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Bandli, Szabi77.372020-06-15Win Hill Complete ListPoints
Chwaszczewska, Marta77.372020-12-05 bCats Tor Complete ListPoints
Glennon, Stephen77.372021-04-30 bBlack Chew Head Complete ListPoints
Hamilton, Rebecca77.372021-06-03 gLose Hill Complete ListPoints
Roberts, Simon77.372021-07-03The Roaches Complete ListPoints
vulic, dana77.372021-08-23 hThe Roaches Complete ListPoints
Mccabe, Hollie77.372021-09-21 gMam Tor Complete ListPoints
Smith, Craig77.372021-11-12 gMam Tor Complete ListPoints
Bennett, Ian77.372022-01-14Shutlingsloe Complete ListPoints
Belcher, David77.372022-02-26Lose Hill Complete ListPoints
Singh, Bach77.372022-04-16Higger Tor Complete ListPoints
Heywood, Nao77.372022-07-27Grindslow Knoll Complete ListPoints
Bligh, Kelly77.372022-08-07 yMam Tor Complete ListPoints
Blunt, Simon77.372022-10-29 cHigh Neb Complete ListPoints
Norman, Jennifer77.372022-11-26Win Hill Complete ListPoints
Shaw, Andrew77.372023-02-04Bradwell Moor Complete ListPoints
Treadwell, Sean77.372023-02-18Shutlingsloe Complete ListPoints
D, C77.372023-02-21Mill Hill Complete ListPoints
Braun, Nikolai77.37UnknownMam Tor Complete ListPoints
Burrows, Paul77.37UnknownBack Tor Complete ListPoints
Jones, Gary77.37UnknownGun Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison66.322001Shining Tor Complete ListPoints
Rayner, Adrian66.322003-03-02Margery Hill Complete ListPoints
Carter, Stu66.322008-04-20Cheeks Hill - South Slope Complete ListPoints
Kanaris, Daniel66.322009-04-13Shutlingsloe Complete ListPoints
Sprinks, James66.322015-03-07High Stones Complete ListPoints
Hasselholdt, Nick66.322019-01-13 aStanage Edge Complete ListPoints
Worrell, Laura66.322019-09-15Margery Hill Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Isaac66.322020-08-06 dLords Seat Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Pete66.322020-08-06 dLords Seat Complete ListPoints
McDade, Allan66.322020-08-23Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Grover, Will66.322021-05-25 aShining Tor Complete ListPoints
Whitt, Steve66.322021-06-05Bleaklow Head Complete ListPoints
Babiev, Lev66.322021-09-04Chinley Churn Complete ListPoints
Egleston, James66.322022-01-23Sir William Hill Complete ListPoints
Cox, Craig66.322022-02-26 bBleaklow Head Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Joe66.322022-03-02 yLantern Pike Complete ListPoints
Walker, Claire66.322022-03-29 aStanage Edge Complete ListPoints
Carlile, Elisabeth66.322022-04-03 hThe Cloud Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Bill66.322022-05-17Shining Tor Complete ListPoints
Webster, Laura66.322022-05-29 bChrome Hill Complete ListPoints
Gill, Lesley66.322022-08-07Shining Tor Complete ListPoints
Pryce, Ren66.322022-09-25 bChrome Hill3Complete ListPoints
Manning, Elias66.322022-11-13Lose Hill Complete ListPoints
Watson, Ethan66.322022-12-21Lose Hill Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Mathew66.322023-01-08 gLose Hill Complete ListPoints
H, Lucy66.322023-02-18 iThorpe Cloud Complete ListPoints
Dembizky, Olga66.322023-03-01 oMam Tor Complete ListPoints
Dallman, Adeline66.32UnknownWin Hill Complete ListPoints
Mackenzie, Susan55.261975Higger Tor Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard55.262006-12-23Gun Complete ListPoints
Wilkinson, Gary55.262015-10-19Lords Seat Complete ListPoints
Levey, David55.262017-11-17The Cloud Complete ListPoints
Finn, Jo55.262018-08-19High Neb Complete ListPoints
Stone, Patrick55.262018-12-30Win Hill Complete ListPoints
Creber, Tom55.262019-02-20 bWin Hill Complete ListPoints
Frank, Carmen55.262019-03-27 cHigger Tor Complete ListPoints
Ibbs, Matt55.262019-04-12 fKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Felton, Marcus55.262019-06-04 eKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Cooke, Jonathan55.262019-09-08 tThe Roaches Complete ListPoints
Hannant, Paul55.262019-10-01 oStanage Edge Complete ListPoints
Morley, Scott55.262019-12-28Cheeks Hill - South Slope Complete ListPoints
Brenan, Kim55.262020-02-22Chrome Hill Complete ListPoints
Brown, Dan55.262020-02-22 cChrome Hill Complete ListPoints
Bowker, Melanie55.262020-02-27 jStanage Edge Complete ListPoints
Macsi, Sandor55.262020-05-31 bCats Tor Complete ListPoints
Tarry, Maggie55.262020-07-07Chrome Hill Complete ListPoints
Fenlon, Melissa55.262020-07-11Kinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Booker, Andrew55.262020-07-25 dBleaklow Head Complete ListPoints
Keeling, ric55.262020-10-17Featherbed Top Complete ListPoints
Ellis, Bernie55.262021-04-06Chrome Hill Complete ListPoints
Holmes, Sarah55.262021-04-14 fBrown Knoll Complete ListPoints
fay, lou55.262021-05-22Win Hill Complete ListPoints
Lilly Rai, Zoë55.262021-08-31Higher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Young, Dawn55.262021-09-06Lantern Pike Complete ListPoints
Salmon, Dayle55.262021-09-19 dBack Tor Complete ListPoints
Saunders, Brian55.262021-12-04Black Chew Head Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Jacqueline55.262022-02-12 dCheeks Hill - South Slope Complete ListPoints
Green, Andy55.262022-05-21 cLose Hill Complete ListPoints
G, Abbie55.262022-06-11Mill Hill Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, James55.262022-07-21 bAlphin Pike2Complete ListPoints
Blackburn, Val55.262022-09-25Lose Hill Complete ListPoints
H, Jonny55.262022-10-17Mam Tor Complete ListPoints
Yates, Gareth55.262022-10-24 aKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Laura55.262023-01-03 hThe Roaches Complete ListPoints
McGregor, Emma55.262023-03-12 bPilsbury Hill Complete ListPoints
Gregory, Nathan55.262023-03-26 bAxe Edge Moor Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Tom55.26UnknownBrown Knoll Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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