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Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 282

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Whyte, Ken282Complete!1983-12-11Sgurr nan Gillean Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim282Complete!1986-06-28Ben More Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob282Complete!1990-10-22An Socach Complete ListPoints
Stone, James282Complete!1992-05-23 cStob Coire Sgreamhach Complete ListPoints
Toland, Patrick282Complete!1993Ben Wyvis Complete ListPoints
Hill, Ian282Complete!1999Stob Coire Sgreamhach Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard282Complete!2005-05-22Seana Bhraigh Complete ListPoints
Ellis, Pete282Complete!2005-09-12Ben More Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin282Complete!2006-05-04Beinn a'Chroin Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee282Complete!2006-09-02Stuchd an Lochain Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael282Complete!2007-10-19Ben More Complete ListPoints
Bowles, Chris282Complete!2009-11-15Creise Complete ListPoints
Clark, Fiona282Complete!2013-09-28Buachaille Etive Mor Complete ListPoints
Clark, Stuart282Complete!2013-09-28Buachaille Etive Mor Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew282Complete!2014-09-27Ben Lomond Complete ListPoints
Bevan, Steve 282Complete!2019-09-03 zSgurr Eilde Mor Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham282Complete!UnknownBeinn Teallach Complete ListPoints
Jones, Gary28199.651999-01-04Fionn Bheinn Complete ListPoints
Kerr, Bob27998.942004-12-18Beinn Eighe-Ruadh-stac Mor Complete ListPoints
glasper, steve27998.94UnknownCarn a'Chlamain Complete ListPoints
Gillie, Martin27396.81UnknownMeall a'Chrasgaidh Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob26694.332019-06-23Beinn Bhuidhe2Complete ListPoints
Levey, David21174.822020-04-11Sgurr Mór Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick15956.382019-10-13Carn Liath Complete ListPoints
Metcalf , Graham 15554.962019-09-20 aBynack More1Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David14250.352019-06-24Toll Creagach1Complete ListPoints
Watson, Matt13146.452019-07-07 bBinnein Mor1Complete ListPoints
Bowie, Kathleen12443.972019-08-13Mam Sodhail Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve12343.622019-09-21An Teallach-Sgurr Fiona Complete ListPoints
L, Stu11039.012019-09-12 cCarn Liath100Complete ListPoints
Charters, Ian10637.592019-10-12Luinne Bheinn Complete ListPoints
Brown, Ray10637.592019-11-22 zSchiehallion Complete ListPoints
Szczeblewska, Ewelina10236.172020-05-30Carn a'Chlamain Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark9533.692019-05-11 gAn Socach Complete ListPoints
Deurgar, The8931.562013-12-01Na Gruagaichean Complete ListPoints
Willingham, Jonathan 8931.562019-12-25 bBeinn a'Chlachair Complete ListPoints
Cleghorn, Lee8530.142018-08-22Meall Chuaich Complete ListPoints
Elshaw , Craig 8028.372018-06-24Ben Challum1Complete ListPoints
Tomkins, Andy7626.952019-08-25Ben Nevis3Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve7325.892020-02-13Meall Chuaich5Complete ListPoints
Sheridan, Bob7325.892020-05-04 bMeall Garbh Complete ListPoints
Hamilton, Doogs7225.53UnknownCarn Aosda Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen6723.762016-10-13 eBen Avon Complete ListPoints
Hagan, Tim6623.402014-09-15Slioch5Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard6523.052019-07-28 bA'Ghlas-bheinn Complete ListPoints
Chase, Liam6422.702019-10-19Ben Lomond Complete ListPoints
Morley, Scott6121.632019-05-28Conival3Complete ListPoints
Tetazoo, III, James E.5820.572017-09-17Fionn Bheinn100Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter4917.382019-02-28Maol Chean-dearg Complete ListPoints
Harrington-Lynn, David4515.962013-08-16Ben Macdui1Complete ListPoints
Craig, Keith4415.602019-08-02Ben Wyvis Complete ListPoints
Trocak, Ondrej4315.252018-05-19 bStob Binnein Complete ListPoints
Drew, Ben4214.892017-12-03Schiehallion Complete ListPoints
Cromie, John4214.892018-03-16Sgurr Eilde Mor Complete ListPoints
Smith, P4114.542019-10-12 iBen Lomond2Complete ListPoints
Nixon, Rachael3913.832019-05-11Sgairneach Mhor Complete ListPoints
beatson, john 3612.77UnknownBen Vane Complete ListPoints
MacDonald, Chris3512.412019-09-07 eStuc a'Chroin Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey 3412.062018-06-01Am Basteir Complete ListPoints
Woolard, Adrian3412.062019-05-09Creag Leacach Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry3311.702008-06-29Beinn Tulaichean Complete ListPoints
Alexander, Nick3311.702009-10-21Glas Tulaichean Complete ListPoints
Law, Douglas3211.352007-06-07Liathach Complete ListPoints
Sands, Eric3110.992014-09-27Beinn Ime Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison 3010.642004Inaccessible Pinnacle Complete ListPoints
Nightingale, Mark2910.282017-05-08Beinn a'Chreachain Complete ListPoints
Figg, James2910.282018-10-04 zBen Chonzie Complete ListPoints
Given, David2910.282020-04-02Meall a'Bhuiridh Complete ListPoints
Riley, Mal289.932007-05-13Ben Nevis Complete ListPoints
Buch, Damo279.572010-06-16Ben More Complete ListPoints
Hill, William "Billy"279.572010-08-08Lochnagar Complete ListPoints
Hill, Martin269.222011-01-01Beinn a'Chreachain Complete ListPoints
Yesson, Chris269.222018-01-07Sgurr Mór1Complete ListPoints
Drew, Philippa258.872013-11-10Stuc a'Chroin Complete ListPoints
Bailey, James258.872020-03-21Meall Ghaordaidh Complete ListPoints
ErP, Wout248.512018-06-12Carn a'Gheoidh Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard227.801999-08-23Bynack More Complete ListPoints
Hicklin, Jess227.802019-08-01Maol Chean-dearg Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Ed217.451982Beinn Alligin-Tom na Gruagaich Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob217.451997-05 d9Aonach Eagach-Sgor nam Fiannaidh Complete ListPoints
Henry, Chris207.092019-04-19 bSgurr nan Gillean2Complete ListPoints
Petrie, Ann207.092019-06-16Carn a'Gheoidh Complete ListPoints
Roolvink, D207.092019-09-21 bCruach Ardrain Complete ListPoints
Bowker, Chris186.382001Saileag Complete ListPoints
Guenot, David186.382018-06-22Stob Coire Sgreamhach Complete ListPoints
Baker, Emily 186.382020-04-03 rSgurr na Ciche Complete ListPoints
Eckardt, Annett176.032013-05-18Stob Binnein Complete ListPoints
Tibatong, Habakuk176.032013-05-18 bStob Binnein Complete ListPoints
Jurskis, Arnas176.032017-06-19Ben Vorlich Complete ListPoints
Phillips, Chris176.032019-09-17 dAonach Eagach-Sgor nam Fiannaidh Complete ListPoints
Patton, Thomas165.672019-11-24 lBen Cruachan Complete ListPoints
Underwood , Pete165.672020-01-22 bCruach Ardrain2Complete ListPoints
Bandli, Szabi165.672020-02-19The Devil's Point Complete ListPoints
Edwards, Louise155.322014-04-15Blabheinn Complete ListPoints
Culshaw, Peter155.32UnknownSgurr na Banachdich Complete ListPoints

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