Nuttalls of England and Wales - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 442

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Dixon, Steve442Complete!2018-12-27Miller Moss Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Keith442Complete!2021-12-17Foel Cedig Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham442Complete!UnknownSails Complete ListPoints
Jones, Gary44199.771980-04-01Moel Hebog Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin44199.772005-11-25Burnhope Seat Complete ListPoints
Whyte, Ken†44199.772010-08-14Yes Tor Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob44199.772012-07-01Tryfan Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael44199.772013-02-16Thack Moor Complete ListPoints
Bowron, Ronnie44199.772018-09-22Foel Cedig1Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew44199.772019-09-07Causey Pike Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve44199.772019-11-05 bFoel Cedig Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob43197.512021-04-24Foel Cedig Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim42395.702019-12-09Middleboot Knotts Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter34076.922020-08-29 eMaesglase Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David32473.302022-12-11Dovenest Top9Complete ListPoints
Caine, Alan31871.952022-10-14 aY Garn6Complete ListPoints
Levey, David30268.332018-02-21Fendrith Hill Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick30168.102021-07-07Knock Fell Complete ListPoints
Stone, James30168.102023-01-21 1Moel Hebog Complete ListPoints
Chapman, David28764.932022-04-23Mynydd Mawr Complete ListPoints
Howells, David28364.032022-10-18 eBase Brown5Complete ListPoints
Tomkins, Andy26660.182019-06-22Lonscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard26559.952018-04-07 1Windy Gyle Complete ListPoints
Charters, Ian26559.952019-05-26Craig Eigiau Complete ListPoints
Honey, Gary25758.142021-06-04 eBowfell Complete ListPoints
Williams, Iwan25557.692022-10-02 cSheffield Pike4Complete ListPoints
Deborah, Sharon25156.792022-06-27Moel Penamnen Complete ListPoints
Griffin, Ian25156.792023-01-28Higher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Ambridge, Graham24154.522022-05-21 bDduallt Complete ListPoints
Lynam, Brent23753.622011-05-07Mynydd Graig Goch Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Adam23252.492023-01-21Black Sails Complete ListPoints
Morley, Scott22550.902022-03-05Garnedd Uchaf Complete ListPoints
Urmston, Colin22150.002020-11-14 zCrag Hill Complete ListPoints
Hill, Ian21548.642019Great Borne Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard21247.962022-11-05Dodd (Buttermere) Complete ListPoints
Elson, James20947.292022-12-02Windy Gyle Complete ListPoints
Fitzpatrick, Peat19945.02UnknownRound How Complete ListPoints
Angell, Becky19443.892022-08-29 gCrinkle Crags - South Top Complete ListPoints
Keeling, ric19143.212022-08-25 cMoel Hebog4Complete ListPoints
Stone, Ceri18040.722022-01-16Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Phillips, Chris17840.272022-04-21 jRed Beck Top Complete ListPoints
Wood, Col17639.822021-05-21 zHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Coombes, Simon17038.462023-01-08Moel Fferna Complete ListPoints
Paul, Paul16637.562022-04-24 zCrib Goch Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee16336.882017-02-19Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Underwood, Pete16336.882021-08-06Gragareth Complete ListPoints
Smith, David16336.882022-08-26 cY Llethr Complete ListPoints
Zareba, Szymon16336.882023-01-29 bTarren y Gesail Complete ListPoints
Cameron, Egg16236.652022-05-29 bMeldon Hill Complete ListPoints
Watson, Jake15334.622022-06-05 hGreat Calva Complete ListPoints
Evans, Mike14933.712021-11-28Honister Crag Complete ListPoints
Hardman, Michael14733.262022-11-25 cBurtree Fell Complete ListPoints
Illidge, Andy14633.031998-11-29Rhobell Fawr Complete ListPoints
Smith, P14633.032019-11-19 lHartsop Dodd Complete ListPoints
Hart, Kevin14532.812022-09-10Helvellyn - Lower Man Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen14432.582016-10-16Knock Fell Complete ListPoints
Potts, Leon14432.582022-03-27 cPillar Rock Complete ListPoints
Martin, Barry14332.352022-05-21 bWhite Maiden Complete ListPoints
Clarke, Adrian14131.902022-10-27Cross Fell8Complete ListPoints
Owen, Peter13931.452022-08-10Rhinog Fawr Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Daniel13831.222022-07-08 bHobcarton Crag Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Tony13831.222023-01-02 bPlace Fell Complete ListPoints
Stringer, Claire13731.002022-08-05Great Whernside Complete ListPoints
Purkis, Jerry13530.542019-07-24The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Stone, Twm13530.542020-07-12 EKidsty Pike Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Randy13430.322021-06-13 dHigh Spy North Top Complete ListPoints
Maguire, Kerry13430.322022-11-29Whiteside West Top Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Joe13029.412014-02-16Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Finch, Malcolm12728.732021-06-05Higher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Neuman, Alfred E12628.512019-02-25Rossett Pike Complete ListPoints
Beechey, Mike12628.512020-12-31 bScafell Complete ListPoints
G, Pete12628.512022-09-17 fSeatallan12Complete ListPoints
Wild, Suzy12528.282023-01-02Brim Fell Complete ListPoints
Simons, Fred12428.052022-08-31Pen-y-ghent Complete ListPoints
Heywood, Nao12428.052023-01-02Pen y Garn Complete ListPoints
Brothwood, Chris12227.602022-10-02 bMoel Sych Complete ListPoints
Lee, Julia12127.382021-05-09Great End Complete ListPoints
Brown, Charlotte12127.382021-09-07 cCaw Fell Complete ListPoints
Murfin, Thomas12127.382023-01-28 bHart Side Complete ListPoints
Bish, Tom12127.382023-02-04High Stile Complete ListPoints
Clewlow, Laura12027.152021-12-18 cRossett Pike Complete ListPoints
Ali, Joel12027.152022-08-10 cKidsty Pike Complete ListPoints
Bennett, Aaron12027.152022-08-27 cIron Crag Complete ListPoints
Riley, Mal11826.702015-10-31Craig Cwm Amarch Complete ListPoints
Peet, Sam11726.472021-05-04 zStarling Dodd1Complete ListPoints
McEvoy, Tony11726.472022-08-20Whernside Complete ListPoints
Owen, Sophie11726.472022-09-16Ullscarf Complete ListPoints
Stafford-Jones, Tanya11425.792020-12-30 bSteeple Complete ListPoints
Miller, Chris11425.792021-10-18Scafell Complete ListPoints
Horscroft, Dan11425.792021-11-02Kirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Saunders, Brian11425.792023-01-28 eClough Head Complete ListPoints
Stone, Patrick11125.112021-07-17 gYewbarrow Complete ListPoints
Bandli, Szabi11024.892022-04-17 cHarrop Pike Complete ListPoints
Stead, Sam10924.662020-07-05 cCold Pike Complete ListPoints
Penn, Fergie10924.662021-10-06Skiddaw Complete ListPoints
Holdsworth, Emily10924.662023-01-29Fountains Fell Complete ListPoints
Pressley, Wayne10824.432020-05-10 lRed Beck Top Complete ListPoints
Barni, Owen10724.212019-06-04 bAllen Crags Complete ListPoints
Kane, Danny10623.982022-06-09 cRed Pike Complete ListPoints
Burrow, Daniel10623.982022-10-30 bLonscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Sutton, Demi10523.762022-04-14 dGrey Crag Complete ListPoints
Higginson, Ed10523.762023-01-02 cBase Brown Complete ListPoints
Skelton, Tim10523.762023-01-14 iCrag Hill Complete ListPoints
Roberts, Steven10523.762023-01-24 bRossett Pike Complete ListPoints
houghton, Dominic10523.762023-01-29 bPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Manning, Neil10423.532019-10-18 zUllscarf Complete ListPoints
Figg, James10423.532021-11-13 eCold Pike Complete ListPoints
Fleming, Jodie10323.302022-11-13 fWhiteless Pike Complete ListPoints
Bevan, Steve10223.082022-03-08 dRest Dodd Complete ListPoints
Platt, Rachel10223.082023-01-07 bBannerdale Crags Complete ListPoints
Young, Dawn10122.852022-09-10Ingleborough Complete ListPoints
Yates, Tammy9922.402022-06-01 dHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Willingham, Jonathan9822.172019-12-25 dKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Bovey, John9822.172022-07-09 bScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Wilkinson, Gary9822.172022-08-06 eDrum Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Ed9721.951976Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Davies, Curon9621.722021-04-03 zCnicht Complete ListPoints
Warburton, Martin9621.722021-09-25Moel-yr-hydd Complete ListPoints
Du Plessis, Jannie9621.722022-06-25 dRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Simpson, KATE9521.492021-07-21 bGreat Carrs Complete ListPoints
Quinn, Charlie9521.492022-05-02Grasmoor Complete ListPoints
James, Richard9521.492022-06-12 cCrinkle Crags - South Top Complete ListPoints
Cairns, Hannah9521.492022-08-31Gray Crag Complete ListPoints
James, Chris9421.272022-06-03 cHartsop Dodd Complete ListPoints
Oldfield, Colin9421.272022-11-30 cHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Richards, Beth9321.042022-09-06 aTal y Fan Complete ListPoints
Middlehurst, Sammy9321.042022-10-23 zAllen Crags Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark9321.042022-10-24Rogan's Seat Complete ListPoints
Robins, Michele9321.042023-01-14Dow Crag Complete ListPoints
Relph, Lizzie9220.812022-09-19 fPike O' Stickle Complete ListPoints
Hall, R9220.812023-01-21Branstree Complete ListPoints
Beach, Tom9120.592020-10-23 bBannerdale Crags Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Lucy9020.362022-09-24 cCrag Hill Complete ListPoints
Bunn, E9020.362022-11-18 dRest Dodd Complete ListPoints
Watson, Ethan9020.362023-01-09Y Garn Complete ListPoints
Smith, Mark8920.142016-02-21High Spy Complete ListPoints
Tina, Trailhobo8920.142018-10-17Foel Goch Complete ListPoints
Harris, Tracy8819.912022-10-02Base Brown Complete ListPoints
Babiev, Lev8719.682021-08-29 aBaugh Fell-Tarn Rigg Hill Complete ListPoints
Martin, Michelle8719.682022-09-24Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Phil8719.682022-10-25 aWhiteless Pike Complete ListPoints
Tolan, Michael8719.682022-12-26 cLittle Hart Crag Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Matt8619.462020-09-19 cSkiddaw - Little Man Complete ListPoints
Spooner, Mark8619.462022-08-27 eHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Avery, Tom8619.462022-11-12 eGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Duffield, Claire8519.232022-06-25 bThornthwaite Crag Complete ListPoints
Wilkinson, Angela8519.232022-08-06 dDrum Complete ListPoints
Harris, Samantha8519.232022-10-02Base Brown Complete ListPoints
Kanaris, Daniel8419.002015-04-19High Street Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Naomi8419.002022-03-27 bSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Dowd, Elwood P8419.002022-09-06 eComb Fell Complete ListPoints
McLennan, Calum8419.002022-12-07 jLingmell Complete ListPoints
Davies, Evan8419.002022-12-23Carrock Fell Complete ListPoints
Thorpe, Matthew8318.782022-09-16 gSail Complete ListPoints
Atkinson, Emma8318.782022-11-29 aRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Byrne, Ste8318.782022-12-08 eBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Bell, Dan8218.552020-07-12 kGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Pryce, Ren8218.552022-08-21 bSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Simmons, James8218.552022-10-09 aBannerdale Crags Complete ListPoints
Hamshaw, Steve8218.552022-10-18 dDale Head Complete ListPoints
Farmer, Paul8118.332022-09-24 :MFHindscarth12Complete ListPoints
Smith, Andrew8018.102017-03-01 xBannerdale Crags Complete ListPoints
R, Seb8018.102021-10-18 zFleetwith Pike Complete ListPoints
Cuthbertson, Andrew8018.102022-08-10 bYoke Complete ListPoints
Tremain, Becky8018.102023-01-29 cFountains Fell South Top7Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Neil7917.872021-09-14 aPen-y-ghent Complete ListPoints
Sands, Eric7917.872021-09-17Gragareth Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Tracey7917.872023-01-21 bGrasmoor Complete ListPoints
Waite, Jen7817.652021-05-27 iDove Crag Complete ListPoints
Jones, Emily7817.652021-12-28Place Fell Complete ListPoints
Trickett, Mark7817.652022-03-27 bBirks Complete ListPoints
Hayman, John7817.652022-07-03 aHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Sedgwick, Mark7817.652022-11-22Clough Head Complete ListPoints
Mann, Gregory7717.422022-12-23Carnedd Dafydd Complete ListPoints
Adams, David7617.192019-08-16 bLoadpot Hill Complete ListPoints
Hill, Corinne7617.192022-07-10Whiteless Pike Complete ListPoints
Harris, Sian7516.972021-11-21 bMoel Ysgyfarnogod3Complete ListPoints
Pattinson, Lisa7516.972022-06-05Bowfell Complete ListPoints
Pennington, Helen7416.742021-09-03 zDove Crag Complete ListPoints
Rea, Matthew7416.742021-11-20Low Saddle Complete ListPoints
Davin, Michael7416.742022-01-16 yHigh Crag Complete ListPoints
Hamilton, Pete7316.522019-12-30Whernside Complete ListPoints
Hume, Louis7316.522020-08-28 zLingmell Complete ListPoints
Gullen, James7316.522021-01-02Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Ballantyne, Rob7216.292020-10-14Knock Fell Complete ListPoints
Cumberland, Sidonie7216.292021-08-08 zRobinson Complete ListPoints
Ross, Mike7216.292022-05-19 bSheffield Pike Complete ListPoints
Weston, Heather7216.292022-08-29 kKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Hicklin, Jess7216.292022-09-17Haycock Complete ListPoints
Stamper, Martin7216.292022-09-25 bHeron Pike Complete ListPoints
Will, Dyl7116.062021-06-17 bLlwytmor Complete ListPoints
Cox, Craig7116.062022-08-31 fHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Pegg, Tim7015.842016-06Pike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Bowker, Chris7015.842022-07-21Rossett Pike Complete ListPoints
Davies, Carl7015.842023-01-22 dRest Dodd Complete ListPoints
Nicholson, Diane7015.842023-01-28 cGreat Carrs Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Kris6915.612022-04-18 bMoel Fferna Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Alex6915.612022-08-21 cSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Graham, Rob6815.382019-07-06 cGlyder Fach Complete ListPoints
Priest, Kate6815.382019-10Whernside Complete ListPoints
Blundell, John6815.382022-09-05 cScafell Complete ListPoints
Trice, Romily6815.382022-09-17Lingmell Complete ListPoints
Tarrant, Sam6715.162022-01-06 zGreen Gable Complete ListPoints
Murray, Ben6715.162022-06-04 dRed Pike Complete ListPoints
Bradley, Alan6715.162022-07-18 eLoft Crag Complete ListPoints
Chaston, Philip6715.162022-07-26 bRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Mark6715.162022-08-10The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
C, Beth6715.162022-10-10 cSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Edwards, James6614.932016-12-18Yoke2Complete ListPoints
Bromley, Dale6614.932022-10-25 bRest Dodd Complete ListPoints
Kane, Andy6514.712021-05-08 bSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Gate, Sam6514.712022-01-16Hart Side Complete ListPoints
McDonald, J6514.712022-09-15 cCrinkle Crags - Long Top Complete ListPoints
Dewhurst, Chris6514.712022-11-19 bGreat Borne Complete ListPoints
Coster, Andy6514.712022-12-06 eGlaramara Complete ListPoints
Shackleford, Randy6414.482018-09-02 zYr Aran Complete ListPoints
Coward, Nathan6414.482020-01-02 zSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Jennings, Benjamin6414.482022-04-03 cCraig Cwm Silyn3Complete ListPoints
Green, Andy6414.482022-04-23 cPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Price, Huw6414.482022-07-18 dGreat End Complete ListPoints
Hanby, Kieran6414.482022-12-16 dSand Hill Complete ListPoints
Hawcutt, Katie6314.252021-09-22Waun Rydd Complete ListPoints
Novak, George6314.252022-04-30 dGragareth Complete ListPoints
Metcalf, Graham6314.252022-06-14 bWhiteless Pike Complete ListPoints
Wilcox, Beth6314.252022-11-20 iRampsgill Head Complete ListPoints
Campbell, Andrew6214.032022-01-22 bHindscarth Complete ListPoints
Moore, John6214.032022-04-18Brim Fell Complete ListPoints
Peters, Richard6214.032022-09-24 sHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
Barker, Jack6214.032022-10-09 dCrinkle Crags - Long Top Complete ListPoints
Miller, Laura6214.032023-01-02 hClough Head Complete ListPoints
W, Matt6214.032023-01-15 cHigher Shelf Stones Complete ListPoints
Astin, Paul6214.032023-01-20 gSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Grant, Stuart6113.802022-03-27 yDow Crag Complete ListPoints
O'Keeffe, Rowan6113.802022-07-21Whernside Complete ListPoints
Smith, Karen6113.802022-08-13Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Johns, Chris6113.802022-11-14 fKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
W, Jim6013.572021-09-23 dMoel Lefn Complete ListPoints
Woloszczyk, Karolina6013.572022-05-18 bGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Mayle, Graham6013.572022-11-13 cYsgafell Wen Complete ListPoints
Brown, Martin6013.572022-11-29Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints
McQuilkin, Kerrina6013.572023-01-14 zYr Aran Complete ListPoints
Adair, Calum5913.352022-09-24Dove Crag Complete ListPoints
Lumsden, Gill5913.352022-10-16Seatallan Complete ListPoints
Greenway, Faye5913.352022-10-19 cHeron Pike Complete ListPoints
Molero, Luis5913.352022-11-21 cLong Side Complete ListPoints
Moffat, Danny5913.352023-01-02 cStybarrow Dodd Complete ListPoints
Thiessen, Jacob5913.35UnknownLoft Crag Complete ListPoints
Murfin, Julia5813.122021-04-17 bBranstree Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison5712.902002Moel Ysgyfarnogod Complete ListPoints
Lynch, Darren5712.902019-11-09 zKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Denwood, Bruce5712.902021-05-05Robinson Complete ListPoints
Ball, Ged5712.902022-08-27 bBrandreth Complete ListPoints
Walker, Claire5712.902022-09-07 cSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Evans, Gaz5712.902022-09-12 aFan y Big Complete ListPoints
Scholes, Andrew5712.902022-10-21 bHeron Pike Complete ListPoints
P, Rosie5712.902022-12-31Clough Head Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee5612.672018-11-05Moel Hebog Complete ListPoints
Twyford, Sam5612.672019-08-09 cThe Calf Complete ListPoints
Strong, Sam5612.672020-12-31 gGlaramara Complete ListPoints
Rea, Aimee5612.672021-04-15 fLliwedd Bach Complete ListPoints
Parry, Julian5612.672021-07-08Knott Complete ListPoints
RI, A5612.672022-08-25Y Lliwedd - East Top Complete ListPoints
Heaton-Moon, Nicholas5612.672022-10-03 eStony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick5612.672022-10-05 cAran Benllyn Complete ListPoints
Law, Douglas5512.442016-04-05Arenig Fach Complete ListPoints
Bob, Bob5512.442019-04-17 aGategill Fell Top Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Jenny5512.442021-06-12Fan Nedd Complete ListPoints
Panchal, Matthew5512.442022-05-31 zGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
King, Emma5512.442022-08-06Whernside Complete ListPoints
Hutton, Nicholas5512.442022-09-24Rhobell Fawr Complete ListPoints
Williams, Kevin5512.442022-11-19Manod Mawr Complete ListPoints
Broomhead, Sam5512.442023-01-27 eGreat Calva Complete ListPoints
Matthews, Anna5412.222020-06-18 fClough Head Complete ListPoints
Gate, Ally5412.222022-06-07Scar Crags Complete ListPoints
Paisley, Andrea5412.222022-07-10Fleetwith Pike Complete ListPoints
Watson, Pete5412.222022-11-20 hRampsgill Head Complete ListPoints
Lawson, Jackie5412.222023-01-22 aLonscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Jones, Andrew5412.222023-01-28 cCreigau Gleision North Top Complete ListPoints
Cassidy, Stephen5412.222023-01-28 dLittle Hart Crag Complete ListPoints
Livesey, Tony5311.992022-02-07 yPlace Fell Complete ListPoints
Lindley, David5311.992022-05-20Grey Friar Complete ListPoints
C, Toby5311.992022-10-02 cMynydd Perfedd Complete ListPoints
Horstad, Kjell5211.762015-07-15Bannerdale Crags Complete ListPoints
Sav, Jamie5211.762022-06-15 eHigh Raise11Complete ListPoints
Park, Jon5211.762022-08-21Crinkle Crags - Long Top Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Alex5211.762022-10-09 bLlechog Complete ListPoints
Turner, Olli5111.542020-08-30 bBirkhouse Moor Complete ListPoints
Healy, Dan5111.542021-12-04Bache Hill Complete ListPoints
Cronin, Richard5111.542021-12-12Great Rhos Complete ListPoints
Challinor, Ben5111.542022-02-27Tryfan Complete ListPoints
Woch, Marcin5111.542022-07-16 kPen yr Helgi Du Complete ListPoints
Ryan, Heather5111.542022-09-24Dow Crag Complete ListPoints
Hammond, Alex5111.542022-09-26 iGray Crag Complete ListPoints
Packham, Andy5111.542022-10-29Fleetwith Pike Complete ListPoints
Breckons, Amelia5111.542022-11-16 dGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Nuttall, Sue5111.542023-02-04Cefn yr Ystrad Complete ListPoints
Guenot, David5011.312018-08-09Tal y Fan Complete ListPoints
Nagle, Jeff5011.312019-11-09 bGrey Knotts Complete ListPoints
L, Tim5011.312020-08-31Glyder Fach Complete ListPoints
Newbeer, Rich5011.312022-07-03 zGreen Gable Complete ListPoints
R, K5011.312022-07-18 bHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Tom4911.092019-10-28 dY Lliwedd1Complete ListPoints
Purkis, Richard4911.092020-09-05 bSimon Fell Complete ListPoints
C, Will4911.092022-08-06 jBirks Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee4911.092022-10-31 bCold Pike Complete ListPoints
Shortland, Joanne4810.862018-03-04 zBroad Crag Complete ListPoints
King, Sam4810.862020-09-13 bTarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Wood, Bru4810.862020-11-03 wDow Crag Complete ListPoints
Green, Andy4810.862021-11-22 bLooking Stead3Complete ListPoints
Took, Old4810.862022-06-04 zSwirl How Complete ListPoints
Hartley, Peter4710.632019-06-23 zGrey Friar Complete ListPoints
Goodwin, Sam4710.632020-07-26 eGarreg Lwyd Complete ListPoints
Chadwick, Keith4710.632021-09-22Clough Head Complete ListPoints
Ainsworth, Mark4710.632021-10-18Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Grover, Will4710.632021-11-05 iFairfield90Complete ListPoints
MacKellar, Steve4710.632022-11-04Rest Dodd Complete ListPoints
Patten, Jo4710.632022-11-30 bHonister Crag Complete ListPoints
Parkin, George4710.632023-01-22 bSimon Fell Complete ListPoints
Holdcroft, Jon4710.632023-01-26 eGlyder Fach Complete ListPoints
Whittaker, Andrew4710.632023-01-28 aRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Warren, James4610.412016-05-15Crib Goch Complete ListPoints
Toland, Patrick4610.412019-07-17Great End Complete ListPoints
Lowe, Tom4610.412019-12-30 zPike O' Stickle Complete ListPoints
Stacey, Dan4610.412020-03-29 zHart Crag Complete ListPoints
Hooper, Tom4610.412020-08-07 hCrinkle Crags - South Top Complete ListPoints
Leckenby, Amber4610.412022-05-22 aWaun Fach Complete ListPoints
Massey, Sam4610.412023-01-15 cLoadpot Hill Complete ListPoints
Sykes, Richard4610.412023-01-17 rGreen Gable Complete ListPoints
Heald, Matthew4610.412023-01-21Great Calva Complete ListPoints
Greer, Stacy4610.41UnknownTryfan Complete ListPoints
Foley, Conor4510.182020-07-20 bGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Thorley, Colin4510.182021-04-03 zGlaramara Complete ListPoints
Mccrone, Natasha4510.182021-07-24 fGray Crag Complete ListPoints
Hill, Matt4510.182022-08-22 dCausey Pike Complete ListPoints
Bayer, Nathan4510.182022-10-26 bLittle Hart Crag Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Rickard449.952018-07-28 bMynydd Moel Complete ListPoints
Sweetenham, Andy449.952019-08-03Place Fell Complete ListPoints
Mellor, Charlotte449.952021-04-10 bScar Crags Complete ListPoints
Amper-West, Matthew449.952021-06-13 mYoke Complete ListPoints
Seymour, Luke449.952022-04-10 eDodd (Buttermere) Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Marcus449.952022-05-25Red Screes Complete ListPoints
Heaton, Emma449.952022-05-28 fHeron Pike Complete ListPoints
Black, Kris449.952022-06-02 cScafell Complete ListPoints
Carini, Adrian449.952022-06-18 bLittle Hart Crag Complete ListPoints
Grafton, Eve449.952022-08-21 dCausey Pike Complete ListPoints
Sheard, Alex449.952022-09-08Shelter Crags North Top Complete ListPoints
Messenger, Mike449.952022-09-08 hSail Complete ListPoints
Winter, Andrew449.952022-09-27 fFleetwith Pike Complete ListPoints
Bligh, Kelly449.952022-09-29 dGreat Whernside Complete ListPoints
Gower, Richard439.732021-05-05Waun Fach Complete ListPoints
Lloyd, Kez439.732021-05-30Moel Hebog Complete ListPoints
Harle, Jordan439.732021-10-13 yWhite Side Complete ListPoints
Roze, Krista439.732022-03-12Selside Pike Complete ListPoints
Black, Jo439.732022-06-02 cScafell Complete ListPoints
Methven, Mark439.732022-07-02 hStony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Birkin, Richard439.732022-11-27 bHindscarth Complete ListPoints
Rutter, Imogen439.732023-01-28Dow Crag Complete ListPoints
Drew, Ben429.502017-11-25Pen yr Ole Wen Complete ListPoints
Evans, Gareth429.502020-08-01 bCadair Bronwen Complete ListPoints
Gate, Ally429.502020-10-14Lonscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Campbell, Robert429.502021-05-22 bCausey Pike Complete ListPoints
Doxey, Ginny429.502021-09-01 bHart Crag Complete ListPoints
Sayer, Glen429.502022-03-25 dHeron Pike Complete ListPoints
Craven, Lee429.502022-06-26 dRossett Pike Complete ListPoints
Barber, David429.502022-11-13 bCrinkle Crags - Long Top Complete ListPoints
Nicola Pearson, Nicola Pearson429.502023-01-02 aBowscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Hepple, Darren429.50UnknownComb Fell Complete ListPoints
Strachan, Laura419.282018-12-11 pKnott Complete ListPoints
Willis, Sarah419.282019-06-11 rAllt Lwyd Complete ListPoints
Farrell, Steve419.282020-07-11Fleetwith Pike Complete ListPoints
B, Liz419.282021-04-24 bSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Wardrop, Adrian419.282021-07-01 eTryfan Complete ListPoints
Humphreys, Liam419.282022-01-01 zCadair Idris - Penygadair Complete ListPoints
Etherington, Helen419.282022-06-01 dCatstye Cam Complete ListPoints
Hillier, A419.282022-08-17 bCold Pike Complete ListPoints
Dooris, Mark419.282022-09-23Birks Complete ListPoints
M, Evan409.052018-07-28 dThornthwaite Crag Complete ListPoints
Dawbs, L409.052019-06-01 cCastell y Gwynt Complete ListPoints
Finn, Jo409.052019-09-23Rossett Pike Complete ListPoints
Latham, Kim409.052020-01-22Birks Complete ListPoints
Benson, Will409.052021-07-10 hGray Crag Complete ListPoints
Dunne, Angela409.052022-07-30 bDale Head Complete ListPoints
Scott, Anne409.052022-12-09 gBrandreth Complete ListPoints
Williams, Scott409.052022-12-15Rhinog Fawr Complete ListPoints
Treadwell, Sean409.052023-01-28 aKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Hindmarch, Tom409.052023-02-01Grey Crag Complete ListPoints
Day, Jack398.822019-04-18 xRobinson Complete ListPoints
Symonds, Lynn398.822019-05-26 lCausey Pike Complete ListPoints
Gallop, Callum398.822020-06-10 zRampsgill Head Complete ListPoints
Hurley, Cuan398.822020-07-13 kIron Crag Complete ListPoints
Cornelius, Simon398.822020-09-01 zYewbarrow Complete ListPoints
Milton, Andy398.822020-11-29 eHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Kitching, Jake398.822021-10-13 zBirkhouse Moor Complete ListPoints
Chwaszczewska, Marta398.822022-02-13Moel Eilio Complete ListPoints
Betts, Steve398.822022-05-31 bCorn Du Complete ListPoints
Knox, Felicity398.822022-09-08 jHelvellyn - Lower Man Complete ListPoints
McCall, James398.822022-09-17 cHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
heaton, richard388.602019-07-21 cCatstye Cam Complete ListPoints
Lonergan, Chris388.602020-08-09 bFountains Fell Complete ListPoints
Cottam, Ian388.602020-08-22 dThornthwaite Crag Complete ListPoints
Rothwell, Ben388.602022-02-09 zRed Pike Complete ListPoints
Trocak, Ondrej388.602022-04-20Aran Fawddwy Complete ListPoints
fay, lou388.602022-08-20Bowscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Weeks, Angela388.602022-11-20 cCross Fell Complete ListPoints
Brenan, Kim388.602023-01-21 bHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Mcfarlane, Jamie378.372017-01-23 zBase Brown Complete ListPoints
Clark, James378.372022-02-21 bLong Side Complete ListPoints
Parr, Alison378.372022-07-17 cHigh Spy Complete ListPoints
Sel, L378.372022-07-31Pen-y-ghent Complete ListPoints
Barker, Amy378.372022-09-01 iCold Pike Complete ListPoints
MacLean, Sam378.372023-01-15 cGreat Rigg Complete ListPoints
Hibbard, Thomas378.37UnknownMoel Hebog Complete ListPoints
Mason, Andy368.142019-04-07 dBannerdale Crags Complete ListPoints
Cronin, Phill368.142019-05-12 iWhiteless Pike Complete ListPoints
Fox, Jenny368.142019-06-01 bPlover Hill Complete ListPoints
Wrightson, Les368.142019-07-18 iBuckden Pike Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam368.142019-09-30 zYoke Complete ListPoints
Grayson, Elaine368.142020-01-01 jCarrock Fell Complete ListPoints
Caddick, Jack368.142020-08-25 dY Lliwedd Complete ListPoints
Southern, Steven368.142021-04-10 bSkiddaw - Little Man Complete ListPoints
Greenwood, Laura368.142021-06-06 eHigh Crag Complete ListPoints
Willacy, Faye368.142021-07-04 fCrinkle Crags - Long Top Complete ListPoints
Cook, Rob368.142021-09-06 yGray Crag Complete ListPoints
Parsons, Chris368.142022-05-26Rosthwaite Fell Complete ListPoints
Vowles, James368.142022-05-29 iKentmere Pike Complete ListPoints
Aldred, Ryan368.142022-07-24Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Game, Holly368.142022-09-21 hGrey Knotts Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Bob368.142022-10-11 cIngleborough Complete ListPoints
Barnett, Stuart368.142022-12-09 dLoft Crag Complete ListPoints
Bloodworth, Jack368.142022-12-27 zGarnedd Uchaf Complete ListPoints
Palfrey, Simon357.922019-09-23 aMynydd Mawr Complete ListPoints
E, R357.922020-06-09 rPavey Ark Complete ListPoints
Rhodes, Adam357.922020-08-01 cPillar Complete ListPoints
Baker, Matt357.922021-03-06 bRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Priest, Simon357.922021-08-19 gKidsty Pike Complete ListPoints
Beale, Louisa357.922021-09-19Diffwys Complete ListPoints
Gardiner, Matt357.922022-04-21 bPlace Fell Complete ListPoints
Hoek Spaans, Remy357.922022-05-09 dScafell Pike2Complete ListPoints
Saxton, Carl357.922022-09-10 hLonscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Erritt, Louis357.922022-09-27 cIngleborough Complete ListPoints
Craig, Keith357.922022-12-07Wetherlam Complete ListPoints
Hodkin, Paul347.692021-05-03 bClough Head Complete ListPoints
Govan, Alastair347.692021-11-14Cross Fell Complete ListPoints
Jagger, Damon347.692021-12-18 jDove Crag Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Matthew347.692021-12-27 3Bannerdale Crags Complete ListPoints
Wix, Charlotte347.692022-01-28 gLoft Crag Complete ListPoints
Elliott, Julia347.692022-03-27 iKentmere Pike Complete ListPoints
Helm, Jon347.692022-05-07 zThunacar Knott Complete ListPoints
Deane, James347.692022-06-04 hBirks Complete ListPoints
Parsons, Jess347.692022-06-06 eBase Brown Complete ListPoints
Jenkinson, Karl347.692022-06-12 bKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Catling, Jeff347.692022-07-20 iKentmere Pike Complete ListPoints
Stokeld, Jonathan347.692022-09-17 cHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Myers, Adam347.692022-09-24Gau Graig Complete ListPoints
Hall, Joshua347.692022-10-09 aTal y Fan Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Liam347.692022-11-26 bStriding Edge Complete ListPoints
P, M347.692022-12-26 cGreat Calva Complete ListPoints
McCann, Daniel347.692023-01-23Grasmoor Complete ListPoints
Cairns, Hannah337.472019-10-19 aGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Aris, Stuart337.472020-06-23 zSheffield Pike Complete ListPoints
Brown, Ray337.472020-07-09 aDollywaggon Pike Complete ListPoints
Hammonds, Oliver337.472020-07-22Scafell Complete ListPoints
Clewlow, James337.472020-09-26 gLonscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Brace, Mark337.472020-10-04Whernside Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Cliff337.472021-05-30 fLingmell Complete ListPoints
A, R337.472021-06-20 kBirkhouse Moor Complete ListPoints
Craven, Amanda337.472021-09-17 hCrinkle Crags - South Top Complete ListPoints
Shepherd, Mark337.472022-03-28Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Williams-Tanton, Fran337.472022-04-29 dCarl Side Complete ListPoints
Brewer, Chris337.472022-04-30Whernside Complete ListPoints
Sayers, Robyn337.472022-06-07 yBowscale Fell Complete ListPoints
Deytrikh, Maggie337.472022-11-04 zGragareth Complete ListPoints
Graham, Lee337.472023-01-02 cBannerdale Crags Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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