Marilyns of Great Britain and Ireland - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 2011

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Whyte, Ken199999.402018-08-06Sron an Duin Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael173286.132015-10-17Stac Lee Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob167283.142020-09-20White Hill6Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin164681.852021-10-04 aWhite Hill Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim159879.462021-06-23Strathfinella Hill Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard159179.112019-05-16Geokaun Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham155977.52UnknownLugnaquillia Mountain Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Keith108854.102021-09-21Ben Bowie Complete ListPoints
Jones, Gary107253.312018-11-18Over Fauscoum Complete ListPoints
Hill, Ian80239.882019Mullaghaneany Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew74136.852021-09-19Meall Mheinnidh Complete ListPoints
Kerr, Bob65132.372015-10-18Stac an Armin Complete ListPoints
Tomkins, Andy64932.272019-10-22Largo Law Complete ListPoints
Toland, Patrick64532.072021-10-22Beinn Gaire Complete ListPoints
Stone, James62431.032021-08-28 2Blaeloch Hill Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve60630.132021-12-08 bBrown Carrick Hill Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob58929.292021-09-06Ben Cleuch Complete ListPoints
Bowles, Chris58529.092017-05-21Creag Dhubh Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick53326.502021-12-05Conic Hill Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee52626.162021-10-15Cairn Table Complete ListPoints
Levey, David51125.412020-04-11Sgurr Mór Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve41720.742021-10-23Sighty Crag Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David36918.352021-10-12Minch Moor6Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter35117.452021-10-31 bLamberton Hill Complete ListPoints
Smith, Andy32216.012021-09-04 bTruskmore Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Tony31415.612021-09-20Pap of Glencoe Complete ListPoints
Howells, David26313.082021-07-28 cHeath Mynd Complete ListPoints
Ellis, Pete24912.382019-05-22Beinn Mhor Complete ListPoints
Gillie, Martin24912.38UnknownCanisp Complete ListPoints
Bevan, Steve 23911.882021-11-19Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
glasper, steve23911.88UnknownThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard23111.492021-11-21 cTrum y Ddysgl Complete ListPoints
Caine, Alan22811.342021-11-07 bAllermuir Hill Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark20510.192021-07-13Cul Mor Complete ListPoints
Clark, Fiona20210.042013-09-28Buachaille Etive Mor Complete ListPoints
Clark, Stuart20210.042013-09-28Buachaille Etive Mor Complete ListPoints
Guenot, David1929.552019-06-28Mangerton Mountain Complete ListPoints
Charters, Ian1819.002019-10-13Sgurr Coire Choinnichean Complete ListPoints
Martin, Barry1798.902021-09-16 bSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Metcalf , Graham 1798.902021-10-16Robinson Complete ListPoints
Morley, Scott1597.912019-05-29Suilven Complete ListPoints
Nightingale, Mark1557.712019-09-13Beinn Lagan Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison 1467.262016-07-22Mid Hill Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen1467.262016-10-17Beinn Airigh Charr Complete ListPoints
Chaston , Philip 1447.162021-12-04Stony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Rayner, Adrian1437.112020-02-23Keadeen Mountain Complete ListPoints
Szczeblewska, Ewelina1437.112021-09-08Beinn na Lap Complete ListPoints
Stone, Twm1376.812021-04-02 FHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Watson, Matt1356.712021-08-29 cBeinn Eighe-Ruadh-stac Mor Complete ListPoints
Kanaris, Daniel1336.612018-06-28North Berwick Law Complete ListPoints
Law, Douglas1256.222016-06-03Corse Hill Complete ListPoints
Bowron, Ronnie1236.122016-06-02Allt-fawr Complete ListPoints
Chase, Liam1236.122019-11-09Pen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Babiev, Lev1236.122021-08-30 bCalf Top Complete ListPoints
Underwood , Pete1216.022021-11-25Ben Vorlich Complete ListPoints
Bowie, Kathleen1205.972021-09-05An Socach Complete ListPoints
Clarke, Adrian1175.822020-01-25Buckden Pike12Complete ListPoints
Urmston, Colin1145.672021-08-26 bGoat Fell Complete ListPoints
Stone, Ceri1135.622021-11-20Beacon Batch Complete ListPoints
Ballantyne, Rob1085.372019-09-16Black Combe Complete ListPoints
Deborah, Sharon1075.322021-06-26 aEsgeiriau Gwynion Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick1075.322021-11-07Hegdon Hill Complete ListPoints
Smith, P1065.272021-05-19 fSgurr nan Conbhairean Complete ListPoints
Sheridan, Bob1035.122020-05-04 bMeall Garbh Complete ListPoints
RI, A1025.072021-11-19Rombald's Moor Complete ListPoints
Harbron, Richard984.872019-04-12Hard Knott Complete ListPoints
Govan, Alastair974.822018-11-17Beinn Mhor Complete ListPoints
MacDonald, Chris974.822019-10-15 Beinn Luibhean Complete ListPoints
Brown, Ray944.672019-11-22 zSchiehallion Complete ListPoints
Hagan, Tim†934.622015-05-25 aBeinn Dearg Complete ListPoints
Willingham, Jonathan 934.622019-12-25 eUrra Moor-Round Hill Complete ListPoints
Illidge, Andy924.571998-11-29Rhobell Fawr Complete ListPoints
Figg, James924.572021-12-04Dunkery Beacon Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee914.532018-08-19Corndon Hill Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Bill894.432021-11-17Carn a'Ghille Chearr Complete ListPoints
Griffin, Ian864.282021-08-18 dBeinn Bhuidhe Complete ListPoints
Wood, Col824.082021-05-21 tHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
Elson, James824.082021-07-01Moel Eilio Complete ListPoints
Elshaw , Craig 814.032021-12-01 wGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
G, Pete803.982020-12-12 eCarn Gorm10Complete ListPoints
Sands, Eric803.982021-07-19Harter Fell Complete ListPoints
Phillips, Chris793.932021-09-19 dSgurr a'Mhaim Complete ListPoints
Cameron, Egg793.932021-09-25Pike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Craig, Keith783.882020-09-17Blabheinn Complete ListPoints
L, Stu753.732019-09-12 aCreag Meagaidh Complete ListPoints
Healy, Dan743.682021-11-08The Wrekin Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Daniel733.632021-10-26 cLingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Deurgar, The723.582013-12-01Binnein Mor Complete ListPoints
Stone, Patrick723.582020-06-24 bHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Wilkinson, Angela713.532021-09-04 aWhernside Complete ListPoints
Bruce, Steven703.482021-06-27Beinn an Dothaidh Complete ListPoints
Patton, Thomas693.432020-10-20Meall Buidhe Complete ListPoints
Wilkinson, Gary693.432021-09-18 eHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Warren, James673.332017-03-04Long Mynd-Pole Bank Complete ListPoints
Ambridge, Graham673.332021-10-23 aCarn a'Gheoidh Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Jenny663.282021-08-27Aberedw Hill Complete ListPoints
Finch, Malcolm653.232021-08-26 bView Edge Complete ListPoints
Walker, Scott653.232021-09-11 bDiomond Hill Complete ListPoints
Brace, Mark653.232021-11-06 cCorn Hill Complete ListPoints
Cleghorn, Lee643.182018-08-22Meall Chuaich Complete ListPoints
Sav, Jamie643.182021-10-30Arthur's Seat Complete ListPoints
Beechey, Mike582.882020-12-31 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Cronin, Richard572.832020-11-21Mynydd Carn-y-cefn Complete ListPoints
Bandli, Szabi572.832021-11-04 bLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Riley, Mal562.782019-07-21Little Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Ed552.732006Carrauntoohil Complete ListPoints
Gower, Richard552.732021-09-25Broad Law Complete ListPoints
Brothwood, Chris 542.692021-10-16Aran Fawddwy Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Randy522.592020-12-28 aWatch Hill Complete ListPoints
Given, David522.592021-10-08 bCarn an Righ Complete ListPoints
Tetazoo, III, James E.512.542017-09-17Fionn Bheinn Complete ListPoints
Evans, Mike512.542021-08-23 bPillar Complete ListPoints
Coombes, Simon512.542021-12-03Fan Brycheiniog - Twr y Fan Foel Complete ListPoints
Drew, Ben502.492017-12-03Schiehallion Complete ListPoints
Faulconbridge, Alan502.492021-09-16Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
R, P502.492021-10-11The Cheviot Complete ListPoints
Hamilton, Doogs502.49UnknownBeinn Alligin-Tom na Gruagaich Complete ListPoints
Nixon, Rachael492.442019-05-11Sgairneach Mhor Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey 482.392018-06-24Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Driscoll, Rob482.392019-09-11The Wolds Complete ListPoints
R, K482.392021-11-21Ben Chonzie Complete ListPoints
Glennon , Stephen472.342021-07-10Firle Beacon Complete ListPoints
Hart, Kevin472.342021-08-23 bPillar Complete ListPoints
Stringer, Claire472.342021-12-05Sharp Haw Complete ListPoints
Heywood, Nao462.292021-12-04Y Garn Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Joe452.242014-04-10Cleeve Common Complete ListPoints
Brown, Charlotte452.242020-09-17Grasmoor Complete ListPoints
Rea, Matthew452.242021-04-23Tarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Lee, Julia452.242021-04-25Tarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Clewlow, Laura442.192021-12-05 bIllgill Head Complete ListPoints
Cromie, John432.142018-03-16Sgurr Eilde Mor Complete ListPoints
Murfin, Thomas432.142021-08-14 bStony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Harris, Sian432.142021-11-21 bMoel Ysgyfarnogod7Complete ListPoints
Shackleford, Randy422.092018-09-02 zYr Aran Complete ListPoints
Purkis, Jerry422.092019-09-03Blake Fell Complete ListPoints
Potts, Leon422.092021-02-21 wBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Mark422.092021-06-01The Calf Complete ListPoints
Hicklin, Jess422.092021-10-09Pillar Complete ListPoints
Peet, Sam412.042021-05-04 wSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Avery, Tom412.042021-11-19 bLow Fell Complete ListPoints
Harrington-Lynn, David401.992013-08-16Ben Macdui Complete ListPoints
Winchcombe, Conor401.992020-09-06Mangerton Mountain Complete ListPoints
Parkinson, Warren401.992021-06-13Aonach air Chrith Complete ListPoints
Richards, Beth401.992021-06-14Moel-y-gest Complete ListPoints
Yesson, Chris401.992021-06-24 aBen Lomond Complete ListPoints
Valaitis, Deividas401.992021-10-18 A1Lugnaquillia Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ali, Joel401.992021-11-03 bIllgill Head Complete ListPoints
Nicholson , Diane 401.992021-11-25 cWorcestershire Beacon Complete ListPoints
Trocak, Ondrej391.942018-05-19 bStob Binnein Complete ListPoints
Stafford-Jones , Tanya 391.942020-12-25Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Davies, Curon 391.942021-04-03 yRhinog Fawr Complete ListPoints
Holdsworth, Emily391.942021-09-12 bHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Miller, Chris391.942021-10-08The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Bennett, Aaron391.942021-10-14Lingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Horscroft, Dan391.942021-11-02Kirk Fell Complete ListPoints
keeling, ric391.942021-11-30 ePen Llithrig y Wrach11Complete ListPoints
Simpson, KATE391.942021-12-05 bLittle Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Hennessy, Ronan391.94UnknownAonach Eagach-Sgor nam Fiannaidh Complete ListPoints
Hill, Martin381.892011-01-01Beinn a'Chreachain Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Rickard381.892018-07-28 aCadair Idris-Penygadair Complete ListPoints
Graham, Rob381.892019-07-06 bGlyder Fawr Complete ListPoints
Stead, Sam381.892020-06-28 bHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Kris381.892021-06-01 eThe Calf Complete ListPoints
Goodwin, Sam381.892021-07-25 bMynydd Llangorse Complete ListPoints
O Giollagain, James 381.892021-08-15 zCroaghanmoira Mountain Complete ListPoints
Woch, Marcin381.892021-08-28 hBredon Hill Complete ListPoints
W, Jim381.892021-09-21 zMynydd Mawr Complete ListPoints
Campbell, Andrew381.892021-09-26Meall a'Bhuachaille Complete ListPoints
Fitzgerald , Scott 381.892021-10-30 zStiperstones Complete ListPoints
Cope, Tom†371.842019-10-27St Boniface Down Complete ListPoints
Kane, Danny371.842021-06-09High Rigg Complete ListPoints
Purkis, Richard371.842021-08-05 cBeinn a'Bheithir-Sgorr Dhonuill Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Neil371.842021-09-14 lSgurr nan Gillean Complete ListPoints
Yates, Tammy 371.842021-09-25 bKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Penn, Fergie371.842021-10-06Skiddaw Complete ListPoints
Trice, Romily371.842021-12-05Buachaille Etive Mor Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken361.792016-06-01 bHigh Rigg Complete ListPoints
Edwards, James361.792016-10-22Great Whernside Complete ListPoints
Barni, Owen361.792019-04-24Lingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Palfrey, Simon361.792019-09-23 aMynydd Mawr Complete ListPoints
Manning, Neil361.792019-10-18 uSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Lynch, Darren361.792019-11-11 aMuncaster Fell Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Matt361.792020-09-19 cSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Relph, Lizzie361.792021-11-05Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
Smith, Mark351.742016-02-14Ingleborough Complete ListPoints
Pressley, Wayne 351.742020-05-10 jSeatallan Complete ListPoints
Dillmore, Shannon341.692005-08-03 bBenbaun Complete ListPoints
O’Connor, Paul341.692014-08-15Croagh Patrick Complete ListPoints
Davies , Evan 341.692021-08-05Clisham Complete ListPoints
Young, Dawn341.692021-09-06 wTrum y Ddysgl Complete ListPoints
Sutton , Demi341.692021-11-24 aRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard331.642008-07-07Waun Fach Complete ListPoints
Buch, Damo331.642017Ditchling Beacon Complete ListPoints
Henry, Chris331.642019-04-19 bSgurr nan Gillean2Complete ListPoints
Bowker, Chris321.592021-04-19St Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Owen, Sophie 321.592021-09-13 cGreat Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Cusick, Michael321.592021-10-08 BBlack Hill Complete ListPoints
Littauer, Richard321.592021-10-24Broad Law Complete ListPoints
Hayman, John321.592021-11-04 eIngleborough Complete ListPoints
Hill, William "Billy"311.542010-09-17Black Down Complete ListPoints
Platt, Rachel311.542021-06-14Kirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Smith, Duncan311.542021-08-30 mA'Chailleach Complete ListPoints
Fleming, Jodie311.542021-09-12 eSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Erritt, Louis311.542021-09-18 bStony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Davis, Ivor311.542021-10-29 bGreat Shunner Fell17Complete ListPoints
Bunn, E311.542021-11-07Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
M, Evan301.492018-07-28 cRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Reilly, Ciaran301.492018-09-06 bSlieve Beagh Complete ListPoints
Quinn, Charlie301.492019-05-21Y Llethr Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Naomi301.492021-07-09Place Fell Complete ListPoints
Cairns, Hannah301.492021-08-13 dPillar Complete ListPoints
Clark, Owen301.492021-09-18Bredon Hill5Complete ListPoints
Sykes, Richard301.49UnknownChanctonbury Ring Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob291.441997-06 b5Garth Hill Complete ListPoints
Sprinks, James291.442019-06-05Allermuir Hill Complete ListPoints
Baker, Matt291.442021-03-06 bRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Lucy291.442021-09-05Harter Fell Complete ListPoints
Novak, George291.442021-11-04 cMoel y Gamelin Complete ListPoints
beatson, john 291.44UnknownBen Vane Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry281.392013-01-03Ben Ledi Complete ListPoints
Taggart, Mark281.392014-02-02Arderin Complete ListPoints
McSweeney, Dan281.392020-10-19Knockboy Complete ListPoints
Rea, Aimee281.392021-04-15 dY Lliwedd Complete ListPoints
Bovey, John281.392021-05-25Harter Fell Complete ListPoints
Saunders, Brian281.392021-07-11Pen-y-ghent Complete ListPoints
Gate, Sam 281.392021-09-05Harter Fell Complete ListPoints
houghton, Dominic281.392021-09-25Snowdon Complete ListPoints
Coster, Andy281.392021-09-26Lingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
James, Richard281.392021-10-17The Cloud Complete ListPoints
R, Seb281.392021-10-18 yLingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Zareba, Szymon281.392021-11-28 aTal y Fan Complete ListPoints
Jennings, Benjamin281.392021-12-06 lBlack Down Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Marcus271.342015-10-04 aScafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Smith, Andrew271.342017-03-01 wBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Gullen, James271.342021-01-02Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Beach, Tom271.342021-06-25 bBlake Fell Complete ListPoints
Evans, Gaz271.342021-07-18Cyrn-y-Brain Complete ListPoints
Smith, Karen271.342021-09-08 cHelvellyn Complete ListPoints
Page , Sarah 271.342021-09-18Cleeve Common Complete ListPoints
Du Plessis , Jannie271.342021-09-25Harter Fell Complete ListPoints
Hartley , Peter 261.292019-06-23 qKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Hamilton, Pete261.292019-12-30Whernside Complete ListPoints
Lawson, Jackie 261.292020-12-28 aSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Chwaszczewska , Marta 261.292021-07-11Cadair Idris-Penygadair Complete ListPoints
Cumberland, Sidonie261.292021-08-08 zRobinson Complete ListPoints
W, Matt261.292021-09-01 bSgurr na Ba Glaise Complete ListPoints
Farmer, Paul261.292021-10-17 cSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Carter, Stu251.242009-09-11Mount Battock Complete ListPoints
Alexander, Nick251.242009-10-21Glas Tulaichean Complete ListPoints
Crawte , Adam 251.242016-10-16 zHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Madgwick, Gareth251.242017-10-11 wHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Twyford , Sam 251.242019-08-09 dCalf Top Complete ListPoints
Priest, Kate251.242019-10Whernside Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Tom251.242019-10-28 dY Lliwedd Complete ListPoints
Foley, Conor251.242020-07-20 gThe Cobbler Complete ListPoints
Woolard, Adrian251.242020-09-23An Socach Complete ListPoints
Will, Dyl251.242021-04-26 bYr Eifl Complete ListPoints
Jones, Emily251.242021-05-02 aStony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Green, Andy251.242021-07-05Wild Boar Fell Complete ListPoints
Keta, Jonida251.242021-08-03 uKnockanuarha Complete ListPoints
Beale, Louisa251.242021-08-09 aPen y Fan Complete ListPoints
Pennington, Helen 251.242021-09-03 zKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
James, Chris251.242021-09-05 gHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Edmondson , Paul 251.242021-09-20 bBen Ledi Complete ListPoints
Hawcutt, Katie251.242021-09-25Sugar Loaf Complete ListPoints
Moore, John251.242021-10-07 cBeinn Tarsuinn Complete ListPoints
Grover, Will251.242021-11-07 aHard Knott90Complete ListPoints
Pryce, Ren251.242021-11-20Elidir Fawr Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Bob251.242021-11-23 dCarnedd Llewelyn Complete ListPoints
Turner, Olli241.192016 cHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Shortland, Joanne241.192018-03-04 wCarneddau Complete ListPoints
Tina, Trailhobo241.192018-10-17Foel Goch Complete ListPoints
Methven , Mark241.192019-09-08 bSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Bell, Dan241.192020-07-12 kGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Waite, Jen241.192021-05-27 gFairfield Complete ListPoints
Moffat, Danny241.192021-06-22 dGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Maitland, Derek241.192021-07-05Sgurr Alasdair Complete ListPoints
Hill, Corinne 241.192021-08-22Pike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Owen, Peter241.192021-09-18 aAran Fawddwy Complete ListPoints
Pattinson, Lisa241.192021-11-13Pike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Sedgwick, Mark241.192021-11-14 aSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen231.142016-09-24Knocknorea Complete ListPoints
Bob, Bob231.142019-04-07 wSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
TG, Seam231.142019-07-04 zNephin Complete ListPoints
Burkhart, Craig231.142019-11-11 aYarlside Complete ListPoints
Mayle , Graham 231.142020-02-11 yArenig Fawr Complete ListPoints
Gate, Ally231.142020-10-15 cMellbreak Complete ListPoints
Johnson , Tracey 231.142021-06-20Lingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Greenwood , Laura231.142021-06-30 aMeall a'Bhuiridh Complete ListPoints
Carini, Adrian 231.142021-08-15 dFairfield Complete ListPoints
Lumsden, Gill231.142021-09-12 bPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben221.092014-09-14Kippure Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Gustav221.092018-07-28 aCadair Idris-Penygadair Complete ListPoints
Daussan, Mat221.092018-08-27Beinn Narnain Complete ListPoints
Day, Jack221.092019-04-18 xRobinson Complete ListPoints
Sweetenham, Andy221.092019-08-03Place Fell Complete ListPoints
Evans, Gareth221.092019-08-25 gGlyder Fawr Complete ListPoints
Mcilwraith, John221.092020-08-16 fBen Chonzie Complete ListPoints
Burrow, Daniel221.092021-06-20 bIllgill Head Complete ListPoints
Blundell, John221.092021-08-18 cStony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Petrie, Ann221.092021-09-18 aStuc a'Chroin Complete ListPoints
Black, Kris221.092021-10-17Ingleborough Complete ListPoints
Dewhurst, Chris221.092021-11-13Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Roberts , Steven221.092021-11-28 aHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
Hepple, Darren221.09UnknownAonach Eagach-Sgor nam Fiannaidh Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Tom221.09UnknownWaun Fach Complete ListPoints
Drew, Philippa211.042013-11-10Stuc a'Chroin Complete ListPoints
Pirog , Kasia 211.042017-10-06 zHelvellyn Complete ListPoints
Simpson, Ian211.042018-03-25 bWhernside Complete ListPoints
Adams, David211.042019-07-18 zGrisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Finn, Jo211.042020-03-08Long Mynd-Pole Bank Complete ListPoints
Bailey, James211.042020-03-21Meall Ghaordaidh Complete ListPoints
Stamper, Martin211.042020-08-16 gPillar Complete ListPoints
Warburton, Martin211.042020-11-07 fHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Murfin, Julia211.042020-12-20Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
Hillwalkers , Kanturk 211.042021-04-02Knockboy Complete ListPoints
O'Keeffe, Rowan211.042021-05-13 dIngleborough Complete ListPoints
Lloyd, Kez211.042021-05-30Moel Hebog Complete ListPoints
Kane, Andy211.042021-06-06Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Leckenby, Amber211.042021-07-28 hTrum y Ddysgl Complete ListPoints
Ross, Mike211.042021-07-30 fLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Hillier , A211.042021-08-17Stony Cove Pike Complete ListPoints
Duffield, Claire211.042021-08-21Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Maclean , Calum 211.042021-08-27 bBidean Nam Bian Complete ListPoints
Johns, Chris211.042021-10-04Tryfan Complete ListPoints
Ainsworth, Mark211.042021-10-18Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Ball, Ged211.042021-11-20 cHelvellyn Complete ListPoints
Harris, Tracy211.042021-11-21 aKnott Complete ListPoints
Thiessen, Jacob 211.04UnknownHolme Fell Complete ListPoints
Ihl, Matthias200.992013-06-22Slieve Commedagh Complete ListPoints
Edwards, Louise200.992014-04-15Blabheinn Complete ListPoints
O'Flynn, Brían 200.992017-09-03 xBen Nevis Complete ListPoints
U, Alex200.992018-08-02Arthur's Seat Complete ListPoints
Dawbs, L200.992019-06-01 bGlyder Fawr Complete ListPoints
Hume, Louis200.992020-08-28 vHigh Street Complete ListPoints
Denwood , Bruce 200.992021-05-05Robinson Complete ListPoints
McDonald, J200.992021-05-11 fHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Clark, James 200.992021-06-04Great Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Blackford , Jim200.992021-06-21Ben Lui Complete ListPoints
Bradley, Alan200.992021-07-26The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Chadwick , Keith 200.992021-09-24Mellbreak Complete ListPoints
McGrath, Brendan200.992021-10-20 hHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Cox, Craig200.992021-11-21 bKinder Scout Complete ListPoints
Hall, R200.992021-11-22 aRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Hibbard, Thomas200.99UnknownNorth Berwick Law Complete ListPoints
Higgins, Kieran200.99UnknownKeadeen Mountain Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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