Bagger Challenge-Vancouver North Shore - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 74

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Juhasz, Matt74Complete!2021-10-08 dCathedral Mountain10Complete ListPoints
Aitch, Andy74Complete!2022-07-03 aGibbens Peak Complete ListPoints
Smitran, Marko7398.652021-10-03Burt's Bluff Complete ListPoints
Allen , Fraser7398.652022-04-09 yDevils Peak Complete ListPoints
Chesterton, Simon6689.192021-10-08 bApodaca Peak Complete ListPoints
Frizzle, Craig5777.032021-11-27 zTim Jones Peak Complete ListPoints
Brown, Jesse5270.272021-08-12Enchantment Peak Complete ListPoints
Song, Steven4966.222022-06-11 bBurt's Bluff Complete ListPoints
Morrissey, Thomas4864.862022-06-18West Knob Complete ListPoints
Hood, Chris4560.812022-02-25Capilano Mountain Complete ListPoints
K, Loz4256.762021-10-19Gibbens Peak Complete ListPoints
Blair, Alan4256.762022-04-06Mount Killam Complete ListPoints
Romanciuc, Alexandru4256.762022-05-07Mount Collins Complete ListPoints
Pamplin, Craig4155.412022-05-28Mount Liddell Complete ListPoints
Ortmayr, Martin4054.052022-05-28 bMount Gambier Complete ListPoints
Arundel, Philip3952.702022-04-10Mount Killam Complete ListPoints
Storey, Andrew3750.002021-09-29Suicide Bluff3Complete ListPoints
Easton, Jordon 3445.952022-04-16 bWest Knob Complete ListPoints
Henry, Wade3243.242022-05-07Mount Collins Complete ListPoints
Tso, Amy3141.892020-11-06Paton Peak Complete ListPoints
Plamondon, Shane3141.892021-08-28 dMount Burwell-West Peak Complete ListPoints
Melatini, Jenn3141.892022-05-28Mount Gambier Complete ListPoints
Gray, Andrea3040.542021-07-18 bGoat Ridge Peak Complete ListPoints
Okountsev, Serguei2939.192020-05-18Mount Fromme Complete ListPoints
Jean, Jacinda2939.192022-01-23 bPump Peak Complete ListPoints
Darville, Mark 2939.192022-07-02 bHat Mountain3Complete ListPoints
Zhang, PoCo2837.842022-01-23Mount Artaban Complete ListPoints
W, Mike2837.842022-03-18Devils Peak3Complete ListPoints
Booth, Mackenzie2837.842022-04-22Deeks Peak Complete ListPoints
Yin, Weiwei2736.492020-07-06Coliseum Mountain Complete ListPoints
Singh, Gurbaz 2736.492020-07-07 vHat Mountain Complete ListPoints
S, Wylie2736.492021-09-06Deeks Peak Complete ListPoints
Lee, Mike2736.492021-09-13Deacon Peak Complete ListPoints
Barker, Trevor2736.492022-04-11 wBrunswick Mountain Complete ListPoints
Caulfield, Sean2736.492022-06-11 dMount Liddell Complete ListPoints
Fairweather, Leilani2736.492022-07-02 bMount Killam Complete ListPoints
Lawson, Craig2635.142021-08-15Crown Mountain Complete ListPoints
Nicol, Carol-Anne2635.142021-11-19 bMount Windsor Complete ListPoints
Liss, Miranda2635.142022-06-07Leading Peak Complete ListPoints
James, Nicholas2635.142022-06-25Capilano Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lloyd-Burton, Sam2635.14UnknownBrunswick Mountain Complete ListPoints
Oh, El2533.782018-08-21Thomas Peak Complete ListPoints
Rivers, Andrew2432.432021-05-09De Pencier Bluff Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant2229.732014-06-23Mount Bishop Complete ListPoints
Li, Yanjiang(Jay)2229.732021-03-01Saint Marks Summit Complete ListPoints
Bailey, Francis2229.732022-04-09Unnecessary Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jimmie , Jeff( duffy) 2229.732022-05-07 aHollyburn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pooghkay, Spencer2229.732022-06-01Grouse Mountain Complete ListPoints
Matson, David2229.732022-06-20Dam Mountain Complete ListPoints
Braun, Joel2128.382021-03-02 uMount Bishop Complete ListPoints
Sitar, Veronika1925.682020Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Castro, Roberto1824.322021-08-08 bTheta Peak Complete ListPoints
matteo signorelli, matteo signorelli1824.322021-09-13 eDavid Peak Complete ListPoints
Boyer, Colin1722.972021-12-29Hollyburn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ren, Ka1722.972022-06-12 aWest Knob Complete ListPoints
Knapman, Andrew1621.622021-07-03Mount Windsor Complete ListPoints
Poznak, Ilia1621.622021-09-01Suicide Bluff Complete ListPoints
Cruse, Brennan1621.622022-06-15Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Vallis, Katie1520.272020-08-08 cGoat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Luymes, Gavin1520.272022-07-02Mount Windsor Complete ListPoints
Olson, Anders1418.922019-07-03Unnecessary Mountain-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Lutz, Elise1418.922021-09-15Coliseum Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pirate, Peak1418.922021-09-24Goat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hepple, Darren1418.92UnknownSaint Marks Summit Complete ListPoints
Willis, David1317.572017-07-16Unnecessary Mountain-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Swanson, Kevin1317.572018-11-05Pump Peak Complete ListPoints
Brown, Josh1317.572020-11-07Deeks Peak Complete ListPoints
Morris, Stuart1317.572021-07-09 xMount Burwell Complete ListPoints
Meredith, Emilie1317.572021-09-25 aBlack Mountain Complete ListPoints
Easto, Adam1317.572021-11-19 aDe Pencier Bluff Complete ListPoints
Friesen, Mike1317.572022-05-09Mount Strachan Complete ListPoints
Hrdina, Vincenzo1216.222020-06-13Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Olson, Mel1216.222021-02-14Mount Fromme Complete ListPoints
Van gaans, Erin1216.222021-04-23 wMount Harvey Complete ListPoints
Golsteyn, Quentin1216.222021-09-16 bGrouse Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lightbody, Sofia1114.862021-05-15Tim Jones Peak Complete ListPoints
Qian, Lily1114.862021-08-01Leading Peak Complete ListPoints
Butca, Ben1114.862022-03-19Mount Harvey Complete ListPoints
Mckenna, Joseph1114.862022-06-04Mount Artaban Complete ListPoints
Moore, Heather1013.512013-09-01Coliseum Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ciesla, Candice1013.512017-09-17James Peak Complete ListPoints
Russell, Keith1013.512021The Needles Complete ListPoints
G, Laurent1013.512021-10-29Pump Peak Complete ListPoints
Stranaghan, Matthew1013.512021-12-29Pump Peak Complete ListPoints
K, Leanster1013.512022-03-19Mount Harvey Complete ListPoints
Searing, Sierra1013.512022-04Dam Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bauer, Roxy1013.512022-06-02 iMount Strachan Complete ListPoints
Jamieson, Chris1013.512022-06-12 bMount Seymour Complete ListPoints
Galkin, Yuri1013.512022-06-12 cLynn Peak Complete ListPoints
Friedrich, Brian912.162001-12-30Mount Harvey Complete ListPoints
Woch, Marcin912.162018-07-11Pump Peak Complete ListPoints
Says, Rom912.162020-04-14 eDam Mountain Complete ListPoints
Situ, Hele912.162020-08-05Unnecessary Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kumar, Manish912.162020-10-21 eDe Pencier Bluff Complete ListPoints
Gulka, Seb912.162022-02-23 eThe Needles-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Findlay, Jess912.162022-04-13 nBrunswick Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wood, Ylenia912.162022-06-05West Knob Complete ListPoints
Becker, Ray810.812018-11-25South Lynn Peak Complete ListPoints
Kolodeznyy, Iliya810.812020-02-28 bUnnecessary Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cinar Yalhi, Seda810.812022-04-10Mount Collins Complete ListPoints
Sidhu, Sukhman79.462017-12-16 iColiseum Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ryan, Conor79.462019-06-17 hMount Burwell Complete ListPoints
Hanna, Michelle79.462021-02-27Pump Peak Complete ListPoints
Potvin-Bernal, Julian79.462021-10-03 lBrunswick Mountain Complete ListPoints
Martin, Madison79.462022-03-27West Knob Complete ListPoints
Casserly, Sean68.112016-09-10 bMount Harvey Complete ListPoints
T, Crystal68.112019-03-13 hBrunswick Mountain Complete ListPoints
Coates, Andrew68.112019-05-23 bMount Strachan Complete ListPoints
Ku, Oleg68.112020-08-09Capilano Mountain Complete ListPoints
McLean, Jenna68.112020-11-07Brunswick Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gorelova, Maria68.112021-08-12Dam Mountain Complete ListPoints
Guevara, Bobby68.112022-01-22Hollyburn Mountain Complete ListPoints
R, Sarah68.112022-02-26 iCrown Mountain Complete ListPoints
WATSON, Shalaine68.112022-04-10Tim Jones Peak Complete ListPoints
Sch, Romina68.112022-05-04 vMount Seymour Complete ListPoints
Clare, Kyle68.112022-06-18Mount Harvey3Complete ListPoints
Kato, Alex56.762015Saint Marks Summit Complete ListPoints
Musser, William 56.762016-09-16 eCrown Mountain Complete ListPoints
Triska, Jan56.762017-07-19Hollyburn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Fick, Roger56.762018-07-28Mount Seymour Complete ListPoints
Johnston, Ashley56.762018-08-07Saint Marks Summit Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam56.762019-06-04 dPump Peak Complete ListPoints
Thomson, Garth56.762021-05-02Mount Fromme Complete ListPoints
Ferchoff, Derek56.762021-08-08 gMount Seymour Complete ListPoints
Lealess, Dylan56.762021-09-11Brunswick Mountain Complete ListPoints
D, Reda56.762022-01-23Suicide Bluff Complete ListPoints
Kasbekar, Bhaskar56.762022-06-25Mount Fromme Complete ListPoints
Weston, Scott45.412013-08-08Brunswick Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kraai, Bryan45.412014-05-20 dGoat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Tam, Rob45.412016Brunswick Mountain Complete ListPoints
L, Evan45.412016-05-15Crown Mountain Complete ListPoints
Doria, Silvana45.412016-08-08Crown Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rohrer, Marco45.412018-08-27 cPump Peak Complete ListPoints
Wang, Francis45.412018-08-30Crown Mountain Complete ListPoints
Barbour, Frances45.412019-06-04 dPump Peak Complete ListPoints
Hauser, Helwig45.412019-10-26Mount Seymour Complete ListPoints
Pylayev, Evgeny45.412021-05-30 fTim Jones Peak Complete ListPoints
O, Sam45.412021-06-20Beth Peak Complete ListPoints
Mullins, Nolan45.412021-10-10Pump Peak Complete ListPoints
Marupaka, Anudeep45.412022-01-23 bSuicide Bluff Complete ListPoints
Hepner, Adam45.412022-02-06Lynn Peak Complete ListPoints
Giroux, Brandon45.412022-03-06Mount Underhill Complete ListPoints
Roy, Geoff45.412022-03-09Magnesia Peak Complete ListPoints
Rexhepi , Kristi 45.412022-04-10 oCathedral Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cullum, Jason45.41UnknownMount Burwell Complete ListPoints
Henry, Kevin45.41UnknownMount Elsay Complete ListPoints
Patterson, Sean45.41UnknownBrunswick Mountain Complete ListPoints

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