Grainger Mountain Project Peaks - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 55

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Chesterton, Simon4581.822023-05-29Mount Stoneman Complete ListPoints
Blair, Alan4276.362023-05-18Mount Edgar Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant3258.182012-11-10Mount Snider Complete ListPoints
Song, Steven3258.182023-01-05Mount Brice Complete ListPoints
Romanciuc, Alexandru3258.182023-05-13Mount McNair Complete ListPoints
Jimmie, Jeff( duffy)2036.362023-05-26 cMount Meroniuk Complete ListPoints
Nicol, Carol-Anne1832.732023-02-25Mount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Vallis, Katie1730.912023-05-19Mount Edgar Complete ListPoints
Gorelova, Maria1629.092022-09-03MacLeod Peak Complete ListPoints
Hood, Chris1527.272022-02-17Mount McNair Complete ListPoints
Brown, Jesse1527.272022-07-23Johnson Peak Complete ListPoints
Hallett, Cody1425.452019-05Mount Northgraves Complete ListPoints
Jamieson, Chris1323.642023-05-27Mount McRae Complete ListPoints
Tso, Amy1120.002021-03-11Mount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Situ, Hele1120.002021-05-02Mount McRae Complete ListPoints
Poznak, Ilia1120.002022-06-07Mount Meroniuk Complete ListPoints
Zhang, PoCo1120.002022-10-09Cheam Peak Complete ListPoints
Vickers, Karin1120.002023-01-01Mount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Gulka, Chris1120.002023-01-05Mount Brice Complete ListPoints
Juhasz, Matt1120.002023-01-05Mount Brice Complete ListPoints
Ku, Oleg1120.002023-03-12Mount Laughington Complete ListPoints
Neufeld, Alan1120.002023-03-18 bMount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Storey, Andrew1120.002023-05-07Mount McNair10Complete ListPoints
Olson, Mel916.362023-03-26Conway Peak Complete ListPoints
Lapating, Shalyn916.362023-03-27Mount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Kumar, Manish814.552021-01-23Thompson Peak Complete ListPoints
Knapman, Andrew814.552022-08-06Williams Peak Complete ListPoints
K, Leanster814.552022-09-21Mount MacFarlane Complete ListPoints
Plamondon, Shane814.552023-03-18 aMount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Patterson, Sean814.552023-03-22Conway Peak4Complete ListPoints
Caulfield, Sean712.732022-06-04 bMount Meroniuk Complete ListPoints
Darville, Mark712.732023-05-21 bMount Meroniuk Complete ListPoints
Easton, Jordon610.912005-08-14Goetz Peak Complete ListPoints
Liss, Miranda610.912022-07-09McDonald Peak Complete ListPoints
Born, Conner610.912022-08-06Mount Archibald Complete ListPoints
Castro, Roberto610.912023-05-20 aMount Meroniuk Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam610.912023-06-05Mount Mercer Complete ListPoints
Friedrich, Brian59.091998-06-14Mount Mercer Complete ListPoints
Born, Brandon59.092020-08-09Mount Rexford Complete ListPoints
Janovec, Jani59.092020-08-30Mount Meroniuk Complete ListPoints
Kolodeznyy, Iliya59.092021-01-14Thompson Peak Complete ListPoints
Pirate, Peak59.092021-08-04Wells Peak Complete ListPoints
Frizzle, Craig59.092021-11-27Mount Wittenberg Complete ListPoints
Gulka, Seb59.092022-04-01Conway Peak Complete ListPoints
Ren, Ka59.092022-07-09Mount Archibald Complete ListPoints
G, Laurent59.092022-07-25 bMount MacFarlane Complete ListPoints
Gerasimov, Anton59.092022-07-30Mount MacFarlane Complete ListPoints
Bauer, Roxy59.092022-09-03 bCheam Peak Complete ListPoints
Stoeckly, Justine59.092022-09-10MacLeod Peak Complete ListPoints
Arundel, Philip59.092023-03-22Conway Peak Complete ListPoints
Doria, Silvana59.092023-03-26Conway Peak Complete ListPoints
Cullum, Jason59.09UnknownWilliams Peak Complete ListPoints
W, Mike59.09UnknownMcDonald Peak8Complete ListPoints
Luymes, Gavin47.272019-06-02Mount MacFarlane Complete ListPoints
Qian, Lily47.272020-06-18Grainger Peak Complete ListPoints
MS, Christopher47.272020-07-30Mount Wittenberg Complete ListPoints
Henry, Wade47.272021-01-23Thompson Peak Complete ListPoints
Says, Rom47.272021-05-03 bMount Tearse Complete ListPoints
Aitch, Andy47.272021-08-20 aMount Wittenberg Complete ListPoints
Marupaka, Anudeep47.272021-08-29Wells Peak Complete ListPoints
Brown, Josh47.272021-09-25Mount MacFarlane Complete ListPoints
Pasion, Aethan47.272022-08-06Mount Rexford Complete ListPoints
Labelle, Jeremy47.272022-08-14 bMcDonald Peak Complete ListPoints
Smith, Raphael47.272022-08-17McDonald Peak Complete ListPoints
James, Nicholas47.272022-09-23Williams Peak Complete ListPoints
Raymond, Paul47.272022-10-03Mount MacFarlane Complete ListPoints
Watson, Shalaine47.272023-03-12Mount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Brazil, Melissa47.272023-03-18 bMount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Nguyen, Finn47.272023-03-18 bMount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Weston, Scott35.452014-10-08McDonald Peak Complete ListPoints
Chevalier, Maria35.452020-08-22Conway Peak Complete ListPoints
Ye, Kevin35.452020-08-29McDonald Peak Complete ListPoints
matteo signorelli, matteo signorelli35.452021-01-26Mount Jarvis Complete ListPoints
Knowles, Lee35.452021-07-09 cMcDonald Peak Complete ListPoints
Meyerhoff, Nathanael35.452021-08-24Mount MacFarlane Complete ListPoints
Friesen, Mike35.452022-04-15Wells Peak Complete ListPoints
Ferchoff, Derek35.452022-04-16Mount Corriveau Complete ListPoints
Pia, Nadia35.452022-07-10 aMcDonald Peak Complete ListPoints
Gilbertson, Eric35.452022-08-21 bMount Holden Complete ListPoints
Lemieux, Michael35.452022-09-03Mount Rexford Complete ListPoints
Day, Steve35.452022-09-14Williams Peak Complete ListPoints
Lutz, Elise35.452023-01-05Mount Brice Complete ListPoints
Jean, Jacinda35.452023-03-09 bMount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Mirande, Raquel35.452023-03-18 bMount Klaudt Complete ListPoints
Feller, Stefan35.452023-05-21Peers Peak Complete ListPoints
Smitran, Marko35.452023-05-21Mount MacFarlane Complete ListPoints
McEntee, Connor35.452023-05-25 bMount Ford Complete ListPoints
Newman, Fred35.452023-05-28 aCheam Peak Complete ListPoints

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