Tasmania Peaks with 600 m of Prominence - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 43

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Davis, Matt2762.792022-09-13Mount Freycinet Complete ListPoints
Wells, Ben2762.792022-11-12Mount Sorell Complete ListPoints
Chamberlain, Lucas2660.472022-11-12Mount Sorell Complete ListPoints
McDonald, Jess2558.142022-04-22Mount Jukes Complete ListPoints
Kendrick, Simon2558.142022-04-23 dSaint Pauls Dome Complete ListPoints
Parry, Jared2558.142022-06-16 zMount Field West Complete ListPoints
Davis, Nick2558.142022-08-07 vMount Barrow Complete ListPoints
Orr, Tracey2455.812022-11-12Mount Sorell Complete ListPoints
Young, Ben2251.162021-11-20The Thumbs Complete ListPoints
Schulz, Chris2251.162022-10-16Mount Bobs Complete ListPoints
R, Bryn2148.842020-12-12Wylds Craig Complete ListPoints
Leary, Damon2046.512022Mount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Lee, Brandon2046.51UnknownMount Wedge Complete ListPoints
Gates, Josiah1841.862022-11-13 yMount Picton Complete ListPoints
Eaton, Johnnie1841.86UnknownMount Freycinet Complete ListPoints
Edgerton, Scott1739.532022-10-29Kunanyi Complete ListPoints
N., Jude1637.212019-01-29 aLegges Tor1Complete ListPoints
Byrne, Cathy1637.212021-02-08Clear Hill Complete ListPoints
Hills, Adrian1534.882022-10-24Frenchmans Cap Complete ListPoints
Richter, Sally-Anne1432.562022-11-06Federation Peak Complete ListPoints
Child, Kym1330.232022-04-25 bMount Barrow Complete ListPoints
Kingston, Louis1227.912022-02-26 cMount Snowy South Complete ListPoints
Mazza, Razza1125.582022-07-17Mount Maria Complete ListPoints
Murcott, Alistair1125.582022-08-22 cMount Maria Complete ListPoints
Morrow, Ben1125.582022-10-20Mount Maria Complete ListPoints
Prince, Karen1125.582022-11-19Mount Mueller Complete ListPoints
Fearn, Rob1125.582022-12-02 cMount Owen Complete ListPoints
Moon, Olaf1023.261973-11-19Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Fox, John1023.262013-03-01Wylds Craig Complete ListPoints
Kulhanek, Jamie1023.262021-12-31Mount Owen Complete ListPoints
Young, Michaela1023.262022-08-07Mount Wedge Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Ethan1023.262022-11-07 aMount Anne Complete ListPoints
Hamilton, Doogs1023.26UnknownMount Jukes Complete ListPoints
Lee, Sumi920.932015-09-30Mount Barrow Complete ListPoints
Rodway, Michael920.932018-03-26Hartz Peak Complete ListPoints
Hawthorne, Lucy920.932022-01-05 aReeds Peak Complete ListPoints
Mulcahy, Sam920.932022-02-27Mount Picton Complete ListPoints
Werner, Ash920.932022-05-17 fMount Freycinet Complete ListPoints
Gates, Ryan920.932022-09-22Mount Snowy South Complete ListPoints
Walker, Emily920.932022-11-07 bMount Mueller Complete ListPoints
Burr, Emily818.602021-04-09Mount Freycinet Complete ListPoints
Ridgway, Shelley818.602021-12-24 oMount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Bevis, Natalie818.602021-12-28Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Coffey, Lynnda818.602021-12-28Mount Owen2Complete ListPoints
Lindsey, shayne818.602022Mount Mueller Complete ListPoints
Ziemkiewicz, Jesthony818.602022-01-30 aMount Field West Complete ListPoints
Fahry, Sally818.602022-02-11 nMount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Craw, Johanna818.602022-09-22Mount Wedge Complete ListPoints
Jones, Cam818.602022-12-02Clear Hill Complete ListPoints
Ellis, Pete716.282012-11-09Legges Tor Complete ListPoints
Christie, Steve716.282017-11-27Mount Barrow Complete ListPoints
Thomson, Shane716.282020-12-25Mount Ossa Complete ListPoints
Bevis, Haydyn716.282021-12-28Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Steven716.282022-04-01Frenchmans Cap100Complete ListPoints
Mag, Geo716.282022-04-12Federation Peak Complete ListPoints
Viney, Damien716.282022-07-09Mount Murchison Complete ListPoints
Page, Jason716.282022-08-19Hartz Peak Complete ListPoints
Dimsey, Luke716.28UnknownHartz Peak Complete ListPoints
Kelly, Brett613.951991-02 bBarn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Adams, Dan613.952013-01-14Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Skirrow, Caleb613.952021-01-15Kunanyi Complete ListPoints
Kamholz, Collin613.952021-03-20Mount Maria Complete ListPoints
Koolik, Sia613.952021-03-28Legges Tor Complete ListPoints
Hull, Sophia613.952021-08-27Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
West, Reuben613.952021-08-27Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Coulson, Will613.952021-12-24 jKunanyi Complete ListPoints
Thiessen, Jacob613.952021-12-30Mount Field West Complete ListPoints
Hancock, Martyn613.952022-01-12Mount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Tregurtha, Callum613.952022-02-23 bKunanyi Complete ListPoints
Moss, David613.952022-10-02Mount Murchison Complete ListPoints
Jakimow, Alexandra613.952022-11-26 bMount Barrow Complete ListPoints
Casey, Ross613.952022-12-03Frenchmans Cap Complete ListPoints
Sweaney, Rhys511.632002-05-11Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Auderset, Iwan511.632017-11-22Mount Murchison Complete ListPoints
The Human, Rick511.632018-04-22 kKunanyi Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin511.632019-11-22Hartz Peak Complete ListPoints
The Wonderdog, Biscuit511.632021-05-31Mount Barrow Complete ListPoints
Cream, Lisa511.632021-09-23 jMount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Rutherford, Lachlan511.632021-11-17Mount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Singal, Ramit511.632021-12-26Hartz Peak Complete ListPoints
Knight, Rob511.632022-02-28 mKunanyi Complete ListPoints
Simons, Lesley511.632022-10-20 cMount Barrow Complete ListPoints
agius, shane49.302008-02-01Federation Peak Complete ListPoints
Landes, Chloe49.302017-02-06Hartz Peak14Complete ListPoints
Clark, Kaleb49.302017-06-16Mount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Barboza, Lisa49.302018-01-17Mount Barrow Complete ListPoints
West, Baden49.302020-11Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Grimes, Sally49.302021-01-24Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Tatnell, Richard49.302021-05-21Kunanyi Complete ListPoints
Tatnell, Richard49.302022-06-19 sMount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Graves, Tom49.302022-08-22 dMount Anne Complete ListPoints
Cronau, Kimberley49.302022-08-27Hartz Peak Complete ListPoints
Law, Helen49.302022-09-08 kStrzelecki Peaks Complete ListPoints
Berne, Madisson49.302022-11-26 iKunanyi Complete ListPoints
Zanetto, Nathan49.302022-11-26 iKunanyi Complete ListPoints
Hayes, Lauren49.302022-12-02 iKunanyi Complete ListPoints
Kitto, Mark49.30UnknownMount Maria Complete ListPoints
Bloomer, Jim36.982010-01-19Kunanyi Complete ListPoints
Barone, Darren36.982010-02-06Frenchmans Cap Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard36.982011-03-20Kunanyi Complete ListPoints
Ives, Stephen36.982011-05-02Frenchmans Cap Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David36.982014-05-14Kunanyi Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan36.982016-03-16 bMount Field West Complete ListPoints
Darcy, Jackalyn36.982018-02-06 eMount Maria Complete ListPoints
Tosetti, Everett36.982018-03-04Mount Ossa Complete ListPoints
B, Cris36.982019-04-18Frenchmans Cap Complete ListPoints
Yemm, Conor36.982020-03-29 eMount Murchison Complete ListPoints
Chadwick, Chris36.982020-06-06 dKunanyi Complete ListPoints
Garza, Blaise36.982020-07-02Mount Wedge Complete ListPoints
Kamphuis, Toby36.982021-01-15Hartz Peak Complete ListPoints
Watson, Ashley36.982021-03-06Mount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Grimes, Roger36.982021-11-20Mount Arthur Complete ListPoints
Beatty, Alexander36.982022-01-12Mount Anne Complete ListPoints
Tait, Harrison36.982022-01-15Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Johnstone, Megan36.982022-01-29 aMount Ossa Complete ListPoints
Moore, Peter36.982022-03-07Mount Ossa2Complete ListPoints
Brockbank, Andy36.982022-04-06Barn Bluff Complete ListPoints
Werner, Emily36.982022-06-04Hartz Peak Complete ListPoints
Jahnz, Sophie36.982022-06-16 aMount Barrow Complete ListPoints
Grimes, Taylor36.982022-07-10Mount Murchison Complete ListPoints
Lee, Edna36.982022-10-16Mount Freycinet Complete ListPoints

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