Southern USA Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 302

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Shortt, Rickey21270.202021-12-19Boteler Peak1Complete ListPoints
Barr, Peter21069.542022-04-22Short Mountain Complete ListPoints
Fishback, Steven18862.252022-12-04 bJump Rock39Complete ListPoints
Gilsdorf, Chris15852.322022-10-30 cRavencliff Knob Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob13243.712019-07-03Gay Knob Complete ListPoints
Dillmore, Shannon10735.432022-06-17Hankey Mountain Complete ListPoints
Layton, Tom9832.452020-10-23 4Hinch Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben9631.792020-01-29 aHogback Mountain Complete ListPoints
Akers, Mark9431.132022-11-24Third Hill Mountain1Complete ListPoints
Gabany, Randy8929.472020-05-01Walker Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kloster, Vince8929.472020-09-11Hinch Mountain Complete ListPoints
Newman, Jason8929.472022-07-05 aGreen Ridge Knob Complete ListPoints
Winston, David8728.812022-10-30 bBald Knob Complete ListPoints
Ide, John†8628.482017-12-24 cFrosty Knob Complete ListPoints
Barr, Allison8026.492021-06-02Heard Mountain Complete ListPoints
Tagliapietra, Ron7926.162006-12-20Unaka Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ru, Powen7023.182022-12-03Catherine Knob Complete ListPoints
Lobdell, Fred6722.192019-06-12 bReddish Knob Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy6521.522015-07-04Icy Knob Complete ListPoints
Dean, Denis6120.202022-06-24 dThird Hill Mountain Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward†5919.542015-04-23 12Pores Knob Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Ken5919.542017-04-22Mount Oglethorpe Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Zachary5919.542020-10-25Green Ridge Knob Complete ListPoints
Rinehart, Jeff5919.542022-03-18Tryon Peak Complete ListPoints
Wolf, Dwight5718.872022-10-15English Mountain Complete ListPoints
Zerphey, Charles5618.542018-10-22Pine Log Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pharr, Henry5417.882021-12-31Dobson Knob Complete ListPoints
branin, jeff5417.882022-09-27Cottrell Knob Northeast Complete ListPoints
stout, pat5317.552020-08-30Cataloochee Balsam Complete ListPoints
Waller, Will5317.552021-11-17Murray Knob Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob5217.222019-08-29 bGrandfather Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hillbilly, Hokie5016.562022-11-26Walker Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pomeroy, Tom4815.892014-09-27Yellow Mountain Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Annette4815.892021-10-09Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Girard, Brandon4815.892022-08-24 aSugar Run Mountain Complete ListPoints
lawler, doc4715.562022-08-10Rocky Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bockhahn, Brian4715.562022-09-16 bDobson Knob Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Alexandra4514.902008-10-10Keeney Knob Complete ListPoints
Schwartz, Michael4414.572015-08-05Reddish Knob Complete ListPoints
Wood, Barrett4414.572022-12-02Oakey Mountain Complete ListPoints
Harris, Douglas4314.242020-10-31 bHinch Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sadowsky, Yossi4213.912021-11-07Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Stewart, Dennis4213.912022-03-26 01Third Hill Mountain Complete ListPoints
Williamson, Kevin†4013.252005-10-21Chimneytop - Southwest Peak Complete ListPoints
ashby, shane4013.252012-05-28Keeney Knob Complete ListPoints
Koeblin, Chris4013.252020-06-16Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Beavers, Michael4013.252021-05-20 aJoanna Bald Complete ListPoints
Blackwell, Jonathan3912.912020-02-22 aBig Bald Complete ListPoints
Hicks, Bruce3912.912020-10-15Stone Mountain Complete ListPoints
Townes, Will3712.252019-07-07Smith Mountain Complete ListPoints
Harris, Patrick3712.252022-01-01Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken3712.252022-11-05Buffalo Mountain Complete ListPoints
Haynor, Jim3712.252022-12-08Blackrock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bass, Christopher3611.922022-10-18Three Ridges Complete ListPoints
Rat, Desert3511.592012-11-13Snake Mountain Complete ListPoints
Prosser, Mark3511.592018-12-29Dugger Mountain Complete ListPoints
Musser, William3511.592022-11-06 aSpring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jacala, Ariel3411.262019-09-21Grandfather Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stinson, Mike3411.262021-07-10Red Spruce Knob Complete ListPoints
Zakhar, John3310.932008-05-15Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hodges, Burton3310.932022-09-04Flattop Mountain Complete ListPoints
Basis, Stav3210.602020-06-22Bluff Mountain Complete ListPoints
Love, Chad3210.602022-11-01Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Holt, Stewart3110.262021-05-14 aBig Bald Mountain Complete ListPoints
Prowatzke, Michael3110.262021-11-21Waterrock Knob Complete ListPoints
Beck, Alan309.932003-06-03Hawksbill Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Trapper309.932005-06-15Big Flat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wallen, Roy309.932014-07-24Mount Guyot Complete ListPoints
Whited, Brian309.932017-08-20 cBrasstown Bald Complete ListPoints
Gourley, Mike309.932022-08-14Elk Knob Complete ListPoints
Braun, Nikolai299.602019-06-30Heard Mountain Complete ListPoints
R, Bradley299.602022-01-22 bWine Spring Bald Complete ListPoints
C, Gabriel299.602022-07-24 aSpruce Knob Complete ListPoints
Saul, Jonathan289.272010-06-25Hogback Mountain Complete ListPoints
Flynn, Emily289.272012-06Mount Mitchell Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James289.272019-11-11 eClingmans Dome Complete ListPoints
Post, Chris289.272022-11-10 cHigh Knob Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne278.942010-06-15Big Flat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ouellette, Norman278.942015Brushy Mountain Complete ListPoints
Best, Christopher278.942016-04-23Frozen Head Complete ListPoints
Zhou, Victor278.942019-11-27Cheaha Mountain Complete ListPoints
32oz, Gatorade278.942021-11-06 gBald Knob5Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Craig278.942022-05-08 dSpruce Knob Complete ListPoints
Young, Cliff278.942022-06-22 aThird Hill Mountain Complete ListPoints
Crite, Jerry278.942022-10-21Bald Knob17Complete ListPoints
Hawkins, Michael268.612012-11-08Mount Mitchell Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Marcus268.612021-07-15Waterrock Knob Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Jim268.612021-10-25Rocky Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bryant, Dalton268.612022-09-25 aMoores Knob Complete ListPoints
Brown, Steve258.282012-06-10Mount Guyot Complete ListPoints
Hathaway, Brett258.282018-06-02Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Surgent, Scott247.952008-05-18Rocky Mountain Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis†247.952012-05-22 eSpruce Knob Complete ListPoints
Oestreicher, Richard247.952014-03-11Big Flat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Daniel247.952017-06-04Clingmans Dome Complete ListPoints
Harris, Arthur247.952017-07-01Bald Knob Complete ListPoints
Bafford, John247.952020-09-11 bThird Hill Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bekkala, Steve247.952021-03-28Cheaha Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brown, Jill247.952021-11-06Big Frog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lawton, Zac247.952022-01-28Siler Bald Complete ListPoints
Brennan, Thomas247.952022-05-19Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Perri, Bob247.952022-08-27Springer Mountain Complete ListPoints
Trimble, Will247.952022-11-12 bCopper Ridge Bald Complete ListPoints
Massoth, Tom237.622005-10-30Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
McMaster, Spencer237.622019-02-18Siler Bald Complete ListPoints
Carroll, Julia237.622021-06-15 fFlat Top Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan237.622022-10-28 aCraggy Dome Complete ListPoints
Mayer, Craig227.281989-06-16Blue Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mallory, Kirk227.282017-04-30Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Salzmann, Jared227.282017-06-18Craggy Dome Complete ListPoints
Dillmore, Brogan227.282021-04-04Hall Top Complete ListPoints
Shattuck, Steven227.282022-11-20Yonah Mountain Complete ListPoints
ferris, tom227.28UnknownBlue Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Terry216.952014-04-26 gBlue Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan216.952015-02-17Sugarloaf Mountain Complete ListPoints
Warren, Marvin216.952017-04-02Mount Mitchell Complete ListPoints
Celmer, Kurt216.952019-08-16Hightop Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dahler, Andrew216.952019-10-05Brasstown Bald Complete ListPoints
Leslie, Scott216.952021-03-11Cove Mountain Complete ListPoints
McEntee, Connor216.952021-09-18Big Bald Complete ListPoints
Six2, David216.952022-03-20 aWaterrock Knob Complete ListPoints
Dunham, Dave216.952022-03-21Yellow Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wight, Joshua216.952022-05-17Hawksbill Complete ListPoints
Thompson, Courtney216.952022-07-12Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Kohn, Jerry216.952022-09-07 eBlack Mountain8Complete ListPoints
Hurley, Miles216.952022-10-23Rabun Bald Complete ListPoints
Bishop, Jim206.622014-07-04Cowpen Mountain Complete ListPoints
St-Onge, Pierre-Yves206.622018-04-16Spruce Knob Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Wayne206.622019-06-16 oHawksbill76Complete ListPoints
Saltsman, Greg206.622019-06-30Rocky Mountain Complete ListPoints
V, C206.622019-09-10West Wildcat Top Complete ListPoints
Lawrence, Kimberly206.622021-11-06Bald Knob Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee206.622022-03-27 bSpruce Knob Complete ListPoints
Hay, Randy206.622022-04-28 aRoan High Knob Complete ListPoints
Hays, Arizona206.622022-05-22Bearwallow Mountain Complete ListPoints
Walstra, Steve206.622022-06-28 bApple Orchard Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sporrer, Julie206.622022-09-07 eBlack Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wandall, Ed206.622022-11-12 cBlood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pramuk, Gabriel196.292010-06-18Blue Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ellsworth, Dick196.292016-04-22 aHuckleberry Knob Complete ListPoints
Rackley, Seth196.292016-07-01Cowpen Mountain Complete ListPoints
Moffitt, Steve196.292017-06-30Big Flat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Claffey, Stephen196.292017-10-11Springer Mountain Complete ListPoints
Carlson, Josh196.292018-06-25Mount Guyot Complete ListPoints
Aaronson, David196.292019-05-17Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Smyer, Jonathan196.292020-05-20Roan High Knob Complete ListPoints
Nine, Laura196.292021-07-17Youngs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Potkay, Jason196.292022-11-05 cBig Flat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stewart, Geri185.962011-09-16 01Moores Knob Complete ListPoints
Malik, Jeff185.962013-07-04Mount Pisgah Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Mitch185.962017-10-21Hawksbill Complete ListPoints
L, Evan185.962021-05-02High Knob Complete ListPoints
Karr, Andrew185.962021-06-02 eBrasstown Bald Complete ListPoints
Kassell, Henry185.962021-08-22Waterrock Knob Complete ListPoints
Doyle, Jim185.962021-09-14Morton Hill Complete ListPoints
Newman, Laura185.962021-09-26Roan High Knob Complete ListPoints
Hatzos, Andy185.962021-10-22 bRabun Bald Complete ListPoints
Bowers, Sam185.962021-11-26 aCowpen Mountain Complete ListPoints
Vadeboncoeur, Matt185.962022-04-15Elliott Knob Complete ListPoints
Jacob, Jacob185.962022-06-12 aApple Orchard Mountain Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey185.962022-08-10 dSpruce Knob Complete ListPoints
Schultz, Bobby185.962022-08-25 dWhitetop Mountain Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Braxton185.962022-10-08Hawksbill Complete ListPoints
Crane, Jason185.962022-11-17Cheaha Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wise, Brantley185.96UnknownBlackrock Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hessler, Kevin175.632004-11-24Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Koski, Jessica175.632009-05-05Hogback Mountain Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John175.632014-09-16Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Laverdure, Jean André175.632015-09-24 bHawksbill Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen175.632017-05-24Roan High Knob Complete ListPoints
Carter, Rob175.632017-07-19Spruce Knob Complete ListPoints
Bubniak, Gregory175.632017-08-24 1Mount Le Conte Complete ListPoints
Durey, Lincoln175.632018-07-08 aMount Pisgah Complete ListPoints
Cecil, Jim175.632019-05-26Rocky Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sanderson, William175.632020-06-01Thunderhead Mountain Complete ListPoints
Trimble, Mike175.632020-10-20Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
D'Aiuto, Christopher175.632021-08-29Craggy Dome Complete ListPoints
Rapp, Mitch175.632022-06-30Hawksbill Complete ListPoints
Todd, Allen175.632022-11-04Mount Guyot Complete ListPoints
LaRoss, Michael165.301988-07-02Glade Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mitchler, John165.301998Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Stansberry, Brian165.302009-10-10Cove Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brekhus, Jerry165.302011-10-17Sharp Top Mountain Complete ListPoints
Clary, Spencer165.302011-10-23Tryon Peak Complete ListPoints
W, Vanessa165.302016-03-30Mount Mitchell Complete ListPoints
Lipsitz, David165.302017-02-06Hogback Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hansen, MB165.302017-04-22 eCheaha Mountain Complete ListPoints
Owen, Tom165.302017-06-14 DBlack Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mills, Frank165.302018-12-29Yonah Mountain Complete ListPoints
Adams, Debbie165.302019-01-11Mount Guyot Complete ListPoints
Marchant, Bryan165.302019-07-20Wine Spring Bald Complete ListPoints
Kabel, Jeffrey165.302020-08-15Waonaze Peak Complete ListPoints
Petit, Dan165.302021-06-02Cheaha Mountain Complete ListPoints
R, David165.302021-08-06Huckleberry Knob Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave165.302021-09-09 dIvy Knob Complete ListPoints
Garner, Kevin165.302021-12-22 aRichland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Hancock, Steve165.302022-03-27Boteler Peak Complete ListPoints
Fowler, Dylan165.302022-05-24Cheaha Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rush, Allen165.302022-10-13 aMount Le Conte Complete ListPoints
Cape, Justin165.302022-10-17 kScott Mountain - Rich Mountain Knob Complete ListPoints
Mann, Jon165.30UnknownLookout Mountain - High Point Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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