Oregon Peaks with 1000 feet of Prominence - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 446

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Poulin, Dennis†33675.342016-03-31 aElk Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bolton, Bob24655.162021-06-16Green Ridge Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken23352.242021-05-05Middle Mountain Complete ListPoints
McClellan, Paul14732.962021-10-15Green Ridge Complete ListPoints
Russell, Ken14231.842021-09-26Mount Bailey Complete ListPoints
Carmody, David12628.252021-10-18Sheepshead Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob12327.582021-07-13Union Peak Complete ListPoints
Morris, Caleb12127.132021-10-17Bald Peak Complete ListPoints
anderson, joe11826.462021-09-13Prairie Peak Complete ListPoints
Lilley, Barbara9922.202012-08-23Abbott Butte Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John9721.752012-08-12View Point Complete ListPoints
Turtura, Nick9721.752020-09-19Oregon Canyon Mountains Peak Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John9621.522021-08-03Fuji Mountain Complete ListPoints
Fountain, Steve9621.522021-09-17Juniper Mountain Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant9320.852021-06-05Morgan Mountain Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard8919.962020-08-17Warner Peak Complete ListPoints
Noel, Eric8919.962021-10-03Dutchman Peak Complete ListPoints
Thornton, Eric8719.512019-06-26Mount Hood Complete ListPoints
Mick, Daniel8519.062021-08-08 1Oregon Canyon Mountains Peak Complete ListPoints
Burgess, George8418.832021-08-15 bTraverse Lake East Peak Complete ListPoints
Berry, Michael8318.612021-10-01South Sister Complete ListPoints
Molen, Dean7516.822009-05-22Pueblo Mountain Complete ListPoints
Frome, Ryan7216.142021-09-24West Onion Peak Complete ListPoints
DeRoo, Tom7015.702019-09-26Red Butte Complete ListPoints
Wanberg, Michael6915.472019-06-23 cBig Craggies Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Brian6815.252016-09-05Hillman Peak Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy6314.132020-07-29Rogers Peak Complete ListPoints
Baker, Troy6314.132021-07-04Ironside Mountain Complete ListPoints
Huff, Larry6113.682018-06-29King Mountain Complete ListPoints
Peterson, Rick6113.682020-08-10Sacajawea Peak Complete ListPoints
McEntee, Connor5913.232021-10-20Aspen Butte Complete ListPoints
MacLeod, Gordon†5813.002012-08-21Chilcoot Mountain Complete ListPoints
Whittington, Joe5813.002021-09-17Central Pueblo Mountains Peak Complete ListPoints
Grant, Jesse5712.782021-10-16Black Butte Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward†5512.332014-09-28 17Bachelor Mountain Complete ListPoints
Langdon, Jim5512.332021-04-29 bPeak 2400 Complete ListPoints
Gaudet, Dean5412.112020-10-31East Butte Complete ListPoints
Mallet, Matt5412.112021-10-16South Chucksney Mountain Complete ListPoints
Climber, Mountain5111.432021-06-12Big Lookout Mountain Complete ListPoints
Firman, Jeffrey5111.432021-07-12Broken Top13Complete ListPoints
Putnam, Ned5111.432021-10-02Fuji Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ide, John†4910.992018-08-08 cSoda Mountain Complete ListPoints
Willis, Craig4910.992018-11-10Nicolai Mountain Complete ListPoints
Nelsen, Don4810.762015-04-02Middle Mountain Complete ListPoints
Nuernberger, Josef4610.312021-05-31 bBachelor Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Ron4510.092020-07-03Mount Emily Complete ListPoints
carr, jeff439.642019-08-31Traverse Lake East Peak Complete ListPoints
Smith, Mark439.642021-03-13Sugarloaf Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Duane439.642021-09-26Mount Bailey Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob429.422017-08-19View Point Complete ListPoints
Boswell, Nick419.192020-10-17Steens Mountain Complete ListPoints
Varney, Matt419.192021-10-02Stukel Mountain Complete ListPoints
Simonds, Brandon408.972020-08-22Traverse Lake East Peak Complete ListPoints
Rice, Scott398.742021-08-23 eBlack Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Jobe 388.522017-06-25Tom Dick and Harry Mountain Complete ListPoints
Shetter, Martin388.522017-08-21Bald Mountain Complete ListPoints
Haag, Brad378.302021-08-28Diamond Peak Complete ListPoints
Smith, Austin D.368.072021-07-03Cascade Head High Point Complete ListPoints
Burd, Bob357.852019-06-22Hamaker Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hegler, Daniel357.852020-11-20Marys Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen357.852021-02-27Angora Peak Complete ListPoints
Lauren, Dan357.852021-09-26 aRock Creek Butte Complete ListPoints
Rat, Desert347.622019-07-08Pelican Butte Complete ListPoints
wagner, kyle347.622020-06-06Rogers Peak Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Eric337.402010-10-10Hamaker Mountain Complete ListPoints
Partridge, Richard337.402017-09-20 bBrandy Peak Complete ListPoints
Frick, Ardel337.402020-11-08Trask Mountain Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Frederick†327.172011-10-20Yainax Butte Complete ListPoints
Jones, Evan327.172018-10-21 cRoman Nose Mountain Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam†316.952013-09-19Stukel Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sumner, Bob316.952020-08-09Grayback Mountain Complete ListPoints
Del Grosso, Joseph316.952021-05-19Pueblo Mountain Complete ListPoints
Grant, Sam306.732019-08-24Elkhorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Yancey, Jeremy306.732019-10-24Long Mountain Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Jim306.732020-05-24 aSpencer Butte Complete ListPoints
Zollbrecht, Les306.732020-08-11Steens Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lopez, Tom306.732021-08-27Sacajawea Peak Complete ListPoints
Willhite, Eric296.502021-06-21Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Courtney, Ryan286.282014-09-01 dCrane Mountain Complete ListPoints
Shipman, Steven286.282019-08-07Mount Bachelor Complete ListPoints
Sowards-Emmerd, Rebecca286.282021-09-25Applegate Peak Complete ListPoints
Etheridge, Emma286.282021-09-26 aTwin Peaks Complete ListPoints
Gram, Peter276.052020-10-10Crescent Mountain Complete ListPoints
Boos, Andy276.052020-10-25 cRogers Peak Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam276.052021-06-17 cMarys Peak Complete ListPoints
mitchell, david265.832018-11-25Cow Valley Butte Complete ListPoints
pelton, michael265.832020-08-21Diamond Peak Complete ListPoints
Bolton, Rhonda265.832021-01-18Cougar Mountain Complete ListPoints
Strand, Andrew265.832021-07-20The Twins Complete ListPoints
Frankle, Brian255.612015-05-31Brandy Peak Complete ListPoints
O'Connell, Jason255.612021-10-16Peak 2905 Complete ListPoints
Hensley, Richard245.382014-07-13Tower Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lockard, Alex245.382020-07-04Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Kruis, Scott245.382021-09-21Hillman Peak Complete ListPoints
Nichols, Mark235.162020-07-21Stukel Mountain Complete ListPoints
mt. goat, oregon224.932014-09-20Paulina Peak Complete ListPoints
Seaman, Tim224.932021-07-12 aSacajawea Peak Complete ListPoints
Chaloupka, Ben224.932021-08-07North Sister Complete ListPoints
Earle, Chris224.932021-09-05Sacajawea Peak Complete ListPoints
L, Evan224.932021-10-09 bStukel Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kiri, Olga224.932021-10-17Mount Bachelor Complete ListPoints
Sanger, David214.712019-09-01 dBlack Mountain Complete ListPoints
Geissinger, Eric214.712019-11-23Mount Ashland Complete ListPoints
Rich, Kathy214.712020-08-30 aBig Lookout Mountain Complete ListPoints
Langdon, Robert214.712021-03-27 bRound Mountain Complete ListPoints
Strain, Scotty214.712021-09-12Cummins Peak Complete ListPoints
Pfister, John214.712021-09-14Rock Creek Butte Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Lane204.482019-06-21Snow Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wittmier, Dustin204.482021-02-13Frog Lake Buttes Complete ListPoints
Gilsdorf, Chris204.482021-06-22Steens Mountain Complete ListPoints
Graupe, Michael204.482021-08-07 aSteens Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kappel, Jason204.482021-09-19Paulina Peak Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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