Olympic Mountain 6500-foot Peaks - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 49

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Lauren, Dan4285.712019-06-15Point Smith-East Peak1Complete ListPoints
Rice, Scott4285.712019-09-06 aMount Mystery5Complete ListPoints
Treaccar, Maura4081.632019-09-21Diamond Mountain Complete ListPoints
Baxstrom, Curt3979.592019-07-19Mount Johnson Complete ListPoints
Varner, Erica3979.592019-09-21Diamond Mountain Complete ListPoints
Carmody, David3163.272019-09-06The Brothers Complete ListPoints
Treaccar, Troy1938.782018-07-16Circe Complete ListPoints
Call, Brian1938.782019-09-03Mount Carrie Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Will1836.732019-08-27Little Mystery2Complete ListPoints
Burt, Richard1734.692016-06-26North Petunia Peak Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam1734.692019-05-26 bPetunia Peak Complete ListPoints
Dewey, Andy1734.692019-06-11 dMount Fricaba3Complete ListPoints
Fick, Roger1632.651992-08-29Mount Cameron Complete ListPoints
Boos, Andy1428.572010-09-09West Peak Complete ListPoints
Powrie, Chuck1326.532018-09-26Hawk Peak Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Jake1326.532019-07-04 aMount Carrie Complete ListPoints
Shetter, Martin1224.492014-08-03Mount Fricaba Complete ListPoints
helminger, mike1224.492014-08-23Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Courtney, Mel1224.492018-08Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Eames, Eric1224.492020-04-18 bPetunia Peak Complete ListPoints
Jordan, Fletcher1224.492020-05-15Inner Constance Complete ListPoints
DeRoo, Tom1122.452009-07-03Mount Fricaba Complete ListPoints
Berntsen, Lisa1122.452014-09-04Sentinel Peak Complete ListPoints
poetter, royce1122.452016-07-30Mount Constance Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John1122.452018-08-19Mount Carrie Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant1122.452018-08-19 bMount Carrie Complete ListPoints
Eisenberg, Mickey1020.412010-08-17McCartney Peak Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Ron1020.412017-07-29Mount Clark Complete ListPoints
Weiland, Craig1020.412019-05-26Gray Wolf Ridge Complete ListPoints
Shih, Susan1020.412019-06-22Warrior Peak Complete ListPoints
Goodro, Mark1020.412019-11-11 gGray Wolf Ridge-South Peak Complete ListPoints
Flynn, Dale918.372008-09-14Mount Worthington Complete ListPoints
VanderBilt, Monty918.372009-07-03Mount Fricaba Complete ListPoints
Graf, Lynn918.372009-07-12Mount Fricaba Complete ListPoints
Michelson, Paul918.372013-06-07Mount Deception Complete ListPoints
Wilkins, Tab918.372016-07-30Mount Constance Complete ListPoints
McKay, Mac918.372018-06-06Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Nanevicz, Tom918.372018-06-16Gray Wolf Ridge-South Peak Complete ListPoints
miller, rhonda 918.372019-08-26Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Aaron918.372019-09-05Mount Constance Complete ListPoints
Osborn, Tristen918.372020-05-08 bPetunia Peak Complete ListPoints
Beckey, Fred816.331945Warrior Peak Complete ListPoints
James, Ronald816.332000-06-17Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Russell, Ken816.332016-09-09Mount Carrie Complete ListPoints
Stein, Jerry816.332018-06-22 bMount Constance Complete ListPoints
Sidehill, Asa816.332018-08-18Iron Mountain Complete ListPoints
Painter, Chad816.332018-10-14Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Girard, Tom816.332019-06-01Mount Anderson Complete ListPoints
Shaw, Rex816.332019-06-21Elk Mountain Complete ListPoints
Earle, Chris816.332019-07-25Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Roper, John714.292003-07-05West Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken714.292009-07-04Mount Deception Complete ListPoints
Halder, Tim714.292014-03-07Mount Constance Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Eric J.714.292015-08-26Elk Mountain West Complete ListPoints
Hollis, Scott714.292018-07-31Mount Olympus3Complete ListPoints
Below, Matt714.292019-05-26 bPetunia Peak Complete ListPoints
LaPier, Zach714.292019-06-01Mount Constance Complete ListPoints
Petersen, Joe714.292019-06-16Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Eiselt, Mark714.292019-06-22Warrior Peak Complete ListPoints
Panza, Jeff612.242008-06-28The Brothers Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg612.242011-07-02Mount Deception Complete ListPoints
Hoyner, Jason612.242013-07-02Gray Wolf Ridge Complete ListPoints
Wittmier, Dustin612.242016-05-18Mount Deception Complete ListPoints
Battaglia, Evan612.242017-07-01Mount Deception Complete ListPoints
Kartes, Craig 612.242018-06-22Mount Constance Complete ListPoints
Hummel, Stan612.242018-06-23Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Weiland, Vanessa612.242018-10-21The Brothers Complete ListPoints
Culhane, Ian612.242019-04-28Mount Constance Complete ListPoints
Ransom, Amy612.242019-07-05Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Giangiulio, Raphi612.242019-09-01Mount Carrie Complete ListPoints
Schmidt, Janice510.201992-09-01Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Beavon, Fred510.202003-07-23 bGray Wolf Ridge Complete ListPoints
Altitude, Schmidt510.202008-10-28 aMount Worthington Complete ListPoints
Bolton, Bob510.202009-07-04Mount Deception Complete ListPoints
Myer, Julie510.202013-06-22Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Wick, Deb510.202013-07-20Crystal Peak Complete ListPoints
Hudson, Gary510.202014-07-26Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James510.202015-08-27 aMount Stone Complete ListPoints
Jamail, Dahr510.202016Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Watrous, Hal 510.202016-08-02Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Olafssen, Tyr510.202016-08-13 bMount Stone Complete ListPoints
Morrissey, Thomas510.202018-07-01Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Geyer, Brad510.202018-09-02Mount Carrie Complete ListPoints
Oster, Vladimir510.202018-11-12Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Yi, Andrew510.202019-05-11The Brothers Complete ListPoints
Griffith, Jason510.202019-06-15Mount Deception Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Mike510.202019-06-22Cloudy Peak Complete ListPoints
Mick, Daniel510.202019-06-29The Brothers Complete ListPoints
Cai, Xiaoli510.202019-07-05Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob48.162002-08-17Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Browning, Brian48.162007-07-27Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward48.162009-07-04Mount Deception Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Duane48.162009-07-04Mount Deception Complete ListPoints
Willis, Craig48.162011-07-05Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Yore, Gene48.162012-07-11Crystal Peak Complete ListPoints
Jaggard, Davin48.162012-07-16Gray Wolf Ridge Complete ListPoints
Porter, Carry48.162012-08-05Mount Olympus-False Summit Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam48.162012-08-07Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Gabryshak, Jason48.162014-09-28Mount Constance Complete ListPoints
Scott, James48.162014-11-01Baldy Complete ListPoints
Lewis, Josh48.162015-06-05Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Geissinger, Eric48.162015-08-02Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Hahn, Samuel48.162015-08-27Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Shaw, Richard48.162016-05-21Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hladecek, Andrew48.162016-08-25Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Dean48.162017-07-29Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Rankine, Graeme48.162017-10-11Elk Mountain Complete ListPoints
K, Miki48.162018-10-20Warrior Peak Complete ListPoints
Strand, Andrew48.162018-11-10Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mack, Liz48.162019-05-26Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Mullen, Tom48.162019-06-13Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Fuerst, Jeremy48.162019-07-05Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Griffith, Zak48.162019-07-27Mount Carrie Complete ListPoints
Stock, Curtis48.162019-08-03Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Schultz, Dave48.162019-08-26Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Lazutin, Sergey48.162019-11-23Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Trecker, Sherrie48.162020-05-23Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Clark, Andy36.121986-08-21Mercury Complete ListPoints
Ide, John36.121991-08-13Mount Anderson Complete ListPoints
Robertson, Chris36.121993-09-05Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis36.122008-08-16Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Noel, Eric36.122008-09-14 bGray Wolf Ridge Complete ListPoints
Nelsen, Don36.122009-10-07Gray Wolf Ridge Complete ListPoints
Nash, Aaron36.122010-08-29The Brothers Complete ListPoints
Gaulin, Daniel36.122011-09-03Mount Johnson Complete ListPoints
Plubell, Brandon36.122011-09-17Hawk Peak Complete ListPoints
Walseth, Jim36.122012Warrior Peak-Northwest Peak Complete ListPoints
Holman, Andrew36.122012-07-05Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Bradshaw, Franklin36.122013-05-11 dHawk Peak Complete ListPoints
Pearce, Jared36.122013-06-22Mount Anderson Complete ListPoints
McFarlin, Edward36.122013-09-08Mount Constance Complete ListPoints
Trent, Steve36.122014-06-01The Brothers-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Themer, Karl36.122014-06-21Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Vaughn, Jason36.122014-09-21Mount Deception Complete ListPoints
Straub, Chad36.122015-03-01Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Riedinger, Christopher36.122015-07-04Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Grant, Sam36.122015-08-27 aMount Stone Complete ListPoints
P, Rich36.122016-04-19Baldy Complete ListPoints
Velosky, Jerome36.122016-08-02Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Frick, Ardel36.122016-08-21Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Jobe36.122016-08-25Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Brian36.122017-05-28Mount Anderson Complete ListPoints
Frink, Stu36.122017-06-27Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Kruse, David36.122017-07-08Mount Olympus Complete ListPoints
Montgomery, Sarah36.122017-08-12Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Lentz, Gretchen36.122017-09-03Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Ramm-Granberg, Tynan36.122017-09-24Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Golias, Dave36.122018-06-16Mount Olympus80Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Benjamin36.122018-06-16Gray Wolf Ridge Complete ListPoints
Cox, Ian36.122018-08-18Mount Worthington Complete ListPoints
Smith, Austin36.122018-08-25Moose Peak Complete ListPoints
Pinkard, Brian36.122018-09-22Hawk Peak Complete ListPoints
Sowle, Stuke36.122019-05-18The Brothers Complete ListPoints
BOISJOLI, MARIO36.122019-07-13Moose Peak Complete ListPoints
Aumell, Silas36.122019-09-07Mount Stone Complete ListPoints
Prager, James36.122019-10-13Buckhorn Mountain Complete ListPoints
Aldrich, Jake36.122020-05-15Inner Constance Complete ListPoints
Gavin, Patrick36.12UnknownHal Foss Peak Complete ListPoints
O, Sean36.12UnknownThe Brothers Complete ListPoints
VanVliet, Mark36.12UnknownMount Stone Complete ListPoints

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