Northeast USA Triple Divide Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 16

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Lostracco, Ben16Complete!2016-06-24 aSandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob1062.502014-10-18Merrimack-Charles-Blackstone Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Laverdure, Jean André 1062.502015-10-13 aEast Miles Notch Peak Complete ListPoints
Dunham, Dave637.502010-05-08Elliott Hill Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan637.502015-10-26Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Schwartz, Michael531.252010-11-01 eMississippi-Susquehanna-Potomac Triple Divide Point Complete ListPoints
Darby, David531.252020-06-13East Miles Notch Peak Complete ListPoints
Josephson, Arthur425.001994-10-08Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
L, Sebastien425.002005-09-17Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Whalen, Joe425.002011-08-24 dMount Washington Complete ListPoints
John, Thompson425.002014-02-01Merrimack-Charles-Blackstone Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Massad, Serge425.002016-05-21 iBorder Monument 441 Peak Complete ListPoints
Rossman, Jason425.002017-11-26Elliott Hill Complete ListPoints
Allen, Zach318.752000-08-19Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
josephson, craig318.752002-08-18Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Colquhoun, Ian318.752009-05-17Styles Peak-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Wallen, Roy318.752009-07-30Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Ziak, Rodney318.752010-01-09Elliott Hill Complete ListPoints
Davis, Diana318.752010-06-19Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Cockrell, Scott†318.752010-08-21Merrimack-Charles-Blackstone Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Spadaro, Tycho318.752014-07-12Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Young, Cliff318.752016-07-14Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
MacQuarrie, Scott318.752017-04-22Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
C, Gabriel318.752017-08-25 cMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Wayne318.752018-07-15 iMount Washington Complete ListPoints
C, Alain318.752018-09-03 bMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Schmid, Josh318.752019-04-18Potter County Triple Divide Point Complete ListPoints
Sedillot, Marc318.752019-08-24 aBorder Monument 441 Peak Complete ListPoints
Saltsman, Greg318.752020-03-29Potter County Triple Divide Point Complete ListPoints
Leclerc, Sylvain318.752020-09-13Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Beaulieu , Véronique 318.752021-05-14Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Beaumont , Eric 318.752021-05-15Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Carpenter, Chip212.501960-08-04 4Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Carr, David212.501986Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Massoth, Tom212.501989-07-08Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Mick212.501990-07-04Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Wexler, Lanny212.501996-02-01Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Bourque, Dave212.501998-10-17 bMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Lobdell, Fred212.501999-05-27 dMorris County High Point Complete ListPoints
McEleney, Ian212.502000-03-11Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Belanger, Marc212.502001-07-22Crocker Hill Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill212.502001-08-28Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Everhart, Muriel212.502002-08-26Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg212.502002-08-26Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Zerphey, Charles212.502004-03-29Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob212.502004-06-01Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne212.502005-03-25Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Trapper212.502005-03-25Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Dan212.502005-06-14Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Stuart, Katie212.502005-08-14Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Rousselle, Tara212.502006-07-02Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Laquerre, Fred212.502007-08-13Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Koppel, Eric212.502008-01-02Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Steve212.502008-06-14Styles Peak-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Mlynarek, Julia212.502008-07-05 aBorder Monument 441 Peak Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Terry212.502008-07-05 aBorder Monument 441 Peak Complete ListPoints
Hathaway, Justin212.502008-07-27Styles Peak-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Howes, Marc212.502008-08-30Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bubniak, Gregory212.502009-06-27Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Alexandra212.502009-07-30Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Annette212.502009-07-30Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Braxton212.502009-07-30Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Ken212.502009-07-30Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Curran, John212.502009-10-08Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Leitch, Will212.502010-02-16Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Lubbert, Brian212.502010-06-08Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Pomeroy, Tom212.502010-06-10Mississippi-Susquehanna-Potomac Triple Divide Point Complete ListPoints
Gordon, Glen212.502010-07-09Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Waltz, Mike212.502010-07-16Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Pramuk, Gabriel212.502010-08-20Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Rush, Allen212.502011-07-12Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward†212.502011-08-30 11Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Aschbrenner, Ryan212.502011-09-02 eMerrimack-Charles-Blackstone Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Wandall, Ed212.502011-12-26Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Graver, Nicolas212.502012-08-24Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Bellemare, Max212.502012-08-28Styles Peak-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Kloster, Vince212.502012-09-05Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Petit, Dan212.502013-04-20Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Radigan, Taylor212.502013-06-14Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Desaulniers, François212.502013-08-03Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Olivari, Anthony212.502013-08-03 bMount Washington Complete ListPoints
Vitiello, Brian212.502013-09-14Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Baldwin, Adam212.502013-10-10Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Bussieres, Eric212.502013-10-12Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Coleman, Josey212.502014-01-20 cMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Goumas, Zachary212.502014-07-26 AMount Washington Complete ListPoints
Levering, Ryan212.502014-09-01Styles Peak-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Griffin, Daniel212.502014-09-06Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Oh, El212.502014-10-26Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
thompson, shane212.502015-03-10Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Townes, Will212.502015-03-18Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Aimee212.502015-05-22Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Jones, Mark212.502015-06-20Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Rioux, Real212.502015-08-22Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Geary, James212.502015-10-12Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Adams, Paul212.502016-03-06Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Wolf, Mike212.502016-04-10Merrimack-Charles-Blackstone Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
McKeon, Jeremy212.502016-04-17Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Bielli, Jimmy212.502016-07-03Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Cote, Sonia212.502016-08-08Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Squash, Josh212.502016-08-13Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Bafford, John212.502016-08-20Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Koziol, Travis212.502016-09-16Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Lawson, Jeffrey212.502016-10-06Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Thompson, Rebecca212.502016-10-16Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Wilkinson, Jim212.502017-01-02Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Brigham, Brian212.502017-02-05Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
chase, alexandria212.502017-07-16Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Dresser, Scott212.502017-08-13Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Dan, Cindy212.502017-08-26Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Hall, Jolene212.502017-08-26Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Moffitt, Steve212.502017-09-02Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Hambrick, Richard212.502017-11-09Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Giuliano, Dean212.502017-11-24Styles Peak-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Dufresne, Linda212.502017-11-25Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Smith, Justin212.502018-02-04Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Dirk212.502018-05-12Styles Peak-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Merkel, Mary Ruth212.502018-05-27Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Nagowski, Matthew212.502018-06-24Potter County Triple Divide Point Complete ListPoints
Matherne, Raven212.502018-07-01Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Lecksell, Chris212.502018-07-11Potter County Triple Divide Point Complete ListPoints
Wooding, Nathaniel212.502018-07-29Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
DaDalt, Luke212.502018-07-30Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Hay, Randy212.502018-08-01Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Tagliapietra, Ron212.502018-08-13Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
Tremblay, Amelie212.502018-08-16 cMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Kuchenbrod, Ian212.502018-08-26 bMount Washington Complete ListPoints
Vincent, Laurence212.502018-09-03 bMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Valo, Ken212.502018-09-29Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Saidel Goley , Samuel212.502018-11-11 bMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Sutman, Frank212.502018-11-24Morris County High Point Complete ListPoints
McDougle, Jake212.502018-12-30Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Higgins, Christopher212.502019-02-19Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Cuddihee, Bryan212.502019-06-14 aSandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Scott212.502019-07-06 bMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Huber, Dave212.502019-07-13Styles Peak-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Morse, Lisa212.502019-08-15 dMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Bilodeau, Joelle212.502019-09-06Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
S, Al212.502019-09-20 bMount Washington Complete ListPoints
Lumens, Chris212.502019-09-22Styles Peak-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Ching, Michael212.502019-09-28 cMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Ray, Bob212.502019-10-06 bMount Washington Complete ListPoints
Porter , Zachary 212.502019-10-14Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Emond, Lauraine212.502020-03-21Border Monument 441 Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Kevin212.502020-06-17 bMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
tiedemann, charles212.502020-07-03 dMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Djé, Jerome212.502020-07-12Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Laflamme, Judith212.502020-07-25Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Vigneault, Hugues212.502020-08-01Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Minville, Dominique212.502020-08-01 aBorder Monument 441 Peak Complete ListPoints
Readinger, Eric212.502020-10-09 bMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Marshall, Charles212.502020-10-12Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Belcourt, Mario212.502020-10-31 hBorder Monument 441 Peak Complete ListPoints
Burns, Scott212.502021-01-03Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Fisher, Garrett212.502021-02-21Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
S, Baxter212.502021-04-24 cMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Leclerc, Daniel212.502021-05-15Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
mitchell, david212.50UnknownStyles Peak-North Peak Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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