USA Lower 48 Triple Divide Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 56

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Lostracco, Ben2850.002020-02-16 dApalachicola-Altamaha-Suwanee Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob2239.292017-11-23 eBrazos-Trinity-San Jacinto Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis1425.002016-04-17 cMississippi-Rio Grande-Brazos Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Schwartz, Michael1119.642011-11-10 bWatering Pond Knob-Northeast Ridge Complete ListPoints
Newman, Laura1017.862019-04-16Salton-Colorado-Great Basin Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Jobe814.292020-10-03 fPotter County Triple Divide Point Complete ListPoints
Pomeroy, Tom610.712013-06-10Lula Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Laverdure, Jean André 610.712015-03-19Woodchuck Hill-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Climber, Mountain610.712018-03-14New York Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Sumner, Bob610.712019-01-05New York Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Nuernberger, Josef610.712020-07-28 aSonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Gerlach, Greg610.712020-08-31 dSalton-Santa Ana-Great Basin Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John58.932003-10-11Burro Peak Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan58.932015-10-26Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Jim58.932019-03-19Mississippi-Trinity-Sabine Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Gabany, Randy58.932019-09-22Kernersville Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Brewster, Joel58.932020-06-12Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Fishback , Steven 58.932020-09-26 aKernersville Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill47.141984-06-07Winnemucca Lake Southeast Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy47.142002-06-22Burro Peak Complete ListPoints
L, Sebastien47.142005-09-17Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob47.142005-11-08Burro Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken47.142006-05-11Burro Peak Complete ListPoints
Burd, Bob47.142007-03-15 aNew York Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam47.142008-06-04Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave47.142009-07-24Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Dunham, Dave47.142010-08-27Mississippi-Santee-Pee Dee Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Jim47.142012-06-01 bChiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Noel, Eric47.142013-06-15Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Layton, Tom47.142013-08-10 bMississippi-Roanoke-Pee Dee Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Dan47.142016-11-11Sassafrass Mountain-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Francis, David47.142017-01-29 cSalton-Colorado-Great Basin Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard47.142017-11-13Burro Peak Complete ListPoints
Harris, Douglas47.142018-02-02 cSawmill Mountain-West Peak Complete ListPoints
Kirmse, Andrew47.142018-03-14 aChiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James47.142018-03-16 aNew York Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Gaudet, Dean47.142018-03-25 cBurro Peak Complete ListPoints
Ide, John47.142018-04-23 cBurro Peak Complete ListPoints
Jagow, Craig47.142018-04-28 bChiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Butler, Winnette47.142018-05-16Sassafrass Mountain-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Arredondo, Patricia47.142018-05-16 dSassafrass Mountain-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg47.142019-04-26 bChiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Kloster, Vince47.142019-08-23Mississippi-Santee-Pee Dee Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Ru, Powen47.142019-12-21Sawmill Mountain-West Peak Complete ListPoints
Koetz, Quincy47.142020-07-05Sawmill Mountain-West Peak Complete ListPoints
Christensen, Keith47.142020-07-21Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Khamis, Miriam47.142020-08-15 eSonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Frederick35.361970-07Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Smatko, Andy35.361973-09-03Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Atkins, Kyle35.361986-07-18Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Martin, Bob35.361999-10-04Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Allen, Zach35.362000-08-19Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
MacLeod, Gordon35.362001-08-30Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen35.362004-09-11Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward35.362005-08-18Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
French, Michael35.362006Kernersville Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry35.362006-05Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Rat, Desert35.362006-06Burro Peak Complete ListPoints
Winger, Charlie35.362006-08-13Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Molen, Dean35.362006-11-15Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Mlynarek, Julia35.362008-07-05 aBorder Monument 441 Peak Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Terry35.362008-07-05 aBorder Monument 441 Peak Complete ListPoints
Bjørstad, Petter35.362008-09-22Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Threatte, Kenith35.362009-02-08Long Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pramuk, Gabriel35.362010-08-20Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Mallory, Kirk35.362010-09-20Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Lobdell, Fred35.362010-10-07Kernersville Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Whalen, Joe35.362011-08-24 dMount Washington Complete ListPoints
McEleney, Ian35.362011-08-30Crumbly Spire Complete ListPoints
Massad, Serge35.362011-10-08Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jantz, Adam35.362011-10-14Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay35.362012-05-26Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Seth35.362012-06-01Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Ray, John35.362012-12-29Salton-Colorado-Great Basin Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant35.362013-02-12Burro Peak Complete ListPoints
Fieberling, Karl35.362013-08-03Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Morton, Charles35.362013-10-16Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
vennum, walt35.362014-04-17New York Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Spadaro, Tycho35.362014-07-09Mount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Davey, Bob35.362014-10-17Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Ellsworth, Dick35.362015-03-22Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Tagliapietra, Ron35.362015-03-24Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Coleman, Josey35.362016-04-18 eSassafrass Mountain-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Garry, Paul35.362016-05-24Sassafrass Mountain-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Gergen, Teresa35.362016-06-21Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
madill, sue35.362016-08-02Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John35.362016-08-02Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Bafford, John35.362016-08-20Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Pat35.362016-10-24 cLula Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Walstra, Steve35.362016-10-27Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Horbal, Matt35.362016-11-04Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Comerzan, David35.362016-12-27 aSalton-Colorado-Great Basin Triple Divide Complete ListPoints
Oh, El35.362017-01-31Sassafrass Mountain-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan35.362017-02-22 aChiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
C, Gabriel35.362017-08-25 cMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
Rockinstraw, Rockinstraw35.362017-09-02Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Kamholz, Collin35.362017-09-03Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Barboza, Lisa35.362018-03-14 aChiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Sanger, David35.362018-03-14 aChiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Basis, Stav35.362018-04-11New York Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Brown, Fred35.362018-04-14Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
McEntee, Connor35.362018-06-20Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
McLaughlin, Bob35.362018-06-30 bWinnemucca Lake Southeast Complete ListPoints
Hay, Randy35.362018-08-01 oLong Mountain Complete ListPoints
C, Alain35.362018-09-03 bMount Field-Northwest Summit Complete ListPoints
O, Sean35.362018-10-12Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Kelliher, Mat35.362018-11-06 bChiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
Hibbard, Lou35.362019-03-17New York Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Hansen, MB35.362019-04-01 aChiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
McClellan, Paul35.362019-04-10 aBurro Peak Complete ListPoints
Kassan, Eric35.362019-07-03 bMount Washington Complete ListPoints
Sedillot, Marc35.362019-08-24 aBorder Monument 441 Peak Complete ListPoints
Sierra, Marcus35.362019-08-26 aWinnemucca Lake Southeast Complete ListPoints
Guillaume, Clément35.362019-08-30 jMount Washington Complete ListPoints
McCormick, Mark35.362019-10-16Mount Washington Complete ListPoints
Carpenter, Bill35.362019-10-20Sonora Peak Complete ListPoints
Saltsman, Greg35.362020-03-29Potter County Triple Divide Point Complete ListPoints
Leclerc, Sylvain35.362020-09-13Sandy Bay Mountain Complete ListPoints
Russell, Ken35.362020-10-22Chiricahua Peak Complete ListPoints
May, Robert35.362020-10-25 dSawmill Mountain-West Peak Complete ListPoints

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