Pacific Ocean U.S. Island High Points above 300 feet - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 39

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Russell, Ken1846.152016-04-16Soledad Peak Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward†1743.592014-02-01 13Tiptop Hill Complete ListPoints
Willis, Craig1641.032014-02-24 cToe Jam Hill Complete ListPoints
Roper, John1538.462019-09-17Fox Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg1435.902019-12-08 aMount Dallas Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken1333.332011-09-24Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Baxstrom, Curt1333.332022-03-04Ben Nevis Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James1230.772017-12-16Whidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Shetter, Martin1230.772018-12-31Lummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Willhite, Eric1230.772021-08-06Tiptop Hill Complete ListPoints
Marra, Anthony1230.772022-11-14 aBen Nevis Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant1128.212016-10-22Ben Nevis Complete ListPoints
Dewey, Andy1025.642012-08-05Vendovi Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Courtney, Ryan1025.642014-02-01 bTiptop Hill Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John923.082020-02-21Lopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Noel, Eric820.512012-01-01 cWhidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Newman, Laura820.512016-09-06Jackson Hill Complete ListPoints
LeLievre, Brad820.512020-02-21Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
P, Rich820.512021-04-14Lopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Themer, Karl820.512021-09-18Maury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave820.512021-10-10Yerba Buena Island High Point18Complete ListPoints
Maki, Mary820.512022-03-05Soledad Peak Complete ListPoints
Maki, Mike820.512022-03-05Soledad Peak Complete ListPoints
Long, Masayo717.952020-01-29 aGuemes Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam717.952021-09-02 aLummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Schrempp, Max717.952022-02-06Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Michelson, Paul717.952022-07-22Guemes Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Beavon, Fred717.952022-10-01 aCamano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard615.382009-04-30Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy615.382012-09-13Whidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Sweel, Greg615.382017-08-29Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Boos, Andy615.382020-01-20Maury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Jake†615.382020-01-25Lummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Strand, Andrew615.382020-02-21Lopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Jim615.382021-08-04 bMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Diller, Glenn615.382022-04-02Lopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill512.822012-01-19Soledad Peak Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Dan512.822016-01-24Jackson Hill Complete ListPoints
Fick, Dylan512.822018-03-04Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Fick, Roger512.822018-03-04Whidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob512.822019-07-23Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Kirmse, Andrew512.822021-06-22 bMount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Caviezel, CHRIS512.822021-07-31Whidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Gilbertson, Eric512.822021-08-28 bLopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay512.822021-11-13Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Rudnick, Christian512.822022-02-12Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Jordan, Fletcher512.822022-04-02Lummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Giurgiulescu, Mihai512.822022-07-02 aMaury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Fishback, Steven512.822022-08-02Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Frink, Stu410.262011-03-26Maury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam†410.262011-11-05Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Duane410.262012-10-13Mount Dallas Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis†410.262012-10-13 bMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Howe, Noel410.262013-01-13Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
L, Evan410.262013-03Guemes Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Kraai, Bryan410.262014-05-13 cWhidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Eklund, Jan Peter410.262015-02-22Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Graham, James410.262015-04-24Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Bolton, Bob410.262015-07-04Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Gagner, Josh410.262015-07-04Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Ken410.262016-03-25Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Gaudet, Dean410.262017-11-03 bMount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Carmody, David410.262017-11-17Lopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Romig, Becca410.262017-12-16Whidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Dodge, Daryn410.262018-05-05Jackson Hill Complete ListPoints
Morrow, John410.262018-06-17Guemes Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Will410.262019-02-05Fox Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Casserly, Sean410.262021-04-04Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Takahashi, Asaka410.262021-04-04Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Bliss, Katy410.262021-08-04 bMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Mullen, Wyatt410.262021-08-22Toe Jam Hill Complete ListPoints
Guthrie, Colin410.262021-12-08Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Wittmier, Dustin410.262022-11-05 cLummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Aldrich, Jake410.262022-11-26Guemes Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Lorence, Beth410.262022-11-26Guemes Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Earle, Chris37.691982-04-01Lummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Baker, Jim37.691992-09-27Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
vennum, walt37.692005-08-15Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Brandon37.692007-08 cMount Dallas Complete ListPoints
Dewey, Marc37.692011-02-19Lopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Rat, Desert37.692012-08Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Burd, Bob37.692013-05-08Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Bryson, Robert37.692013-10-20Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Furnas, Randy37.692014Cypress Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Wayne37.692014-10-09 aMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Lin, Cindy37.692015-07-04 bMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Smith, Ryan37.692016-07-16Whidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Sanger, David37.692016-10-23Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Sierra, Marcus37.692016-10-23 bDevils Peak Complete ListPoints
Hladecek, Andrew37.692016-12-22Maury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
McCarty, Brian37.692017-05-27Whidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Myers, Neil37.692017-08-05Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Myers, Carrie37.692017-08-05 cCamano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
helminger, mike37.692017-08-13Lopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Morrissey, Thomas37.692017-08-14Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Partridge, Richard37.692017-10-10Mount Dallas Complete ListPoints
Rich, Kathy37.692018-05-05Jackson Hill Complete ListPoints
Galvez, Yvonne37.692018-09-08Mount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Grant37.692019Guemes Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Fuerst, Jeremy†37.692019-01-04Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Ron37.692019-01-26 dMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Black, Mike37.692019-03-09Guemes Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Rice, Scott37.692019-03-09 bMaury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Painter, Chad37.692019-04-20Lopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Kartes, Craig37.692019-05-18Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Rogstad, Dirk37.692019-08-29 aLopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Ralph, Derek37.692019-11-02Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Kerth, Chris37.692019-12-13Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Eon, Selena37.692020-01-25 aLummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Goodro, Mark37.692020-05-30Toe Jam Hill Complete ListPoints
Lakin, Beth37.692020-07-02Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Koetz, Quincy37.692020-12-12 dMount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Rigtrup, Scott37.692021-03-20Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Thomas, Chad37.692021-04-04 aDevils Peak Complete ListPoints
Bretherton, Kyle37.692021-06-05Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Moffatt, Brett37.692021-11-13Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan37.692021-12-10 bMaury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Gotz, Alex37.692022-01-29 aMaury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Climber, Mountain37.692022-03-14Mount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Hirsch, Derrick37.692022-04-09Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Henderson, Josh37.692022-07-31Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob37.692022-08-06 dMaury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Semaca, Alex37.692022-08-07Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Sal, Harvey37.692022-08-10 dCamano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Robertson, Chris37.692022-08-31Whidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Kato, Alex37.692022-10-23Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Song, Steven37.692022-10-26 aLummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Wittmier, Andrea37.692022-11-05 cLummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Carpenter, Bill37.692022-11-19Soledad Peak Complete ListPoints
Berger, Tim25.131975-09-13Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Ellsworth, Dick25.131983-07Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Shaw, Mike25.131985-05-04Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Watrous, Hal25.131985-06-20 85Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Robertson, Matt25.131992Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Jones, Colin25.131996-03-23Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Jones, Evan25.131996-03-23Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Trapper25.132000-08-31Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Sarna, JohnE25.132000-09-04Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Newell, Debbie25.132002Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick25.132003-01-18Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Jacobs, Bill25.132003-07-10Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Bauman, Marion25.132004Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne25.132004-03-27Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Flood, Terry25.132004-05-08Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
DeRoo, Tom25.132004-06-21Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Winger, Charlie25.132004-07-15Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Williamson, Kevin†25.132004-07-26Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Mike25.132007-10-14Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Olson, David25.132008-05-25Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Burt, Richard25.132008-08-23Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Broodbakker, Mario25.132009-05-16Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
VanderBilt, Monty25.132009-09-12Lummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Caillat, Alex25.132010-03-02Mount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Nanevicz, Tom25.132010-04-10Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Reed, Jason25.132011-01-02Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Albert, Sean25.132011-03-13Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Irvine, Ryder25.132011-06-13Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Blume, Walter25.132011-08-05Mount Dallas Complete ListPoints
Willis, Nancy25.132012-01-01 cWhidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Frederick†25.132012-04-08Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Peters, William25.132012-09-21Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Pattie25.132012-10-13 cMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Peterson, Rick25.132013Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Hedges, Jim25.132013-05-11Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Below, Matt25.132014-01-15Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Ramsey, Beau25.132014-02-01Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
carr, jeff25.132014-09-01Tiptop Hill Complete ListPoints
Walker, Natasha25.132014-09-06Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Eng, Courtny25.132014-12-06Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Lazutin, Sergey25.132014-12-27Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
miller, rhonda25.132014-12-27Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Ransom, Eric25.132014-12-27Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Whitney, Will25.132015-04-26Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Evans, Alexei25.132015-05-13Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Frink, Christian25.132015-05-17 bMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Westbrock, Andy25.132015-05-25Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Sumner, Bob25.132015-07-18Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Christiansen, George25.132015-08-17Mount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Britton, Shelly25.132015-09-21Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Sullivan, Michael25.132015-09-21Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Martin, Mike25.132015-10-02Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Peterson, Barbara25.132015-12-28Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Stewart, Dennis25.132016-01-09 01Mount Dallas Complete ListPoints
Stewart, Geri25.132016-01-09 01Mount Dallas Complete ListPoints
Weiland, Craig25.132016-02-14Maury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Duncan25.132016-03-04Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Hill, Craig25.132016-03-24Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Lucas, Ed25.132016-04-16Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Geissinger, Eric25.132016-05-14Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Khamis, Miriam25.132016-06-16Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Graf, Lynn25.132016-06-19Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Christensen, Keith25.132016-07-09Mount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Craig25.132016-07-17Mount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
McEntee, Connor25.132016-08-23Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Ehrlich, Ted25.132016-10-02Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Jim25.132017-02-20Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Eames, Eric25.132017-03-04Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John25.132017-04-19Mount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Midthun, Jens25.132017-06-24Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Burley, Scott25.132017-07-04Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Hiker, Swingshift25.132017-08-27Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
koldewey, martina25.132017-11-03 cMount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Akerman, Ken25.132017-12-24Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Barboza, Lisa25.132018-04-24Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Sidehill, Asa25.132018-05-19Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Esser, Nina25.132018-06-09 mMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Edwards, Blair25.132018-06-23Maury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Gilbert, John25.132018-07Lopez Hill Complete ListPoints
O'Keeffe, Daniel25.132018-09-23Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Dean, Denis25.132018-10-13Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
W, Vanessa25.132018-10-19Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Carlson, Garrett25.132019-01-19Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
DeFields, Kevin25.132019-01-19Guemes Island High Point Complete ListPoints
⠀, Edmarc25.132019-02-02 bMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Aitchison, Rob25.132019-02-03Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Ephrat25.132019-02-23Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Luca25.132019-02-23 bMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Radley, Boo25.132019-03-09Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Murray, Alex25.132019-03-09 bMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Derickson, Evan25.132019-04-07Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Searing, Sierra25.132019-04-27Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Plamondon, Shane25.132019-05-19Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Briscoe, Georgia25.132019-07-16Whidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Kallestad, Sage25.132019-07-26 bMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Romig, Sawyer25.132019-07-26 bMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Thelen, Justin25.132019-09-01 jMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Teudt, Rick25.132019-09-06Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Montgomery, Sarah25.132019-10-20Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Doyle, Jim25.132019-10-25 dYerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Tiefenbruck, Laura25.132020-01-26Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
madill, sue25.132020-02-21Lopez Hill Complete ListPoints
Pribbernow, Chris25.132020-03-18Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Alexander, Sorin25.132020-03-22Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Griffith, Zak25.132020-04-06Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Krivenko, Elliott25.132020-05-25 aMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Cooper, Enji25.132020-06Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Russell, Reed25.132020-06-06Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
T, Kurt25.132020-08-08Soledad Peak Complete ListPoints
lyster, todd25.132020-08-24Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
King, Scott25.132020-09-19Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
King, Sean25.132020-09-19Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Becht, Tom25.132020-09-26 bMount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Ramm-Granberg, Tynan25.132020-10-08Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Sidelnik, Albert25.132020-10-24Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Tuvey, Erik25.132020-10-25Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Biggers, Lance25.132020-12-11Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Souser, Bill25.132021-02-16Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Kohn, Jerry25.132021-02-20 aYerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Kohn, Megan25.132021-02-20 aYerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Lauren, Dan25.132021-02-20 aMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Graupe, Michael25.132021-04-04Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Nuernberger, Josef25.132021-04-04Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Golias, Dave25.132021-04-18 bMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Harrington, Brittany25.132021-04-18 cMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Sankar, Aditya25.132021-05-31Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
St.Clair, Kimberly25.132021-06-12Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
K., Alex25.132021-06-17Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Van Orden, Lori Jean25.132021-07-25 bYerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
H, Chris25.132021-07-31Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Strassman, Alec25.132021-07-31Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Mattioda, Darci25.132021-08-08Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Fieberling, Karl25.132021-09-22 bMaury Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Taranovski, Sasha25.132021-10-31Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Fidorra, Jason25.132021-11-07 aWhidbey Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Jagow, Craig25.132021-11-13Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Wenzl, Hans25.132021-11-13Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Strupp, Nathan25.132021-11-19Cypress Island High Point Complete ListPoints
DeWulf, John25.132021-12-15Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Gustafson, Aaron25.132022-01-10Yerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Feinberg, Daniel25.132022-01-14Mount Caroline Livermore Complete ListPoints
Soskins, Christine25.132022-02-26 aMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Schilling, Peter25.132022-03-13Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
King, Trevor25.132022-03-26Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Kyle25.132022-04-02Lummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Henry, Wade25.132022-04-15Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Geyer, Brad25.132022-04-23Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Shih, Susan25.132022-04-24 aMount Orizaba Complete ListPoints
Hill, Brian25.132022-05-21 bMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Halaszyn, Alexander25.132022-05-22Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Rao, Anand25.132022-05-27Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Alvarado, Iam-Paulo25.132022-06-04Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Dillard, Jared25.132022-06-25Lummi Peak Complete ListPoints
Elise, Yumi25.132022-07-04 bYerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Guillaume, Clément25.132022-07-04 bYerba Buena Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Mick, Daniel25.132022-07-20Camano Island High Point Complete ListPoints
Cheng, Sijie25.132022-07-23Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Skelton, Kyle25.132022-08-06 tMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Clenaghan, Graham25.132022-08-13Mount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Ortega, Jazmin25.132022-09-06Soledad Peak Complete ListPoints
Shuer, David25.132022-09-26Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Burdalski, Bob25.132022-10-29Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Ahmad, Omair25.132022-11-11Mount Erie Complete ListPoints
Akehurst, Tobin25.13UnknownMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Haberman, Alec25.13UnknownMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Mitchler, John25.13UnknownMount Constitution Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry25.13UnknownDevils Peak Complete ListPoints
Rogstad, Nick25.13UnknownMount Erie Complete ListPoints
Russell, Stan25.13UnknownMount Constitution Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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