Spain Autonomous Community High Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 19

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Kamela, Benito1789.472007-12-07Torreón del Calvitero1Complete ListPoints
Intxa, Ima1789.472009-04-09Lobo1Complete ListPoints
Villegas, Rafael1789.472019-10-22Torrecerredo Complete ListPoints
Cano, Luis1578.952016-12-09Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Ar, Luis1368.422021-10-23 uPeña Trevinca Complete ListPoints
Feldman, Iona1368.422022-01-09Cerro Calderón Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob1263.162021-10-20 dCerro San Lorenzo Complete ListPoints
Mclellan, Richard947.372021-10-12Torreón del Calvitero Complete ListPoints
Valaitis, Deividas947.372022-09-10 A1Torrecerredo Complete ListPoints
Mackenzie, Stuart842.112021-10-16Cerro San Lorenzo Complete ListPoints
Mackenzie, Susan842.112021-10-16Cerro San Lorenzo Complete ListPoints
Oh, El842.112022-09-05Peña Vieja1Complete ListPoints
Abascal de la Cierva, Alvaro736.841999-05-02Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Castillero Gracia, José Daniel736.842009-05-11Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Azcona Vilatobà, Fermí736.842018-04-08Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Rodés Muñoz, Pere736.842019-05-14Lobo Complete ListPoints
Auderset, Iwan736.842019-05-17Torreón del Calvitero6Complete ListPoints
Mclellan, Denise736.842021-10-12Torreón del Calvitero Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin631.582017-08-16 aAketegi Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve631.582022-02-13Aketegi22Complete ListPoints
Bjørstad, Petter526.322008-10-06Torrecerredo Complete ListPoints
Guzik, Robert526.322009-08-13Puig Mayor Complete ListPoints
Bokeron, De Vallekas526.322010-08-28Torreón del Calvitero Complete ListPoints
Fieles, Matthias526.322022-06-14Monte Anyera Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee526.322022-10-08Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Guallar, Oscar421.052003-11-20Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Argudo, Oscar421.052016-03-26Aketegi Complete ListPoints
Fiege, Jörn421.052017-10-28 bCerro San Lorenzo Complete ListPoints
Ag, A421.052020-04-05 bPico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Nuernberger, Josef421.052022-01-20 aPico de Peñalara Complete ListPoints
Rudnick, Christian421.052022-07-05 aPeña Trevinca Complete ListPoints
Bellarby, Peter315.791994-09-13Peña Vieja Complete ListPoints
Ouellette, Norman315.792003Pico de Peñalara Complete ListPoints
Ouellette, Norman315.792003Lobo Complete ListPoints
Borrut Farran, Joan315.792005-09-11Pica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Albert, N315.792006-08-16Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Aitken, Mark315.792006-09-15Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob315.792009-08-14Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Rodriguez, Christian315.792009-12-19Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Gamba y, Bokeron315.792010-08-28Torreón del Calvitero Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee315.792010-09-22Pico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
U, Alex315.792012-03-14Pico de Peñalara Complete ListPoints
Upson, Chris315.792013-07-06Pico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Macedo, Pedro315.792014-04Torrecerredo Complete ListPoints
Begiristain, Itziar315.792014-09-07Mesa de los Tres Reyes Complete ListPoints
Belhadj, Malek315.792015-01-23 bPico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Friedrich, Martin315.792015-12-19Obispo Complete ListPoints
Hiker, Swingshift315.792017-09-10Cerro San Lorenzo Complete ListPoints
Pirog, Kasia315.792017-10-06 lPuig Mayor Complete ListPoints
Iñarra Olaziregi, Ander315.792020-11-18 vMesa de los Tres Reyes1Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Alan315.792021-12-14Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Wayne315.792022-07-12 cPico de Peñalara Complete ListPoints
Cusick, Michael315.792022-08-05 AMulhacén Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick315.792022-08-05 aMulhacén Complete ListPoints
O, Sean315.792022-08-25Aketegi Complete ListPoints
Rockinstraw, Rockinstraw315.792022-09-10Torrecerredo Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg210.531985-07-25Pico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Weber, Andre210.531996Pico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Starbuck, John210.531997-11-30Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Tillmanns, Stephan210.531998-01Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Finn, Stefan210.531998-01-06Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter210.531998-12-01 bPico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Soldevila, Jordi210.532003-07-23Pica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Larrea, Efrain210.532003-08-16Pica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Bjørstad, Pål210.532004-03-02Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Deiros, Ivan210.532005-07-21Pico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David210.532006-09-27Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Wabnig, Dagmar210.532007-06-05Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Maria, Nàsega210.532008-07-24Pico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard210.532008-12-23Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Europa, Sergi210.532010-04-18Pica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
van der Elst, Jan210.532010-04-18Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Zalokar, Fred†210.532011-07-22Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Westcott, Julian210.532011-09-25Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Keith210.532011-09-28Mesa de los Tres Reyes Complete ListPoints
Winkler, Geri210.532011-10-11Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Loeberbauer, Wolfgang210.532012Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark210.532012-10-20Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Erritt, Louis210.532014-10-25 bMulhacén Complete ListPoints
Govan, Alastair210.532015-06-15Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Hill, Ian210.532017Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Cousinié, Mathieu210.532017-07-15Pico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Craig, Keith210.532017-10-08Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew210.532017-11-24Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Nock, David210.532017-11-24 bPico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Alex210.532017-12-12Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan210.532017-12-12Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Molly210.532017-12-12Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey210.532017-12-30Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Gerber, Andrej210.532018-01-25Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Buch, Damo210.532018-05-31Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Jaroszewski, Marcin Konrad210.532018-06-01Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Svensson, Emma210.532018-06-29Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Hart, David210.532018-07-05Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Gustafsson, Mattias210.532018-07-17Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Morley, Scott210.532018-08-16Pica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Winkler, Christoph210.532018-08-19Pica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Riley, Mal210.532018-09-17Pica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Martinez Lopez, Albert210.532019Pica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Zulinski, Nikolaus210.532019-01-26Pico de Peñalara Complete ListPoints
Schenck, Ivan210.532019-02-20Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Whyte, Ken†210.532019-02-27Puig Mayor Complete ListPoints
Almeida, Antonio210.532019-06-04Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Gustafson, Aaron210.532019-06-19Pico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Maipo, Emil210.532019-07-15Pico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Howells, David210.532019-09-24 aMulhacén Complete ListPoints
Dubikovskyy, Vladyslav210.532019-12-25Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Bartok, Attila210.532020-01-06Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Kotrade, Felix210.532020-02-27Pico de Peñalara Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob210.532020-03-07Monte Anyera Complete ListPoints
Igoa, Oihan210.532020-07-06 gPico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Milliard, Tom210.532020-07-13 aPico de Teide3Complete ListPoints
Matilla, Ander210.532020-07-24Lobo Complete ListPoints
L, Pablo210.532020-09-16Peña Trevinca Complete ListPoints
Trimiño, Javier210.532020-10-14 dPica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Svensson, Caj210.532020-10-21Puig Mayor Complete ListPoints
Beltran, Angel210.532021-01-13 rMesa de los Tres Reyes Complete ListPoints
Pego, Yago210.532021-03-14Peña Trevinca Complete ListPoints
Skorupa, Bartek210.532021-04-20Pico de Teide Complete ListPoints
Cho, S210.532021-06-16Pico de Aneto Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Bill210.532021-07-01Mulhacén Complete ListPoints
Matiášek, Jan210.532021-08-21Puig Mayor Complete ListPoints
Iglesias, David210.532021-09-07 dPica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Bergsammlung, Markus210.532022-05-21 bMulhacén Complete ListPoints
Fieles Pyschny, Emanuel210.532022-06-14Monte Anyera Complete ListPoints
Radwan, Marcin210.532022-08-13 aMulhacén Complete ListPoints
Elise, Yumi210.532022-08-28 cPica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Kovác, Michal210.532022-09-01Pica d'Estats Complete ListPoints
Lass, Laurent210.532022-11-20 uCerro San Lorenzo Complete ListPoints
Montaña, Toni210.53UnknownPico de Teide Complete ListPoints

† = Deceased

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