Cumbrian Humps - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 115

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Bloomer, Jim11196.522009-07-20Barbon Low Fell Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Martin11095.652006-11-25Kirkby Moor Complete ListPoints
Woodall, Rob11095.652007-07-28Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Stone, Peter11095.652018-01-22 aHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Earnshaw, Michael11095.65UnknownCaw Complete ListPoints
Caine, Alan10893.912018-04-28Yewbarrow Complete ListPoints
Dixon, Steve10692.172019-04-19Caw Complete ListPoints
Brown, Andrew10490.432016-10-02Muncaster Fell Complete ListPoints
Illing, Graham10490.43UnknownGummer's How Complete ListPoints
Halstead, Rob10288.702018-05-27Dufton Pike Complete ListPoints
Tibbetts, Richard10086.962016-09-18Crag Fell Complete ListPoints
Whyte, Ken9380.872001-12-04The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Edgar, David9380.872018-11-04Top o'Selside Complete ListPoints
Down, Nick8977.392018-05-09Claife Heights Complete ListPoints
Stone, James8876.522018-10-28 1aBarbon Low Fell Complete ListPoints
Wren, Richard8876.522019-03-31 bBaugh Fell-Tarn Rigg Hill Complete ListPoints
Bowron, Ronnie8775.652015-07-25Calf Top Complete ListPoints
Charters, Ian8775.652018-01-07Lambrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Morley, Scott8473.042018-05-12Glaramara Complete ListPoints
Smith, Steve8069.572018-02-18 cHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Elson, James7666.092018-06-01Swinside Complete ListPoints
Jackson, Joe7262.612012-03-10Hard Knott Complete ListPoints
Phillips, Chris6657.392019-03-20Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Randy6253.912018-03-14 bLingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Brown, Charlotte6253.912018-07-05Hen Comb Complete ListPoints
Barni, Owen6052.172019-04-04 aBranstree Complete ListPoints
Martin, Barry5951.302019-04-22Top o'Selside Complete ListPoints
Stone, Twm5850.432019-04-21 ASeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Honey, Gary5446.962007-01-03Black Combe Complete ListPoints
Tomkins, Andy5446.962016-12-17Muncaster Fell Complete ListPoints
Stone, Ceri5446.962019-04-21Seat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Rigby, Stephen5043.482016-10-14Great Borne Complete ListPoints
Smith, Andrew4841.742017-03-01 zSale Fell Complete ListPoints
Stone, Patrick4640.002015-09-05Crinkle Crags-Long Top Complete ListPoints
Smith, P4236.522019-02-08 tRest Dodd Complete ListPoints
Evans, Mike3732.172019-04-07 aBaystones Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Tony3530.432017-01-01Binsey Complete ListPoints
Jones, Emily3530.432019-04-07 bGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Ainsworth, Mark3429.572019-04-23 dDow Crag Complete ListPoints
Tina, Trailhobo3328.70UnknownKnott Complete ListPoints
Riley, Mal3227.831991-04-11Esk Pike Complete ListPoints
Gullen, James3026.092019-04-20 aFleetwith Pike Complete ListPoints
Duffield, Claire2824.352019-03-23Esk Pike Complete ListPoints
Gillie, Martin2824.35UnknownHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
Yates, Tammy 2723.482019-04-09Great Mell Fell Complete ListPoints
Edwards, James2622.612016-12-18Ill Bell Complete ListPoints
Graham, Rob2622.612019-04-22 zThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Horstad, Kjell2521.742015-07-15Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Fox, Jenny2521.742019-04-18 zSt Sunday Crag Complete ListPoints
Fox, Alison 2420.871994Black Combe Complete ListPoints
Kerr, Bob2420.872009-10-14Hutton Roof Crags Complete ListPoints
Law, Douglas2420.872011-07-24Glaramara Complete ListPoints
Kanaris, Daniel2420.872016-06-03Holme Fell Complete ListPoints
Mcfarlane, Jamie2420.872017-01-23 xDale Head Complete ListPoints
Toland, Patrick2420.872018-09-27Binsey Complete ListPoints
Hepple, Darren2420.87UnknownCross Fell Complete ListPoints
Sands, Eric2320.002017-07-24Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Strachan, Laura2320.002018-12-11 qHigh Rigg Complete ListPoints
Swinburn, Dave2320.002019-02-23Hallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Mason , Andy2320.002019-04-07 aCrag Hill Complete ListPoints
Gate, Sam 2320.002019-04-18 bHen Comb Complete ListPoints
Morgan, Ed2219.131976Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Bob, Bob2219.132019-04-07 wSeat Sandal Complete ListPoints
Steele, Colin2219.132019-04-09 zPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Beechey, Mike2219.132019-04-19 rGrasmoor Complete ListPoints
Smith, Mark2118.262016-02-21High Spy Complete ListPoints
Heys, Silas2118.262019-04-18 bBranstree Complete ListPoints
Levey, David2017.391983-03-18Esk Pike Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Matt2017.392018-10-13 bCrinkle Crags-Long Top Complete ListPoints
Bovey, John2017.392019-04-06 eHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
Day, Jack2017.392019-04-18 xRobinson Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee1916.522015-09-26 dGreat Knoutberry Hill Complete ListPoints
Humphries, Lee1916.522016-02-07Great Coum Complete ListPoints
Metcalf , Graham 1916.522019-03-11Fleetwith Pike Complete ListPoints
Coster, Andy1916.522019-04-13Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Atkinson, Emma1916.522019-04-18 dBlake Fell Complete ListPoints
Hopkins, Lewis1815.652009-02-20The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Shackleford, Randy1815.652018-09-02 eWhernside Complete ListPoints
McAllister, Mark1815.652018-10-05 iRest Dodd Complete ListPoints
Arnold, Ed1815.652019-04-06 xPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
B, Liz1815.652019-04-19 gSwirl How Complete ListPoints
Lawson, Jackie 1815.652019-04-22 oHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Hart, Kevin1714.782018-06-02 jBlack Fell Complete ListPoints
Hanson, Terry1714.782019-04-23 aLow Fell Complete ListPoints
Shortland, Joanne1613.912018-03-04 kSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
M, Evan1613.912018-07-28 cRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Quinn, Charlie1613.912018-11-19Great Gable Complete ListPoints
Tomlinson, Dyllon1613.912019-01-20 aTarn Crag Complete ListPoints
Orrison, Matthew1513.042018-03-14Lingmoor Fell Complete ListPoints
Spaltz , Queren 1513.042018-10-10Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick1513.042018-11-02Great Coum Complete ListPoints
Duncan, Claire1412.172009-09-13Skiddaw Complete ListPoints
Crawte , Adam 1412.172016-10-16 zHigh Raise Complete ListPoints
RI, A1412.172017-05-11 bThe Calf Complete ListPoints
Trotter, Richard1412.172018-02-19 vFleetwith Pike Complete ListPoints
Furness, Simon1412.172018-03-14 uPillar Complete ListPoints
Stephen Smith, Stephen Smith1412.172019-02-22 sLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Stamper, Martin1412.172019-04-13 aFairfield Complete ListPoints
Eggleston, Ben1412.172019-04-20 zHallin Fell Complete ListPoints
Babiev, Lev1311.302018-04-29Great Knoutberry Hill Complete ListPoints
Leckenby, Amber1311.302018-10-14Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Napier, Andy1311.302018-11-02 aSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Jones, Jan1311.302018-11-04 wGrasmoor Complete ListPoints
lopez, jonny1311.302019-04-18 zGreat Calva Complete ListPoints
Page , Lesley 1210.432017-03-21 zArd Crags Complete ListPoints
Allan, Asa1210.432019-03-24Binsey Complete ListPoints
Finn, Jo1210.432019-04-05Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Royle , Helen1210.432019-04-20 eDow Crag Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard119.572008-06-30Wetherlam Complete ListPoints
Curran, Sarah119.572018-05-22 cHelvellyn Complete ListPoints
Moffat, Danny119.572019-03-23 bRobinson Complete ListPoints
Cookie, Lisa119.572019-04-08 vWhernside Complete ListPoints
O'Sullivan, Jenny119.572019-04-17 vDodd Complete ListPoints
Carpenter, Helen119.572019-04-21 aBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Deurgar, The119.57UnknownKnott Complete ListPoints
Colliander, Rickard108.702018-02-09 dWetherlam Complete ListPoints
Symonds, Lynn108.702018-04-03 wDale Head Complete ListPoints
Chaston , Philip 108.702018-12-03Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Bacon, Kevin108.702019-01-01Dale Head Complete ListPoints
Nicholson , Diane 108.702019-02-06 nCrinkle Crags-Long Top Complete ListPoints
Weaver, Luke108.702019-02-26 eEsk Pike Complete ListPoints
Ardis, Barry108.702019-03-05 fWetherlam Complete ListPoints
Symonds, M108.702019-04-07 rLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Hanby, Kieran 108.702019-04-14 fRed Screes Complete ListPoints
Farmer, Paul108.702019-04-19 eCrag Hill Complete ListPoints
heaton, richard108.702019-04-21 bWetherlam Complete ListPoints
Richardson, Lucy108.702019-04-21 cCrag Fell Complete ListPoints
Sclocco, Alessio97.832016-06-25Dale Head Complete ListPoints
Etisoy, Sarah97.832017-01-21 dCrag Hill Complete ListPoints
Webb, Mike97.832017-04-06 tHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Donneky, John97.832018-05-13 cEsk Pike Complete ListPoints
n, h97.832018-11-02 bSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Philip , Jo97.832018-11-21 tGreat Gable Complete ListPoints
Wright, Sarah97.832019-01-05 yLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Fowler, Megan97.832019-01-12Mellbreak Complete ListPoints
Moz, Laura97.832019-01-18 rKirk Fell Complete ListPoints
Adair, Calum97.832019-03-03Harter Fell Complete ListPoints
Gibson, Ray97.832019-03-29Bowfell Complete ListPoints
Lumsden, Gill97.832019-03-29Binsey Complete ListPoints
Brenan, Kim97.832019-04-13Scafell Pike Complete ListPoints
Pratt, Sally97.832019-04-20 qRobinson Complete ListPoints
Figg, James97.832019-04-21 dRest Dodd Complete ListPoints
Kirton, Les86.962016-08-06 ePike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
Adams, Dan86.962017-03-28 bHard Knott Complete ListPoints
Hill, Jodie 86.962017-04-09 tHigh Spy Complete ListPoints
Rea, Matthew86.962017-05-28Nine Standards Rigg Complete ListPoints
Wayfarer, Northern86.962017-07-25Great Gable Complete ListPoints
Doyle, Jonathan86.962018Grisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Daley86.962018-08-18Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Wigston, Beth86.962019-02-23 aArd Crags Complete ListPoints
Tomlinson, Kerry86.962019-04-07Black Fell Complete ListPoints
Atkinson, James86.962019-04-21 cLank Rigg Complete ListPoints
Hooper, Tom86.962019-04-22Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Kuraguchi, Mari76.091996-09-20Fairfield Complete ListPoints
Watkins, John76.092004-10-16Skiddaw Complete ListPoints
Davies, Steve76.092008-11-23High Rigg Complete ListPoints
Hill, Martin76.092010-06-26Grisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Sprinks, James76.092011-08-31Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Nightingale, Mark76.092015-04-08Kirkby Moor Complete ListPoints
McCumiskey, John76.092016-10-29 gCrag Hill Complete ListPoints
Allen, Jon76.092018-06-18 vSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
Johns, Chris76.092018-08-12 dPike of Blisco Complete ListPoints
R, P76.092018-09-30High Raise Complete ListPoints
Baynton, Lee76.092018-11-01 kDale Head Complete ListPoints
Hyland, Mark76.092018-12-28High Street Complete ListPoints
Simpson, KATE76.092019-01-02 aGowbarrow Fell Complete ListPoints
Denny, Roxy76.092019-01-28Loughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Greer, Keith76.092019-04-13Blencathra Complete ListPoints
Jones, Abbi76.092019-04-23 kLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints
Warren, James65.222013-05-26Helvellyn Complete ListPoints
Graver, Nicolas65.222014-08-09The Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Stephen65.222014-10-15Dodd Complete ListPoints
Baker, Chris65.222015-08-30Pillar Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Marcus65.222015-10-04 hGreat Dodd Complete ListPoints
Burn, Alex65.222016-08-29Grisedale Pike Complete ListPoints
Fillingham, Russell65.222017-01-14 qSkiddaw Complete ListPoints
B, Katie65.222017-02-21Ard Crags Complete ListPoints
Simpson, Ian65.222017-09-10 cIllgill Head Complete ListPoints
O'Callaghan, Margaret65.222018-08-26 eHigh Spy Complete ListPoints
V, Carl65.222018-09-15 jBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Martin, Olly65.222018-10-22Helvellyn Complete ListPoints
Dawson, Kris65.222018-12-28High Street Complete ListPoints
Mcdonald, Ben65.222019-01-10 gBlencathra Complete ListPoints
Reece , Marcus65.222019-02-04 kDow Crag Complete ListPoints
Bryan, Catherine65.222019-02-26 iHarter Fell Complete ListPoints
Parry, Julian65.222019-02-27 bSale Fell Complete ListPoints
Prior, Carrie- ann65.222019-03-10Red Screes Complete ListPoints
Sweetenham, Andy65.222019-03-11 wHigh Stile Complete ListPoints
James, Bee65.222019-04-07 oWhernside Complete ListPoints
Blackwell, Stephen65.222019-04-19 aLow Fell Complete ListPoints
Baker, Mark65.22UnknownGreen Crag Complete ListPoints
glasper, steve65.22UnknownThe Old Man of Coniston Complete ListPoints
Howat, Becky65.22UnknownLoughrigg Fell Complete ListPoints

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