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Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top few hundred climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 25

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
L, Sebastien2392.002012-07-01Mont du Barbeau Complete ListPoints
C, Gabriel1976.002018-01-28 aMont Sugar Loaf Complete ListPoints
C, Alain1976.002018-03-24 aMont Albert Complete ListPoints
Cote, Sonia1976.002019-06-20Mont Jauffret Complete ListPoints
Quebec, Edith (Wadever)1768.002018-08-21Mont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
Laquerre, Fred1664.002016-03-23Mont du lac à l'Alouette Complete ListPoints
BushWhack, MartinHike1664.002019-09-29 aMont Sugar Loaf Complete ListPoints
Terrones, Nick1560.002019-06-25Mont des Morios Complete ListPoints
CD, Lyndon1352.002018-08-19Mont Jauffret Complete ListPoints
Gendron, Benoit1248.002017-10-16 aLa Chouenne Complete ListPoints
Couillard-Despres, Jimmy1248.002018-08-16Mont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
Beaumont , Eric 1248.002019-03-13Mont Veyrier Complete ListPoints
Massad, Serge1248.002019-08-17 bMontagne Brûlé Complete ListPoints
Lauzon, Alexandre1144.002013-08-12Mont du Lac du Pioui Complete ListPoints
Sedillot, Marc1144.002018-03-17 bLa Chouenne Complete ListPoints
Vallieres, Jean-Marc1040.002017-09-02Montagne Brûlé Complete ListPoints
Boy, Gino1040.002018-07-18Mont du lac à l'Alouette Complete ListPoints
Sédillot , Simon936.002016-06-30Pic de l'Ours Complete ListPoints
Gerard, Sebastien936.002016-08-03Mont Richardson Complete ListPoints
Desaulniers, François936.002017-09-04Mont des Morios10Complete ListPoints
Grenier, Mathieu936.002017-10-21 fMont du lac à l'Alouette Complete ListPoints
Lessard, Rosalie936.002018-08-19 aMont des Morios Complete ListPoints
W, Michel832.002016-06-11Mont Logan Complete ListPoints
St-Onge, Pierre-Yves832.002016-07-07Mont Logan Complete ListPoints
Zafar, Nassim832.002017-09-04Mont des Morios Complete ListPoints
Garon, Felix832.002017-11-26 bMont du Barbeau Complete ListPoints
Bilodeau, Joelle832.002019-08-17Mont du lac à l'Alouette Complete ListPoints
Lapointe, Suzanne728.002014-06-30La Chouenne Complete ListPoints
McHugh, John728.002014-06-30La Chouenne Complete ListPoints
Pare-Dionne, Valerie728.002018-08-16Mont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
Trudel, Sebastien728.002018-11-17La Chouenne Complete ListPoints
Lavoie, JP728.002019-09-01Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Emond, Lauraine728.002019-10-06Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Provencal, Etienne624.002018-06-02Mont des Morios Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben624.002018-10-06 aMont Sugar Loaf Complete ListPoints
S, Al624.002018-12-16Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Jones, Michael520.002010-08-09Mont Richardson Complete ListPoints
Ward, Dave520.002013-10-07Mount Olivine Complete ListPoints
Bilodeau, Justine520.002018 bLa Chouenne Complete ListPoints
Vachon, Olivier520.002018-08-19Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Dubois, Yvan 520.002019Mont Blanche Lamontagne Complete ListPoints
Djé, Jerome520.002019-01-13Mont du Lac du Pioui Complete ListPoints
Vincent, Laurence520.002019-05-20Pic de l'Ours Complete ListPoints
Eberly, Matthew416.002007-08-08Mont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
Lemieux, Bruno416.002009-06-27Mont Albert Complete ListPoints
Duff, Pierre416.002011-09-17Mont Xalibu Complete ListPoints
MacMillan , Adam416.002017-01-05 iMont Albert Complete ListPoints
Frigon , annah-Ève416.002017-07-18Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
P, S416.002018-03-10Mont du Lac du Pioui Complete ListPoints
Veilleux, Samuel416.002018-03-11Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Tognetti, Christophe416.002018-06-23 aPic de l'Ours Complete ListPoints
Knopp, Jeremy416.002018-09-08Mont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
Desnoyers, Louis416.002018-09-30 aMontagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Sarrazin, Chantal416.002019-08-23Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Bourassa, Denise416.002019-09-01Mont Elie Complete ListPoints
Marin, Simon416.002019-10-05Mont Elie Complete ListPoints
Greendale, Julie416.002019-10-15 fMont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
Chamberland, Mario312.001998Mont Xalibu Complete ListPoints
Cote, Vincent312.002005-10-09Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Paré, Isabelle312.002007-07Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Normandin, Yvan312.002007-09-13Mont de la Tour Complete ListPoints
Beaupre, Jean-Francois312.002010Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Fortin, Marc-André312.002010-08-04Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Triska, Jan312.002013-09-21Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Theoret, Charles312.002017-03-11Mont Albert Complete ListPoints
Dufresne, Linda312.002017-06-25Mont du Lac du Pioui Complete ListPoints
Bernatchez, Marlaine312.002017-08-01 bMount Olivine Complete ListPoints
Drolet, Andréa312.002017-08-10Mont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
Covey, Jason312.002017-08-25 aMount Olivine Complete ListPoints
Filion, Patrice312.002017-09-10 eMont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Frigon, Sasha-Xavier312.002017-10-01Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Leduc, Pierre312.002017-10-03Mount Olivine Complete ListPoints
Desnoyers, An Hòa Élizabeth312.002018-07-16 bMont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
Vincent, Melissa312.002018-08-04 bMont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Michel, Campeau312.002018-09-05 bMont Elie Complete ListPoints
Dansereau, Jean-Felix312.002019-06-08Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Harvey, Sylvie 312.002019-08-13 bMont Elie Complete ListPoints
Ouellet , Diane 312.002019-09-07 cMont Elie Complete ListPoints
Qc , Mountain312.002019-09-14 bMont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Laverdure, Jean André 28.002000-07-18Mont Albert Complete ListPoints
Hamel, Simon28.002000-08-19Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Bernard, Jean-Gregoire28.002003-08-07Mont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
Bégin, Maryse28.002006-07-21Mont Xalibu Complete ListPoints
Goyette, Yvan28.002006-07-21Mont Xalibu Complete ListPoints
Tremblay, Luc28.002006-08-22Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Godin, E.H.S.28.002009-03-21Mount Olivine Complete ListPoints
Matte, Kevin28.002009-08-30Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Benoit, Sylvain28.002009-09-07Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Bellemare, Max28.002012-02-23Mont Hogs Back Complete ListPoints
Bussieres, Eric28.002012-06-30Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Raposa, Kenny28.002012-08-20Mont Xalibu Complete ListPoints
Carpentier, Alain28.002013-03-17Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
De Serres, Bernard28.002013-08-30Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan28.002014-04-17Mont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
St-Cyr, Raphaël28.002016 bMont Richardson Complete ListPoints
McIntyre, Sean28.002016-02-29Mont Blanche Lamontagne Complete ListPoints
Marois, Stefanie28.002016-10-09Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Lachance, Myriam28.002017-03-11 fMont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Boucher, Melanie28.002017-04-15 cMontagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Laprade, Francois28.002017-06-22Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Wiley, John28.002017-07-03 dMont Xalibu Complete ListPoints
DIONNE, STEPH28.002017-07-06Mont Xalibu Complete ListPoints
Coutu, Charles28.002017-08-21Mont Albert Complete ListPoints
Saf, Irina28.002017-09-23Montagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Moisan, Marie-Louise28.002018-03-19 jMontagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Lachance, Val28.002018-05-12 eMontagne des Érables Complete ListPoints
Plaisance , Renee28.002018-07-03 aMont Elie Complete ListPoints
Frascadore, Simon-Pier28.002018-07-29 sPic de l'Ours Complete ListPoints
Collin, Mathieu28.002018-10-11Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Sellenet, Vincent28.002019-01-12Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
Banis, Shant28.002019-06-15 aMont des Morios Complete ListPoints
Cote, Sylvain28.002019-07-19Mont Jacques-Cartier Complete ListPoints
D’Astous, Colette28.002019-07-26Mont du lac à l'Alouette Complete ListPoints
Grove, Lewis28.002019-08-13Mont Xalibu Complete ListPoints
Noonan, Megan28.002019-08-13Mont Xalibu Complete ListPoints
Lachance, catherine28.002019-09-22Mont du Lac des Cygnes Complete ListPoints
A, Anne28.00UnknownMont Albert Complete ListPoints
Rochon, Louis-Philippe28.00UnknownMont Albert Complete ListPoints

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