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Unsuccessful Ascent List for Tim Hagan

No one can call themselves an experienced mountaineer unless they have turned back unsuccessfully from some of their summit attempts. Climbing is a game of knowing when to press on and when to bail, and these choices can mean the difference between great success and needless death. It is a misnomer, of course, to call any trip into the mountains “unsuccessful” —these attempts are often richer experiences with far more opportunities for learning and growth.

The following table shows all of Tim Hagan's unsuccessful attempts. If the peak was climbed later, then the successful ascent date is noted, and how much time elapsed since the attempt. The “Attempt” column will be 2, 3, or other higher numbers for peaks that have been unsuccessfully attempted more than once. Unsuccessful attempts of peaks that have already been climbed are also shown.

Ascent DateTrip ReportPeak or PointElev-ftReached-ftAttemptLocationProm-ftSuccess DateTime Elapsed
1972-10-22 Beinn Ime33173250 UK-Scotland2336 
1972-12-31 Luinne Bheinn30812200 UK-Scotland8371977-01-014 Years, 1 Day Later
1973-06-09 d Turnhouse Hill16601500 UK-Scotland2591978-01-29 c4 Years, 234 Days Later
1973-12-01 Ben Nevis44093500 UK-Scotland44091972-10-14Already Climbed
1974-08-29 b Mount Daniel79606800 USA-WA34801981-06-14 c6 Years, 289 Days Later
1974-12-31 Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan37762700 UK-Scotland1427 
1975-01-18 Stob Ban32782800 UK-Scotland7611977-01-29 d2 Years, 11 Days Later
1976-07-31 Mont Blanc1578112523 France/Italy15410 
1976-11-06 Driesh31072250 UK-Scotland453 
1977-10-29 Aonach Eagach-Sgor nam Fiannaidh31732986 UK-Scotland20411973-03-03 aAlready Climbed
1978-11-21 McClellan Butte51624800 USA-WA14421974-08-22Already Climbed
1981-08-23 Mount Rainier1441112400 USA-WA132101975-07-21 bAlready Climbed
1982-05-30 Mount Logan90877500 USA-WA1487 
1982-07-04 Jack Mountain90666000 USA-WA4211 
1983-03-26 Malachite Peak62615200 USA-WA1261 
1983-05-22 Malachite Peak626152002USA-WA1261 
1983-05-30 b Jack Mountain906672002USA-WA4211 
1983-09-04 Glacier Peak105208500 USA-WA74981980-07-20Already Climbed
1983-10-29 Mount Shasta1416213200 USA-CA9762 
1984-05-27 Mount Rainier1441111300 USA-WA132101975-07-21 bAlready Climbed
1984-08-26 Mount Logan908775002USA-WA1487 
1985-08-01 Unicorn Peak69716950 USA-WA20911987-06-141 Year, 317 Days Later
1986-07-06 Crater Mountain81287800 USA-WA19281989-09-243 Years, 80 Days Later
1986-08-02 Buck Mountain85285500 USA-WA18881986-08-3129 Days Later
1986-08-08 a Cloudy Peak79157600 USA-WA195 
1986-09-07 Gilbert Peak81847500 USA-WA36641993-10-037 Years, 26 Days Later
1987-12-28 Aconcagua2284122300 Argentina22841 
1988-08-14 a Sluiskin Mountain-The Chief70266800 USA-WA9062015-09-1427 Years, 31 Days Later
1989-04-30 McClellan Butte51625000 USA-WA14421974-08-22Already Climbed
1990-08-29 Huayna Potosí1997418900 Bolivia3898 
1990-09-05 Condoriri1853017000 Bolivia2192 
1991-06-09 Gunn Peak62403600 USA-WA3651 
1991-07-06 Mount Logan908788003USA-WA1487 
1991-07-21 Gilbert Peak818472002USA-WA36641993-10-032 Years, 74 Days Later
1991-10-13 Mount Arriva82158000 USA-WA1215 
1992-05-10 Denali2031017000 USA-AK20146 
1993-05-23 Mount Rainier1441111000 USA-WA132101975-07-21 bAlready Climbed
1993-07-11 Dumbell Mountain84217800 USA-WA1261 
1993-09-11 Mount Rainier144116600 USA-WA132101975-07-21 bAlready Climbed
1994-06-11 Mount Rainier144116000 USA-WA132101975-07-21 bAlready Climbed
1994-07-09 a Black Peak89708800 USA-WA34501986-07-12Already Climbed
1994-07-16 Snoqualmie Mountain62784800 USA-WA9981973-03-24 aAlready Climbed
1995-04-22 McClellan Butte51625000 USA-WA14421974-08-22Already Climbed
1995-05-29 Mount Whitney1449814000 USA-CA100781997-09-112 Years, 105 Days Later
1996-02-24 Snoqualmie Mountain62785400 USA-WA9981973-03-24 aAlready Climbed
1996-04-07 Mount Index59913400 USA-WA2991 
1997-05-10 McClellan Butte51623400 USA-WA14421974-08-22Already Climbed
1998-06-14 Mount Baker107819800 USA-WA88121979-09-23Already Climbed
1999-09-18 The Citadel71206600 USA-WA400 
1999-10-02 Mount Hinman74927200 USA-WA12521974-08-29 aAlready Climbed
2000-05-07 Mount Index599152002USA-WA2991 
2001-02-15 Cerro Guanaco31821500 Argentina505 
2003-08-17 b Marcus Peak69626800 USA-WA4822014-10-0311 Years, 47 Days Later
2004-02-22 Silver Peak56055300 USA-WA21251974-09-08 aAlready Climbed
2006-07-10 Mont Blanc15781143112France/Italy15410 
2007-07-08 Kaleetan Peak62595700 USA-WA18591978-07-19Already Climbed
2007-08-11 Mount Fernow92497760 USA-WA2811 
2008-01-06 Mount Gardner44533900 USA-WA6532008-12-03 b332 Days Later
2008-01-13 Mount Washington44003500 USA-WA2802003-02-09Already Climbed
2009-04-08 Mount Bonaparte72575700 USA-WA35372013-10-234 Years, 198 Days Later
2009-04-27 Pratt Mountain50994600 USA-WA7391974-08-14Already Climbed
2009-05-16 Earl Peak70366700 USA-WA9561988-05-29 aAlready Climbed
2009-07-21 White Chuck Mountain69896600 USA-WA3789 
2009-10-24 French Tongue53605240 USA-WA80 
2009-12-17 Keechelus Ridge51514700 USA-WA6312008-02-24 bAlready Climbed
2010-01-07 Pratt Mountain50994400 USA-WA7391974-08-14Already Climbed
2010-01-27 b Taylor Mountain26002000 USA-WA10802010-11-10287 Days Later
2010-03-01 Mount Bonaparte725764002USA-WA35372013-10-233 Years, 236 Days Later
2010-03-24 Easton Ridge45174200 USA-WA9972010-04-2734 Days Later
2010-10-02 Seven Fingered Jack91008400 USA-WA3801981-07-03Already Climbed
2010-11-04 Hibox Mountain65476444 USA-WA10271980-05-10Already Climbed
2011-01-04 Mallardy Ridge36003100 USA-WA40 
2011-06-27 Red Mountain58905500 USA-WA5301981-03-28Already Climbed
2011-08-11 White Chuck Mountain698954002USA-WA3789 
2012-04-17 Denny Mountain55205480 USA-WA2401979-12-27Already Climbed
2012-07-07 Mount Baker107819700 USA-WA88121979-09-23Already Climbed
2012-07-22 Mount Rainier1441111300 USA-WA132101975-07-21 bAlready Climbed
2013-07-10TRGove Peak53105560 USA-WA302013-07-199 Days Later
2015-06-14 f Muir Peak1018810160 USA-WA68 
2015-06-25 Mount Rainier144119500 USA-WA132101975-07-21 bAlready Climbed

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