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Unsuccessful Ascent List for Jean André Laverdure

No one can call themselves an experienced mountaineer unless they have turned back unsuccessfully from some of their summit attempts. Climbing is a game of knowing when to press on and when to bail, and these choices can mean the difference between great success and needless death. It is a misnomer, of course, to call any trip into the mountains “unsuccessful” —these attempts are often richer experiences with far more opportunities for learning and growth.

The following table shows all of Jean André Laverdure's unsuccessful attempts. If the peak was climbed later, then the successful ascent date is noted, and how much time elapsed since the attempt. The “Attempt” column will be 2, 3, or other higher numbers for peaks that have been unsuccessfully attempted more than once. Unsuccessful attempts of peaks that have already been climbed are also shown.

Ascent DateTrip ReportPeak or PointElev-ftReached-ftAttemptLocationProm-ftSuccess DateTime Elapsed
2000-06-11 Panther Mountain37202900 USA-NY9602000-02-21Already Climbed
2001-02-18 Camels Hump40802840 USA-VT18601999-07-09Already Climbed
2001-11-15 Baker Mountain24571772 USA-NY7122001-04-28Already Climbed
2001-11-18 McKenzie Mountain38323724 USA-NY6172013-03-1411 Years, 116 Days Later
2001-11-22 Seymour Mountain40913000 USA-NY10072002-07-13233 Days Later
2002-08-10 Hamlin Mountain21291804 USA-NY1079 
2002-11-03 Seward Mountain43313000 USA-NY20212003-05-18196 Days Later
2002-11-15 Baker Mountain24572051 USA-NY7122001-04-28Already Climbed
2003-03-17 Baker Mountain24572051 USA-NY7122001-04-28Already Climbed
2003-05-19 Baker Mountain24572051 USA-NY7122001-04-28Already Climbed
2003-06-03 Baker Mountain24572133 USA-NY7122001-04-28Already Climbed
2003-06-29 Mount Van Hoevenberg29402200 USA-NY610 
2004-04-29 Whiteface Mountain48654101 USA-NY30942000-11-01Already Climbed
2005-01-01 Blueberry Cobbles20341378 USA-NY1142005-10-22294 Days Later
2007-07-04TRHurricane Mountain36782150 USA-NY19822002-12-01Already Climbed
2010-04-14 Kate Mountain28412297 USA-NY11412010-04-11Already Climbed
2010-12-17TRHuntersfield Mountain34232650 USA-NY14832010-12-192 Days Later
2011-05-11TRDougs Peak464450 USA-NY 2011-05-132 Days Later
2011-05-14 aTRMount Helderberg18221725 USA-NY3622011-05-14 bSame Day
2011-11-08TREast Mountain34391850 USA-VT22192011-11-091 Day Later
2011-12-27TRMagalloway Mountain33832030 USA-NH1003 
2012-01-11TRCayuga County High Point18601590 USA-NY5402012-04-0787 Days Later
2012-01-22TRBell Hill15751565 USA-NY444 
2012-02-19 aTROswego County High Point17301495 USA-NY502012-03-3141 Days Later
2012-02-26TRWildcat Hill17401690 USA-NH40 
2012-03-07TRPeru Hill21752150 USA-MA138 
2012-05-15 Mount Etna15031250 USA-NY2632016-01-293 Years, 259 Days Later
2012-11-15 b Mount Ira Allen34603420 USA-VT120 
2013-01-19 bTRGoodhue Hill16211200 USA-NH4212017-12-284 Years, 343 Days Later
2013-01-26 aTRT.R. Mountain38223527 USA-NY312 
2013-04-29 a Mason Hill11701120 USA-MA 2013-06-22 b54 Days Later
2013-06-12 cTRArmenia Mountain24581520 USA-PA11982015-01-14 a1 Year, 216 Days Later
2013-07-14 aTRBrennan Hill14571455 USA-NH197 
2013-08-27 a Croydon Peak2756984 USA-NH1713 
2013-08-27 bTRSherman Hill14531400 USA-NH184 
2013-11-19 b Garnet Hill21852051 USA-MA1482017-10-27 c3 Years, 342 Days Later
2014-12-29 cTRParc Centenaire William Cosgrove High Point194165 Canada-QC62 
2015-04-19 aTRRoyal Hill 17551240 USA-NY 2015-05-20 c31 Days Later
2015-11-20TRPinnacle894753 USA-NY179 
2016-01-07 Plotter Kill High Point1050860 USA-NY 2010-12-14Already Climbed
2016-03-17 c Morley Hill18651710 USA-MA394 
2016-12-23 West Hill13391161 USA-NH3262017-07-12201 Days Later
2017-08-20 a Hand Hollow Hill1364880 USA-NY 2017-11-1789 Days Later
2017-10-14 b Homestead Hill15031340 USA-NY 2017-06-24 aAlready Climbed
2017-10-27 e Walnut Hill16161560 USA-MA712018-03-26 c150 Days Later
2017-11-21 dTRMount Whitbeck19001960 USA-MA60 
2017-11-23 aTRwashburn1542950 USA-NY  
2018-03-20 aTRMorris Hill23101500 USA-NY430 
2018-03-26 aTRMount Gobble15771175 USA-MA288 
2018-04-11TRNarrow Notch Peak32203160 USA-NY660 
2018-05-17 b Bishop Mountain1124884 USA-NH229 

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