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Multiple Ascent List for Tom Girard

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Bean Peak6743USA-WA442012-06-022016-10-02 a4 Years, 122 Days Later
Norse Peak6856USA-WA332002-07-072018-03-17 b15 Years, 253 Days Later
The Tooth5604USA-WA332011-06-222017-05-245 Years, 336 Days Later
Mailbox Peak4841USA-WA221994-05-082012-07-1418 Years, 67 Days Later
Harrison Peak5345USA-WA222001-07-042018-01-2016 Years, 200 Days Later
Judis Peak6560USA-WA222003-05-312016-06-05 a13 Years, 5 Days Later
Shriner Peak5834USA-WA222003-09-012012-05-268 Years, 268 Days Later
Mount Forgotten6005USA-WA222009-08-012012-08-223 Years, 21 Days Later
Mount Defiance5584USA-WA222010-06-302011-09-071 Year, 69 Days Later
Icicle Ridge7029USA-WA222010-11-062016-04-30 a5 Years, 176 Days Later
Ingalls Peak7662USA-WA222011-07-072016-08-195 Years, 43 Days Later
Mount Baker10781USA-WA222011-07-092017-06-255 Years, 351 Days Later
Granite Mountain5629USA-WA222011-07-232012-07-251 Year, 2 Days Later
Eldorado Peak8868USA-WA222011-08-272017-09-116 Years, 15 Days Later
Chinook Peak6904USA-WA222011-10-29 a2016-05-30 a4 Years, 214 Days Later
Crystal Peak6595USA-WA222011-10-29 b2016-05-30 b4 Years, 214 Days Later
Guye Peak5168USA-WA222012-05-022016-06-21 a4 Years, 50 Days Later
Observation Rock8364USA-WA222012-07-222017-09-145 Years, 54 Days Later
Mount Rainier14411USA-WA222012-08-022016-06-263 Years, 329 Days Later
McClellan Butte5162USA-WA222012-08-302013-08-07342 Days Later
Mount Teneriffe4788USA-WA222012-12-012017-04-01 a4 Years, 121 Days Later
Rattlesnake Mountain3480USA-WA222012-12-222013-06-12172 Days Later
Mutton Mountain6156USA-WA222013-05-042018-03-31 a4 Years, 331 Days Later
Satulick Mountain5577USA-WA222013-05-252016-04-022 Years, 313 Days Later
Grindstone Mountain7533USA-WA222013-06-082015-05-031 Year, 329 Days Later
Noble Knob6011USA-WA222013-07-042018-03-31 c4 Years, 270 Days Later
Howard Peak5683USA-WA222013-09-12 a2017-01-14 b3 Years, 124 Days Later
Sweet Peak4560USA-WA222013-10-26 a2015-01-04 a1 Year, 70 Days Later
Florence Peak5508USA-WA222013-10-26 b2015-01-04 b1 Year, 70 Days Later
Cowlitz Rocks7450USA-WA222013-12-142016-04-102 Years, 118 Days Later
Tumtum Peak4678USA-WA222014-01-122015-12-121 Year, 334 Days Later
The Castle6440USA-WA222014-03-232017-06-103 Years, 79 Days Later
Gove Peak5310USA-WA222014-03-292016-09-052 Years, 160 Days Later
Putrid Petes Peak5200USA-WA222014-05-212016-06-01 a2 Years, 11 Days Later
Anvil Rock9584USA-WA222014-05-242016-04-16 b1 Year, 328 Days Later
Volcanic Neck6600USA-WA222014-06-072016-10-02 c2 Years, 117 Days Later
Naches Peak6452USA-WA222014-07-19 a2014-08-09 c21 Days Later
Buell Peak5756USA-WA222015-05-17 a2016-10-22 a1 Year, 158 Days Later
Barrier Peak6521USA-WA222015-05-17 b2016-10-22 b1 Year, 158 Days Later
Thompson Point5124USA-WA222017-01-162018-03-031 Year, 46 Days Later
Little Ranger Peak5080USA-WA222018-03-242018-03-31 d7 Days Later

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