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Multiple Ascent List for Wayne Snyder

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount Watatic1831USA-MA342014-08-03 a2016-11-06 a2 Years, 95 Days Later
East Watatic1801USA-MA332014-08-03 b2016-11-06 b2 Years, 95 Days Later
Copps Hill59USA-MA222007-07-04 a2009-08-20 a2 Years, 47 Days Later
Breeds Hill79USA-MA222007-07-04 b2009-08-20 b2 Years, 47 Days Later
Mount Guyot4560USA-NH222013-08-10 42013-08-11 11 Day Later
Sunrise Hill394USA-MA222013-08-252014-09-131 Year, 19 Days Later
Clingmans Dome6643USA-TN/NC222013-09-17 52018-04-18 a4 Years, 213 Days Later
Forge Hill410USA-MA222013-11-022015-01-181 Year, 77 Days Later
Mount Pone348USA-VA222013-11-292014-11-23359 Days Later
Bukit Timah577Singapore222013-12-082017-10-14 a3 Years, 310 Days Later
High Rock423USA-MA222014-02-02 b2016-02-262 Years, 24 Days Later
Montgomery County High Point880USA-MD222014-02-19 a2015-04-22 c1 Year, 62 Days Later
Howard County High Point880USA-MD222014-02-19 b2015-04-22 d1 Year, 62 Days Later
Moose Hill534USA-MA222014-04-06 a2015-04-121 Year, 6 Days Later
Bluff Hill491USA-MA222014-04-06 b2016-05-222 Years, 46 Days Later
Noble County High Point1340USA-OH222017-01-29 e2017-03-26 b56 Days Later
South Crocker Mountain4040USA-ME 32014-06-28 a2014-06-28 eSame Day
Mount Bond4698USA-NH 22013-08-10 72013-08-10 9aSame Day
Newfound Gap5010USA-TN 22013-09-17 12013-09-17 9Same Day
Mount Weaver5187USA-TN 22013-09-17 22013-09-17 8Same Day
Mount Collins6188USA-NC/TN 22013-09-17 32013-09-17 7Same Day
Mount Love6400USA-NC/TN 22013-09-17 42013-09-17 6Same Day
Seward Mountain4331USA-NY 22014-06-07 a2014-06-07 eSame Day
Donaldson Mountain4108USA-NY 22014-06-07 b2014-06-07 dSame Day
Mount Mansfield-Upper Lip3964USA-VT 22014-08-302014-08-30 eSame Day
Mount Mansfield-Lower Lip4120USA-VT 22014-08-30 b2014-08-30 dSame Day
Nutting Hill-Northeast Slope1585USA-MA 22014-09-01 a2014-09-01 gSame Day
Nutting Hill1624USA-MA 22014-09-01 b2014-09-01 fSame Day
Saddleback Mountain4120USA-ME 22015-06-27 a2015-06-27 cSame Day
South Dix4068USA-NY 22015-07-11 d2015-07-11 fSame Day
Pleasant Mountain-Big Bald Peak1932USA-ME 22015-07-25 f2015-07-25 hSame Day
Trautman Hill1280USA-OH 22016-06-28 c2016-06-28 dSame Day
Round Mountain2293USA-CT 22016-09-11 a2016-09-11 kSame Day
Mount Frissell2451USA-MA 22016-09-11 b2016-09-11 jSame Day
Mount Frissell-South Slope2372USA-CT/MA 22016-09-11 c2016-09-11 iSame Day
CT-MA-NY Tri-Point2156USA-MA 22016-09-11 d2016-09-11 hSame Day
Brace Mountain-North Peak2224USA-NY 22016-09-11 e2016-09-11 gSame Day
North Tripyramid4160USA-NH 22017-06-04 a2017-06-04 gSame Day
Middle Tripyramid4120USA-NH 22017-06-04 b2017-06-04 fSame Day
South Tripyramid4080USA-NH 22017-06-04 c2017-06-04 eSame Day
Signal Ridge4400USA-NH 22017-07-04 a2017-07-04 cSame Day
Mount Starr King3898USA-NH 22017-07-07 a2017-07-07 cSame Day
Wildcat E4046USA-NH 22017-07-08 e2017-07-08 mSame Day
Wildcat D4062USA-NH 22017-07-08 f2017-07-08 lSame Day
Wildcat C4298USA-NH 22017-07-08 g2017-07-08 kSame Day
Wildcat B4320USA-NH 22017-07-08 h2017-07-08 jSame Day
Cannon Mountain-East Peak3840USA-NH 22017-07-15 a2017-07-15 cSame Day
Mount Surprise2194USA-NH 22017-07-16 a2017-07-16 fSame Day
Mount Moriah4049USA-NH 22017-07-16 b2017-07-16 eSame Day
Alander Mountain2240USA-MA 22017-08-26 a2017-08-26 cSame Day
Baldy Ski Hut8100USA-CA 22017-12-07 a2017-12-07 eSame Day
Mount San Antonio10064USA-CA 22017-12-07 b2017-12-07 dSame Day

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