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Show List Using Metric Units

Multiple Ascent List for Peter Barr

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Bearwallow Mountain4232USA-NC505000002014-10-22Unknown
Little Pisgah Mountain4412USA-NC101000002013-12-03Unknown
Clingmans Dome6643USA-TN/NC882004-05-152014-10-0410 Years, 142 Days Later
Shuckstack4020USA-NC772004-05-132014-05-139 Years, 365 Days Later
Mount Le Conte6593USA-TN772004-08-132014-11-1410 Years, 93 Days Later
Mount Mitchell6684USA-NC772004-09-042009-11-075 Years, 64 Days Later
Mount Buckley6560USA-NC/TN662004-05-152014-04-189 Years, 338 Days Later
Black Balsam Knob6214USA-NC662004-10-302013-11-309 Years, 31 Days Later
Mount Lyn Lowry6240USA-NC662005-04-092014-08-319 Years, 144 Days Later
Snake Mountain-North Peak5518USA-NC/TN662005-08-242012-12-017 Years, 99 Days Later
Fryingpan Mountain5320USA-NC662006-03-182014-05-198 Years, 62 Days Later
Wesser Bald4627USA-NC662006-08-232011-09-245 Years, 32 Days Later
Mount Collins6188USA-NC/TN552004-05-152010-04-095 Years, 329 Days Later
Charlies Bunion5560USA-NC/TN552004-05-162010-04-125 Years, 331 Days Later
The Sawteeth5452USA-NC/TN552004-05-162010-04-125 Years, 331 Days Later
Tennent Mountain6040USA-NC552004-10-302013-11-309 Years, 31 Days Later
Snake Mountain5560USA-NC552005-08-242012-12-017 Years, 99 Days Later
Sugar Mountain5200USA-NC552005-08-252014-04-268 Years, 244 Days Later
Rich Knob4240USA-NC552006-08-052013-03-176 Years, 224 Days Later
Wayah Bald5342USA-NC552006-08-222010-04-013 Years, 222 Days Later
Silers Bald5607USA-NC/TN442004-05-152013-05-098 Years, 359 Days Later
Mount Sequoyah6003USA-NC/TN442004-05-172010-04-125 Years, 330 Days Later
Jane Bald5800USA-NC/TN442004-08-282010-04-265 Years, 241 Days Later
Gibbs Mountain6200USA-NC442004-09-042009-11-075 Years, 64 Days Later
Winter Star Mountain6203USA-NC442004-09-042009-11-075 Years, 64 Days Later
Potato Hill6475USA-NC442004-09-042009-11-075 Years, 64 Days Later
Balsam Cone6600USA-NC442004-09-042009-11-075 Years, 64 Days Later
Big Tom6560USA-NC442004-09-042009-11-075 Years, 64 Days Later
Mount Craig6647USA-NC442004-09-042009-11-075 Years, 64 Days Later
Mount Guyot6621USA-NC/TN442004-10-032010-04-135 Years, 192 Days Later
Waterrock Knob6292USA-NC442004-10-032011-11-107 Years, 38 Days Later
Shining Rock6000USA-NC442004-10-302013-12-019 Years, 32 Days Later
Grassy Cove Top6040USA-NC442004-10-302013-11-309 Years, 31 Days Later
Sam Knob6040USA-NC442004-10-302011-10-166 Years, 351 Days Later
Richland Balsam6410USA-NC442005-03-262011-11-116 Years, 230 Days Later
Plott Balsam Mountain6088USA-NC442005-04-092014-08-319 Years, 144 Days Later
Mount Hallback6329USA-NC442005-05-142009-11-074 Years, 177 Days Later
Potato Knob6400USA-NC442005-05-142009-11-074 Years, 177 Days Later
Green Knob5080USA-NC442005-09-032009-07-263 Years, 326 Days Later
Big Yellow Mountain5440USA-NC442005-11-282012-02-016 Years, 65 Days Later
Little Hump Mountain5440USA-NC/TN442005-11-282010-04-274 Years, 150 Days Later
Barnett Knob4665USA-NC442006-03-122013-09-027 Years, 174 Days Later
Big Bald5516USA-NC/TN442006-12-042010-04-223 Years, 139 Days Later
Thunderhead Mountain5527USA-NC/TN332004-05-142010-04-095 Years, 330 Days Later
Mount Le Conte-Cliff Top6555USA-TN332004-08-142010-04-115 Years, 240 Days Later
Mount Kephart6217USA-NC/TN332004-08-142010-04-115 Years, 240 Days Later
Roan High Knob6285USA-NC/TN332004-08-282010-04-265 Years, 241 Days Later
Grassy Ridge Bald6160USA-NC332004-08-282009-06-164 Years, 292 Days Later
Celo Knob6327USA-NC332004-09-042009-11-075 Years, 64 Days Later
Mount Sterling5842USA-NC332004-10-012011-10-217 Years, 20 Days Later
Chestnut Bald6000USA-NC332004-10-302008-11-294 Years, 30 Days Later
Grandfather Mountain5946USA-NC332005-03-042007-05-142 Years, 71 Days Later
Reinhart Knob6080USA-NC332005-03-262011-11-116 Years, 230 Days Later
Yellow Face6032USA-NC332005-04-092011-11-106 Years, 215 Days Later
Little Pisgah Mountain5280USA-NC332005-04-102013-08-218 Years, 133 Days Later
Mount Gibbes6520USA-NC332005-05-142009-11-074 Years, 177 Days Later
Elk Knob5520USA-NC332005-08-242012-12-017 Years, 99 Days Later
Hanging Rock5200USA-NC332005-08-252011-11-276 Years, 94 Days Later
The Pinnacle5665USA-NC332005-09-032011-11-126 Years, 70 Days Later
Snowball Mountain5360USA-NC332005-09-172012-05-026 Years, 228 Days Later
Hemphill Bald5520USA-NC332005-11-122009-05-303 Years, 199 Days Later
Moody Top5320USA-NC332005-11-132011-10-235 Years, 344 Days Later
Hump Mountain5587USA-NC332005-12-022010-04-274 Years, 146 Days Later
Round Bald5800USA-NC/TN332005-12-022010-04-264 Years, 145 Days Later
Moores Knob2579USA-NC332006-01-162015-02-139 Years, 28 Days Later
Bunches Bald5480USA-NC332006-03-122011-10-095 Years, 211 Days Later
Lower Hughes Ridge5188USA-NC332006-03-132011-04-245 Years, 42 Days Later
Mount Pisgah5721USA-NC332006-03-182014-04-208 Years, 33 Days Later
Big Bald5280USA-NC332006-05-222010-11-014 Years, 163 Days Later
Standing Indian5499USA-NC332006-08-222010-03-303 Years, 220 Days Later
Albert Mountain5200USA-NC332006-08-222010-03-303 Years, 220 Days Later
Yellow Mountain5127USA-NC332006-08-242013-08-307 Years, 6 Days Later
County Corner Point5040USA-NC332006-09-112009-05-312 Years, 262 Days Later
Saddle Tree Gap Peak5249USA-NC332006-09-112009-04-122 Years, 213 Days Later
Mount Rogers5729USA-VA332006-10-152010-05-063 Years, 203 Days Later
Whitetop Mountain5520USA-VA332006-10-152010-05-053 Years, 202 Days Later
Sassafras Mountain3554USA-SC/NC332006-11-012011-06-274 Years, 238 Days Later
Little Bald5200USA-NC/TN332006-12-042010-04-223 Years, 139 Days Later
High Rocks4280USA-NC332006-12-042010-04-233 Years, 140 Days Later
Unaka Mountain5180USA-NC/TN332006-12-202010-04-253 Years, 126 Days Later
Max Patch Mountain4629USA-NC332007-03-242010-04-143 Years, 21 Days Later
Rich Mountain3670USA-NC/TN332007-03-252010-04-183 Years, 24 Days Later
Pilot Mountain5080USA-NC332007-05-112013-11-296 Years, 202 Days Later
Siler Bald5200USA-NC332007-05-122010-04-012 Years, 324 Days Later
Mount Cammerer4928USA-NC/TN332007-08-122010-04-132 Years, 244 Days Later
Blackrock Mountain5810USA-NC332008-01-132011-11-103 Years, 301 Days Later
Cheoah Bald5062USA-NC332008-03-012010-04-052 Years, 35 Days Later
Cattail Peak6600USA-NC332009-03-212009-11-07231 Days Later
West Wildcat Top4280USA-NC/TN332010-04-142014-09-054 Years, 144 Days Later
High Point1803USA-NJ332010-07-072013-09-273 Years, 82 Days Later
The Pinnacle3760USA-NC332010-10-022013-03-012 Years, 150 Days Later
Satulah Mountain4543USA-NC332010-11-062013-08-302 Years, 297 Days Later
Chimney Rock2400USA-NC2219922011-06-0719 Years, 157 Days Later
Rocky Top5441USA-NC/TN222004-05-142010-04-095 Years, 330 Days Later
Roan High Bluff6267USA-NC222004-08-282009-06-194 Years, 295 Days Later
Big Cataloochee Mountain6155USA-NC222004-10-012005-05-29240 Days Later
Mount Chapman6417USA-NC/TN222004-10-022009-05-234 Years, 233 Days Later
Marks Knob6169USA-NC222004-10-022009-05-244 Years, 234 Days Later
Mount Yonaguska6120USA-NC222004-10-022009-05-244 Years, 234 Days Later
Luftee Knob6234USA-NC222004-10-022009-05-234 Years, 233 Days Later
Old Black6370USA-NC/TN222004-10-032009-05-234 Years, 232 Days Later
Cabarrus County High Point890USA-NC222004-12-302005-06-25177 Days Later
Mount Hardy6120USA-NC222005-03-262008-11-293 Years, 248 Days Later
Browning Knob6240USA-NC222005-04-092011-11-106 Years, 215 Days Later
Cold Mountain6030USA-NC222005-04-102009-02-033 Years, 299 Days Later
Blackstock Knob6320USA-NC222005-05-142009-03-223 Years, 312 Days Later
Craggy Dome6080USA-NC222005-05-142009-06-204 Years, 37 Days Later
The Peak5160USA-NC222005-05-162009-03-073 Years, 295 Days Later
Lane Pinnacle5230USA-NC222005-09-172009-06-203 Years, 276 Days Later
Graybeard Mountain5360USA-NC222005-09-172011-11-126 Years, 56 Days Later
Rocky Knob South5240USA-NC222005-09-172011-11-126 Years, 56 Days Later
Hawk Mountain5440USA-NC222005-11-282012-04-286 Years, 152 Days Later
Little Yellow Mountain5504USA-NC222005-11-282012-04-286 Years, 152 Days Later
Rendezvous Mountain2440USA-NC222005-12-112007-08-251 Year, 257 Days Later
Peak 54015401USA-NC222005-12-202008-11-162 Years, 332 Days Later
Phillips Knob4338USA-NC222006-01-092010-12-184 Years, 343 Days Later
Peak 54405440USA-NC222006-01-092006-12-19344 Days Later
Point Misery5715USA-NC222006-01-092009-03-223 Years, 72 Days Later
Big Butt5920USA-NC222006-01-092009-03-223 Years, 72 Days Later
Breakneck Ridge5440USA-NC222006-03-142011-10-095 Years, 209 Days Later
Chimney Tops4800USA-TN222006-03-152011-04-085 Years, 24 Days Later
Chambers Mountain4498USA-NC222006-04-132009-07-263 Years, 104 Days Later
Attic Window Peak5880USA-NC222006-04-142007-05-141 Year, 30 Days Later
MacRae Peak5845USA-NC222006-04-142007-05-141 Year, 30 Days Later
Gregory Bald4949USA-NC/TN222006-05-162006-06-1934 Days Later
Little Bald Mountain5280USA-NC222006-05-222009-03-142 Years, 296 Days Later
High Rocks5190USA-NC222006-05-292014-04-187 Years, 324 Days Later
Flat Top Mountain4558USA-NC222006-06-062007-08-251 Year, 80 Days Later
Mount Jefferson4640USA-NC222006-06-062012-05-075 Years, 336 Days Later
Wine Spring Bald5440USA-NC222006-08-222008-12-122 Years, 112 Days Later
Copper Ridge Bald5256USA-NC222006-08-232008-12-132 Years, 112 Days Later
Joanna Bald4716USA-NC222006-08-232007-07-21332 Days Later
Huckleberry Knob5560USA-NC222006-09-112009-04-112 Years, 212 Days Later
Stratton Bald5360USA-NC222006-09-112009-04-122 Years, 213 Days Later
Haw Orchard Mountain5080USA-VA222006-10-152009-03-082 Years, 144 Days Later
Doubletop Mountain5481USA-NC222006-11-012008-10-041 Year, 338 Days Later
Toxaway Mountain4777USA-NC222006-11-012011-11-115 Years, 10 Days Later
Potrock Bald5215USA-NC222006-12-062009-05-312 Years, 176 Days Later
Tusquitee Bald5240USA-NC222006-12-062009-05-312 Years, 176 Days Later
Signal Bald5240USA-NC222006-12-062009-05-312 Years, 176 Days Later
Newton Bald5160USA-NC222006-12-182013-08-316 Years, 256 Days Later
Nettle Creek Bald5160USA-NC222006-12-182013-08-316 Years, 256 Days Later
Beauty Spot4437USA-NC/TN222006-12-192010-04-253 Years, 127 Days Later
Sandymush Bald5152USA-NC222006-12-282009-05-032 Years, 126 Days Later
High Top5263USA-NC222006-12-292009-01-032 Years, 5 Days Later
Sugarland Mountain-Middle Peak5360USA-TN222007-01-162011-04-084 Years, 82 Days Later
Camp Creek Bald4844USA-NC/TN222007-03-252010-04-193 Years, 25 Days Later
Hawksbill4050USA-VA222007-04-072010-06-103 Years, 64 Days Later
Rich Mountain Bald5583USA-NC222007-05-112009-03-071 Year, 300 Days Later
Sassafras Knob4938USA-NC222007-05-172013-11-306 Years, 197 Days Later
Cammerer Ridge5042USA-NC/TN222007-08-122010-04-132 Years, 244 Days Later
Locust Knob4080USA-NC222008-01-122012-04-284 Years, 107 Days Later
The Pinnacle4800USA-NC222008-01-132011-11-103 Years, 301 Days Later
Wooly Tops Mountain5480USA-TN222008-02-172009-10-301 Year, 255 Days Later
Mount Davis3213USA-PA222008-03-232013-10-065 Years, 197 Days Later
Stone Mountain4980USA-NC/TN222008-05-182011-03-202 Years, 306 Days Later
Buffalo Mountain3971USA-VA222008-06-132011-03-192 Years, 279 Days Later
Groudhog Mountain3055USA-VA222008-06-132011-03-192 Years, 279 Days Later
Cerulean Knob3686USA-TN222008-08-022011-04-092 Years, 250 Days Later
Swim Bald4720USA-NC222008-12-142010-04-051 Year, 112 Days Later
Big Butt Mountain4838USA-NC/TN222010-04-202012-01-281 Year, 283 Days Later
Mount Frissell2451USA-MA222010-07-172013-07-203 Years, 3 Days Later
Mount Frissell-South Slope2372USA-CT/MA222010-07-172013-07-203 Years, 3 Days Later
Round Mountain2293USA-CT222010-07-172013-07-203 Years, 3 Days Later
Mount Greylock3487USA-MA222010-07-212013-07-062 Years, 350 Days Later
Mount Washington6288USA-NH222010-08-082013-07-132 Years, 339 Days Later
Rich Mountain3782USA-NC222010-09-222014-03-243 Years, 183 Days Later
Youngs Mountain2680USA-NC222010-10-312011-11-121 Year, 12 Days Later
Sharpy Mountain3320USA-NC222010-11-192012-03-201 Year, 122 Days Later
Little Hogback Mountain4560USA-NC222010-11-292011-11-11347 Days Later
Flattop Mountain4716USA-NC222010-12-182014-11-213 Years, 338 Days Later
Laurel Knob4520USA-NC222011-02-012013-08-302 Years, 210 Days Later
Cedar Rock3100USA-NC222011-02-252012-04-171 Year, 52 Days Later
Backbone Mountain3360USA-MD222012-04-112013-10-061 Year, 178 Days Later
Mount Mansfield4393USA-VT222012-09-082013-07-12307 Days Later
Whiteface Mountain4865USA-NY222012-10-062013-07-07274 Days Later
Mount Marcy5344USA-NY222012-10-092013-07-10274 Days Later
Cadillac Mountain1528USA-ME222013-07-172013-07-181 Day Later
Bell Knob3420USA-GA222014-09-212014-10-2433 Days Later
Brown Mountain2996USA-NC222014-11-262015-03-06100 Days Later

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