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Multiple Ascent List for Susan Wyman-Henney

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Mount San Antonio10064USA-CA40401981-11-082013-06-2031 Years, 224 Days Later
Mount Wilson5710USA-CA20201980-022007-08-0827 Years, 188 Days Later
Garnet Benchmark4906USA-MT17192014-09-052017-09-113 Years, 6 Days Later
Mount Pinos8831USA-CA661979-022011-08-0932 Years, 189 Days Later
Peak 14301430USA-CA662002-01-12 a2006-01-053 Years, 358 Days Later
Parker Mesa Overlook1525USA-CA662002-01-12 b2006-01-053 Years, 358 Days Later
Echo Mountain3207USA-CA662002-01-262008-03-306 Years, 64 Days Later
San Jacinto Peak10839USA-CA331970-051979-069 Years, 31 Days Later
San Gorgonio Mountain11499USA-CA331970-091980-11-0910 Years, 69 Days Later
Mount Whitney14498USA-CA3319731994-09-04 a21 Years, 246 Days Later
Mount Lowe5603USA-CA331979-022005-03-0626 Years, 33 Days Later
Red Slate Mountain13123USA-CA331979-09-301996-08-1716 Years, 322 Days Later
Owens Peak8453USA-CA331981-10-102005-10-2224 Years, 12 Days Later
Glass Mountain11160USA-CA331981-11-012002-08-1620 Years, 288 Days Later
Combs Peak6193USA-CA331981-12-201999-04-1017 Years, 111 Days Later
Granite Mountain4331USA-CA331982-02-062003-04-1721 Years, 70 Days Later
Sheep Hole Mountains High Point4613USA-CA331982-02-072009-05-0327 Years, 85 Days Later
Lamont Peak7429USA-CA331983-01-152003-09-2720 Years, 255 Days Later
Indianhead3960USA-CA331983-04-102004-12-3121 Years, 265 Days Later
Eagle Mountain3806USA-CA331983-05-082003-12-0620 Years, 212 Days Later
Humphreys Peak12633USA-AZ331983-08-252008-09-1325 Years, 19 Days Later
Mount Rose10776USA-NV331983-09-072014-07-3030 Years, 326 Days Later
Orocopia Mountains High Point3815USA-CA331983-11-212010-12-1127 Years, 20 Days Later
Old Woman Mountain5325USA-CA331984-03-112018-02-0333 Years, 329 Days Later
Mount Gould13005USA-CA331985-08-301996-07-1310 Years, 318 Days Later
Mount Baxter13136USA-CA331986-06-291997-09-1411 Years, 77 Days Later
Spectre Peak4482USA-CA331988-02-142006-12-3018 Years, 319 Days Later
Brush Mountain7048USA-CA331990-12-092005-05-2214 Years, 164 Days Later
San Emigdio Mountain7492USA-CA331990-12-092005-05-2114 Years, 163 Days Later
Sawmill Mountain8818USA-CA331991-02-10 a2011-05-2820 Years, 107 Days Later
Sugarloaf Peak5292USA-NV332014-02-262017-05-173 Years, 80 Days Later
Incline Peak9561USA-NV332014-07-022017-10-033 Years, 93 Days Later
Palomar Mountain6140USA-CA231982-02-211995-05-0713 Years, 75 Days Later
Mount Sill14153USA-CA2219751994-07-2919 Years, 209 Days Later
Ben Nevis4409UK-Scotland221977-082015-06-0937 Years, 312 Days Later
Moses Mountain9331USA-CA2219791994-08-0715 Years, 218 Days Later
North Maggie Mountain10234USA-CA2219791994-08-0815 Years, 219 Days Later
Strawberry Peak6164USA-CA221979-011993-12-1814 Years, 351 Days Later
Corkscrew Peak5804USA-CA221979-04-011989-01-299 Years, 303 Days Later
Mount Baldwin12598USA-CA221979-09-291994-08-1814 Years, 323 Days Later
Independence Peak11742USA-CA2219801994-08-2114 Years, 232 Days Later
Charlton Peak10806USA-CA221980-11-091994-09-1013 Years, 305 Days Later
Kern Peak11480USA-CA2219811994-08-2713 Years, 238 Days Later
Tucki Mountain6726USA-CA221981-05-091989-04-027 Years, 328 Days Later
Mount Guyot12300USA-CA221981-06-131994-06-2013 Years, 7 Days Later
Mount Pickering13474USA-CA221981-06-141994-06-1813 Years, 4 Days Later
Joe Devel Peak13327USA-CA221981-06-141994-06-1913 Years, 5 Days Later
Five Fingers5174USA-CA221981-091994-05-0812 Years, 249 Days Later
White Mountain Peak14246USA-CA221981-09-182007-07-2125 Years, 306 Days Later
Kino Peak3197USA-AZ221981-10-242006-01-0124 Years, 69 Days Later
Mount Ajo4808USA-AZ221981-10-252006-01-0224 Years, 69 Days Later
Wright Mountain8505USA-CA221981-11-081993-10-10 c11 Years, 336 Days Later
Pine Mountain9648USA-CA221981-11-081993-10-10 a11 Years, 336 Days Later
Dawson Peak9575USA-CA221981-11-081993-10-10 b11 Years, 336 Days Later
Rabbit Peak6640USA-CA221981-12-051993-11-06 b11 Years, 336 Days Later
Iron Spring Mountain5755USA-CA221981-12-191991-01-12 a9 Years, 24 Days Later
Beauty Peak5548USA-CA221981-12-191991-01-12 b9 Years, 24 Days Later
Edgar Peak7162USA-CA221982-01-091988-04-166 Years, 98 Days Later
Mitchell Point7047USA-CA221982-01-101989-02-267 Years, 47 Days Later
Pinto Mountain3983USA-CA221982-01-241991-10-26 a9 Years, 275 Days Later
Vetter Mountain5908USA-CA221982-01-281994-07-2312 Years, 176 Days Later
Occidental Peak5732USA-CA221982-01-281994-07-2312 Years, 176 Days Later
Cloudripper13525USA-CA221982-04-181998-09-1916 Years, 154 Days Later
Keynot Peak11101USA-CA221982-05-082009-10-2427 Years, 169 Days Later
New York Butte10668USA-CA221982-05-082009-10-1727 Years, 162 Days Later
Telescope Peak11048USA-CA221982-05-121993-06-2611 Years, 45 Days Later
Boundary Peak13140USA-NV221982-05-162002-08-17 a20 Years, 93 Days Later
Montgomery Peak13441USA-CA221982-05-162002-08-17 b20 Years, 93 Days Later
Olancha Peak12123USA-CA221982-05-231996-09-1414 Years, 114 Days Later
Clouds Rest9926USA-CA221982-05-301995-09-2313 Years, 116 Days Later
Mount Burnham8997USA-CA221982-06-051993-10-17 b11 Years, 134 Days Later
Mount Baden-Powell9399USA-CA221982-06-051993-10-17 c11 Years, 134 Days Later
Throop Peak9138USA-CA221982-06-051993-10-17 a11 Years, 134 Days Later
Mount Hawkins8850USA-CA221982-06-051993-10-03 a11 Years, 120 Days Later
Chemehuevi Peak3694USA-CA221982-11-132004-11-2722 Years, 14 Days Later
Whipple Mountains High Point4130USA-CA221982-11-142003-04-1920 Years, 156 Days Later
Queen Mountain5680USA-CA221982-11-211994-02-1311 Years, 84 Days Later
Bernard Peak5430USA-CA221982-11-211994-03-20 a11 Years, 119 Days Later
Little Berdoo Peak5440USA-CA221982-11-211994-03-2011 Years, 119 Days Later
Martinez Mountain6562USA-CA221982-12-041993-03-2110 Years, 107 Days Later
Sawtooth Peak8000USA-CA221983-01-161991-05-258 Years, 129 Days Later
Mount Gleason6520USA-CA221983-01-301983-06-04125 Days Later
Chuckwalla Mountains High Point3446USA-CA221983-02-261989-02-195 Years, 359 Days Later
Black Butte4504USA-CA221983-02-271989-02-195 Years, 358 Days Later
Last Chance Mountain8456USA-CA221983-04-231989-03-055 Years, 316 Days Later
Sandy Point7062USA-CA221983-04-241989-03-125 Years, 322 Days Later
Mount Dana13057USA-CA221983-06-121995-09-2412 Years, 104 Days Later
Mount Gibbs12773USA-CA221983-06-121996-09-2213 Years, 102 Days Later
Red Mountain5261USA-CA221983-08-152004-10-3121 Years, 77 Days Later
Wheeler Peak13063USA-NV221983-09-022010-08-3026 Years, 362 Days Later
Mount Jefferson11941USA-NV221983-09-032010-09-1727 Years, 14 Days Later
Arc Dome11773USA-NV221983-09-042010-09-1927 Years, 15 Days Later
Granite Chief9006USA-CA221983-09-082015-08-13 a31 Years, 339 Days Later
Telegraph Peak8985USA-CA221983-10-222002-05-26 b18 Years, 216 Days Later
Timber Mountain8303USA-CA221983-10-222002-05-26 a18 Years, 216 Days Later
Florence Peak12432USA-CA221983-10-291996-07-1812 Years, 263 Days Later
Ortega Peak5854USA-CA221984-01-081994-05-14 c10 Years, 126 Days Later
Granite Mountain6762USA-CA221984-02-111992-04-058 Years, 54 Days Later
Stepladder Mountains2940USA-CA221984-03-101989-01-074 Years, 303 Days Later
Mount Barnard13990USA-CA221984-04-291994-07-0310 Years, 65 Days Later
Mount Mallory13845USA-CA221984-05-131987-10-043 Years, 144 Days Later
Cirque Peak12900USA-CA221984-06-161995-07-3011 Years, 44 Days Later
Mount Langley14026USA-CA221984-06-171995-07-2811 Years, 41 Days Later
Ryan Mountain5457USA-CA221984-10-201991-11-027 Years, 13 Days Later
Rosa Point5000USA-CA221984-10-271991-02-246 Years, 120 Days Later
Sombrero Peak4229USA-CA221984-11-172008-04-1923 Years, 154 Days Later
Cerro del Pinacate3937Mexico-Son221984-11-242005-12-3121 Years, 37 Days Later
Jacumba Mountain4512USA-CA221985-03-302006-11-2421 Years, 239 Days Later
Sewart Mountain6841USA-CA221985-04-281993-10-248 Years, 179 Days Later
Mount Williamson14373USA-CA221985-05-111994-07-029 Years, 52 Days Later
Mount Jenkins7921USA-CA221985-06-021993-09-258 Years, 115 Days Later
Mount Massive14421USA-CO221985-082007-08-2722 Years, 26 Days Later
Norman Clyde Peak13855USA-CA221985-08-041994-07-318 Years, 361 Days Later
Mount Brewer13570USA-CA221985-08-101997-08-1112 Years, 1 Day Later
Mount Patterson11673USA-CA221985-09-072011-09-0125 Years, 359 Days Later
Mount Tom13652USA-CA221986-05-171995-05-209 Years, 3 Days Later
Kearsarge Peak12615USA-CA221986-05-181996-06-0810 Years, 21 Days Later
Amoneburg1247Germany-HE221987-04-241987-06-1148 Days Later
Villager Peak5756USA-CA221988-02-071993-11-06 a5 Years, 272 Days Later
Whale Peak5349USA-CA221988-02-282011-03-0423 Years, 4 Days Later
McCullough Mountain7026USA-NV221988-03-062004-11-2416 Years, 263 Days Later
San Ysidro Mountain6147USA-CA221988-04-101999-04-1010 Years, 365 Days Later
Black Mountain5244USA-CA221988-04-242004-10-3016 Years, 189 Days Later
Grapevine Peak8738USA-NV221988-05-081992-05-023 Years, 360 Days Later
Bloody Mountain12552USA-CA221988-05-211990-05-051 Year, 349 Days Later
Dragon Peak12927USA-CA221988-06-111996-06-298 Years, 18 Days Later
Pilot Knob12245USA-CA221988-08-061990-08-092 Years, 3 Days Later
Four Gables12720USA-CA221988-08-071990-08-082 Years, 1 Day Later
Mount Muir14012USA-CA221988-09-011994-09-04 b6 Years, 3 Days Later
Alta Peak11204USA-CA221988-09-181991-10-053 Years, 17 Days Later
Waucoba Mountain11123USA-CA221988-10-222011-10-2222 Years, 365 Days Later
Brown Peak4947USA-CA221988-11-052011-03-1922 Years, 134 Days Later
Turtle Mountains High Point4298USA-CA221988-11-132003-04-1814 Years, 156 Days Later
Cuyamaca Peak6512USA-CA221989-04-162010-04-1721 Years, 1 Day Later
Iron Mountain8007USA-CA221989-05-132007-05-0517 Years, 357 Days Later
Picket Guard Peak12303USA-CA221989-08-141996-07-216 Years, 342 Days Later
Cajon Mountain5360USA-CA221989-10-281993-12-114 Years, 44 Days Later
Garnet Mountain5680USA-CA221990-03-112008-04-1918 Years, 39 Days Later
Mount Ericsson13583USA-CA221990-08-231997-08-136 Years, 355 Days Later
Mount Genevra13054USA-CA221990-08-251997-08-146 Years, 354 Days Later
Circle Mountain6880USA-CA221990-11-032008-04-1217 Years, 161 Days Later
Cerro Noroeste8280USA-CA221990-12-092008-10-1717 Years, 313 Days Later
Frazier Mountain8000USA-CA221990-12-092005-04-3014 Years, 142 Days Later
Grouse Mountain8582USA-CA221991-02-10 b2008-10-1817 Years, 251 Days Later
Lockwood Peak6261USA-CA221991-11-092009-04-2517 Years, 167 Days Later
San Guillermo Mountain6606USA-CA221991-11-102009-04-2517 Years, 166 Days Later
Topatopa Bluff6367USA-CA221991-11-161993-12-162 Years, 30 Days Later
Ken Point6423USA-CA221992-03-081994-02-271 Year, 356 Days Later
Pallett Mountain7760USA-CA221993-07-182000-10-21 a7 Years, 95 Days Later
Waterman Mountain8038USA-CA221993-07-252015-07-27 b22 Years, 2 Days Later
Mount Williamson8214USA-CA221993-10-10 d2000-10-21 d7 Years, 11 Days Later
Cross Mountain5203USA-CA221994-03-272005-04-1611 Years, 20 Days Later
Chuckwalla Mountain5029USA-CA221994-03-272005-04-1611 Years, 20 Days Later
Mount Harwood9552USA-CA221994-07-092013-06-2018 Years, 346 Days Later
Mount Lola9148USA-CA221994-08-142014-09-1020 Years, 27 Days Later
Diamond Peak10614USA-NV222000-08-032017-07-22 a16 Years, 353 Days Later
Sandstone Peak3111USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-062 Years, 117 Days Later
Tri Peaks3000USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-062 Years, 117 Days Later
Exchange Peak2950USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-062 Years, 117 Days Later
Big Dome2900USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-062 Years, 117 Days Later
Boney Peak2825USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-062 Years, 117 Days Later
Inspiration Point2800USA-CA222008-10-122011-02-062 Years, 117 Days Later
Snow Valley Peak9214USA-NV222009-08-142010-08-261 Year, 12 Days Later
Ghost Mountain3400USA-CA222011-01-292011-03-0535 Days Later
Relay Peak10336USA-NV222012-06-252017-09-02 c5 Years, 69 Days Later
Tamarack Peak9897USA-NV222012-07-212012-08-0717 Days Later
Rattlesnake Mountain5011USA-NV222013-11-052016-11-253 Years, 20 Days Later
Billy Hill6694USA-CA222015-12-262017-04-091 Year, 104 Days Later
Peak 16141614USA-CA 200000000Unknown
Mount Dunfee7024USA-NV 22013-12-182013-12-18Same Day
Devils Peak7704USA-CA 22014-10-092014-10-09 bSame Day

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