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Multiple Ascent List for Adam Walker

Peaks Climbed more than Once

The Days column shows the number of distinct days the peak has been summited. The Total column shows the total number of ascents, which may include ascents on the same day. The Elapsed column shows how much time has passed between the first and most recent ascent of that peak.

Peak or PointElev-ftLocationDaysTotalFirst Ascent DateMost Recent DateTime Elapsed
Aliso Peak623USA-CA21212011-02-26 a2017-02-266 Years, 0 Days Later
Mount Pilchuck5340USA-WA882005-052016-07-1111 Years, 71 Days Later
Mount Erie1273USA-WA882007-08-102014-10-197 Years, 70 Days Later
Mailbox Peak4841USA-WA772005-062010-12-145 Years, 196 Days Later
Niguel Hill936USA-CA552011-02-26 b2014-12-07 b3 Years, 284 Days Later
Sehome Hill620USA-WA442001-04-202011-10-1010 Years, 173 Days Later
Goff Island42USA-CA442013-12-232015-02-201 Year, 59 Days Later
Point 34233423USA-WA332004-052008-054 Years, 0 Days Later
Mount Defiance5584USA-WA332005-062009-06-09 b4 Years, 8 Days Later
Dickerman Mountain5723USA-WA332005-07-262007-10-232 Years, 89 Days Later
Sauk Mountain5541USA-WA332009-06-232010-10-131 Year, 112 Days Later
Kendall Peak5784USA-WA332009-08-20 a2012-08-14 a2 Years, 360 Days Later
Manly Beacon800USA-CA332011-12-112015-01-03 b3 Years, 23 Days Later
Castle Rock1840USA-WA332012-05-202014-05-08 e1 Year, 353 Days Later
Heybrook Lookout1700USA-WA332013-01-132015-10-14 b2 Years, 274 Days Later
She Devil9400USA-ID332017-07-25 b2017-07-27 k2 Days Later
Kraft Mountain4714USA-NV332017-12-17 a2018-03-2396 Days Later
West Tiger Mountain #32522USA-WA232008-03-22 a2015-11-15 c7 Years, 238 Days Later
Point 38413841USA-WA222004-052006-051 Year, 365 Days Later
Mount Si4180USA-WA222004-062006-02-181 Year, 262 Days Later
Granite Mountain5629USA-WA222005-052007-10-132 Years, 165 Days Later
Point 35973597USA-WA222005-052008-053 Years, 0 Days Later
Mount Rainier14411USA-WA222005-07-242007-07-292 Years, 5 Days Later
Rattlesnake Ledge2040USA-WA222006-03-012006-03-1211 Days Later
McClellan Butte5162USA-WA222006-05-212008-11-162 Years, 179 Days Later
Mount Baker10781USA-WA222006-06-252012-06-205 Years, 361 Days Later
Three Fingers6850USA-WA222006-10-212008-09-131 Year, 328 Days Later
Winchester Mountain6510USA-WA222007-06-032010-07-24 c3 Years, 51 Days Later
Moose Peak6760USA-WA222007-08-242010-09-05 a3 Years, 12 Days Later
Muir Peak10188USA-WA222007-09-092008-05235 Days Later
West Tiger Mountain #22757USA-WA222008-03-22 b2015-11-15 b7 Years, 238 Days Later
Mount Zion4278USA-WA222008-10-232010-01-26 a1 Year, 95 Days Later
Mount Saint Helens8333USA-WA222008-11-302016-06-067 Years, 189 Days Later
Santiago Peak5687USA-CA222009-03-112014-12-14 a5 Years, 278 Days Later
San Juan Hill4895USA-WA222009-05-092010-01-23259 Days Later
Mount Walker2804USA-WA222009-06-20 b2010-01-26 b220 Days Later
Baldy6827USA-WA222009-07-31 a2009-11-04 b96 Days Later
Sourdough Mountain6107USA-WA222009-08-02 a2015-09-22 b6 Years, 51 Days Later
Sourdough Mountain-Lookout Site5985USA-WA222009-08-02 b2015-09-22 a6 Years, 51 Days Later
Pico de Orizaba18491Mexico-Pue/Ver222009-11-162017-01-107 Years, 55 Days Later
Mesquite High Dune108USA-CA222010-02-052015-01-06 b4 Years, 335 Days Later
White Chuck Mountain6989USA-WA222010-09-222013-08-06 a2 Years, 318 Days Later
Slate Peak7440USA-WA222011-10-17 a2013-07-04 a1 Year, 260 Days Later
Temple Hill1036USA-CA222012-01-122012-01-208 Days Later
Golden Canyon Peak510USA-CA222012-01-18 a2015-01-03 c2 Years, 350 Days Later
Zabriskie Point713USA-CA222012-01-18 c2015-03-19 c3 Years, 60 Days Later
Fortune Peak7382USA-WA222012-06-10 b2014-09-20 c2 Years, 102 Days Later
Ingalls Peak-South Peak7640USA-WA222012-06-10 c2014-09-20 b2 Years, 102 Days Later
Castle Rock1756USA-WA222012-12-03 a2014-05-08 d1 Year, 156 Days Later
Sterling Hill380USA-WA222012-12-102012-12-155 Days Later
Osceola Peak8587USA-WA222013-07-06 d2015-07-04 f1 Year, 363 Days Later
Miners Ridge Lookout6208USA-WA222015-06-13 b2016-08-11 a1 Year, 59 Days Later
Stetattle Ridge6495USA-WA222015-09-22 d2015-09-23 h1 Day Later
Stetattle Ridge-North Peak6728USA-WA222015-09-22 e2015-09-23 g1 Day Later
Hamblin Mountain3310USA-NV222016-01-06 a2017-11-25 a1 Year, 323 Days Later
Cerro Concepción13386Guatemala222017-01-23 b2017-01-241 Day Later
Palen Mountains High Point3848USA-CA222017-03-112018-03-03357 Days Later
West White Dome2116USA-NV222018-02-062018-03-1941 Days Later
Para Point4942USA-WA 32015-10-11 a2015-10-11 fSame Day
Mount Zeus3291Greece 22010-05-20 a2010-05-20 bSame Day
Union Peak5696USA-WA 22012-05-08 a2012-05-08 cSame Day
Bighorn Peak8441USA-CA 22013-01-04 a2013-01-04 cSame Day
Tinkham Peak-East Peak5395USA-WA 22013-08-24 a2013-08-24 cSame Day
Platinum Peak6720USA-WA 22014-04-07 a2014-04-07 dSame Day
Bean Peak6743USA-WA 22014-05-20 b2014-05-20 eSame Day
Patches Peak5403USA-WA 22014-08-10 a2014-08-10 cSame Day
Copper Mountain Lookout6280USA-WA 22014-10-08 a2014-10-08 eSame Day
Peak 68806880USA-WA 22014-10-08 b2014-10-08 dSame Day
Galena Peak9324USA-CA 22015-02-21 a2015-02-21 cSame Day
South Inspiration5558USA-CA 22015-04-02 b2015-04-02 dSame Day
Beta5920USA-WA 22015-09-12 a2015-09-12 cSame Day
Grapevine View Peak8071USA-NV 22016-01-02 b2016-01-02 dSame Day
Wahguyhe Point8457USA-NV 22016-01-02 e2016-01-02 gSame Day
Junction Peak6175New Zealand 22016-02-23 b2016-02-23 dSame Day
Red Crater6129New Zealand 22016-03-03 b2016-03-03 dSame Day
Oxford Ridge8735USA-ID 22016-07-05 a2016-07-05 cSame Day
Thompson Point5124USA-WA 22016-07-25 a2016-07-25 dSame Day
Totem Point7078USA-WA 22016-08-12 b2016-08-12 dSame Day
Garfield Peak8054USA-OR 22016-09-30 b2016-09-30 eSame Day
Villager Peak5756USA-CA 22017-03-06 a2017-03-06 cSame Day
Tehachapi Mountain7960USA-CA 22017-04-09 a2017-04-09 cSame Day
Bootjack Mountain6789USA-WA 22017-06-03 a2017-06-03 cSame Day
Red Mountain10070USA-MT 22017-07-19 a2017-07-19 eSame Day
Peak 1013610136USA-MT 22017-07-19 b2017-07-19 dSame Day
Sacajawea Peak9838USA-OR 22017-07-29 a2017-07-29 eSame Day
Sacajawea-Matterhorn Ridge9775USA-OR 22017-07-29 b2017-07-29 dSame Day
Kafir Peak7592Canada-BC 22017-08-19 a2017-08-19 dSame Day
Parkhurst Mountain8176Canada-BC 22017-09-02 a2017-09-02 dSame Day
Sentinel Peak9634USA-CA 22017-11-18 a2017-11-18 fSame Day
Peak 89008900USA-CA 22017-11-18 c2017-11-18 eSame Day
Death Valley Buttes - East Summit2750USA-CA 22017-11-20 b2017-11-20 dSame Day
River Mountain Peak3660USA-NV 22017-12-16 b2017-12-16 dSame Day
Tiefort Mountain-West Summit4640USA-CA 22018-02-03 a2018-02-03 cSame Day
Bard Peak4921USA-NV 22018-03-08 b2018-03-08 dSame Day
Peak 88818881USA-AZ 22018-05-23 b2018-05-23 dSame Day

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