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All Canada County/Census Division High Points

RankCountyPeak Elev-M Range (Level 4)
213.NL-Div. 02 - Burin PeninsulaPeak 1300396Newfoundland
95.NL-Div. 04 - StephenvilleThe Cabox812Newfoundland
124.NL-Div. 06 - Grand Falls-WindsorAnnieopsqotch Mountains High Point690Newfoundland
153.NL-Div. 08 - LewisporteThe Topsails566Newfoundland
49.NL-Div. 10 - LabradorMealy Mountains High Point1180Central and South Labrador
284.PE-QueensPrince Edward Island High Point140Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
277.NS-ShelburneBald Mountain177Nova Scotia
272.NS-YarmouthMcCoys Ridge200Nova Scotia
272.NS-DigbyDigby County High Point200Nova Scotia
271.NS-QueensTupper Lake Peak207Nova Scotia
247.NS-AnnapolisHiram Layte Hill269Nova Scotia
245.NS-LunenburgSalmontail Lake Peak270Nova Scotia
240.NS-KingsKings County High Point289Nova Scotia
250.NS-HantsHants County High Point264Nova Scotia
257.NS-HalifaxHalifax County High Point240Nova Scotia
222.NS-ColchesterNuttby Mountain367Nova Scotia
223.NS-CumberlandHiggins Mountain356Nova Scotia
230.NS-PictouDalhousie Mountain330Nova Scotia
256.NS-GuysboroughGuysborough County High Point242Nova Scotia
233.NS-AntigonishEigg Mountain322Nova Scotia
173.NS-InvernessThe Pinnacle530Nova Scotia
274.NS-RichmondPringle Mountain190Nova Scotia
259.NS-Cape BretonBlueberry Barren239Nova Scotia
171.NS-VictoriaWhite Hill535Nova Scotia
219.NB-Saint JohnSaint John County High Point370Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
219.NB-CharlottePleasant Mountain370New England Upland
241.NB-SunburyLewis Mountain283New England Upland
192.NB-QueensMount Champlain446New England Upland
204.NB-KingsKings County High Point410Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
204.NB-AlbertKent Hills410Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
269.NB-WestmorlandWestmorland County High Point210Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
282.NB-KentKent County High Point152Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
 NB-Kent or NW Kent County High Point152Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
94.NB-NorthumberlandMount Carleton820Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
139.NB-YorkYork County High Point640Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
161.NB-CarletonBeadle Mountain553Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
127.NB-VictoriaBlack Mountains High Point681Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
155.NB-MadawaskaMadawaska County High Point564Notre Dame Mountains
101.NB-RestigoucheMount Sagamook777Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
191.NB-GloucesterGloucester County High Point450Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
278.QC-Les Îles-de-la-MadeleineBig Hill169Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
111.QC-Le Rocher-PercéMont Alexandre740Notre Dame Mountains
79.QC-La Côte-de-GaspéLa Côte-de-Gaspé High Point884Notre Dame Mountains
46.QC-La Haute-GaspésieMont Jacques-Cartier1268Notre Dame Mountains
139.QC-BonaventureBonaventure High Point640Notre Dame Mountains
139.QC-AvignonAvignon High Point640Notre Dame Mountains
76.QC-La MatapédiaMont Saint-Pierre906Notre Dame Mountains
51.QC-MataneMont Logan1150Notre Dame Mountains
99.QC-La MitisMont Saint-Pierre-Northwest Slope790Notre Dame Mountains
144.QC-Rimouski-NeigetteMont Long-Vue625Notre Dame Mountains
199.QC-Les BasquesLes Basques High Point427Notre Dame Mountains
186.QC-Rivière-du-LoupMont Citadelle-North Ridge472Notre Dame Mountains
134.QC-TémiscouataMontagne Bleue-Northeast Slopes655Notre Dame Mountains
120.QC-KamouraskaKamouraska High Point700Notre Dame Mountains
65.QC-Charlevoix-EstMont Jérémie1050Laurentian Mountains
58.QC-CharlevoixMont de l'Enfer1100Laurentian Mountains
133.QC-L'IsletMont Fournier656Notre Dame Mountains
88.QC-MontmagnyMontagne Grande Coulée - East Slope850Notre Dame Mountains
73.QC-BellechasseMontagne du Midi916Notre Dame Mountains
283.QC-L'Île-d'OrléansL'Île-d'Orléans High Point151Laurentian Mountains
50.QC-La Côte-de-BeaupréMont Raoul-Blanchard1175Laurentian Mountains
72.QC-La Jacques-CartierMont du lac Bonneville930Laurentian Mountains
151.QC-QuébecMontagne des Trois Sommets572Laurentian Mountains
286.QC-LévisLévis High Point124Notre Dame Mountains
137.QC-La Nouvelle-BeauceMont Frampton650Notre Dame Mountains
130.QC-Robert-ClicheMont du Lac du Cinq670Notre Dame Mountains
75.QC-Les EtcheminsMontagne du Midi-Sommet Sud912Notre Dame Mountains
104.QC-Beauce-SartiganLiniere Benchmark773Longfellow Mountains
48.QC-Le GranitWest Monument 443 Peak1187Longfellow Mountains
116.QC-Les AppalachesMont Adstock712Notre Dame Mountains
148.QC-L'ÉrableMont Vianney591Notre Dame Mountains
126.QC-LotbiniéreMont Sainte Margaurite686Notre Dame Mountains
87.QC-PortneufMont du lac Chézine860Laurentian Mountains
147.QC-MékinacMékinac High Point594Laurentian Mountains
188.QC-ShawiniganShawinigan High Point460Laurentian Mountains
294.QC-Trois-RivièresTrois-Rivières High Point76Laurentian Mountains
289.QC-BécancourBécancour High Point120Notre Dame Mountains
143.QC-ArthabaskaMontagne à Simoneau627Notre Dame Mountains
118.QC-Les SourcesMont Ham708Notre Dame Mountains
57.QC-Le Haut-Saint-FrançoisMont Mégantic1102Longfellow Mountains
132.QC-Le Val-Saint-FrançoisMont Chapman658Notre Dame Mountains
210.QC-SherbrookeSherbrooke High Point401New England Upland
85.QC-CoaticookMont Hereford869New England Upland
88.QC-MemphrémagogMont Orford850Green Mountains
69.QC-Brome-MissisquoiSommet Rond962Green Mountains
160.QC-La Haute-YamaskaMont Brome554Notre Dame Mountains
245.QC-ActonActon High Point270Notre Dame Mountains
269.QC-DrummondMont Saint-Felix210Notre Dame Mountains
292.QC-Nicolet-YamaskaNicolet-Yamaska High Point107Notre Dame Mountains
157.QC-MaskinongéMaskinongé High Point560Laurentian Mountains
164.QC-D'AutrayD'Autray High Point547Laurentian Mountains
300.QC-Pierre-de-SaurelPierre-de-Saurel High Point45Notre Dame Mountains
219.QC-Les MaskoutainsMont Rougemont-Point 370370Notre Dame Mountains
200.QC-RouvilleMont Yamaska418Notre Dame Mountains
253.QC-Le Haut-RichelieuMont Saint-Grégoire252Notre Dame Mountains
207.QC-La Vallée-du-RichelieuMont Saint-Hilaire408Notre Dame Mountains
266.QC-LongueuilMont Saint-Bruno213Notre Dame Mountains
274.QC-LajemmeraisMont Saint-Bruno - Sommet Central190Notre Dame Mountains
299.QC-L'AssomptionL'Assomption High Point48Laurentian Mountains
234.QC-JolietteJoliette High Point320Laurentian Mountains
79.QC-MatawinieMontagne Noire884Laurentian Mountains
202.QC-MontcalmMontcalm High Point414Laurentian Mountains
293.QC-Les MoulinsLes Moulins High Point78Laurentian Mountains
297.QC-LavalMont-Laval65Laurentian Mountains
260.QC-MontréalMont Royal234Laurentian Mountains
298.QC-RoussillonRousillon High Point58Adirondack Mountains
287.QC-Les Jardins-de-NapiervilleLes Jardins-de-Napierville High Point123Adirondack Mountains
228.QC-Le Haut-Saint-LaurentCovey Hill345Adirondack Mountains
296.QC-Beauharnois-SalaberryBeauharnois-Salaberry High Point71Adirondack Mountains
264.QC-Vaudreuil-SoulangesMont Rigaud228Southern Ontario
254.QC-Deux-MontagnesMont Bleu249Laurentian Mountains
294.QC-Thérèse-de BlainvilleThérèse-de-Blainville High Point76Laurentian Mountains
279.QC-MirabelMont Bleu-Northwest Slope168Laurentian Mountains
197.QC-La Rivière-du-NordLa Rivière-du-Nord High Point429Laurentian Mountains
189.QC-ArgenteuilArgenteuil High Point457Laurentian Mountains
149.QC-Les Pays-d'en-HautLes Pays-d'En-Haut High Point580Laurentian Mountains
71.QC-Les LaurentidesMont Tremblant932Laurentian Mountains
101.QC-Antoine-LabelleMont Sir-Wilfrid777Laurentian Mountains
193.QC-PapineauMont Grand Pic440Laurentian Mountains
276.QC-GatineauGatineau High Point180Laurentian Mountains
193.QC-Les Collines-de-l'OutaouaisLes Collines-de-l'Outaouais High Point440Laurentian Mountains
146.QC-La Vallée-de-la-GatineauLac Bleak Peaks610Laurentian Mountains
162.QC-PontiacPontiac High Point549Laurentian Mountains
177.QC-TémiscamingueTémiscamingue High Point518Laurentian Mountains
154.QC-Rouyn-NorandaMont Dominant565Northern Ontario
189.QC-Abitibi-OuestCollines Nissing-South Peak457Northern Ontario
 QC-Abitibi-Ouest or Colline Oditan457Northern Ontario
186.QC-AbitibiAbitibi High Point472Northern Quebec
134.QC-La Vallée-de-l'OrLa Vallée-de-l'Or High Point655Laurentian Mountains
134.QC-La TuqueLe Tuque High Point655Laurentian Mountains
113.QC-Le Domaine-du-RoyLe Domaine-du-Roy High Point732Laurentian Mountains
82.QC-Maria-ChapdelaineMaria-Chapdelaine High Point880Northern Quebec
79.QC-Lac-Saint-Jean-EstMont Apica884Laurentian Mountains
53.QC-Le Fjord-du-SaguenayMont Yapeitso1128Northern Quebec
105.QC-La Haute-Côte-NordLa Haute-Côte-Nord High Point762Northern Quebec
56.QC-ManicouaganMont Veyrier1104Northern Quebec
61.QC-Sept-RivièresMont Lucie1082Northern Quebec
63.QC-MinganieMinganie High Point1052Northern Quebec
40.QC-KativikMont D'Iberville1652Torngat Mountains
285.ON-Stormont, Dundas and GlengarryStormont-Dundas-Glengarry High Point125Southern Ontario
287.ON-Prescott and RussellVankleek Hill123Southern Ontario
280.ON-OttawaOttawa High Point166Southern Ontario
267.ON-Leeds and GrenvilleLeeds and Grenville High Point212Southern Ontario
217.ON-LanarkWhite Mountain386Southern Ontario
201.ON-FrontenacEvergreen Mountain417Southern Ontario
182.ON-Lennox and AddingtonMoger Pond Peak501Southern Ontario
168.ON-HastingsHastings County High Point542Southern Ontario
281.ON-Prince EdwardEast Picton Bay Hill155Southern Ontario
223.ON-NorthumberlandNorthumberland County High Point356Southern Ontario
196.ON-PeterboroughPeterborough County High Point434Southern Ontario
211.ON-Kawartha LakesKawartha Lakes High Point397Southern Ontario
204.ON-DurhamDurham High Point410Southern Ontario
218.ON-YorkYork High Point379Southern Ontario
267.ON-TorontoToronto High Point212Southern Ontario
184.ON-PeelPeel High Point494Southern Ontario
168.ON-DufferinDufferin County High Point542Southern Ontario
179.ON-WellingtonLuther Benchmark511Southern Ontario
202.ON-HaltonHalton High Point414Southern Ontario
232.ON-HamiltonHamilton High Point324Southern Ontario
252.ON-NiagaraNiagara High Point259Southern Ontario
263.ON-HaldimandHaldimand County High Point231Southern Ontario
244.ON-NorfolkNorfolk County High Point278Southern Ontario
231.ON-BrantBrant County High Point327Southern Ontario
195.ON-WaterlooWaterloo High Point438Southern Ontario
198.ON-PerthPerth County High Point427Southern Ontario
216.ON-OxfordOxford County High Point391Southern Ontario
238.ON-ElginElgin County High Point296Southern Ontario
261.ON-Chatham-KentChatham-Kent High Point233Southern Ontario
261.ON-EssexEssex County High Point233Southern Ontario
250.ON-LambtonLambton County High Point264Southern Ontario
229.ON-MiddlesexMiddlesex County High Point342Southern Ontario
211.ON-HuronHuron County High Point397Southern Ontario
209.ON-BruceBruce County High Point403Southern Ontario
165.ON-GreyGrey County High Point544Southern Ontario
165.ON-SimcoeNiagara Escarpment High Point544Southern Ontario
168.ON-MuskokaMuskoka High Point542Southern Ontario
156.ON-HaliburtonManitou Mountain563Southern Ontario
175.ON-RenfrewRyans Mountain523Southern Ontario
150.ON-NipissingSouthern Ontario High Point578Southern Ontario
172.ON-Parry SoundParry Sound High Point532Southern Ontario
225.ON-ManitoulinCup and Saucer352Southern Ontario
123.ON-Sudbury DistrictIshpatina Ridge693Northern Ontario
181.ON-Sudbury CityWolf Lake Mountain504Northern Ontario
129.ON-TimiskamingIshpatina Ridge North677Northern Ontario
185.ON-CochraneGhost Range Peak488Northern Ontario
131.ON-AlgomaOgidaki Mountain665Northern Ontario
128.ON-Thunder BayTower Mountain679Northern Ontario
165.ON-Rainy RiverRainy River District High Point544Northern Ontario
158.ON-KenoraKenora District High Point559Northern Ontario
248.ON-BrantfordBrantford High Point267Southern Ontario
213.MB-Div. 01 - Lac du BonnetDivision 1 High Point396Upper Mississippi Area
234.MB-Div. 02 - SteinbachMattress Ridge-Southwest Slope320Upper Mississippi Area
183.MB-Div. 03 - WinklerDivision 3 High Point495Canadian Great Plains
177.MB-Div. 04 - ManitouCôte Beaulieu518Canadian Great Plains
103.MB-Div. 05 - BoissevainBoundary Butte774Canadian Great Plains
159.MB-Div. 06 - VirdenDivision 6 High Point556Canadian Great Plains
176.MB-Div. 07 - BrandonDivision 7 High Point520Canadian Great Plains
180.MB-Div. 08 - GladstoneDivision 8 High Point511Canadian Great Plains
236.MB-Div. 09 - Portage la PrairieDivision 9 High Point312Canadian Great Plains
255.MB-Div. 10 - Whitehorse PlainsDivision 10 High Point247Canadian Great Plains
257.MB-Div. 11 - WinnipegWinnipeg High Point240Canadian Great Plains
242.MB-Div. 12 - BeausejourDivision 12 High Point280Upper Mississippi Area
249.MB-Div. 13 - SelkirkDivision 13 High Point267Upper Mississippi Area
242.MB-Div. 14 - StonewallDivision 14 High Point280Canadian Great Plains
115.MB-Div. 15 - MinnedosaRiding Mountain-South Peak717Canadian Great Plains
117.MB-Div. 16 - RussellDivision 16 High Point709Canadian Great Plains
109.MB-Div. 17 - DauphinRiding Mountain Summit756Canadian Great Plains
239.MB-Div. 18 - ArborgDivision 18 High Point292Canadian Great Plains
152.MB-Div. 19 - Lake WinnipegPorcupine Hills-Northeast Slope572Canadian Great Plains
90.MB-Div. 20 - Swan ValleyBaldy Mountain831Canadian Great Plains
208.MB-Div. 21 - Flin FlonDivision 21 High Point404North-Central Canadian Shield
226.MB-Div. 22 - ThompsonDivision 22 High Point351North-Central Canadian Shield
173.MB-Div. 23 - ChurchillNorthern Manitoba High Point530North-Central Canadian Shield
91.SK-Div. 01 - EstevanMoose Mountain-East Summit831Canadian Great Plains
82.SK-Div. 02 - WeyburnDirt Hills High Point880Canadian Great Plains
66.SK-Div. 03 - AssiniboiaSouth Pinto Butte1044Canadian Great Plains
43.SK-Div. 04 - Maple CreekSaskatchewan High Point1392Canadian Great Plains
120.SK-Div. 05 - MelvilleDivision 5 High Point700Canadian Great Plains
114.SK-Div. 06 - ReginaDivision 6 High Point723Canadian Great Plains
77.SK-Div. 07 - Moose JawDivision 7 High Point899Canadian Great Plains
74.SK-Div. 08 - Swift CurrentDivision 8 High Point914Canadian Great Plains
122.SK-Div. 09 - YorktonDivision 9 High Point693Canadian Great Plains
110.SK-Div. 10 - WynyardTouchwood Hills High Point754Canadian Great Plains
119.SK-Div. 11 - SaskatoonDivision 11 High Point704Canadian Great Plains
100.SK-Div. 12 - BattlefordDivision 12 High Point780Canadian Great Plains
97.SK-Div. 13 - KindersleyDivision 13 High Point806Canadian Great Plains
93.SK-Div. 14 - MelfortPasquia Hills High Point828Canadian Great Plains
139.SK-Div. 15 - Prince AlbertDivision 15 High Point640Canadian Great Plains
91.SK-Div. 16 - North BattlefordThickwood Hills High Point831Canadian Great Plains
105.SK-Div. 17 - LloydminsterDivision 17 High Point762Canadian Great Plains
105.SK-Div. 18 - La RongeMostoos Hills High Point762Canadian Great Plains
 SK-Div. 18 - La Ronge or Peak 2500762Canadian Great Plains
 SK-Div. 18 - La Ronge or Wapawekka Hills762Canadian Great Plains
42.AB-Div. 01 - Medicine HatCypress Hills High Point1468Canadian Great Plains
45.AB-Div. 02 - LethbridgeBoundary Monument 3201343Canadian Great Plains
20.AB-Div. 03 - Fort MacleodMount Blakiston2932Glacier National Park Ranges
63.AB-Div. 04 - HannaDivision 4 High Point1052Canadian Great Plains
59.AB-Div. 05 - DrumhellerMother Mountain1097Canadian Great Plains
38.AB-Div. 06 - CalgaryBlue Ridge-South Slope1798Southern Continental Ranges
70.AB-Div. 07 - StettlerDivision 7 High Point945Canadian Great Plains
55.AB-Div. 08 - Red DeerMedicine Lodge Hills High Point1113Canadian Great Plains
12.AB-Div. 09 - Rocky Mountain HouseMount Cline3361Central Front Ranges
77.AB-Div. 10 - CamroseDivision 10 High Point899Canadian Great Plains
61.AB-Div. 11 - EdmontonDivision 11 High Point1082Canadian Great Plains
86.AB-Div. 12 - St. PaulDivision 12 High Point861Canadian Great Plains
47.AB-Div. 13 - AthabascaDivision 13 High Point1250Canadian Great Plains
14.AB-Div. 14 - EdsonMount Chown-Southwest Peak3180Northern Continental Ranges
7.AB-Div. 15 - BanffMount Columbia3741Central Main Ranges
68.AB-Div. 16 - Fort McMurrayWood Buffalo National Park High Point966Canadian Great Plains
44.AB-Div. 17 - Slave LakeSwan Hills-East Summit1356Canadian Great Plains
30.AB-Div. 18 - Grande CacheDivision 18 High Point2469Northern Continental Ranges
67.AB-Div. 19 - Grande PrairieSaddle Hills High Point991Canadian Great Plains
9.BC-East KootenayMount Assiniboine3616Southern Continental Ranges
11.BC-Central KootenayHowser Spire3412Purcell Mountains
31.BC-Kootenay BoundaryMount Tanner2419Monashee Mountains
25.BC-Okanagan-SimilkameenGrimface Mountain2635North Cascades
22.BC-Fraser ValleyWedge Mountain-Southeast Slope2800Southern Pacific Ranges
36.BC-Greater VancouverMeslilloet Mountain-South Slope1860Southern Pacific Ranges
52.BC-CapitalCapital Regional District High Point1136Vancouver Island
41.BC-Cowichan ValleyMount Whymper1541Vancouver Island
37.BC-NanaimoMount Arrowsmith1819Vancouver Island
35.BC-Alberni-ClayoquotThe Red Pillar2034Vancouver Island
3.BC-StrathconaMount Waddington4019Northern Pacific Ranges
34.BC-Comox ValleyMount Albert Edward2093Vancouver Island
15.BC-Powell RiverMount Gilbert3124Southern Pacific Ranges
27.BC-Sunshine CoastMount Tantalus2603Southern Pacific Ranges
19.BC-Squamish-LillooetStanley Peak2937Southern Pacific Ranges
13.BC-Thompson-NicolaMount Monashee3274Monashee Mountains
33.BC-Central OkanaganLittle White Mountain2169Okanogan Highlands
21.BC-North OkanaganCranberry Mountain2872Monashee Mountains
7.BC-Columbia-ShuswapMount Columbia3741Central Main Ranges
5.BC-CaribooMount Waddington-Northwest Peak3975Northern Pacific Ranges
3.BC-Mount WaddingtonMount Waddington4019Northern Pacific Ranges
10.BC-Central CoastMonarch Mountain3555Northern Pacific Ranges
32.BC-Skeena-Queen CharlotteSkeena-Queen Charlotte High Point2220Kitimat Ranges
16.BC-Kitimat-StikineMount Ratz3090Boundary Ranges
28.BC-Bulkley-NechakoHudson Bay Mountain2589Kitimat Ranges
6.BC-Fraser-Fort GeorgeMount Robson3959Northern Continental Ranges
17.BC-Peace RiverUlysses Mountain3024Muskwa Ranges
2.BC-Stikine RegionMount Fairweather4671Fairweather Range
18.BC-Northern RockiesMount Sylvia2940Muskwa Ranges
82.NT-South SlaveCameron Hills880Canadian Great Plains
26.NU-Qikiqtaaluk-BaffinBarbeau Peak2616Ellesmere Island
145.NU-Kivalliq-KeewatinMathiassen Mountain611Foxe Basin
98.NU-KitikmeotMelville Hills Peak 803803Canadian Arctic Shores
227.NL-Div. 01 - Avalon PeninsulaCentre Hill345Newfoundland
124.NL-Div. 03 - Channel-Port aux BasquesAnnieopsqotch Mountains High Point690Newfoundland
108.NL-Div. 05 - Corner BrookRound Hill761Newfoundland
213.NL-Div. 07 - BonavistaDivision 7 High Point396Newfoundland
96.NL-Div. 09 - Northern PeninsulaGros Morne807Newfoundland
39.NL-Div. 11 - NunatsiavutMount Caubvick1652Torngat Mountains
290.PE-KingsKings County High Point114Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
291.PE-PrincePrince County High Point110Gulf of Saint Lawrence Appalachians
1.YT-YukonMount Logan5956Southern Icefield Ranges
29.NT-InuvikFour Way Peak2565Backbone Ranges
265.QC-Les ChenauxCap de Roche222Laurentian Mountains
237.QC-SaguenaySaguenay High Point310Laurentian Mountains
59.QC-CaniapiscauSommet UA 21097Northern Quebec
137.QC-Le Golfe-du-Saint-LaurentGolfe-du-Saint-Laurent High Point650Central and South Labrador
53.QC-JamésieMont Yapeitso1128Northern Quebec
162.QC-Eeyou IstcheeEeyou Istchee High Point549Northern Quebec
24.NT-SahtuBackbone Peak2674Backbone Ranges
23.NT-Deh ChoMount Nirvana2773Backbone Ranges
111.NT-North SlaveCartridge Plateau740Canadian Arctic Shores

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