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Your Buddy List shows other registered climbers at that you climb with, or whose activity you want to follow.

To add climbers to your Buddy List, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the "Climbers" menu option on the main site banner.
  • Search for the Climber you wish to add.  You can browse climbers by last name, search for climbers using a search string, or perhaps the person you are looking for is on a "Hall of Fame" listing.
  • Click on the climber's name to go to that person's home page on the site.
  • If you are logged in, under the page title a label will tell you that climber's buddy status, and a button to add or remove that climber from your Buddy List.  Click on the button, and your Buddy List will be updated accordingly.

How your Buddy List is used on the site:

  • Your personal Home Page on will have a link to your Buddy List, showing the most recent ascent of everyone on your list.  This is a handy quick way to keep track of what your buddies have been up to recently in the mountains.
  • There is also a link showing all the climbers on the site that have added you as a buddy.  This can be seen as a sort of suggestion list for climbers you might want to add to your buddy list.
  • When adding an ascent, you can easily enter your buddies as climbing partners for that climb.  Their names will appear on your ascent pages, hyperlinked to their home pages.  In the past, you could either just type in their names, or, if you knew their Peakbagger ClimberID number, you could enter that code in brackets.  Now, there is a drop down box populated with your buddies names, so you can easily add them without having to know any codes.
  • More enhancements are planned to make use of this new feature.  These include the ability to compare ascents between you and climbers on your buddy list, or reporting side-by-side on how you and a buddy are doing on a certain peak list.  Also, integrating the Wish List feature to your Buddy List could yield some interesting reports. Suggestions are welcome, too, for functionality relating to your Buddy List--email the wemaster using the "Contact" link on the main banner.

Other Information:

  • You can add any registered user to your buddy list you want, and no approval is needed from the person being added.  This is not like Facebook where prospective friends must approve a friend request.
  • You can even add famous climbers if you want, but their ascent data is not updated regularly, so there is not much point to that unless you climb with them often.
  • You are limited to a total of 50 buddies on your Buddy List at present.

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