Tahoe-Ogul Peaks List - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 63

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Hebert, Bill3758.731986-09-27Adams Peak10Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward1219.052012-09-23Adams Peak Complete ListPoints
Kurapati, Madhavi2641.272011-09-24Anderson Peak Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Rick1625.402014-07-21Basin Peak Complete ListPoints
Dodge, Daryn5993.652014-08-09Black Buttes Complete ListPoints
Moore, Marshall711.112014-05-17Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Block, Daniel69.522014-05-17Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Thornton, J46.352011-09-11Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Jay, Mike46.352013-08-13Castle Peak Complete ListPoints
Dieterich, Sonja1117.462013-11-30Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Arredondo, Patricia69.522014-07-02Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
DeWitt, Chris46.352010-01-16Devils Peak Complete ListPoints
Whitney, Will1930.162014-06-30Ellis Peak Complete ListPoints
Meng, Bo1930.162013-08-25English Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ranschau, Cuno1726.981979-08-19Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Winger, Charlie711.112013-07-16Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Frank69.522001Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant57.942009-09-10Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Pat57.942002-06-23Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Kirmse, Andrew46.352014-06-28Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Karlson, Eric46.352011-08-27Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Aumann, Ethan46.352011-09-24Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Scheideman, David46.352009-10-25Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave46.352011-09-29Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Fincher, Bill46.352005-09-05Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry46.352009-10-26Freel Peak Complete ListPoints
Sarna, John E63Complete!1990-09-20Genoa Peak Complete ListPoints
Martinez, Ted46.352012-07-07Genoa Peak Complete ListPoints
Watkin, Tony2234.922012-10-20Granite Chief Complete ListPoints
Voyles, Craig1828.572014-07-02Granite Chief Complete ListPoints
Greene, Robert711.112005-07-16Granite Chief Complete ListPoints
O, Donna46.352000-09-10Granite Chief Complete ListPoints
Morton, Mary57.942009-09-13Haskell Peak Complete ListPoints
Porter, David3047.622014-08-11Hawkins Peak4Complete ListPoints
Kalet, Brian1219.052008-08-12Hawkins Peak Complete ListPoints
Wilcox, SharonMarie4063.492014-08-15Highland Peak Complete ListPoints
Fleischmann, Daniel2336.512013-06-15Highland Peak Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob1523.812013-07-29Highland Peak Complete ListPoints
Morris, JD1422.222013-11-09Highland Peak Complete ListPoints
swigart, kristine2844.442014-08-16Jacks Peak Complete ListPoints
Morrow, John812.702013-09-08 cJacks Peak Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Craig69.522014-07-20Jacks Peak50Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John1015.872014-06-18Jobs Sister Complete ListPoints
Brewster, Joel914.290000Jobs Sister Complete ListPoints
Breen, Kerry3555.562014-08-15 dLookout Peak Complete ListPoints
Flood, Terry2234.922007-07-21Markleeville Peak Complete ListPoints
Kamholz, Collin63Complete!2010-10-29 bMcConnell Peak Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Frederick63Complete!2001-08-31McConnell Peak Complete ListPoints
Kohn, Jerry5790.482014-08-17McConnell Peak Complete ListPoints
Voyles, Brian4977.782014-07-26McConnell Peak Complete ListPoints
Thornley, Patrick1015.871997-09-11Middle Sister Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Jim711.112008-10-05Middle Sister Complete ListPoints
Foutz, Tracy69.522012-09-07Middle Sister Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Jobe69.522002-06-25 aMiddle Sister Complete ListPoints
Surgent, Scott57.942005-08-13Middle Sister Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob57.942012-09-13Middle Sister Complete ListPoints
Vitz, John4368.252006-09-04Mokelumne Peak Complete ListPoints
Gosnell, Michael1930.162013-10-12Mokelumne Peak Complete ListPoints
Smatko, Andy1828.571974-07-30Mokelumne Peak Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis1828.572011-10-24Mokelumne Peak Complete ListPoints
Richter, Dan1726.982013-09-19Mokelumne Peak Complete ListPoints
Waxman, Asher711.112013-09-19Mokelumne Peak Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay57.942011-08-11Mount Elwell Complete ListPoints
Wong, Ron46.352012-09-02Mount Elwell Complete ListPoints
Peters, William6196.832010-06-19Mount Fillmore Complete ListPoints
MacLeod, Gordon3250.792008-08-17Mount Fillmore Complete ListPoints
Berger, Tim5180.952014-06-12Mount Lola Complete ListPoints
Wing, Kathy711.112014-08-06Mount Lola Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Terry57.942009-06-13 bMount Lola Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Rich46.352001-09-10Mount Lola Complete ListPoints
holder, scott46.350000Mount Lola Complete ListPoints
Martin, Bob46.350000Mount Lola Complete ListPoints
Jantz, Adam46.352010-07-17Mount Lola Complete ListPoints
Sandorff, Al63Complete!2013-08-04Mount Mildred Complete ListPoints
Brooks, Mary2844.442014-07-08Mount Patterson Complete ListPoints
Gerlach, Greg1726.982013-07-07Mount Patterson Complete ListPoints
Nelson, Gretchen812.702014-07-08Mount Patterson Complete ListPoints
Molen, Dean812.702008-06-21Mount Patterson Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam711.112009-06-21Mount Patterson Complete ListPoints
Sowards-Emmerd, Rebecca46.352013-08-03Mount Patterson Complete ListPoints
Boester, Brad4469.842010-09-18 bMount Price Complete ListPoints
Medvedev, Dmitry1117.462014-08-17 aMount Rose Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Dan1015.872009-06-20Mount Rose Complete ListPoints
Walstra, Steve69.522014-07-26Mount Rose Complete ListPoints
Darr, Jack46.350000Mount Rose Complete ListPoints
Hansen, Carl46.352013-06-14Mount Rose Complete ListPoints
Bishop, Jim46.352007-09-08Mount Rose Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne46.352010-09-19Mount Rose Complete ListPoints
Burd, Bob63Complete!2011-07-21Mount Siegel Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard2234.922012-08-27Mount Siegel Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken1523.812014-06-15 cMount Siegel Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy914.292012-08-27Mount Siegel Complete ListPoints
Simich, Petar812.702010-05-30Mount Siegel Complete ListPoints
Kassan, Eric46.352014-06-21Mount Siegel Complete ListPoints
Garry, Paul1930.162014-07-20Mount Tallac15Complete ListPoints
Higgins, A. Christopher914.292010-07-25Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Otis, P812.702012-09-15Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
McCoy, Casey 69.522010-03-27Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Morrill, Robert57.942000Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Maurer, Peter57.942011-08-10Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Rich, Kathy46.352014-06-01Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Mosbacher, Matt46.350000Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Kenyon, Lee46.350000Mount Tallac Complete ListPoints
Sumner, Bob63Complete!1995-10-22Phipps Peak Complete ListPoints
Pramuk, Gabriel1219.052011-04-18Phipps Peak Complete ListPoints
Hanson, Vic1117.462014-07-02Phipps Peak Complete ListPoints
Bartell, Ron1828.571982-08-01Pyramid Peak Complete ListPoints
Vieira, Miguel711.112010-09-26Pyramid Peak Complete ListPoints
Mason, Jonathan57.942014-06-07Pyramid Peak Complete ListPoints
Fieberling, Karl63Complete!2014-08-11Ralston Peak Complete ListPoints
sosnowski, michael1828.572013-01-20Ralston Peak Complete ListPoints
Carter, Tom812.700000Ralston Peak Complete ListPoints
Henney, Victor4571.432014-08-09Raymond Peak Complete ListPoints
Wyman-Henney, Susan4571.432014-08-09Raymond Peak Complete ListPoints
Corley, Christina1625.402014-08-09Raymond Peak Complete ListPoints
Gritts, Mitchell46.352013-10-10Red Lake Peak Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Christine812.702008-08-11Round Top Complete ListPoints
Curry, Vince46.352013-05-25Round Top Complete ListPoints
Franklin, Randy2946.030000Rubicon Peak Complete ListPoints
amrhein, nick1828.572013-06Rubicon Peak Complete ListPoints
Tompos, Eszter1015.872014-08-10Sierra Buttes Lookout1Complete ListPoints
Alexander, David 69.522007-08-15Sierra Buttes Lookout Complete ListPoints
Wright, Patrick57.942012-09-22Sierra Buttes Lookout Complete ListPoints
Hubbard, David57.942011-10-02Sierra Buttes Lookout Complete ListPoints
Battaglia, Evan46.352008-07Sierra Buttes Lookout Complete ListPoints
Pfister, John3047.622013-09-29Silver Peak Complete ListPoints
Berry, Michael1930.162014-04-24Snow Valley Peak1Complete ListPoints
ODonnell, Jon46.352010-07-11Snow Valley Peak Complete ListPoints
Noel, Eric46.352013-07-26Snow Valley Peak98Complete ListPoints
Hofheinz, Corey1726.982008-07-17Stevens Peak Complete ListPoints
wilhite, jay46.352002Stevens Peak Complete ListPoints
Bello, Frank812.702013-06-29The Nipple Complete ListPoints
Collins, Jessica46.352010-10-09The Nipple Complete ListPoints
Larrain, Kyle2234.922013-06-17Tinker Knob Complete ListPoints
Meeker, Garrick1320.632014-07-06 bTinker Knob Complete ListPoints
Raether, Don57.942013-08-01Tinker Knob Complete ListPoints
Dubikovsky, Vladislav1726.982012-06-06Twin Peaks Complete ListPoints
Peterson, Rick1523.812003-03Twin Peaks Complete ListPoints
Joyce, Scott1930.162012-12-08Waterhouse Peak Complete ListPoints
Larkin, Mike1625.402010-12-12Waterhouse Peak Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Luca5485.712014-06-15Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Bitton, Ephrat4774.602014-06-15Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints
Morton, Charles4165.082014-06-28Wheeler Peak Complete ListPoints

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