Mountaineers Teanaway Peaks - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 10

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Rashel, John330.002016-04-25Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Hladecek, Andrew220.002016-04-24Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Thomas, John10Complete!2016-03-26Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wiencke, Bent550.002016-03-26Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
miller, rhonda 330.002016-03-05Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Greene, Nathan220.002016-03-05Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Pearce, Jared10Complete!2016-02-28Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Barber, Michael330.002016-02-28Mount Baldy4Complete ListPoints
Mack, Liz550.002015-11-22Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Kwok, Amy220.002015-11-22Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Coleman, Bob990.002015-11-21Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Heller, Sarah880.002015-10-24Thorp Mountain1Complete ListPoints
Myer, Julie440.002015-10-21Hawkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wittmier, Dustin440.002015-10-19Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
Jordan, Andrea330.002015-10-19Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
Pumar, Lucía220.002015-10-18Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Heindel, Dave880.002015-10-17Bills Peak1Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam10Complete!2015-10-11 dMount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Heather550.002015-10-11Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Brown, Steve770.002015-10-10Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
Eames, Eric440.002015-10-04Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Kauffman, Matthew440.002015-09-18Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Hood, Kim550.002015-09-09Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Shih, Susan770.002015-09-07Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Leatherby, Shawna550.002015-09-07Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Weiland, Craig10Complete!2015-09-05Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Below, Matt770.002015-09-05Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Richards, Vanessa330.002015-09-05Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Funke, Kyle330.002015-08-23Bean Peak Complete ListPoints
Motteler, Barb880.002015-08-07Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stolitza, Shelley220.002015-07-16Bean Peak Complete ListPoints
Whittaker, Ryan550.002015-06-12 gBills Peak Complete ListPoints
Kula, Russ10Complete!2015-06-07Bills Peak Complete ListPoints
Najdzin, Joanne990.002015-06-07Bills Peak Complete ListPoints
VanderBilt, Monty10Complete!2015-05-28Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
Murr, Douglas220.002015-05-20Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Sherman, Rusty220.002015-05-09Hawkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schultz, Dave220.002015-01-17Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Straub, Chad770.002014-11-30Bean Peak Complete ListPoints
Parker, Nick220.002014-10-25Hawkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jordan, Fletcher880.002014-10-21Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Murphy, John220.002014-10-18Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Patota, Mark220.002014-10-18Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Howe, Noel10Complete!2014-10-12 aHawkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Holzmeyer, David220.002014-10-11Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Battaglia, Evan220.002014-10-11Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
K, M220.002014-10-11Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Albert, Sean10Complete!2014-10-05 aThorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Luty, Jonathan330.002014-07-20Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Schmalhurst, Todd330.002014-06-29Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Suhr, David10Complete!2014-06-14Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Patterson, Jeff 440.002014-06-07Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Cokus, Patty220.002014-06-07Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Evans, Alexei440.002014-05-24 ABean Peak Complete ListPoints
Murphy, Colleen440.002014-05-24Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Lazutin, Sergey220.002014-05-11Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Mosbacher, Matt330.002013-08-03Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Graf, Lynn10Complete!2013-07-13Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
T, Nina220.002013-07-06Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kennan, Brian220.002013-06-30Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Porter, Carry330.002013-06-15Bills Peak Complete ListPoints
Girard, Tom550.002013-06-02Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Kraai, Bryan10Complete!2013-04-29Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
Ashby, William440.002013-04-28Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Serwold , Sonja220.002013-04-27Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Hageman, Denise330.002013-03-23Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Giangiulio, Raphi220.002013-03-23Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rushwald, Ira660.002013-03-22Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Sloan, Pat220.002013-03-02Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Leggett, Rich220.002012-07-30Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Burt, Richard10Complete!2012-07-14Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Strand, Andrew10Complete!2012-07-01Bean Peak Complete ListPoints
La Caze, Debra 440.002012-06-24Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Ramsey, Beau330.002012-06-10Bills Peak Complete ListPoints
Estes, Bryan330.002012-05-20Bean Peak Complete ListPoints
McKee, Quinn220.002012-05-20Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
#, Ashwin330.002011-12-11Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Lykken, Scott220.002011-10-29Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Deriso, Dawn330.002011-08-28Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Dean220.002011-07-25Bean Peak Complete ListPoints
La Caze, Chris440.002011-07-21Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant10Complete!2011-07-16Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Damm, Petra220.002011-06-25Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Carmody, David220.002011-06-22Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Limprecht, Rodney550.002011-06-18Bills Peak Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Eric J.10Complete!2011-06-07Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Themer, Karl220.002011-05-07Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Imler, Andrea770.002010-11-13Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sullivan, Sean550.002010-10-17Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Ecker, Eric10Complete!2010-09-07Bills Peak Complete ListPoints
Lauren, Dan10Complete!2010-09-04Bean Peak Complete ListPoints
Altitude, Schmidt10Complete!2010-08-21Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Mesahchie, #440.002010-08-21Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Nanevicz, Tom10Complete!2010-06-20Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
Dewey, Andy330.002010-06-18 cBills Peak Complete ListPoints
Willis, Craig330.002010-05-30Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Radenska, Yana880.002010Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gillenwater, Bryan220.002009-08-15Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Suhr, Louise10Complete!2009-06-07Bills Peak Complete ListPoints
Broodbakker, Mario220.002009-06-07Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Bradshaw, Franklin440.002008-12-06 aEsmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
helminger, mike440.002008-11-29Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Hanley, Susan660.002008-07-05Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
Shaw, Mike330.002008-06-28Hawkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Smith, Austin990.002008-06-23Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
Rice, Scott10Complete!2006-09-24Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John10Complete!2005-07-30Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
Panza, Jeff10Complete!2005-07-27 bJolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Klasman, Kevin220.002005-06-11Bean Peak Complete ListPoints
-, -330.002005-05-29Three Brothers Complete ListPoints
Wick, Deb10Complete!2004-07-17Thorp Mountain Complete ListPoints
Robertson, Matt440.002004Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Boos, Andy10Complete!2003-12-27Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
madill, sue550.002003-06-07Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hagan, Tim10Complete!2002-09-07 bMount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Morrow, John10Complete!2002-07-13 bJolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Berntsen, Lisa220.002001-05Earl Peak Complete ListPoints
Baxstrom, Curt10Complete!1999-09-29Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Eisenberg, Mickey10Complete!1999-08-29Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen10Complete!1999-07-22Hawkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
poetter, royce220.001998-05-03Bean Peak Complete ListPoints
Flynn, Dale10Complete!1997-11-15Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken10Complete!1997-05-24Hawkins Mountain Complete ListPoints
Michelson, Paul440.001996-06-08Esmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Powrie, Chuck10Complete!1996Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cecil, Jim220.001993-07-03Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints
Darling`, Kelly660.001993-06-26Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Baker, Jim 770.001987-11-21Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Beavon, Fred10Complete!1987-07-14 bEsmeralda Peak Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne990.000000Mount Baldy Complete ListPoints
Willhite, Eric660.000000Miller Peak Complete ListPoints
Doty, Jason330.000000Jolly Mountain Complete ListPoints

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