Mountaineers Tahoma Peaks - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 32

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Airborne, Peter412.502012-10-07Marcus Peak Complete ListPoints
Albert, Sean928.132013-04-01Mount Wow Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Eric39.382008 JulyBurroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Baker, Troy39.381981-08-29Eagle Peak Complete ListPoints
Banes, John1237.502010-09-25Wahpenayo Peak Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James39.382014-07-01Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Battaglia, Evan1031.252014-11-02Goat Island Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bauman, Marion1237.502013-07-27Goat Island Mountain Complete ListPoints
Baxstrom, Curt32Complete!2013-05-26Double Peak Complete ListPoints
Beavon, Fred32Complete!2011-09-09 aTokaloo Rock Complete ListPoints
Beckey, Fred39.381939 cUnicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Below, Matt721.882015-05-09Lane Peak Complete ListPoints
Berntsen, Lisa928.132014-08-16Burroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bolton, Bob412.502015-05-25Dixon Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bond, Alex39.382015-07-19Burroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Boos, Andy2784.382015-05-28Tokaloo Rock Complete ListPoints
Bronner, Sam515.632012-04-29Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Broodbakker, Mario515.632009-06-27Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Brown, Steve1959.382015-07-19Banshee Peak Complete ListPoints
Burt, Richard2578.132015-07-16Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Calhoun, Debbie412.502013-08-17Shriner Peak Complete ListPoints
Chappell, Greg825.002013-05-11Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Chen, Liang39.382011-08-20Dewey Peak Complete ListPoints
Chinn, Victor618.752013-08-31Palisades Peak Complete ListPoints
Cirincione, Jonathan39.382015-05-03Double Peak Complete ListPoints
Civarra, Chris618.752009-05-03Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
crafton, jay1546.882014-09-06Dewey Peak Complete ListPoints
Curbow, David618.752014-08-03Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Darling`, Kelly412.501990-08-08Lane Peak Complete ListPoints
Davidson, Aubrey721.882014-05Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Davidson, Mark39.382014-08-09Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
DeFields, Kevin39.382013-06-30Unicorn Peak1Complete ListPoints
DeRoo, Tom721.881977-03-22Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Dominguez, Ed721.880000Lane Peak Complete ListPoints
Duncan, Don1031.252014-09-22Manatee Mountain Complete ListPoints
Eades, Glenn2475.002002-09-26Mount Ararat Complete ListPoints
Eames, Eric928.132015-05-02Tokaloo Rock Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward39.382011-08-18Mount Wow Complete ListPoints
Eisenberg, Jeanne2268.752002-10-08Tatoosh Peak Complete ListPoints
Eisenberg, Mickey32Complete!2006-07-08Governors Ridge Complete ListPoints
Eliasson, John928.132015-07-12Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Evans, Alexei412.502014-09-07Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne825.000000Pyramid Peak Complete ListPoints
Fabian, Andrew412.502015-01-11Lane Peak Complete ListPoints
Flynn, Dale2578.132012-09-16Burroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Friedrich, Brian39.381994-08-12Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Frink, Stu39.382012-09-04Mount Wow Complete ListPoints
Giangiulio, Raphi618.752015-06-08Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Girard, Tom2887.502015-07-03 bCowlitz Chimneys Complete ListPoints
Glenn, Stacia39.382014-06-22Lane Peak Complete ListPoints
Globokar, Danika721.882013-07-21Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Graf, Lynn2681.252014-07-27 aTokaloo Rock Complete ListPoints
Gundstrom , Emily 412.502015-06-08Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Hagan, Tim2784.382015-06-30Stevens Peak Complete ListPoints
Hageman, Denise1443.752014-09-06Dewey Peak Complete ListPoints
HAGERMAN, ROGER39.382015-05-31Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
helminger, mike1031.252015-05-02Tokaloo Rock Complete ListPoints
Hill, Craig515.632012-09-22Shriner Peak Complete ListPoints
Hladecek, Andrew515.632013-08-10Tamanos Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hollis, Scott928.132015-07-18Banshee Peak4Complete ListPoints
Holzmeyer, David618.752013-08-10Shriner Peak Complete ListPoints
Hornback, Kevin1546.882015-06-27Cowlitz Chimneys-Central Peak Complete ListPoints
Howe, Noel39.382013-06-09Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Hudson, Gary1443.752015-01-25Dixon Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hudson, Tim721.882011-07-10Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Jaggard, Davin39.382006-09-02Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Jenkins, Ron1134.382014-09-28Cowlitz Chimneys-Central Peak Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Eric1237.502010-08-29Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen618.752014-09-27 cBurroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken2371.882013-08-22 cBurroughs Mountain35Complete ListPoints
Klassen, Doug721.882015-06-13Tamanos Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kondrat, Paul618.752015-05-31Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Kotke, Chris618.752011-12-04Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Kraai, Bryan928.132014-06-30 aShriner Peak Complete ListPoints
Kunz, Ben515.632011-12-22Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Lamberton, Sheryl1650.002014-08-09Tokaloo Rock Complete ListPoints
Landahl, Erik412.502013-04-14The Castle Complete ListPoints
Lauren, Dan32Complete!2013-10-26Goat Island Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lauren, Nadine1753.132012-09-29Burroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lauren, Nicholas721.882003-06-20Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Lazutin, Sergey39.382015-05-17Barrier Peak Complete ListPoints
Leatherby, Shawna39.382015-07-07Banshee Peak Complete ListPoints
Lentz, Gretchen1753.132013-08-06Cowlitz Chimneys-Central Peak Complete ListPoints
Limprecht, Rodney825.002011-06-11 eChutla Peak Complete ListPoints
Lockard, Alex39.382013-06-15Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Madhusudanan, Vineeth39.382014-08-16Banshee Peak Complete ListPoints
madill, sue928.132003-09-13Pyramid Peak Complete ListPoints
Magee, Max39.382014-05-11Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Mason, Troy412.502015-01-31Lane Peak Complete ListPoints
Mayhew, Chris721.882015-01-10Chutla Peak Complete ListPoints
McCandless, Jaime515.632015-04-18Naches Peak Complete ListPoints
McClellan, Paul412.502001-09-09Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
McClure, Steven928.132015-06-25Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Michelson, Paul1031.252013-05-26Shriner Peak Complete ListPoints
miller, rhonda 825.002015-07-03Cowlitz Chimneys Complete ListPoints
Molen, Dean39.382008-08-15Mount Wow Complete ListPoints
Monas, Devin721.882013-07-21Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
morrison, jeff412.502009Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Morrow, John2371.882014-10-19 bGovernors Ridge Complete ListPoints
Motteler, Barb515.632015-05-27 aUnicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Murphy, Colleen412.502011-06-11Wahpenayo Peak Complete ListPoints
Murphy, John721.882015-07-18Banshee Peak Complete ListPoints
Myer, Julie32Complete!2015-06-27Cowlitz Chimneys-Central Peak Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant515.632012-07-15Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Nanevicz, Tom721.882014-08-02Eagle Peak Complete ListPoints
Nash, Aaron39.382014-11-30Crystal Mountain Complete ListPoints
Nesterenko, Pete39.381987-04-12The Castle Complete ListPoints
Noel, Eric39.382009-08-29Mount Wow98Complete ListPoints
Ottenad, Ryan412.502013-07-15Tamanos Mountain Complete ListPoints
Painter, ChadL1650.002014-10-12 dBurroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Panza, Jeff2681.252015-07-29The Castle Complete ListPoints
Parker, Grace2268.752013Naches Peak Complete ListPoints
Patterson, Jeff 2062.502015-07-29The Castle Complete ListPoints
Patton, Jared721.882014-08-02 eWahpenayo Peak Complete ListPoints
Petersen, Joe1546.882015-06-08Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Peterson, Marcus618.752015-01-31Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Pinkard, Brian39.382014-07-26Shriner Peak Complete ListPoints
poetter, royce1031.252011-09-12Mount Wow Complete ListPoints
Porter, Carry618.752013-08-10Burroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis39.382013-07-23Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Powrie, Barbara2268.752008-05-25Crystal Mountain Complete ListPoints
Powrie, Chuck3196.882014-08-16Cowlitz Chimneys Complete ListPoints
Prager, James39.382009-02-21Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Ransom, Amy928.132014-10-12The Castle Complete ListPoints
Retlin, Ben 39.382014-11-08Tatoosh Peak Complete ListPoints
Ricardi, Joshua39.382006-04-29The Castle Complete ListPoints
Rice, Scott32Complete!2011-10-08Dixon Mountain Complete ListPoints
Robertson, Matt1134.382013-09-08Goat Island Mountain Complete ListPoints
Romer, Henry1650.002015-07-14Chutla Peak Complete ListPoints
Romer, Leslie515.632015-07-07Crystal Mountain Complete ListPoints
Roper, John39.381992-05-08Crystal Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rushwald, Ira39.382013-02-23The Castle Complete ListPoints
Russell, Ken515.632014-10-12Governors Ridge Complete ListPoints
Salivaras, Sandy39.382014-08-03Burroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schaechtel, Ann2371.882002-09-29Dixon Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schaechtel, Don2681.252002-09-29Dixon Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schelter, Jan412.502015 5Shriner Peak Complete ListPoints
Schissel, Scott928.132013-09Eagle Peak Complete ListPoints
Schmalhurst, Todd39.382011-07-09Manatee Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schrempp, Glenn39.380000Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Schultz, Dave1340.632015-06-18Stevens Peak Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob1237.502000-07-30Tatoosh Peak Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Steve412.502014-09-27Burroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Shema, David1753.132009-08-23Burroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Shih, Susan1134.382015-07-25Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Shopland, Ian618.752011-08-06Shriner Peak Complete ListPoints
Shortt, Rickey515.632003-08-14Banshee Peak Complete ListPoints
Shoukry, Joe39.382013-04-28Eagle Peak Complete ListPoints
Slayden, Greg412.502008-07-06Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Smith, Austin618.752008-08-23Naches Peak Complete ListPoints
Stewart, Shadle39.382010-08-28Chutla Peak Complete ListPoints
Stock, Curtis515.632015-04-18Shriner Peak Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John1856.252014-08-09Dewey Peak Complete ListPoints
Stolz, Sarah928.132014-11-02Goat Island Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stott, Nathaniel39.382011-07-02Burroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Strand, Andrew1031.252014-08-09Dewey Peak Complete ListPoints
Straub, Chad515.632015-05-09Lane Peak Complete ListPoints
Suhr, David2475.002015-02-21Crystal Mountain Complete ListPoints
Suhr, Louise825.002015-07-25Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Summerfield, Albert412.502014-08-16Tokaloo Rock Complete ListPoints
Sumner, Bob928.132005-08-08Banshee Peak Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Dean2578.132015-07-28Tokaloo Rock Complete ListPoints
Themer, Karl1031.252014-09-06Dewey Peak Complete ListPoints
Tiefenbruck, Laura618.752013-04-28Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Todd, Jessica412.502012-06-16Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Trecker, Sherrie825.002015-02-15The Castle Complete ListPoints
Trumbo, Ryan515.632015-05-10Plummer Peak Complete ListPoints
Utah, Johnny412.502014-07-27Dewey Peak Complete ListPoints
van der Elst, Dan721.882010Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Velosky, Jerome39.382012-08-25Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam618.752015-05-09 cLane Peak Complete ListPoints
Weiland, Craig928.132014-06-18Tamanos Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wessels, Ralph39.382015-06-14Unicorn Peak Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Emily412.502013-04-27Pinnacle Peak Complete ListPoints
Wick, Deb2887.502013-09-08Shriner Peak Complete ListPoints
Wiencke, Bent618.752014-11-08The Castle Complete ListPoints
Wilkins, Tab1443.752015-06-21Cowlitz Chimneys Complete ListPoints
Willhite, Eric2887.500000Eagle Peak Complete ListPoints
Williams, Timmy618.752013-09-15Burroughs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Willis, Craig412.502015-05-25Dixon Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Doug1237.502015-07-28 cWahpenayo Peak Complete ListPoints
Yore, Gene32Complete!2014-09-06Dewey Peak Complete ListPoints

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