Southeastern Wilderness High Points - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 63

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Shortt, Rickey3149.212018-05-13Laurel Fork North Wilderness High Point Complete ListPoints
Barr, Peter2641.272018-05-13Laurel Fork North Wilderness High Point Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob1320.632018-05-09Stratton Bald Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Jobe1117.462018-04-28 cBalsam Beartown Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kloster, Vince812.702018-04-01Tray Mountain Complete ListPoints
Townes, Will1422.222018-03-24Hernandez Peak-South Slope Complete ListPoints
Hathaway, Brett57.942018-03-05Big Frog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Prosser, Mark1219.052018-02-17Big Frog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Haynor, Jim69.522017-12-14Big Frog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bland-Clark, Brian57.942017-12-06 wBlood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dahler, Andrew711.112017-11-18Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Zachary711.112017-10-14Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Smyer, Jonathan57.942017-09-28Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Ide, John914.292017-09-22 aPond Mountain Complete ListPoints
Adams, Debbie812.702017-09-09Big Frog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schwab, Bob914.292017-09-07Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Harris, Arthur46.352017-08-16Rich Mountain Complete ListPoints
Newman, Laura46.352017-07-19Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
McMaster, Spencer812.702017-07-09Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Gourley, Mike69.522017-07-09Grassy Cove Top Complete ListPoints
Dean, Denis711.112017-06-24Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Carlson, Josh46.352017-06-14Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gilsdorf, Chris1117.462017-06-04Mount Porte Crayon Complete ListPoints
Brennan, Thomas69.522017-06-04Highcock Knob Complete ListPoints
Jones, Karen46.352017-05-22 bRichland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken711.112017-05-21 bBalsam Beartown Mountain Complete ListPoints
Saltsman, Greg46.352017-05-19Mount Porte Crayon Complete ListPoints
Hughes, Daniel46.352017-05-02Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mallory, Kirk46.352017-04-30Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stewart, Dennis711.112017-04-08 01Hernandez Peak-South Slope Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben1726.982017-03-09 bBig Frog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Waller, Will46.352017-02-09 oMount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Gunn, Aaron46.352016-11-03Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Post, Chris57.942016-10-26 cRichland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Ching, Michael57.942016-10-25Big Frog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Williams, Brian46.352016-08-21Hernandez Peak-South Slope Complete ListPoints
Stinson, Mike711.112016-07-21Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Gabany, Randy1320.632016-06-19Brasstown Wilderness High Point Complete ListPoints
lawler, doc812.702016-06-12Grassy Cove Top Complete ListPoints
Bafford, John812.702016-05-31Three Ridges Complete ListPoints
Rackley, Seth812.702016-05-07Horsetrough Mountain Complete ListPoints
Salzmann, Jared1117.462016-05-06Bob Bald-West Ridge Complete ListPoints
Waag, Eric46.352016-02-13Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
TENNILLE, TONY46.352016-01-24Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
branin, jeff1015.872015-11-08Birkhead Wilderness High Point Complete ListPoints
Newton, Lee57.942015-11-07 dRichland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James57.942015-10-31 fHernandez Peak-South Slope Complete ListPoints
Perri, Bob914.292015-10-25Potts Mountain Complete ListPoints
Beavers, Michael711.112015-10-08Rich Mountain Complete ListPoints
stout, pat1320.632015-09-18Tray Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hicks, Bruce69.522015-09-06Grassy Cove Top Complete ListPoints
Brown, Jill812.702015-07-25 cStratton Bald Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Mitch57.942015-06-30Three Ridges Complete ListPoints
Best, Christopher711.112015-05-24Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Musser, William 69.522015-05-22 dMount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Hildebrand, Dan69.522015-05-03Brasstown Wilderness High Point Complete ListPoints
Chambers, John57.942015-04-28Rich Mountain Complete ListPoints
32oz, Gatorade711.112015-04-25Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Lawrence, Kimberly46.352015-04-25Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Bennett, Stacia46.352015-04-01Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bernier, Alan69.522015-02-15Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Harris, Douglas46.352015Rich Mountain Complete ListPoints
Jordan, Andrea57.942014-11-07Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Garlinghouse, William69.522014-06-03Three Ridges Complete ListPoints
Robinson , Marty57.942014-05-03Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Russell, Ken46.352014-05-02 bStanding Indian Complete ListPoints
McKeon, Jeremy46.352014-04-28Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Dillmore, Shannon1320.632014-03-16 aRich Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lawton, Zac57.942014-01-19Dugger Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kabel, Jeffrey711.112013-11Tray Mountain Complete ListPoints
Layton, Tom1117.462013-09-30 aBlood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Zerphey, Charles812.702013-09-30Tray Mountain Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy914.292013-07-06Dugger Mountain Complete ListPoints
Chruszcz, Scott57.942013-07-05Black Mountain Peak 4556 Complete ListPoints
Dunham, Dave46.352013-06-27Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Richards, Vanessa57.942013-05-26Three Ridges Complete ListPoints
Pomeroy, Tom1015.872013-03-21Levelland Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ouellette, Norman57.942013Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward1015.872012-10-24 10Rich Mountain Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Ken914.292012-07-21Mount Porte Crayon Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis711.112012-05-21 bThunder Ridge Wilderness High Point Complete ListPoints
Rat, Desert711.112012-05-08Balsam Beartown Mountain Complete ListPoints
Flynn, Emily69.522012-05The Priest Complete ListPoints
Shorey, Ronald46.352012-04-17Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Terry69.522012-01-01 aTray Mountain Complete ListPoints
Clary, Spencer69.522011-10-01Grassy Cove Top Complete ListPoints
Stewart, Geri46.352011-09-06 01Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Bishop, Jim711.112011-07-20Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Brown, Steve46.352011-06-25Mount Porte Crayon Complete ListPoints
ashby, shane57.942011-06-18Tray Mountain Complete ListPoints
Prowatzke, Michael1219.052011-04-10Harman Knob Complete ListPoints
Whited, Brian46.352011-03-26Brush Mountain Complete ListPoints
trailhound, tn46.352011Stratton Bald Complete ListPoints
Pramuk, Gabriel1117.462010-06-16Three Ridges Complete ListPoints
Saul, Jonathan1015.872010-06-13The Priest Complete ListPoints
Everett, Roxanne69.522010-06-10The Priest Complete ListPoints
Garner, John57.942010Tray Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hawkins, Michael711.112009-08-16Grassy Cove Top Complete ListPoints
Rinehart, Jeff46.352009-07-18Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Threatte, Kenith57.942009-05-24Horsetrough Mountain Complete ListPoints
Schwartz, Michael711.112009-02-15Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hastings, Lu69.522008-11-28Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Holt, Stewart711.112008-11-22Big Frog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bockhahn, Brian812.702008-07-12The Priest Complete ListPoints
Rego, Joe46.352008-06-10 bRichland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Howard, Chris711.112008-05-21Three Ridges Complete ListPoints
Zakhar, John69.522008-05-15Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Snedeker, Neil46.352007-10-25Blood Mountain Complete ListPoints
Oswald, Bill46.352007-09-13Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Odom, Mitchell 46.352007-04-28Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Six2, David57.942007Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Aaronson, David69.522006-06-26Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Kimball, Ben57.942006-04-23Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Massoth, Tom1219.052005-10-30Levelland Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kelly, Michael46.352005-05-05 1Levelland Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Pat69.522005-04-14 bBlood Mountain Complete ListPoints
LaViolette Jr., Mark69.522004-11-01Levelland Mountain Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Trapper69.522004-10-24Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Hessler, Kevin46.352004-09-25Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Alexandra711.112004-07-04Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Oeser, Annette57.942004-07-04Standing Indian Complete ListPoints
Beck, Alan914.292003-05-30Three Ridges Complete ListPoints
Cates-Bristol, Kris57.942003-05-20Mount Rogers Complete ListPoints
Williamson, Kevin711.112001-05-26Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Lobdell, Fred1219.052000-05-19 bBalsam Beartown Mountain Complete ListPoints
Young, Cliff711.111998-04-27Brush Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mitchler, John46.351998Richland Balsam Complete ListPoints
Bubniak, Gregory69.521997-05-10The Priest Complete ListPoints
Mayer, Craig1015.871989-06-06Three Ridges Complete ListPoints
Humphreys, Adam1117.460000Harman Knob Complete ListPoints
Wise, Brantley69.520000Grassy Cove Top Complete ListPoints
ferris, tom46.350000The Priest Complete ListPoints

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