Personal Lists Created by Ken Jones

Showing Ken Jones's Ascents

This table shows queries/lists that Ken Jones has created and saved using the Query Tool or the "Pick and Choose" list building capability.

TypeList/Query NameLocationQuery EditList Edit FRL #PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDatePrio
Query  100 km isolation in USAN.A.-USAQuery EditList EditFRL1597748.43Wheeler Peak2017-09-29 
Query  BC P2Ks for winter under 3500'N.A.-Canada-BCQuery EditList EditFRL14214.29Sumas Peak2013-03-08 
Query  BC P2Ks under 2500'N.A.-Canada-BCQuery EditList EditFRL4     
Query  BC P2Ks under 3000'N.A.-Canada-BCQuery EditList EditFRL8112.5Sumas Peak2013-03-08 
Query  CA San Diego county P1KsN.A.-USA-CAQuery EditList EditFRL291241.38Viejas Mountain2017-04-06 a 
Query  CA San Imperial county P1KsN.A.-USA-CAQuery EditList EditFRL9     
Query  CA Top 200 promN.A.-USA-CAQuery EditList EditFRL19616483.67Chanchelulla Peak2014-10-28 
Query  Canada UltrasN.A.-CanadaQuery EditList EditFRL14132.13Morton Peak2014-07-20 
P & C  CONUS 50 Most ProminentN.A.-USA List EditFRL5050100Mount Timpanogos2017-10-24 
Query  Ecuador UltrasS.A.-EcuadorQuery EditList EditFRL15213.33Volcán Cotopaxi2009-11-17 
Query  Greece Ultra prominence peaksEurope-GreeceQuery EditList EditFRL18316.67Spathi2014-05-31 
Query  Japan Ultra prominence peaksAsia-JapanQuery EditList EditFRL2129.52Kisokomaga-take2017-08-02 
P & C  K&D winter P1Ks in OregonN.A.-USA-OR List EditFRL12     
P & C  Karen WA P2K to goN.A.-USA-WA List EditFRL424197.62Mount David2012-09-18 
P & C  Ken Jones's Life ListWorld List EditFRL3030100Mount Cleveland2017-08-18 
P & C  Ken Jones's Wish ListWorld List EditFRL45     
Query  Mexico UltrasN.A.-MexicoQuery EditList EditFRL26519.23Volcán La Malinche2017-03-04 
P & C  Next OR tripN.A.-USA-OR List EditFRL7     
Query  OR Baker co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL14535.71Pedro Mountain2010-06-27 
Query  OR Benton co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL66100Flat Mountain2016-02-24 c 
Query  OR Clackamas co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL11436.36Schreiner Peak2004-07-22 b 
Query  OR Clatsop co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL6350Humbug Mountain2016-02-09 
Query  OR Columbia co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL11100Long Mountain1997-03-22 
Query  OR Coos co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL5120Mount Bolivar1997-06-21 b 
Query  OR Crook co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL6233.33Grizzly Mountain2016-10-25 b 
Query  OR Curry co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL13323.08Big Craggies2010-04-24 
Query  OR Deschutes co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL21838.1Broken Top2008-09-28 
Query  OR Douglas co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL36411.11Grayback2004-10-25 
Query  OR Grant co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL14642.86Lookout Mountain2008-06-19 b 
Query  OR Harney co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL18316.67Beatys Butte2010-06-25 
Query  OR Hood River co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL7571.43Indian Mountain2016-10-26 
Query  OR Jefferson co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL7457.14Black Butte2004-07-23 
Query  OR Josephine co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL28621.43Kerby Peak2012-06-03 
Query  OR Klamath co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL481633.33Parker Mountain2017-10-13 b 
Query  OR Lake co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL20420Warner Peak2010-06-24 
Query  OR Lane co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL36925Lookout Mountain2010-06-20 a 
Query  OR Lincoln co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL5120Cannibal Mountain2016-02-24 d 
Query  OR Linn co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL20735Echo Mountain2010-06-19 
Query  OR Malheur co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL17317.65Ironside Mountain2008-06-20 a 
Query  OR Marion co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL4250Battle Ax2012-10-20 
Query  OR Morrow co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL11100Black Mountain1997-08-01 a 
Query  OR Multnomah co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL0     
Query  OR P1Ks 4000' to 6000'N.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL1272822.05Parker Mountain2017-10-13 b 
Query  OR P1Ks over 6000'N.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL1786234.83Soda Mountain2014-09-20 
Query  OR P1Ks under 3000'N.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL471021.28Buzzard Butte2016-02-25 b 
Query  OR P1Ks under 4000'N.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL952324.21Buzzard Butte2016-02-25 b 
Query  OR Polk co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL4125Laurel Mountain1997-10-10 a 
Query  OR Tillamook co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL9555.56Buzzard Butte2016-02-25 b 
Query  OR Umatilla co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL11100Tower Mountain1997-08-01 b 
Query  OR Union co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL7114.29Eagle Cap1998-09-06 
Query  OR Wallowa co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL6350Aneroid Mountain2010-07-31 
Query  OR Wasco co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL4125Frog Lake Buttes2016-10-25 c 
Query  OR Wheeler co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL8112.5Spanish Peak1997-08-02 b 
Query  OR Yamhill co P1KsN.A.-USA-ORQuery EditList EditFRL33100Sheridan Peak2016-02-23 b 
P & C  Rocky et alN.A.-USA-VA List EditFRL55100The Priest2017-05-20 b 
Query  Victoria Australia P2KsOceania-Australia-VICQuery EditList EditFRL16     
Query  WA Asotin co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL0     
Query  WA Benton co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL11100Rattlesnake Hills Lookout1997-06-01 a 
Query  WA Chelan co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL913032.97Bonanza Peak2017-07-11 
Query  WA Clallam co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL281864.29Bear Mountain2016-03-29 b 
Query  WA Clark co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL3266.67Green Knob Lookout2010-11-14 b 
Query  WA Columbia co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL2     
Query  WA Cowlitz co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL8675Peak 26432014-05-07 
Query  WA Douglas co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL11100Badger Mountain1996-06-16 a 
Query  WA Ferry co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL42921.43Lake Butte2011-06-24 d 
Query  WA Grant co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL11100Wahatis Peak2008-05-23 a 
Query  WA Grays Harbor co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL12650Higley Peak2013-08-16 
Query  WA Jefferson co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL33721.21Mount Octopus2012-04-13 a 
Query  WA King co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL482347.92Big Muffin2015-06-19 b 
Query  WA Kitsap co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL11100Gold Mountain1993-03-28 
Query  WA Kittitas co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL292172.41Big Muffin2015-06-19 b 
Query  WA Klickitat co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL5120Indian Rock1992-06-07 
Query  WA Lewis co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL382873.68Twin Sisters2015-05-23 
Query  WA Lincoln co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL11100Lilienthal Mountain1997-07-14 c 
Query  WA Mason co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL18950Peak 31202011-08-17 b 
Query  WA Okanogan co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL1042423.08Tower Mountain2014-08-26 
Query  WA P1K under 3000 feetN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL957376.84Git Out Ridge2017-05-09 a 
Query  WA Pacific co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL7685.71Peak 24002016-02-15 
Query  WA Pend Oreille co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL26415.38Molybdenite Mountain2007-06-22 b 
Query  WA Pierce co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL15960Tumtum Peak2010-03-27 
Query  WA San Juan co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL5480Mount Woolard2014-01-11 
Query  WA Skagit co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL642437.5Illabot Peaks2017-08-26 
Query  WA Skamania co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL281553.57Big Huckleberry Mountain2015-02-12 b 
Query  WA Snohomish co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL622438.71Git Out Ridge2017-05-09 a 
Query  WA Spokane co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL4125Mount Spokane1997-07-14 a 
Query  WA Stevens co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL401025First Thought Mountain2009-04-18 b 
Query  WA Thurston co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL44100Peak 4802009-04-10 
Query  WA Whatcom co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL851720Mount Spickard2016-07-13 
Query  WA Whitman co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL33100Kamiak Butte2008-05-23 
Query  WA Yakima co P1KsN.A.-USA-WAQuery EditList EditFRL251248Tahtlum Peak2016-07-28 

About Personal Lists

Registered users of can create their own lists. The site hosts hundreds of well-known and popular lists on the Peak Lists page, but many users will want to create a collections of peaks that speaks to their climbing interests or goals.

There are two kinds of Personal List a user can create:

  • Query List: Create one on this page. These lists are the results of a query against the peak database, and include peaks based on strict criteria, such as elevation, location, prominence, and other metrics. To create one, you can use the query tool to input your criteria, run the query, tweak the criteria until you get results you are happy with, and then save the results as a list.
  • Pick-and-Choose List: Create one on this page. These lists are created by selecting peaks from the database. There are no limitations on which peaks you can choose--these lists can be a grab-bag of whatever random peaks you want to group together. To create one, set up the name and other information on the List Edit page, set that list to be your "active" list, and then navigate to peak pages on the site. On each peak page there is a button in the upper right corner what will allow you to add that peak to your active list. Click for More Info

The table on this page shows both kinds of lists. The "Query Edit" button for a list is only present for Query Lists, and will allow you to change the query criteria that generated that list. The "List Edit" link allows you to change the List title, description, columns, and other properties of the list, and will work for both kinds of lists.

Wish List: Your "Wish List" is a special kind of Pick-and-Choose List. When selecting peaks to add to it, you can only add peaks you have not yet climbed. And once you climb a peak on your Wish List, it is automatically removed from your Wish List. The Wish List also lets others know your upcoming plans, and is used for map shading. It is a good idea to give your Wish List a name that reflects it special status, for example, "John Smith's Wish List".

To make a Pick-and-Choose list your Wish List, click the "List Edit" link for a list, and check the Wish List checkbox on the page. This will set that list to be your Wish List. If you have a current wish list, it will not be deleted, it will remain as a regular Pick-and-Choose list.

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