Lists Created by Bob Bolton

This table shows queries/lists that Bob Bolton has created and saved using the Query Tool page, available to registered site users.

List/Query NameLocation FRL #PeaksClimbedPctMost Recent PeakDatePrio
Arizona P3KsN.A.-USA-AZFRL27     
Bob Bolton's Wish ListN.A.-USA-ORFRL1     
California P3KsN.A.-USA-CAFRL50     
Colorado 14er P1KsN.A.-USA-COFRL37     
Colorado 14er P3KsN.A.-USA-COFRL10     
Colorado P3KsN.A.-USA-COFRL22     
ID County P1Ks, BenewahN.A.-USA-IDFRL2     
ID County P1Ks, BonnerN.A.-USA-IDFRL10     
ID County P1Ks, BoundaryN.A.-USA-IDFRL7     
ID County P1Ks, ClearwaterN.A.-USA-IDFRL7     
ID County P1Ks, IdahoN.A.-USA-IDFRL21     
ID County P1Ks, KootenaiN.A.-USA-IDFRL4     
ID County P1Ks, LemhiN.A.-USA-IDFRL13     
ID County P1Ks, ValleyN.A.-USA-IDFRL16     
Idaho 12000ersN.A.-USA-IDFRL9     
Idaho P3KsN.A.-USA-IDFRL30     
Montana P3KsN.A.-USA-MTFRL53     
Nevada P3KsN.A.-USA-NVFRL70     
New Mexico P3KsN.A.-USA-NMFRL19     
OR County P1Ks, BakerN.A.-USA-ORFRL13     
OR County P1Ks, BentonN.A.-USA-ORFRL6     
OR County P1Ks, ClackamasN.A.-USA-ORFRL11     
OR County P1Ks, ClatsopN.A.-USA-ORFRL6     
OR County P1Ks, CoosN.A.-USA-ORFRL5     
OR County P1Ks, CrookN.A.-USA-ORFRL6     
OR County P1Ks, CurryN.A.-USA-ORFRL14     
OR County P1Ks, DeschutesN.A.-USA-ORFRL17     
OR County P1Ks, DouglasN.A.-USA-ORFRL36     
OR County P1Ks, GrantN.A.-USA-ORFRL11     
OR County P1Ks, HarneyN.A.-USA-ORFRL14     
OR County P1Ks, Hood RiverN.A.-USA-ORFRL7     
OR County P1Ks, JacksonN.A.-USA-ORFRL30     
OR County P1Ks, JeffersonN.A.-USA-ORFRL7     
OR County P1Ks, JosephineN.A.-USA-ORFRL29     
OR County P1Ks, KlamathN.A.-USA-ORFRL50     
OR County P1Ks, LakeN.A.-USA-ORFRL18     
OR County P1Ks, LaneN.A.-USA-ORFRL29     
OR County P1Ks, LincolnN.A.-USA-ORFRL6     
OR County P1Ks, LinnN.A.-USA-ORFRL17     
OR County P1Ks, MalheurN.A.-USA-ORFRL13     
OR County P1Ks, MarionN.A.-USA-ORFRL7     
OR County P1Ks, PolkN.A.-USA-ORFRL4     
OR County P1Ks, TillamookN.A.-USA-ORFRL9     
OR County P1Ks, UnionN.A.-USA-ORFRL6     
OR County P1Ks, WallowaN.A.-USA-ORFRL8     
OR County P1Ks, WascoN.A.-USA-ORFRL4     
OR County P1Ks, WheelerN.A.-USA-ORFRL4     
Oregon Top 200 by ProminenceN.A.-USA-ORFRL200     
Oregon Top 200 ProminencesN.A.-USA-ORFRL200     
Oregon Top 201-377 ProminencesN.A.-USA-ORFRL177     
P1Ks in the Oregon 100 Highest listN.A.-USA-ORFRL51     
P2Ks less than 250 miles from homeN.A.-USAFRL179     
P3Ks less then 400 miles from homeN.A.-USAFRL104     
Utah P3KsN.A.-USA-UTFRL43     
WA County P1Ks, ChelanN.A.-USA-WAFRL91     
WA County P1Ks, ClallamN.A.-USA-WAFRL27     
WA County P1Ks, FerryN.A.-USA-WAFRL42     
WA County P1Ks, Grays HarborN.A.-USA-WAFRL14     
WA County P1Ks, JeffersonN.A.-USA-WAFRL40     
WA County P1Ks, KingN.A.-USA-WAFRL54     
WA County P1Ks, KittitasN.A.-USA-WAFRL29     
WA County P1Ks, LewisN.A.-USA-WAFRL41     
WA County P1Ks, MasonN.A.-USA-WAFRL18     
WA County P1Ks, OkanoganN.A.-USA-WAFRL104     
WA County P1Ks, PacificN.A.-USA-WAFRL8     
WA County P1Ks, Pend OreilleN.A.-USA-WAFRL26     
WA County P1Ks, PierceN.A.-USA-WAFRL16     
WA County P1Ks, San JuanN.A.-USA-WAFRL5     
WA County P1Ks, SkagitN.A.-USA-WAFRL64     
WA County P1Ks, SkamaniaN.A.-USA-WAFRL33     
WA County P1Ks, SnohomishN.A.-USA-WAFRL62     
WA County P1Ks, SpokaneN.A.-USA-WAFRL4     
WA County P1Ks, StevensN.A.-USA-WAFRL40     
WA County P1Ks, ThurstonN.A.-USA-WAFRL4     
WA County P1Ks, WhatcomN.A.-USA-WAFRL81     
WA County P1Ks, YakimaN.A.-USA-WAFRL29     
Washington 100 Highest that are P1KsN.A.-USA-WAFRL56     
Washington P3KsN.A.-USA-WAFRL55     
Washington's 2nd 200 Most ProminentN.A.-USA-WAFRL200     
Wyoming 200 HighestN.A.-USA-WYFRL200     
Wyoming P3KsN.A.-USA-WYFRL11     

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