Peak Lists for Adam Walker

A list will appear on this page when Adam Walker has climbed at least 2 of the peaks on the list, AND more than 5% of the total number on that list. Clicking on a list name below will take you to that list, showing the date each completed peak was first climbed.

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High Point Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      Continent High Point Lists
                    The Seven Summits7228.6% Done
                    Seven Summits - Continental Landmass High Points7228.6% Done
                    The Volcanic Seven Summits7342.9% Done

      Country High Point Lists
                    South America Country High Points15213.3% Done
                    Country High Points of the Americas5935.1% Done

      State/Province High Point Lists

             North America State/Province High Point Lists
                           U.S. State High Points50612% Done
                                  United States State/Territory High Points56610.7% Done
                           United States State High Points (plus DC)51611.8% Done
                           Contiguous 48 U.S. State High Points48510.4% Done
                           Combined USA-Canada-Mexico State/Province High Points9699.4% Done
                           Mexico State High Points3239.4% Done

             South America State/Province High Point Lists
                           Argentina Province High Points2428.3% Done

             Europe State/Province High Point Lists
                           Greece Region High Points14214.3% Done

             Australia/Oceania State/Province High Point Lists
                           New Zealand Region High Points17317.6% Done

      County/Second Level High Points

             United States County High Point Lists
                           U.S. County High Points over 13,000 feet601220% Done
                           U.S. County High Points over 13,000 feet - 48 States531120.8% Done

             Western United States County High Point Lists
                           Washington County High Points391435.9% Done
                           Oregon County High Points36411.1% Done
                           California County High Points581017.2% Done
                           Colorado County High Points6469.4% Done
                           Arizona County High Points15426.7% Done

      Island High Point Lists

             Other Island High Points
                                  USA 48-States Island High Points above 500 feet25624% Done
                                  Washington State Island High Points43511.6% Done

      Mountain Range High Point Lists

             North America Mountain Range High Point Lists
                           North America Range3 High Points60711.7% Done
                           USA/Canada Range4 High Points201178.5% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Range3 High Points21523.8% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Range4 High Points1061615.1% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Range5 High Points618548.7% Done
                           Great Basin Range5 High Points78810.3% Done
                           Rocky Mountain Range4 High Points35514.3% Done

             South America Range High Points
                           South America Range3 High Points3326.1% Done

             Australia/Oceania Range High Points
                           Australia/Oceania Range3 High Points30310% Done

      Drainage Basin High Point and Triple Divide Lists

             World Drainage Basin High Point Lists
                    World Drainage Basin High Points over 5000 m high37513.5% Done

             North America Drainage Basin High Points
                    USA Lower 48 Drainage Basin High Points641320.3% Done
                    Washington State Drainage Basin High Points181055.6% Done

             North America Triple Divide Points
                    Washington State Triple Divide Points14214.3% Done

      Land High Point Lists

             North America Land High Point Lists
                    U.S. National Park High Points59711.9% Done
                    U.S. National Forest High Points1101816.4% Done
                    U.S. National Monument High Points12075.8% Done
                    U.S. Indian Reservation High Points4149.8% Done
                    U.S. State Park High Points21419% Done

             U.S. Wilderness Area High Points
                           Washington State Wilderness High Points311754.8% Done
                           California Wilderness High Points1472013.6% Done
                           Colorado Wilderness High Points4337% Done
                           Arizona Wilderness High Points8977.9% Done

Threshold Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      North America Threshold Lists
                    North America 14,000-foot Peaks1041110.6% Done

             United States Threshold Lists
                           United States 14,000-foot Peaks891011.2% Done
                           United States 13,750-foot Peaks183116% Done

             Western United States Threshold Lists
                           USA 48-States 14,000-foot Peaks641015.6% Done
                           Washington State Top 100 Peaks1006060% Done
                                  Washington State Top 200 Peaks2008241% Done
                           Olympic Mountain 6500-foot Peaks491326.5% Done
                           Alpine Lakes "Home Court" Top 1001003838% Done
                           Wenatchee Mountains "Back Court" Top 1001005050% Done
                           Oregon 9000-foot Peaks3139.7% Done
                           Cascade Range 9000-foot Peaks341647.1% Done
                           California 14,000-foot Peaks11218.2% Done
                           Non-Sierra California 10,000-foot Peaks5359.4% Done
                           Colorado 14,000-foot Peaks53713.2% Done
                           Colorado Centennial Peaks (Top 100)10077% Done

      Europe Threshold Lists
                    Alpine 4000-meter Peaks4936.1% Done

Isolation Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      World Isolation Lists
             World Peaks with 1000 km of Isolation8678.1% Done

      North America Isolation Lists

             United States Isolation Lists
                           United States Peaks with 100 miles of Isolation681014.7% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Peaks with 100 miles of Isolation39923.1% Done
                           Most Isolated Peaks of the U.S. States50612% Done

             Western United States Isolation Lists
                    Western USA Peaks with 25 miles of Isolation3203912.2% Done
                           Washington State Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation18950% Done
                           Oregon Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation27311.1% Done
                           California Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation361336.1% Done
                           Idaho Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation16212.5% Done
                           Colorado Peaks with 25 miles of Isolation19315.8% Done
                           Arizona Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation40717.5% Done
                           Hawaii Peaks with 25 Miles of Isolation13215.4% Done

Prominence Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      World Prominence Lists
             World Peaks with 4000 meters of Prominence22522.7% Done
             World Top 50 by Prominence50612% Done
             World Top 100 by Prominence10088% Done

      North America Prominence Lists
                    North America Peaks with 2000 meters of Prominence991414.1% Done
                    USA/Canada Peaks with 7000 feet of Prominence671420.9% Done

             United States Prominence Lists
                           USA Peaks with 6000 feet of Prominence641625% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Peaks with 5000 feet of Prominence572136.8% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Top 100 Peaks by Prominence1003131% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Peaks with 4000 feet of Prominence1423625.4% Done
                           USA Lower 48 Top 400 Peaks by Prominence4007117.8% Done
                           Most Prominent Peaks of the U.S. States51611.8% Done
                           The USA Second Lap List5036% Done

             Western United States Prominence Lists
                           Hawaii Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence11218.2% Done
                           Washington State Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence1447552.1% Done
                           Washington State Top 200 by Prominence2008643% Done
                           Oregon Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence7456.8% Done
                           California Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence1643320.1% Done
                           Colorado Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence8056.2% Done
                           Arizona Peaks with 2000 feet of Prominence73811% Done

             West USA Most Prominent Peak by County Lists
                           Washington County Prominence Peaks391435.9% Done
                           Oregon County Prominence Peaks36411.1% Done
                           California County Prominence Peaks58915.5% Done
                           Colorado County Prominence Peaks6446.2% Done
                           Arizona County Prominence Peaks15426.7% Done

Hiking/Climbing Club Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      United States Club Lists

             Western United States Club Lists
                    Washington Bulger List1006363% Done
                    Washington State Fire Lookouts933840.9% Done
                    Smoot's "Climbing Washington's Mountains" 100 Peaks1007979% Done
                           Las Vegas Mountaineers Classics5048% Done
                    Colorado Mountain Club Fourteeners54713% Done
                           Western States Climbers Star Peaks118108.5% Done
                    Chemeketan Eighteen Northwest Peaks Award181161.1% Done
                    Arizona 20-20 Challenge Peaks20315% Done
                    San Bernardino Nine Peak Challenge9222.2% Done

             Mountaineers (WA) Club Lists
                    Mountaineers 6-Peak Pin66Complete!
                    Mountaineers 5-Peak Pin55Complete!
                    Mountaineers Cascade Classic Peak Pin181583.3% Done
                    Mountaineers Snoqualmie Peak Pin-All201680% Done
                           Mountaineers Snoqualmie Peak Pin-First Ten10880% Done
                           Mountaineers Snoqualmie Peak Pin-Second Ten10880% Done
                    Mountaineers Baker's Dozen18950% Done
                    Mountaineers Everett Peaks211361.9% Done
                    Mountaineers Irish Cabin Peaks24729.2% Done
                    Mountaineers Tahoma Peaks32721.9% Done
                    Mountaineers Seattle Clubhouse Peaks10660% Done
                    Mountaineers Olympia Peaks15533.3% Done
                    Mountaineers Olympia Scramble Peaks48816.7% Done
                    Cascade Volcanoes Peak Pin201050% Done
                    Mountaineers 100 Peaks at Mount Rainier N.P.1002626% Done
                           Hiking Peaks at Mount Rainier N.P.15853.3% Done
                           Scramble Peaks at Mount Rainier N.P.761621.1% Done
                           Climbing Peaks at Mount Rainier N.P.9222.2% Done
                    Mountaineers Teanaway Twenty Peaks2020Complete!
                           Mountaineers Teanaway Peaks1010Complete!
                           Mountaineers Teanaway Second Ten Peaks1010Complete!
                    Mountaineers Everett Classic Eight8562.5% Done
                    Mountaineers Everett Lookout Peaks201680% Done
                    Mountaineers Olympia Lookout Hiking Peaks401230% Done

             Sierra Club (CA) Lists
                    Sierra Club Hundred Peaks Section2794014.3% Done
                    Sierra Club Desert Peaks Section973940.2% Done
                           Desert Peaks Section Emblem Peaks7342.9% Done
                    Sierra Club Lower Peaks Section8489.5% Done
                    Great Basin Peaks List11665.2% Done
                    San Diego 100 Peaks List1001212% Done

             Mazamas (OR) Peak Lists
                    Mazamas Guardian Peaks Award33Complete!
                    Mazamas Cascades Award7228.6% Done
                    Mazamas Sixteen Northwest Peaks Award161168.8% Done

Random Other Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      Grab Bag Lists
             Famous Peaks that are not High Points27518.5% Done
             Aetherius Society Holy Mountains19210.5% Done
             Peaks on "America the Beautiful" Quarters11327.3% Done
             Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" Peaks8225% Done

      Graticule-Based Lists
             Quadrant High Points4250% Done
             Octant High Points8225% Done

      Usage Lists
             Peaks with Most Individual Summiters50816% Done
             Peaks with Most Individual Summiters-Outside USA50510% Done
             Most Ascended Peaks501224% Done
             Most Ascended Peaks-Outside USA50510% Done
             Peaks with most Unsuccessful Attempts251768% Done
             Peaks with Highest Ascent Quality Ratings25520% Done
             Peaks with Most Ascents Using a Rope251456% Done
             1500-meter Prominence Peak with Ascents546417.5% Done
             Peaks with Most Page Views on Site501836% Done

Big Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  
             World 1500 m (4921 ft) Prominence Peaks1498412.7% Done
             World 600 m (1969 ft) Prominence Peaks69191622.3% Done
             USA 2000 ft Prominence Peaks21431336.2% Done
             USA 48 States 2000 ft Prominence Peaks119813110.9% Done
             USA County High Points3142431.4% Done
             USA Wilderness High Points756516.7% Done

US County High Point Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      Height-Based CoHP Lists
             Fifty Highest CoHPs50918% Done
             Fifty Highest CoHPs in Lower 48501020% Done

      Difficulty CoHP Lists
             Apex (Toughest) CoHPs20945% Done
             5000 foot gain CoHPs481735.4% Done
             Triple Crown CoHPs10660% Done
             5000 foot gain CoHPs - 48 States391743.6% Done

      Prominence CoHP Lists
             5000 foot Prominence CoHPs631930.2% Done
             2000-foot Prominence CoHPs - 48 States2433313.6% Done
             5000 foot Prominence CoHPs - 48 States461839.1% Done

      Regional County Groupings
             Western USA CoHPs448439.6% Done
                    Western Contiguous USA CoHPs4144210.1% Done
             Pacific Coast CoHPs48714.6% Done
             Canadian Border CoHPs5347.5% Done
             Mexico Border CoHPs22418.2% Done

      Other CoHP Lists
             Counties with Largest Area50816% Done
             CoHP High Five List256187% Done
             High Points of Counties Crossed by the Pacific Crest Trail452146.7% Done
             High Points of Counties Crossed by the Continental Divide5359.4% Done
             Island CoHPs2627.7% Done
             "Helman Counties"-Greatest Elevation Differential5048% Done

Grid Lists

  Total Peaks    Total Climbed    Percent  

      United States Summary Grids
             Top 10 Elevation Grid for U.S. States1602012.5% Done
             Top 10 Prominence Grid for U.S. States1602918.1% Done
             Top 10 Isolation Grid for U.S. States1602113.1% Done
             Top 10 County High Points Grid for U.S. States1552314.8% Done

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