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Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

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Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 189

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Bernier, Alan18396.832013-09-30Flume Mountain-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Cuddihee, Bryan18296.302018-03-24Flume Mountain-East Peak Complete ListPoints
Josephson, Arthur17793.652004-10-23Big Brook Bog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ortiz, Gregory17492.062015-01-01 bStinson Mountain-Northeast Peak Complete ListPoints
Pig, ManBear14476.192014-08-16Green Mountain Complete ListPoints
John, Thompson12164.022017-08-15Southwest Moat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Aschbrenner, Ryan11460.322018-06-09 bWhaleback Mountain-South Peak Complete ListPoints
Massad, Serge10656.082017-12-10 cBlack Snout Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bromberg, Mike8846.562018-06-17Cleveland Notch Peak Complete ListPoints
Ziak, Rodney7238.102017-09-14 bSpruce Mountain-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Audin, B5830.692018-05-25Mount Crescent Complete ListPoints
NH, Hikes5529.102015-09-28Mount Rosebrook Complete ListPoints
White, Bill5529.102018-05-12Goves Mountain-North Peak Complete ListPoints
James, Desiree5328.042015-05-23Smarts Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bigelow, Andrew5126.982018-02-17Whaleback Mountain-South Peak Complete ListPoints
Lostracco, Ben4925.932012-04-29 aMount D'Urban Complete ListPoints
Garneau, Robert4423.282016-10-06Percy Peaks-South Peak Complete ListPoints
Higgins, Chris4423.282017-08-03 iRogers Ledge Complete ListPoints
Allen, Zach4423.282017-09-16West Royce Mountain Complete ListPoints
Vadeboncoeur, Matt4222.222014-06-07 bPercy Peaks-North Peak Complete ListPoints
F, Andy4021.162017-12-11Mount Hayes Complete ListPoints
Snyder, Steve3920.632012-06-23West Royce Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wijnen-Riems, Frederik3920.632018-05-25Kearsarge North Complete ListPoints
Flanigan, Jen3820.112017-09-02Signal Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ward, Jeremy3719.582013-08-23Mount Israel Complete ListPoints
Gilgen, Rob3719.582013-09-14Faraway Mountain Complete ListPoints
tone, wolf3719.582017-10-07Percy Peaks-South Peak Complete ListPoints
Man, Map3619.052017-10-01 bFaraway Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lemieux, Karen 3518.522015-10-18Iron Mountain Complete ListPoints
Critz, Mark3317.462016-07-03Carr Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wijnen-Riems, Linda3317.462017-07-07Iron Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ferris, Sharon3317.462017-10-14Mount Resolution Complete ListPoints
DellAnno, Roberta3216.932015-07-16Stairs Mountain Complete ListPoints
Tinkham, Jake3216.932018-06-10 a2Percy Peaks-South Peak Complete ListPoints
Calabrese, Chris3116.402017-09-18Mount Chocorua Complete ListPoints
Nakajima, Tomoko3015.872015-07-12Magalloway Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dunham, Dave3015.872015-12-25Mount Chocorua Complete ListPoints
Rives, Rob3015.872016-09-04Stinson Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hoyt, Will3015.872017-10-01Mount Parker Complete ListPoints
Keats, Sarah3015.872017-12-01Mount Resolution Complete ListPoints
Priest, Margaret2814.812015-05-31 jRogers Ledge Complete ListPoints
Lumens, Chris2714.292018-04-08Mount Tremont Complete ListPoints
Cusolito, Bob2714.292018-05-28Stinson Mountain Complete ListPoints
Fredette, Denise2613.762018-05-18Mount Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Puck, Hockey2513.232018-06-16 cDiamond Ridge55Complete ListPoints
Lardiere, M (whichway)2412.702013-07-07Mount Shaw Complete ListPoints
Cahoon, Sean2412.702013-07-21Magalloway Mountain Complete ListPoints
Liakos, Beth2412.702014-05-04Smarts Mountain Complete ListPoints
Beck, Alan2412.702017-07-03Mount Shaw Complete ListPoints
Corcoran, Spencer2412.702018-01-02Mount Crescent Complete ListPoints
Schussler, Arne2312.172011-10-23Eastman Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hathaway, Justin2312.172014-06-22Mount Wonalancet Complete ListPoints
Hern, Steve2312.172017-03-04Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Caverly, Arthur2312.172018-03-25 aCole Hill Complete ListPoints
Bedard, Richard2312.172018-06-10Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Perkins, Alan2211.642016-09-25Magalloway Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hedges, Marc2211.642018-06-10West Royce Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lacer, Ron (rocksnrolls)2111.112007-11-17Mount Crawford Complete ListPoints
Tilton, Kevin2111.112011-01-23Mount Shaw Complete ListPoints
Young, Cliff2111.112014-12-30Bear Mountain Complete ListPoints
McDonald, William2111.112016-08-14Mount Chocorua Complete ListPoints
Darby, David2010.582015-04-12Blue Ridge Mountain-North Peak Complete ListPoints
Hesse, Heather2010.582015-05-14Stinson Mountain Complete ListPoints
Peck, Lawrence2010.582016-01-03 cMount Shaw Complete ListPoints
Sherlock, K2010.582018-02-24Piermont Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hernandez, Chuck189.522016-08-20 dMagalloway Mountain Complete ListPoints
Henney, Robert189.522017-05-31North Moat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Quebec, Edith (Wadever)189.522018-03-04 aMount Chocorua Complete ListPoints
Wood, Ashley189.522018-03-04 bMiddle Moat Mountain Complete ListPoints
thompson, shane189.522018-04-07Mount Crawford Complete ListPoints
Nappi, Todd189.522018-06-12Middle Sugarloaf Complete ListPoints
Curran, John178.992008-09-28 aMount Chocorua Complete ListPoints
McLean, Jeffrey178.992013-07-28Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lamarsh, Brian178.992014-05-25Kearsarge North Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Duncan178.992016-12-03 cNorth Moat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Barr, Peter178.992018-04-20Croydon Peak Complete ListPoints
Weed, Jill 178.992018-05-09Mount Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Blair, Michael168.472011-09-03 aNorth Kinsman Notch Peak Complete ListPoints
Mayer, Craig168.472012-06-24Whitewall Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Jayne168.472012-08-25Potash Mountain Complete ListPoints
Happeny, Eric168.472014-11-23Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Berger, Michael168.472015-08-29Sunapee Mountain Complete ListPoints
Laverdure, Jean Andr√© 168.472015-08-31 bFaraway Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lardiere-Sherlock, Delilah168.472018-02-24Piermont Mountain Complete ListPoints
Yetter, Larry168.472018-05-05Whaleback Mountain-South Peak Complete ListPoints
Davis, Diana157.942010-08-30Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Correia, Ronald157.942011-01-17Stinson Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sheehy, Samantha157.942015-05-25 bMiddle Sugarloaf Complete ListPoints
Dunn, Mick157.942016-09-24Magalloway Mountain Complete ListPoints
Shortt, Rickey157.942016-10-08Kearsarge North Complete ListPoints
Keator, John157.942018-01-29Black Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rossman, Jason157.942018-06-16Carr Mountain Complete ListPoints
Brough, Justin157.942018-06-17Iron Mountain Complete ListPoints
Cockrell, Scott147.412009-07-25Mount Wolf Complete ListPoints
Trust, Monica 147.412011-09-03 bMount Wolf Complete ListPoints
Morris, Chris147.412017-04-25Mount Hayes Complete ListPoints
Bullis, Randy147.412017-07-23 aMiddle Sugarloaf Complete ListPoints
Wallace-Brodeur, Jeb147.412017-10-23Hedgehog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sheahan, Kevin136.880000Mount Wolf Complete ListPoints
Wheeler, Terry136.882011-02-20Kearsarge North Complete ListPoints
W, Marta136.882013-09-27 cEastman Mountain Complete ListPoints
H, Mark136.882014-07-05Mount Chocorua Complete ListPoints
Boozer, Johnny136.882015-06-27Iron Mountain Complete ListPoints
Girl, Local Hawaii136.882015-08-27Iron Mountain Complete ListPoints
chase, alexandria136.882016-04-17Mount Tremont Complete ListPoints
Lovett, Neil136.882016-08-22Kearsarge North Complete ListPoints
Barry, Wesley136.882017-01-22North Moat Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stone, Tom136.882017-09-13Kearsarge North Complete ListPoints
Eater, Snack136.882017-09-20 rMount Chocorua Complete ListPoints
Westner, Liz136.882018-05-12South Doublehead Complete ListPoints
Jones, Paul136.882018-05-13Mount Willard Complete ListPoints
Soule, Dolores136.882018-05-27 cMount Crawford Complete ListPoints
Atkinson, Ashley136.882018-06-02West Royce Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kimball, Ben126.352005-02-07Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Lacroix, John126.352010-11-21Mount Monadnock Complete ListPoints
Haynes, Cheryl126.352017-10-21 qMiddle Sugarloaf Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Judi115.822012-02-18Mount Cube Complete ListPoints
Thate, Karine115.822012-08-26 hCascade Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hess, Katie115.822015-09-19Mount Shaw Complete ListPoints
derycke, franck115.822016-07-03Mount Cardigan Complete ListPoints
Taylor, Rick115.822016-09-05Middle Sugarloaf Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Jim115.822017-11-24Mount Shaw Complete ListPoints
Ajalat, Casey115.822018-05-20Orange Mountain Complete ListPoints
Spooner, Cindy115.822018-06-09 kKearsarge North Complete ListPoints
Hurd, Steve115.822018-06-10Eastman Mountain Complete ListPoints
Adams, Paul115.822018-06-16Mount Cube Complete ListPoints
Martin, John105.292012-11-04Faraway Mountain Complete ListPoints
Whalen, Joe105.292012-11-18 bSouth Doublehead Complete ListPoints
Kassell, Henry105.292014-09-14Mount Wolf Complete ListPoints
Dresser, Scott105.292014-10-19Mount Shaw Complete ListPoints
Frisbee, John105.292015-06-30South Doublehead Complete ListPoints
Lindsey, Gianina105.292016-08-03Stinson Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lombardo, Eric105.292016-08-07 bSmarts Mountain Complete ListPoints
Lennon, Alex105.292017-04-29Mount Crawford Complete ListPoints
Allen, James105.292017-07-09Middle Sugarloaf Complete ListPoints
Griffin, Daniel105.292017-07-19Hedgehog Mountain Complete ListPoints
Plourde, Riley105.292017-08-29Mount Crawford Complete ListPoints
Therrien, Stacy105.292018-02-01 bPotash Mountain Complete ListPoints
Leitch, Will105.292018-03-18Mount Kearsarge Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob105.292018-06-06Mount Israel Complete ListPoints

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