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Riverside P1K - Front Runners List

Important: This table ONLY lists climbers who are using to log their ascents, plus a few random famous climbers. It is NOT in any way a comprehensive or authoritative listing of those who are pursuing or have completed this peak list.

The list shows the top 200 climbers, ordered by peaks climbed. A climber becomes a candidate for inclusion by climbing at least 2 of the peaks on this list, AND more than 5% of the total number of peaks. (For lists with over 400 peaks, the minimum is simply 20 peaks climbed.) The Priority column shows a user-entered value from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest).

Total Number of Ranked Peaks on List: 45

ClimberTotal ClimbedPercent ClimbedMost Recent ClimbMost Recent PeakPriorityComplete ListMaps
Vitz, John4191.112006-04-24Bernasconi Hills High Point Complete ListPoints
Burd, Bob4088.892016-01-30Peak 3994 Complete ListPoints
Carey, Richard3782.222016-02-22Riverside 2 Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Flood, Terry3271.112015-03-13Cottonwood Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
McCormick, Mark2964.442013-12-15Pinto Mountain Complete ListPoints
Khamis, Miriam2964.442017-02-05Palen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Christensen, Keith2862.222015-12-20Riverside 2 Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Raether, Don2862.222016-12-05Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Garry, Paul2657.782015-12-20Riverside 2 Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Rich, Kathy2657.782016-01-18West Maria Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Gerlach, Greg2657.782016-06-02Box Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Christiansen, George2657.782017-01-06Chuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Dodge, Daryn2555.562016-01-18West Maria Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Craig2555.562017-01-29 bRiverside 2 Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Gosnell, Michael2453.332008-12-23Granite Mountain Complete ListPoints
Strauch, John2453.332015-02-06Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Fieberling, Karl2453.332016-01-30Peak 3994 Complete ListPoints
Arredondo, Patricia2453.332017-01-06Chuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Sumner, Bob2351.112002-04-02Monument Mountain Complete ListPoints
Henney, Victor2351.112009-01-10Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Wyman-Henney, Susan2351.112009-01-10Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Richter, Dan2351.112015-02-11Monument Mountain Complete ListPoints
Barlow, James2351.112015-12-19McCoy Mountain Complete ListPoints
MacLeod, Gordon2248.891977-03-05Monument Mountain Complete ListPoints
Waxman, Asher2248.892015-02-11 aMonument Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bartell, Ron2248.892015-10-31Monument Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wing, Kathy2248.892016-01-17Iron Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Baumann, Ben2248.892016-12-31Granite Mountain Complete ListPoints
Craig, Bruce2248.892017-01-06Chuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Comerzan, David2248.892017-01-06 aChuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Ranschau, Cuno2146.671979-02-11Palen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Jones, Ken2146.672012-02-20Chuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Faraday, Amin2146.672015-12-12Orocopia Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Jagow, Craig2146.672016-03-12Granite Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kelliher, Mat2146.672017-02-05Palen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Khan, Wasim2044.442015-03-22Eagle Mountain Complete ListPoints
Butler, Winnette2044.442015-07-22Box Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Vaughn, Patrick2044.442017-01-06 aChuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Ray, John2044.442017-02-04Monument Mountain Complete ListPoints
Butski, Mark1942.222015-12-13Black Butte Complete ListPoints
Randall, Roy1840.002007-02-04Pinto Mountain Complete ListPoints
Laxamana, Kelley1840.002016-06-02Box Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Francis, David1840.002017-01-29 dChuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Becht, Tom1737.782015-12-05Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Hengst, Matthew1635.562015-01-18McCoy Mountain Complete ListPoints
Earl, Edward1533.332007-02-18Iron Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Fredrickson, Karl1533.332014-06-07Santiago Peak Complete ListPoints
Schenk, Gary1533.332015-01-10Thomas Mountain Complete ListPoints
Newman, Laura1533.332015-03-07Palen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Poulin, Dennis1533.332015-04-27Cahuilla Mountain Complete ListPoints
Soskins, Christine1533.332015-11-21Peak 6582 Complete ListPoints
ONeill, Patrick1533.332016-01-30 bPeak 3994 Complete ListPoints
Stemm, Brad1533.332016-09-30 eToro Peak Complete ListPoints
Packard, Bob1533.332016-10-25Box Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wenzl, Hans1533.332017-01-29Chuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
SC leads, MAK1533.332017-02-05Palen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Roach, Gerry1431.110000Quail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Helman, Adam1431.112006-04-30Big Maria Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Winger, Charlie1431.112007-12-04Santiago Peak Complete ListPoints
Giurgiulescu, Mihai1431.112017-01-28 bSpectre Peak Complete ListPoints
Edmonds, Larry1431.112017-02-03Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Johnson, Frederick1328.891996-01-15Eagle Mountain Complete ListPoints
Surgent, Scott1328.892013-05-14Palm View Peak Complete ListPoints
Jones, Jon1328.892014-12-07Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Lara, Sandy1328.892015-01-04Chuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Roton, Tanya1328.892015-04-11 aMount Jurupa Complete ListPoints
Jayaraman, Srikant1328.892015-11-08 aCahuilla Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hadley, Pat1226.672013-03-10Palen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Martin, Andy1226.672014-09-15Thomas Mountain Complete ListPoints
Morehouse, James1226.672015-03-07Martinez Mountain Complete ListPoints
Rohrer, Marco1226.672015-03-15Martinez Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mitchell, Christine1226.672015-10-31Monument Mountain Complete ListPoints
Baxter, Dan1226.672016-01-17Chuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Brewster, Joel1226.672016-02-13Martinez Mountain Complete ListPoints
Sullivan, Michael1226.672016-06-12Mount Jurupa Complete ListPoints
Browning, Brian1226.672016-06-25Toro Peak Complete ListPoints
Walker, Adam1226.672016-12-11 fThomas Mountain Complete ListPoints
King, Coby1226.672017-02-19 bQuail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Duval, Doris1124.442011-10-22San Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints
Joh, Tommey1124.442014-03-23Spectre Peak Complete ListPoints
Spisak, Chris1124.442014-03-29Iron Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kassan, Eric1124.442015-05-30 bToro Peak Complete ListPoints
Lyons, Mark1124.442015-07-05Thomas Mountain Complete ListPoints
Palka, John1124.442015-11-16Big Maria Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Wells, Pat1124.442016-10-30Mount Jurupa Complete ListPoints
Sarna, John E1022.222000-01-02Pinto Mountain Complete ListPoints
Driscoll, Dave1022.222011-05-22Toro Peak Complete ListPoints
Baradel, Luca1022.222014-12-24Big Maria Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Luettringhaus, Uwe1022.222016-12-10Martinez Mountain Complete ListPoints
Anderson, Heather1022.222016-12-11 gThomas Mountain Complete ListPoints
Dillenback, Michael1022.222016-12-15Iron Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
McEntee, Connor1022.222016-12-21Palen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Dolan, Jay1022.222016-12-28 aQuail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Nuernberger, Josef1022.222017-02-06Granite Mountain Complete ListPoints
De Las Torres, Chiky1022.222017-02-20Monument Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hebert, Bill920.002012-01-09 aToro Peak Complete ListPoints
Platzer, Dagmar920.002012-11-24Eagle Mountain Complete ListPoints
Su, Eric920.002013-12-29Peak 6582 Complete ListPoints
Bitton, Ephrat920.002014-12-24Big Maria Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Britton, Shelly920.002016-03-05Eagle Mountain Complete ListPoints
Berg, Ronnie920.002016-12-16 wAsbestos Mountain Complete ListPoints
Tyler, Mike817.782011-12-17Spectre Peak Complete ListPoints
Kieffer, Rod817.782014-01-18Asbestos Mountain Complete ListPoints
Chrislock-Lauterbach, Marit817.782014-10-18Toro Peak Complete ListPoints
De Las Torres, Alexa817.782016-08-06Toro Peak Complete ListPoints
Kidder, Jim817.782017-01-28Little Berdoo Peak Complete ListPoints
Thomerson, Tracey817.782017-02-04 aBig Maria Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Barlow, Aidan715.562013-01-05 bLittle Berdoo Peak Complete ListPoints
Philip, Steve715.562014-07-29Toro Peak Complete ListPoints
Robbins, Neal715.562016-01-17Spectre Peak Complete ListPoints
Peavy, Scott715.562016-12-06Quail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gaudet, Dean715.562017-01-01 bRiverside 2 Benchmark Complete ListPoints
914, BMS613.332014-03-01 aBig Maria Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Kamholz, Collin613.332014-03-01 aBig Maria Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Peters, William613.332014-11-28Pinto Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bolton, Bob613.332015-02-17Quail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Russell, Ken613.332015-04-25Toro Peak Complete ListPoints
Martin, Mike613.332016-04-06Cahuilla Mountain Complete ListPoints
Chu, Eric613.332017-01-28Little Berdoo Peak Complete ListPoints
Morehouse, Jim613.332017-02-11 bRabbit Peak Complete ListPoints
Kenyon, Lee511.110000Santiago Peak Complete ListPoints
Hanson, Vic511.112012-12-05Orocopia Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
McCarty, Michael511.112013-10-21 aLittle Berdoo Peak Complete ListPoints
Yi, Katherine511.112014-02-19Pinto Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wilson, Kyle511.112014-03-02Palen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Lindbergh, Kristen511.112015-06-07San Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints
Winston, Keith511.112015-10-30Box Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Butler, The Colonel511.112015-12-16Cahuilla Mountain Complete ListPoints
Mullins, Anne511.112015-12-20Riverside 2 Benchmark Complete ListPoints
Katzmann, Phillip511.112016-02-26Santiago Peak Complete ListPoints
Carpenter, Bill511.112016-10-22Santiago Peak Complete ListPoints
DeFranco, Jack511.112016-12-10Martinez Mountain Complete ListPoints
Graupe, Michael511.112016-12-29Martinez Mountain Complete ListPoints
Esparza, Joseph511.112017-01-17Box Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Satyan, Naresh511.112017-01-28 bLittle Berdoo Peak Complete ListPoints
Sweredoski, Michael48.890000Palm View Peak Complete ListPoints
Barrett, Dennis48.891980-08San Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints
Gylden, Stephanie48.892005-12-30Little Berdoo Peak Complete ListPoints
Nymph, Snow48.892008-04-26Spectre Peak Complete ListPoints
Johnston, Pete48.892010Little Berdoo Peak Complete ListPoints
Kieffer, Jack 48.892010-12-19Chuckwalla Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Henry, Chris48.892011-01-29Pinto Mountain Complete ListPoints
Kirk, Sharon48.892012-05-05Quail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stinis, Phil48.892013-06Santiago Peak Complete ListPoints
Blackie, Jennifer48.892013-11-25Eagle Mountain Complete ListPoints
Marcus, Francesca48.892014-01-15Rabbit Peak Complete ListPoints
Rosnick, Tim48.892014-02-09Little Berdoo Peak Complete ListPoints
Hanson, Fred48.892015-02-26Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Liz, Michael48.892015-03-07Rabbit Peak Complete ListPoints
Flach, Tobias48.892015-10-18 cSan Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints
Robinson, Keith48.892015-11-15Toro Peak Complete ListPoints
Norton, Valerie48.892015-11-28Iron Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Graham, James48.892016-01-07Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Bruno, Justin48.892016-02-21Pinto Mountain Complete ListPoints
Myers, Grant48.892016-03-28Granite Mountain Complete ListPoints
Conant, Jim48.892016-09-01San Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints
Leroy, Nathan48.892016-09-27Toro Peak Complete ListPoints
Knighten, Michael48.892016-10-02Cahuilla Mountain Complete ListPoints
Galvez , Yvonne48.892017-01-28Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Hiker, LA48.892017-02-05Palen Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Homan, Kimberly36.670000Little Berdoo Peak Complete ListPoints
Mitchler, John36.670000Quail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Stawasz, Joe36.671995-05-25Santiago Peak Complete ListPoints
Zelenz, George36.672000San Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints
Wallen, Roy36.672004-01-30Iron Spring Mountain Complete ListPoints
Covill, Dave36.672004-05-10San Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints
Nichols, Troy36.672007-05-20San Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints
Larkin, Mike36.672009-12-29Orocopia Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Loranger, Derek36.672010-01-31Rabbit Peak Complete ListPoints
Geissinger, Eric36.672010-05-10Quail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Ayotte, Nathan36.672010-12-24Pinto Mountain Complete ListPoints
Toro, Frank36.672012-09-02San Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints
ENRIQUEZ, MIKA36.672012-12-08Palm View Peak Complete ListPoints
Gutierrez, Gene36.672013-03-09Quail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Still, Ben36.672013-04-04San Jacinto Peak Complete ListPoints
Maki, Mary36.672013-05-05Quail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Gilliland, Duane36.672013-05-09Toro Peak Complete ListPoints
Hirniak, Joseph36.672014-02-23Cahuilla Mountain Complete ListPoints
Retemeyer, Jim36.672014-04-23Quail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hensley, Richard36.672014-11-03Big Maria Mountains High Point Complete ListPoints
Brigham, Brian36.672014-12-22Thomas Mountain Complete ListPoints
Reed, Jason36.672015-01-02Santiago Peak Complete ListPoints
Nelsen, Don36.672015-02-17Quail Mountain Complete ListPoints
Wick, Jim36.672015-06-19Toro Peak Complete ListPoints
Wymore, Jobe36.672015-06-23 aSantiago Peak Complete ListPoints
Gordon, Chris36.672015-11-14Santiago Peak Complete ListPoints
Stolk, John36.672016-03-28Granite Mountain Complete ListPoints
Bruno, Tiffani36.672016-04-03Pinto Mountain Complete ListPoints
Hall, Andrea36.672017-01-28Mount Russell Complete ListPoints
Tse, Derek36.672017-02-20 bRabbit Peak Complete ListPoints

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