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Climbers with Last Names Starting with "L"

ClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
L, Amber6Ascent List6Peak List    List of Lists2012
l, bob3Ascent List3Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-11
L, Elias7Ascent List7Peak List    List of Lists2011-09-09
L, Emily14Ascent List14Peak List    List of Lists2013-08-17
L, Paul24Ascent List23Peak List    3,340  1,018List of Lists2009-07-03
L, Ryan40Ascent List38Peak List    List of Lists2015-06-27
La Caze, Chris31Ascent List28Peak List  1Trip Reports  13,109  3,996List of Lists2011-08-09
La Caze, Debra 83Ascent List67Peak List  29Trip Reports  29,093  8,868List of Lists2012-09-27
LaBelle, Adrien69Ascent List52Peak List    List of Lists2013-05-18
Labovitch, Dan63Ascent List57Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-04
Labrador, Matt2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2007-09-15
LaCelle III, Robert13Ascent List12Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-03
Lacer, Ron (rocksnrolls)137Ascent List129Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2008-05-24
Lackey, Kevin6Ascent List5Peak List    List of Lists2011-07-23
Lackluster, Tedious2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2007-08-25
Lacovara, Jim95Ascent List92Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-07-01
Lacroix, Charles3Ascent List3Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2008-09-03
Lacroix, John180Ascent List166Peak List  32Trip Reports  26,589  8,104List of Lists2015-04-11
Lacy, Christina9Ascent List9Peak List    List of Lists2013-08-03
Lader, Ashley75Ascent List75Peak List    List of Lists2015-06-07
Ladish, Steven1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2009-05-29
LaFave, Brett63Ascent List52Peak List  46Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-08-18
LaFave, Erin13Ascent List13Peak List  3Trip Reports  20,674  6,301List of Lists2012-07-14
Lafavor, Mark 7Ascent List6Peak List  3Trip Reports  14,884  4,537List of Lists2010-09-04
Lafean, Chuck15Ascent List11Peak List  6Trip Reports  5,116  1,559List of Lists2015-03-28
Lafferry, Denver22Ascent List17Peak List  16Trip Reports  16,857  5,138List of Lists2007-07-24
Lafferry, Jason26Ascent List18Peak List  14Trip Reports  89,014  27,131List of Lists2007-07-15
Lagasse, John13Ascent List13Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2011-04-30
Lahaderne, Peter16Ascent List16Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-07-26
Lahidin, Obed Yuniarto9Ascent List7Peak List    List of Lists2013-02-23
LaHue, Nate39Ascent List37Peak List  2Trip Reports  37,568  11,451List of Lists2015-05-24
Laibinis, Chris13Ascent List13Peak List    List of Lists0000
Laird, Dave7Ascent List7Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2009-05-12
Lakin, Beth132Ascent List118Peak List  83Trip Reports  138,120  42,099List of Lists2015-06-20
LaMar, Kristie60Ascent List44Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-09-14
Lamarsh, Brian360Ascent List172Peak List  83Trip Reports  53,294  16,244List of Lists2015-06-21
Lambert, Amy31Ascent List30Peak List    List of Lists2010-09-25
Lamberton, Sheryl54Ascent List54Peak List    List of Lists2015-02-15
Lambrecht, Carl54Ascent List46Peak List  19Trip Reports  77,408  23,594List of Lists2015-05-02
Lambson, Phillip1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-30
Lamont, Ben2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2013-07-01
LaMountain, Dave46Ascent List46Peak List    List of Lists0000
Lamp, Don14Ascent List14Peak List  14Trip Reports  22,199  6,766List of Lists2008-07-18
Lanagan, Mike2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2013-04-27
Lancaster, Elliot2Ascent List2Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2008-02-27
Lancaster, Elliot3Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2008-07-28
Lancaster, Sarah 3Ascent List2Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2008-02-27
Lance, Crystal 14Ascent List12Peak List  8Trip Reports  List of Lists2009-06-20
Land, Michael50Ascent List41Peak List  1Trip Reports  46,493  14,171List of Lists2015-05-09
Land, Ronald17Ascent List17Peak List  17Trip Reports  14,035  4,278List of Lists2014-07-04
Landahl, Erik31Ascent List19Peak List  23Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-06-23
Landis, Granite4Ascent List4Peak List    List of Lists2012-06-22
Landrigan, Mark4Ascent List4Peak List    List of Lists2014-08-16
Landry, Renée-Anne1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2015-02-28
Lane, Tyler4Ascent List4Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2009-09-12
Lang, Sharon6Ascent List5Peak List    List of Lists2015-06-20
Lange, Kristine14Ascent List12Peak List    27,310  8,324List of Lists2012-04-21
Lange, Nate123Ascent List92Peak List  123Trip Reports  38,849  11,841List of Lists2013-05-05
Langone, Stephen 1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2011-08-30
Lano, Beth3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2014-04-30
Laplante, Sébastien211Ascent List124Peak List  27Trip Reports  25,613  7,807List of Lists2015-02-21
Lapointe, Suzanne167Ascent List149Peak List  2Trip Reports  94,461  28,792List of Lists2015-05-30
Laprade, Francois9Ascent List8Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-25
Lara, Sandy849Ascent List401Peak List  357Trip Reports  271,790  82,842List of Lists2015-06-28
Lardiere, M (whichway)389Ascent List275Peak List  192Trip Reports  40,081  12,217List of Lists2013-10-06
Lardiere-Sherlock, Delilah267Ascent List207Peak List  11Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-20
Larkin, Mike140Ascent List138Peak List    List of Lists2010-12-12
Larkin, Robert55Ascent List29Peak List  33Trip Reports  9,499  2,895List of Lists2015-01-25
Larrabee, David16Ascent List12Peak List  13Trip Reports  List of Lists2009-10-11
Larrain, Kyle70Ascent List67Peak List    110,299  33,619List of Lists2015-05-03
lars, luscious49Ascent List11Peak List  49Trip Reports  84,317  25,700List of Lists2012-02-05
Larsen, Axel40Ascent List37Peak List  2Trip Reports  66,357  20,226List of Lists2015-01-03
Larsen, Bob7Ascent List7Peak List    List of Lists2012-03
Larsen, Erik3Ascent List3Peak List  3Trip Reports  5,782  1,762List of Lists2015-05-31
Larson, Brian2Ascent List2Peak List  1Trip Reports  2,284  696List of Lists2009-10-31
Larson, Christian10Ascent List7Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2010-08-13
Larson, Dan3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2008-11-07
Larson, Matt119Ascent List91Peak List  33Trip Reports  96,778  29,498List of Lists2015-06-20
Larson, Scott1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-23
LaRue, Jonathan12Ascent List10Peak List    List of Lists2013-08-17
Lashus, Connor1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2013-03-05
laska, thomas10Ascent List9Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-10-08
Lasserre, Pierre5Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  60,530  18,450List of Lists2015-05-09
Laub, Rian95Ascent List89Peak List  58Trip Reports  101,752  31,014List of Lists2014-08-21
Lauck, Ryan1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2006-07
lauf, jesse1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2007-07-21
Lauftreff Sustenhorn, Lauftreff Lenzspitze and74Ascent List73Peak List    List of Lists2009
Laughlin , Andrew 3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2011-02-26
Launder, Andrew54Ascent List54Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-21
Launder, Michael22Ascent List20Peak List    List of Lists2010-08-16
Laur, Michael417Ascent List324Peak List  1Trip Reports  9,514  2,900List of Lists2015-06-12
Lauren, Dan419Ascent List415Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-20
Lauren, Max6Ascent List6Peak List    List of Lists2015-06-20
Lauren, Nadine31Ascent List31Peak List    List of Lists2014-04-20
Lauren, Nicholas24Ascent List24Peak List    List of Lists2014-05-14
Lauwers, Tom1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2007-12-25
Lauzon, Alexandre378Ascent List259Peak List    List of Lists2013-10-20
Lavelle, Joe205Ascent List149Peak List  107Trip Reports  16,929  5,160List of Lists2014-08-24
Laverdure, Jean André 1918Ascent List1227Peak List  594Trip Reports  479,888  146,270List of Lists2015-06-29
LaViolette Jr., Mark190Ascent List181Peak List    List of Lists2010-06-26
Lavoie Morin, Jean-Philippe148Ascent List137Peak List  22Trip Reports  25,505  7,774List of Lists2015-06-07
Lawe, Sierra7Ascent List7Peak List    List of Lists2014-01-12
lawler, doc184Ascent List135Peak List  17Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-23
Lawler, Eric152Ascent List146Peak List    List of Lists2014-08-29
Lawrence, Geoff1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2013-05-16
Lawrence, Kimberly144Ascent List128Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-25
Lawrence, Will2Ascent List2Peak List  2Trip Reports  8,508  2,593List of Lists2011-07-02
Lawrie, Scott2Ascent List2Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-08-07
Lawson, Matt8Ascent List8Peak List    List of Lists2008
Lawton, Dan6Ascent List4Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-12-08
Lawton, Matt4Ascent List4Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-06-24
Lawton, Zac65Ascent List48Peak List  7Trip Reports  5,141  1,567List of Lists2014-12-08
Laxamana, Kelley581Ascent List544Peak List  23Trip Reports  212,245  64,692List of Lists2015-06-27
Layman, Heather2Ascent List2Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-02-01
Layton, Tom592Ascent List467Peak List  463Trip Reports  257,315  78,430List of Lists2015-06-13
Lazio, Matt34Ascent List31Peak List    101,617  30,973List of Lists2014-09-11
Lazutin, Sergey72Ascent List63Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-30
Lazzara, Vinny36Ascent List35Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-01-02
Le Bourhis, Eric1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-10-02
Leahy, Conor6Ascent List6Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-15
Leale, Patrick65Ascent List61Peak List  5Trip Reports  104,455  31,838List of Lists2015-01-08
leat, kerry10Ascent List10Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-05-19
Leatherby, Shawna64Ascent List58Peak List  30Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-27
Leavitt, Wilder40Ascent List35Peak List  5Trip Reports  84,092  25,631List of Lists2015-06-29
LeBaron, Petra5Ascent List5Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2009-07-04
Lebedev, Artem124Ascent List115Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-25
LeBlanc, Steve7Ascent List6Peak List  6Trip Reports  26  8List of Lists2011-08-13
Lechowicz, Dirk7Ascent List7Peak List  3Trip Reports  13,041  3,975List of Lists2013-11-23
Ledesma, Kate88Ascent List72Peak List  11Trip Reports  226,025  68,892List of Lists2014-09-06
Ledford, Preston4Ascent List4Peak List  4Trip Reports  2,105  642List of Lists2013-07-22
Ledwith, Matthew60Ascent List55Peak List  24Trip Reports  67,272  20,505List of Lists2015-06-20
Lee, Andrew15Ascent List15Peak List    List of Lists2014-08-30
Lee, Calvin1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2011-09-26
Lee, Richard10Ascent List10Peak List    List of Lists0000
Lee, Tara15Ascent List9Peak List    List of Lists2011-08-20
Lees, Jason3Ascent List3Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-08-27
Lefebvre, François108Ascent List95Peak List  39Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-12-16
leger, alex1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2013-08-24
Leger, Stephanie1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2012
Leggett, Rich43Ascent List42Peak List  3Trip Reports  5,888  1,795List of Lists2014-09-27
legrand, seb1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2013-02-14
Leibbrand, Micah 23Ascent List22Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-09-22
Leibold, Alexander21Ascent List15Peak List  14Trip Reports  33,858  10,320List of Lists2014-06-15
Leibowitz, Barry6Ascent List6Peak List    List of Lists2011-11-13
Leimbach, Greg1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  360  110List of Lists2012-01-29
Leiske, Marty1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-01-04
Leitch, Will245Ascent List159Peak List  14Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-21
Leith , William 17Ascent List17Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-02-02
Lejeune, Michael66Ascent List38Peak List  7Trip Reports  59,246  18,058List of Lists2015-04-12
Lemieux, Karen 264Ascent List137Peak List  83Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-07-04
Lemieux, Matt1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2009-08-08
Lemley, Seth23Ascent List23Peak List  9Trip Reports  900  274List of Lists2014-10-25
Lemoine, Tyrel5Ascent List5Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-12
leniski, ivan9Ascent List8Peak List    List of Lists2010-08-02
Lenkauskas, Michae44Ascent List44Peak List    List of Lists2009-10-24
Lennon, Alex207Ascent List202Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-27
Lennon, Duncan330Ascent List322Peak List  40Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-28
Lennon, Matt65Ascent List64Peak List  18Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-21
Lentz, Eric1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2009-08-29
Lentz, Gretchen114Ascent List107Peak List  22Trip Reports  3,600  1,097List of Lists2014-06-21
Lentz, Kevin6Ascent List4Peak List  5Trip Reports  8,000  2,438List of Lists2014-07-05
Lentz, Mark 48Ascent List47Peak List  7Trip Reports  7,643  2,330List of Lists2012-08-16
Leonard, Charles2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2012-12-13
Leonard, John1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2007-08-16
Leonard, Jonathan 195Ascent List158Peak List  10Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-05-29
Leonard, Lois149Ascent List116Peak List  96Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-05-19
Leonard, Staci65Ascent List64Peak List  11Trip Reports  33,500  10,211List of Lists2013-09-29
Leonard, Travis8Ascent List7Peak List  6Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-05-26
Leone, David3Ascent List3Peak List  3Trip Reports  5,940  1,811List of Lists2015-06-27
Leshak, Brian1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2011-08-07
Lessard, Catherine4Ascent List4Peak List    List of Lists2007
Lessard, Denis1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2012-01-22
Lessard, Jordane2Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2013
Lester, Steven3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2011-04-21
Lethert, Joe22Ascent List19Peak List    List of Lists2015-06-27
Letwin, Scott1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists1996-09-29
Levasseur, Scott 236Ascent List132Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-01-03
Levering, Ryan114Ascent List96Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-24
Levesque, Nicholas74Ascent List57Peak List    96,979  29,559List of Lists2009-09-20
Levin, Shanon67Ascent List65Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-24
Levine, Sam182Ascent List133Peak List    List of Lists2014-08-10
Lewis, Charlie1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  16,732  5,100List of Lists2005-12-25
Lewis, Cindi6Ascent List6Peak List    List of Lists2013-08-04
Lewis, Clinton4Ascent List4Peak List    List of Lists2013-06-27
Lewis, Dan73Ascent List59Peak List    List of Lists2011-07-05
Lewis, Dylan3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2013-11-10
Lewis, Josh3Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-31
Lewis, Madeline1Ascent List0Peak List    List of Lists2009-09-05
Lewis, Marvin2Ascent List1Peak List    3,858  1,176List of Lists2007-10-27
Lewis, Michael141Ascent List116Peak List  71Trip Reports  573,454  174,789List of Lists2015-06-25
Lewis, Rob7Ascent List7Peak List    List of Lists2015-06-14
Lewit, Jonathan6Ascent List6Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-04-06
Lex, Justin100Ascent List79Peak List  6Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-13
Li, Fenton4Ascent List4Peak List    List of Lists2012-02-12
Li, Kai14Ascent List14Peak List  8Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-21
Liakos, Beth150Ascent List139Peak List  58Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-05-04
Libby, Steve18Ascent List14Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2010-10-24
Lichtenstein, Eric40Ascent List37Peak List  22Trip Reports  5,827  1,776List of Lists2013-09-28
Lie, Håkon2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2010-08-29
Liebold, Robert22Ascent List20Peak List  18Trip Reports  3,758  1,145List of Lists2013-07-27
Lien, Guo-Yuan2Ascent List2Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-03-17
Lierenz, Christian1Ascent List1Peak List    2,343  714List of Lists2014-08-16
Lietz, Kevin 36Ascent List31Peak List  6Trip Reports  33,431  10,190List of Lists2014-04-08
Life, High16Ascent List16Peak List    List of Lists2013-07-20
Light, Eric9Ascent List6Peak List  9Trip Reports  1,200  366List of Lists2009-04-25
Light, Ted1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  2,142  653List of Lists2007-04-07
Ligon, Nicholas18Ascent List18Peak List  13Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-08-20
Lilly, Patrick102Ascent List84Peak List  101Trip Reports  242,796  74,004List of Lists2013-08-08
Limprecht, Rodney147Ascent List107Peak List  11Trip Reports  9,629  2,935List of Lists2015-05-16
Lin, Cindy47Ascent List43Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-20
Linane, Phyllis2Ascent List2Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2008-06-14
Lindbergh, Kristen67Ascent List61Peak List    List of Lists2015-06-20
Lindemann, Corey136Ascent List119Peak List  91Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-07-23
Lindholm, David8Ascent List8Peak List    List of Lists2013-11-09
Lindsey, Gianina122Ascent List75Peak List  51Trip Reports  105  32List of Lists2015-06-10
Ling, Isaiah2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2009-12-10
Lingbloom, Josh147Ascent List116Peak List  31Trip Reports  13,365  4,074List of Lists2015-02-21
Lingenfelter, Adam19Ascent List17Peak List  6Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-31
Lingenfelter , Rick 36Ascent List35Peak List  24Trip Reports  1,700  518List of Lists2014-02-08
Linx, Cap4Ascent List4Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-06-26
Linxweiler, Eric24Ascent List22Peak List  8Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-17
Lion, Russ49Ascent List45Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-08-31
Lippi , Tom 38Ascent List38Peak List    List of Lists2009-07-09
Lipsitz, David263Ascent List168Peak List  6Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-04
lipson, steven5Ascent List5Peak List    List of Lists2007-12-02
Lisiewicz, Volker54Ascent List39Peak List  8Trip Reports  45,731  13,939List of Lists2015-04-03
Lisson, Kathleen58Ascent List49Peak List  10Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-07-11
Lister, Kelly & Terry32Ascent List32Peak List  11Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-20
Little, Stephen53Ascent List44Peak List  8Trip Reports  50,832  15,494List of Lists2014-10-05
Liu, Xiameng15Ascent List14Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-10-07
Liz, Michael185Ascent List95Peak List  5Trip Reports  67,476  20,567List of Lists2015-06-27
Lobb, Pavlina18Ascent List17Peak List    6,417  1,956List of Lists2015-01-01
Lobdell, Fred1005Ascent List1004Peak List    List of Lists2015-06-21
Lobo, Jenn21Ascent List21Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-21
Lockard, Alex171Ascent List68Peak List  12Trip Reports  429,607  130,944List of Lists2015-05-30
Lockard, Colby4Ascent List4Peak List    5,414  1,650List of Lists2013-05-11
Locke, Chuck1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2012-06-10
Locke, Wallis4Ascent List4Peak List    List of Lists2014-08-13
Lockhart, Nick9Ascent List9Peak List    31,447  9,585List of Lists2010-09-19
lockridge, chris20Ascent List20Peak List    List of Lists2013-06-23
LoDico, Tim69Ascent List69Peak List    13,462  4,103List of Lists2015-06-27
Loe, Sindre7Ascent List7Peak List    List of Lists2011-05-08
Loeber, Matt16Ascent List15Peak List  6Trip Reports  8,660  2,640List of Lists2009-08-03
Loehrer, Scot171Ascent List164Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-27
Loffreda, Michael1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-18
Loffredo, Steven6Ascent List6Peak List    List of Lists2009-08-08
Logan, Doug5Ascent List4Peak List    List of Lists2015-06-07
Logel, Nick34Ascent List30Peak List  34Trip Reports  99,932  30,459List of Lists2015-06-27
Logue, Ed57Ascent List53Peak List  2Trip Reports  51,713  15,762List of Lists2015-02-16
Lokker, Brian8Ascent List8Peak List    List of Lists2012-07-29
Lombardo, Eric17Ascent List14Peak List  17Trip Reports  21,493  6,551List of Lists2015-03-25
Long, Lester15Ascent List13Peak List  11Trip Reports  1,000  305List of Lists2013-11-16
Long, Matthew13Ascent List13Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-11
Longobardo, Mauro20Ascent List17Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2011-08-17
Looney, Matt30Ascent List30Peak List  7Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-11-12
Loop, Brett11Ascent List10Peak List    List of Lists2014-09-13
Looper, Fred1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  4,859  1,481List of Lists2007-07-20
LOPEZ, ALBA25Ascent List25Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-06-14
Lopez, Francisco17Ascent List16Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-02-16
Lopez, Joey1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-04-20
Lopez Mongay, Daniel42Ascent List31Peak List  7Trip Reports  40,810  12,439List of Lists2013-11-01
Lopilato, Jacob2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2014-08-29
Loranger, Derek189Ascent List122Peak List  121Trip Reports  124,106  37,828List of Lists2015-03-17
Loranger, Sophia6Ascent List6Peak List  6Trip Reports  1,483  452List of Lists2013-05-11
Lore, Mike2Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  7,218  2,200List of Lists2014-06-23
Lorenc, Olek9Ascent List8Peak List  2Trip Reports  5,013  1,528List of Lists2012-06-24
Loring, Jim48Ascent List46Peak List  26Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-06-30
Losee, Alyssa3Ascent List3Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-07-28
Lostracco, Ben3593Ascent List2716Peak List  1594Trip Reports  2,156,911  657,426List of Lists2015-06-29
Lostracco, Marcus222Ascent List155Peak List  102Trip Reports  36,141  11,016List of Lists2015-06-21
Loveall, Jacques8Ascent List6Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2010-01-07
loveland, joshua5Ascent List5Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-30
Lovell, David4Ascent List4Peak List    List of Lists2011
Lovett, Neil125Ascent List85Peak List  42Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-07-19
Lovitt, Timm3Ascent List2Peak List  3Trip Reports  18,093  5,515List of Lists2008-09-11
Low, Jody29Ascent List27Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-05-25
Lowe, Richard 156Ascent List108Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-11-27
lowell, roger2Ascent List2Peak List  2Trip Reports  1,900  579List of Lists2015-03-25
Loya, Dennis57Ascent List53Peak List  2Trip Reports  62,275  18,981List of Lists2015-06-28
Lubbert, Brian205Ascent List172Peak List  69Trip Reports  69,884  21,301List of Lists2014
Lucero, Melissa12Ascent List3Peak List  10Trip Reports  6,154  1,876List of Lists2008-07-13
Luciano, Arthur1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists1987-05-03
Luck, Fred7Ascent List7Peak List    List of Lists2014-07-05
Lucker, Cameron3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2010-03-17
Luckett, John12Ascent List12Peak List    List of Lists2009-11-04
Luettringhaus, Uwe286Ascent List245Peak List  11Trip Reports  492,339  150,065List of Lists2015-05-30
Lufkin, Tiffany1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2003-07-26
Luger, Mike1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2012-06-08
Luka, Jessica1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2015-04-11
lumb, phillip1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  3,000  914List of Lists1975-06-20
Lund, Brian29Ascent List23Peak List  22Trip Reports  34,347  10,469List of Lists2015-04-25
Lundberg, Nate10Ascent List10Peak List    4,383  1,336List of Lists2010-08-10
Lunde, Lupe191Ascent List104Peak List  124Trip Reports  143,529  43,748List of Lists2015-06-27
Lupton, James44Ascent List36Peak List  8Trip Reports  25,566  7,793List of Lists2015-06-24
Luria, Eli1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2009-09-05
lussier, vincent1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2007-10-02
Lutey, Jason 12Ascent List12Peak List    List of Lists2014-08-24
Luty, Jonathan19Ascent List18Peak List    15,605  4,756List of Lists2014-11-03
Lutz, Kent27Ascent List24Peak List  11Trip Reports  4,284  1,306List of Lists2014-12-30
Luxton, Adam28Ascent List24Peak List  17Trip Reports  List of Lists2011-03-19
Lykken, Scott89Ascent List88Peak List    List of Lists2011-10-29
Lyle, Ed1Ascent List0Peak List  1Trip Reports  5,000  1,524List of Lists2009-07-01
Lyman, David30Ascent List30Peak List  6Trip Reports  6,064  1,848List of Lists2014-08-06
Lyman , Maikara1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2007
Lynch, Adam40Ascent List37Peak List    List of Lists2015-06-20
Lynch, Donovan174Ascent List143Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-19
Lynch, Patrick9Ascent List9Peak List  3Trip Reports  2,549  777List of Lists2015-03-21
Lyness, Dylan5Ascent List5Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-25
Lyons, Mark226Ascent List197Peak List  149Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-27
Lyons, Mark6Ascent List6Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2011-09-02
Lyons, Matthew32Ascent List23Peak List  3Trip Reports  3,800  1,158List of Lists2015-06-14
Lytwyn, Ken15Ascent List9Peak List  3Trip Reports  5,239  1,597List of Lists2011-01-30

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