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Climbers with Last Names Starting with "J"

ClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
J, P1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-09-19
J, S46Ascent List46Peak List    List of Lists2011-06-04
Jack, Brian15Ascent List11Peak List  6Trip Reports  9,316  2,840List of Lists2016-04-22
Jackman, Jared17Ascent List15Peak List  10Trip Reports  46,282  14,107List of Lists2016-03-10
Jackson, Brendan89Ascent List72Peak List    List of Lists2007-06-25
Jackson, David10Ascent List9Peak List    List of Lists2015-09-20
Jackson, Frank22Ascent List18Peak List  16Trip Reports  9,235  2,815List of Lists2011-07-15
jackson, jay3Ascent List1Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2008-02-01
Jackson, Jim291Ascent List229Peak List    List of Lists2016-03-29
Jackson, Joe445Ascent List246Peak List    5,410  1,649List of Lists2014-04-10
jackson, mark2Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2015-12-20
jackson, mark3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2007-07-25
jackson, scott1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2008-08-23
Jackson, Seth9Ascent List9Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-09-27
Jacob, Jonny1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2008-08-16
Jacobs, Bill533Ascent List531Peak List    List of Lists2014-07-18
Jacobs, Gordon218Ascent List183Peak List  23Trip Reports  8,140  2,481List of Lists2016-05-22
Jacobs, Mike10Ascent List10Peak List  4Trip Reports  3,870  1,180List of Lists2013-09-15
Jacobs, Piet15Ascent List14Peak List    List of Lists2016-05-01
Jacobs, Roy1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  1,238  377List of Lists2015-08-29
Jacoby, Steven4Ascent List4Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-03-17
Jacques, Charlie8Ascent List8Peak List    List of Lists2009-08-11
Jaggard, Davin67Ascent List58Peak List  10Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-08-12
Jagow, Craig696Ascent List663Peak List  11Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-05-14
Jahn, Ashley13Ascent List13Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-09-27
Jaiprakash, Beena1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2016-04-24
Jaite, Robert1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-06-11
Jakob, John11Ascent List10Peak List  11Trip Reports  26,877  8,192List of Lists2015-07-15
Jalepeno, Jose 4Ascent List3Peak List  1Trip Reports  23,411  7,136List of Lists2014-07-27
James, Desiree290Ascent List227Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-09-05
James, Erik21Ascent List15Peak List  4Trip Reports  15,287  4,659List of Lists2015-09-07
James, Nicholas7Ascent List6Peak List    List of Lists2013-08-20
James, Peter116Ascent List76Peak List  6Trip Reports  200,676  61,166List of Lists2014-10-03
James, William3Ascent List2Peak List    1,443  440List of Lists2014-10-25
Jameson, John10Ascent List10Peak List    List of Lists2013-08-02
Janczyn, Michael7Ascent List7Peak List    6,904  2,104List of Lists2016-02-21
Janecek, Dave8Ascent List8Peak List  3Trip Reports  19,200  5,852List of Lists2011-06-26
Jankowski, Rick14Ascent List14Peak List  1Trip Reports  4,373  1,333List of Lists2015-10-12
Janssen, Steve15Ascent List8Peak List  2Trip Reports  9,586  2,922List of Lists2012-08-15
Jantz, Adam182Ascent List179Peak List    List of Lists2015-07-28
Jaquet, Chris45Ascent List34Peak List  40Trip Reports  16,818  5,126List of Lists2013-09-27
Jar, Rich168Ascent List154Peak List  61Trip Reports  119,739  36,496List of Lists2016-05-27
Jardine III, Lionel3Ascent List2Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2009-08-14
Jaremko-Wright, Will36Ascent List28Peak List  27Trip Reports  71,196  21,701List of Lists2011-08-24
Jareo, Mitchell2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2012-05-01
Jaroszewski, Marcin Konrad5Ascent List4Peak List    List of Lists2015-01-24
Jay, Mike55Ascent List47Peak List  41Trip Reports  59,225  18,052List of Lists2016-04-03
Jayaraman, Srikant282Ascent List246Peak List  43Trip Reports  406,318  123,846List of Lists2016-01-24
Jeal, Lee3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2012-03-21
Jednak, Mike108Ascent List77Peak List  49Trip Reports  5,000  1,524List of Lists2015-05-24
Jefferson, Lane7Ascent List7Peak List  4Trip Reports  8,281  2,524List of Lists2014-07-26
Jeffries, Fred4Ascent List4Peak List    3,150  960List of Lists2014-10-12
Jegdic, Jelena59Ascent List55Peak List    List of Lists2015-07-25
Jenkins, Ron381Ascent List301Peak List    List of Lists2016-05-07
Jenkins, Tony386Ascent List323Peak List  5Trip Reports  85,014  25,912List of Lists2016-02-14
Jennings, Amanda2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2015-09-06
Jennings, Carmel13Ascent List10Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-01-25
Jennings, Todd9Ascent List9Peak List  7Trip Reports  1,867  569List of Lists2016-05-27
Jennings-White, Chloe93Ascent List93Peak List    List of Lists2015-08-12
Jensen, Adam3Ascent List3Peak List  3Trip Reports  9,313  2,839List of Lists2015-07-08
Jensen , Amber3Ascent List3Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-05-17
Jensen, Anders55Ascent List54Peak List    List of Lists2016-03-28
Jensen, Paul10Ascent List7Peak List    List of Lists2012-10-11
Jerz, Ryan13Ascent List11Peak List  10Trip Reports  43,124  13,144List of Lists2016-03-19
Jesanis, Greg10Ascent List6Peak List  7Trip Reports  17,476  5,327List of Lists2012-12-15
Jesinghaus, Stephan105Ascent List100Peak List    75,393  22,980List of Lists2016-02-24
Jewell, Todd55Ascent List42Peak List  7Trip Reports  4,416  1,346List of Lists2007-08-26
Jha, Salil19Ascent List15Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-11-08
Jimenez III, Ernest1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2009-12
Jingle, Anya90Ascent List39Peak List  8Trip Reports  List of Lists2011-01-16
jirovsky, stan2Ascent List2Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2011-08-07
Jobber, Sean4Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2006-08-18
Joey, Red Jack1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2011-06-12
Joh, Tommey305Ascent List302Peak List  14Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-03-07
Johansen, Thomas C.17Ascent List16Peak List    6,562  2,000List of Lists2014-11-23
John, Paul1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2009-07-04
John, Thompson1195Ascent List1068Peak List    60  18List of Lists2016-05-12
Johns, Matt3Ascent List2Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2006-08-24
Johnson, Andrew14Ascent List11Peak List  3Trip Reports  3,403  1,037List of Lists2012-07-21
Johnson, Andy1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2015-03-21
Johnson, Bill1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  9,402  2,866List of Lists2014-05-03
Johnson, Brian R.21Ascent List7Peak List  2Trip Reports  21,683  6,609List of Lists2015-09-21
Johnson, C2Ascent List2Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2011-10-22
Johnson, Curtis7Ascent List7Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-08-13
Johnson, David22Ascent List20Peak List    List of Lists2016-04-29
Johnson, David7Ascent List7Peak List  3Trip Reports  4,565  1,391List of Lists2012-06-24
Johnson, David 22Ascent List16Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-07-25
Johnson, Derf3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2008
Johnson, Eric12Ascent List12Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-12-13
Johnson, Eric18Ascent List18Peak List  11Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-02-16
Johnson, Eric1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists0000
Johnson, Eric J.826Ascent List750Peak List  658Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-09-18
Johnson, Frederick1407Ascent List1082Peak List  524Trip Reports  670,810  204,463List of Lists2015-06-01
Johnson, Jacob6Ascent List6Peak List  4Trip Reports  2,219  676List of Lists2016-02-07
Johnson, James13Ascent List12Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2010-08-15
Johnson, Jarod5Ascent List5Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-08-01
Johnson, Jim31Ascent List24Peak List  31Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-05-19
Johnson, Jim1Ascent List0Peak List  1Trip Reports  300  91List of Lists2013-05-25
johnson, josh37Ascent List34Peak List  27Trip Reports  10,033  3,058List of Lists2016-04-17
Johnson, Kaitlin3Ascent List3Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-09-16
Johnson, Kara2Ascent List2Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-05-15
Johnson, Ken51Ascent List42Peak List  20Trip Reports  14,450  4,404List of Lists2016-05-28
Johnson, Lance8Ascent List8Peak List    17,995  5,485List of Lists2012-08-17
Johnson, Lane44Ascent List42Peak List  44Trip Reports  94,784  28,890List of Lists2015-11-27
Johnson, Liz6Ascent List5Peak List    8,784  2,677List of Lists2015-10-20
Johnson, Lucas2Ascent List2Peak List  2Trip Reports  11,437  3,486List of Lists2013-10-20
Johnson, Matt5Ascent List5Peak List    List of Lists2013-08-15
Johnson, Mianda4Ascent List4Peak List    1,450  442List of Lists2011-08-27
johnson, ralph1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2007-07-07
Johnson, Scott7Ascent List7Peak List    1,300  396List of Lists2009-04-16
Johnson, Steve90Ascent List83Peak List  1Trip Reports  285  87List of Lists2016-05-17
Johnson, Tim7Ascent List7Peak List    List of Lists2012-09-22
Johnson, Timmy42Ascent List34Peak List  25Trip Reports  17,366  5,293List of Lists2015-11-07
Johnson, Todd4Ascent List3Peak List    11,333  3,454List of Lists2013-07-21
Johnson, Jr, Jim9Ascent List8Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-06-17
Johnston, Brian12Ascent List12Peak List    List of Lists2008-06-27
Johnston, Chad21Ascent List21Peak List  14Trip Reports  List of Lists2010-11-18
Johnston, Liz12Ascent List12Peak List    List of Lists2012-06-30
Johnston, Michael2Ascent List1Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-02-21
Johnston, Pete51Ascent List47Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-04-26
Johnston, Ryan15Ascent List13Peak List  15Trip Reports  66,793  20,359List of Lists2016-01-16
Johnston, Schuyler18Ascent List16Peak List    List of Lists2008
Johnston, Shaun2Ascent List2Peak List    3,662  1,116List of Lists2013-10-26
Jolin, Michael2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2008-11-30
Jolly Edwards, Janet6Ascent List6Peak List    List of Lists2007-07-13
Jondle, Jessica13Ascent List12Peak List    List of Lists2014-07-19
Jondle, Kyle4Ascent List2Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2008-06-18
Jones, Alex14Ascent List14Peak List  4Trip Reports  8,043  2,452List of Lists2016-01-10
Jones, Ben13Ascent List12Peak List    List of Lists2015-08-27
Jones, Cajetan2Ascent List2Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-06-06
Jones, Colin296Ascent List292Peak List    List of Lists2015-10-03
Jones, Craig35Ascent List19Peak List  29Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-05-09
Jones, Dawn2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2015-02-14
Jones, Evan331Ascent List317Peak List    List of Lists2015-11-14
Jones, Joey2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
Jones, John33Ascent List30Peak List    List of Lists2010-09-04
Jones, Jon669Ascent List434Peak List  17Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-04-24
Jones, Jon1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2013-01-05
Jones, Karen489Ascent List467Peak List    List of Lists2015-11-11
Jones, Ken2503Ascent List2311Peak List  415Trip Reports  2,875,938  876,586List of Lists2016-05-14
Jones, Mark166Ascent List153Peak List  13Trip Reports  1,780  543List of Lists2016-02-20
jones, matt8Ascent List8Peak List  6Trip Reports  List of Lists2008
Jones, Michael143Ascent List57Peak List    List of Lists2011-10-09
Jones, Michael23Ascent List23Peak List  1Trip Reports  1,800  549List of Lists2015-03-28
Jones, Terry2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists0000
Jonet, Bruce3Ascent List3Peak List    List of Lists2010-07-10
Jordan, Amy1Ascent List1Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2012-08-01
Jordan, Andrea167Ascent List167Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-05-21
Jordan, Casey13Ascent List12Peak List  7Trip Reports  List of Lists2010-06-27
Jordan, Fletcher237Ascent List235Peak List    List of Lists2016-05-20
Jordan, Michael5Ascent List3Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-03-29
Jordan, Rick14Ascent List14Peak List    List of Lists2004-07-31
Josephson, Arthur5581Ascent List3509Peak List  58Trip Reports  List of Lists2016-05-26
josephson, craig542Ascent List435Peak List    List of Lists2014-09-08
Joyce, Jeremiah3Ascent List3Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2009-06-14
Joyce, Scott37Ascent List36Peak List  32Trip Reports  78,290  23,863List of Lists2013-03-23
June, Taja1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2015-09-19
Juneau, carmen3Ascent List3Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2009-01-03
Jurista, Jim25Ascent List24Peak List  10Trip Reports  List of Lists2015-04-19
Jurista, Jim2Ascent List2Peak List    List of Lists2012-05-12
justus, gennie1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists2015-05-03
Jutras, Francis1Ascent List1Peak List    List of Lists1999-07-13

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