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Top 100 Climbers by Most Recent Ascent

RankClimberAscentsPeaksTrip ReportsGain-FtGain-MList of ListsMost Recent Ascent
1.Butler, The Colonel200Ascent List146Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-30
2.Butler, Winnette1775Ascent List743Peak List  316Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-30
3.Gosnell, Michael975Ascent List737Peak List  14Trip Reports  231,829  70,661List of Lists2014-10-30
4.Jagow, Craig479Ascent List456Peak List  4Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-30
5.Lostracco, Ben3311Ascent List2471Peak List  1428Trip Reports  2,093,025  637,954List of Lists2014-10-30
6.Shepard, Chris81Ascent List60Peak List    109,883  33,492List of Lists2014-10-30
7.Tibatong, Habakuk317Ascent List297Peak List  4Trip Reports  268,711  81,903List of Lists2014-10-30
8.Wright, Wesley178Ascent List138Peak List    358,307  109,212List of Lists2014-10-30
9.Battaglia, Evan266Ascent List265Peak List  30Trip Reports  126,595  38,586List of Lists2014-10-29
10.Christiansen, George1072Ascent List552Peak List  4Trip Reports  4,600  1,402List of Lists2014-10-29
11.Craig, Bruce1332Ascent List428Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-29
12.Flood, Terry3349Ascent List1988Peak List  220Trip Reports  1,200  366List of Lists2014-10-29
13.Gabany, Randy693Ascent List644Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-29
14.Grant, Sam484Ascent List323Peak List  23Trip Reports  915,166  278,943List of Lists2014-10-29
15.Hagan, Tim1268Ascent List703Peak List  24Trip Reports  69,508  21,186List of Lists2014-10-29
16.Kalet, Brian4222Ascent List3416Peak List  63Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-29
17.Lennon, Duncan288Ascent List276Peak List  27Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-29
18.Lunde, Lupe100Ascent List66Peak List  45Trip Reports  84,601  25,786List of Lists2014-10-29
19.Meier, Steve118Ascent List93Peak List  17Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-29
20.Murphy, John172Ascent List104Peak List  38Trip Reports  341,361  104,047List of Lists2014-10-29
21.Musser, William 711Ascent List554Peak List  475Trip Reports  540,164  164,642List of Lists2014-10-29
22.Porter, David246Ascent List232Peak List  47Trip Reports  47,183  14,381List of Lists2014-10-29
23.Robrecht, Dan118Ascent List116Peak List  51Trip Reports  77,808  23,716List of Lists2014-10-29
24.Sanger, David187Ascent List169Peak List  33Trip Reports  20,277  6,180List of Lists2014-10-29
25.Sawyer, Joseph19Ascent List19Peak List    25,100  7,650List of Lists2014-10-29
26.Stolk, John1370Ascent List1240Peak List  28Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-29
27.swigart, kristine62Ascent List54Peak List  7Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-29
28.Waxman, Asher1727Ascent List786Peak List  1041Trip Reports  26,757  8,156List of Lists2014-10-29
29.Browning, Brian451Ascent List361Peak List  10Trip Reports  88,414  26,949List of Lists2014-10-28
30.Cleghorn, Jason 6Ascent List6Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-28
31.Cope, Tom614Ascent List441Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-28
32.Cusick, Michael166Ascent List161Peak List  2Trip Reports  317,015  96,626List of Lists2014-10-28
33.Jones, Ken2340Ascent List2167Peak List  340Trip Reports  2,727,997  831,493List of Lists2014-10-28
34.Kassell, Henry217Ascent List187Peak List  15Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-28
35.Khamis, Miriam621Ascent List556Peak List  40Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-28
36.Larson, Matt114Ascent List86Peak List  32Trip Reports  96,657  29,461List of Lists2014-10-28
37.O' Connor, Brian22Ascent List20Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-28
38.Oestreicher, Richard1052Ascent List738Peak List  886Trip Reports  707,583  215,671List of Lists2014-10-28
39.Painter, ChadL788Ascent List599Peak List  58Trip Reports  1,107,416  337,540List of Lists2014-10-28
40.Pfister, John187Ascent List187Peak List  3Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-28
41.Slagle, John566Ascent List346Peak List  15Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-28
42.Townes, Will226Ascent List219Peak List  5Trip Reports  1,700  518List of Lists2014-10-28
43.Vadeboncoeur, Matt561Ascent List408Peak List  27Trip Reports  483,183  147,274List of Lists2014-10-28
44.Winger, Charlie771Ascent List759Peak List  13Trip Reports  20,000  6,096List of Lists2014-10-28
45.Brown, Cindy28Ascent List25Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-27
46.Carr, Anthony63Ascent List53Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-27
47.Covill, Dave770Ascent List748Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-27
48.Crowley, Michael25Ascent List22Peak List  2Trip Reports  22,718  6,924List of Lists2014-10-27
49.Dorohovech, Joe161Ascent List98Peak List  75Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-27
50.Edmonds, Larry471Ascent List325Peak List  155Trip Reports  281,491  85,798List of Lists2014-10-27
51.Fandel, Chris48Ascent List37Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-27
52.Foutz, Tracy347Ascent List322Peak List  6Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-27
53.Goyette, Shea51Ascent List49Peak List  7Trip Reports  147,900  45,080List of Lists2014-10-27
54.Hibbard, Lou146Ascent List138Peak List  143Trip Reports  104,185  31,756List of Lists2014-10-27
55.Jackson, Jim144Ascent List89Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-27
56.Kanyur, Robert8Ascent List7Peak List  2Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-27
57.Kent, Trevor315Ascent List248Peak List  217Trip Reports  57,343  17,478List of Lists2014-10-27
58.Kula, Russ39Ascent List36Peak List  5Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-27
59.Najdzin, Joanne39Ascent List32Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-27
60.Raether, Don707Ascent List615Peak List  443Trip Reports  1,019,130  310,631List of Lists2014-10-27
61.Rose, Michael73Ascent List73Peak List  52Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-27
62.Sherlock, K373Ascent List300Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-27
63.Stone, Peter895Ascent List783Peak List  349Trip Reports  211,623  64,503List of Lists2014-10-27
64.Sullivan, Michael636Ascent List542Peak List  115Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-27
65.Thomas, Will453Ascent List142Peak List  444Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-27
66.Wymore, Jobe2076Ascent List1080Peak List  7Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-27
67.Barone, Phil30Ascent List30Peak List  13Trip Reports  700  213List of Lists2014-10-26
68.Belhadj, Malek523Ascent List333Peak List    27,231  8,300List of Lists2014-10-26
69.Breen, Kerry222Ascent List139Peak List  221Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-26
70.Britton, Shelly382Ascent List362Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-26
71.carr, jeff73Ascent List55Peak List  71Trip Reports  7,385  2,251List of Lists2014-10-26
72.Curtis, Ken98Ascent List61Peak List  58Trip Reports  162,511  49,533List of Lists2014-10-26
73.Dunham, Dave1235Ascent List777Peak List  1235Trip Reports  1,044,479  318,357List of Lists2014-10-26
74.Earl, Edward1549Ascent List1432Peak List  206Trip Reports  2,363,941  720,529List of Lists2014-10-26
75.Fincher, Bill101Ascent List100Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-26
76.Flanigan, Jen121Ascent List115Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-26
77.Gerlach, Greg1307Ascent List914Peak List  68Trip Reports  135,551  41,316List of Lists2014-10-26
78.Giurgiulescu, Mihai571Ascent List339Peak List  13Trip Reports  888,405  270,786List of Lists2014-10-26
79.Grant, Jeff61Ascent List55Peak List  2Trip Reports  7,153  2,180List of Lists2014-10-26
80.Guethle, Mike254Ascent List220Peak List  155Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-26
81.Harris, Arthur333Ascent List322Peak List  1Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-26
82.Hesse, Heather713Ascent List187Peak List  36Trip Reports  141,993  43,279List of Lists2014-10-26
83.Huber, Dave69Ascent List45Peak List  9Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-26
84.Ihl, Matthias113Ascent List104Peak List  97Trip Reports  17,388  5,300List of Lists2014-10-26
85.Kassan, Eric605Ascent List543Peak List  462Trip Reports  1,226,383  373,802List of Lists2014-10-26
86.Katzmann, Phillip49Ascent List44Peak List  38Trip Reports  57,548  17,541List of Lists2014-10-26
87.Keats, Sarah417Ascent List267Peak List  15Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-26
88.Kerr, Xander31Ascent List26Peak List  3Trip Reports  25,828  7,872List of Lists2014-10-26
89.Kirmse, Andrew111Ascent List105Peak List  6Trip Reports  184,286  56,170List of Lists2014-10-26
90.Komuro, Kay253Ascent List229Peak List  44Trip Reports  84,516  25,760List of Lists2014-10-26
91.Kraai, Bryan555Ascent List488Peak List  175Trip Reports  726,858  221,546List of Lists2014-10-26
92.Laxamana, Kelley356Ascent List356Peak List  17Trip Reports  201,922  61,546List of Lists2014-10-26
93.Leavitt, Wilder34Ascent List30Peak List  5Trip Reports  81,181  24,744List of Lists2014-10-26
94.Ledwith, Matthew39Ascent List37Peak List  14Trip Reports  21,964  6,695List of Lists2014-10-26
95.Logel, Nick29Ascent List25Peak List  29Trip Reports  81,568  24,862List of Lists2014-10-26
96.Lostracco, Marcus121Ascent List84Peak List  58Trip Reports  32,435  9,886List of Lists2014-10-26
97.Lyons, Mark143Ascent List129Peak List  97Trip Reports  List of Lists2014-10-26
98.McPherson, Matthew185Ascent List93Peak List  3Trip Reports  257,672  78,538List of Lists2014-10-26
99.Medvedev, Dmitry115Ascent List83Peak List  77Trip Reports  8,308  2,532List of Lists2014-10-26
100.Meng, Bo198Ascent List127Peak List    List of Lists2014-10-26

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